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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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SCENE ii                  PART SECOND
It means divorce!—a thing more terrible Than carrying elsewhere the dalliances That formerly were mine.    I kicked at that ; But now agree, as I for long have done, To any infidelities of act May I be yours in name!
My mind must bend
To other things than our domestic pettings : The Empire orbs above our happiness, And 'tis the Empire dictates this divorce, I reckon on your courage and calm sense To breast with me the law's formalities, And get it through before the year has flown.
But are you really going to part from me ?
0  no, no, my dear husband; no, in truth, It cannot be my Love will serve me so!
1  mean but mere divorcement, as I said, On simple grounds of sapient sovereignty.
But nothing have I done save good to you :— Since the fond day we wedded into one I never even have thought you jot of harm ! Many the happy junctures when you have said I stood as guardian-angel over you, As your Dame Fortune, too, and endless things Of such-like pretty tenour—yes, you have! Then how can you so gird against me now ?