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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                      ACT v
You had not pricked me with it much of late, And so I hoped and hoped the ugly spectre Had been laid dead and still.
NAPOLEON (impatiently)
I tell you, dear, The thing's decreed, and even the princess chosen.
Ah—so—the princess chosen! . . .  I surmise It is none else than the Grand-Duchess Anne : Gossip was right—though I would not believe. She's young; but no great beauty!—Yes, I see Her silly, soulless eyes and horrid hair; In which new gauderies you'll forget sad me!
Upon my soul you are childish, Josephine :
A woman of your years to pout it so !—
I say it's not the Tsar's Grand-Duchess Anne.
Some other Fair, then.    You whose name can nod The flower of all the world's virginity Into your bed, will well take care of that! (Spitefully.)    She may not have a child, friend, after all
NAPOLEON (drily);''
You hope she won't, I know!—But don't forget Madame Walewska did, and had she shown Such cleverness as yours, poor little fool, Her withered husband might have been displaced, And her boy made my heir.—Well, let that be. The severing parchments will be signed by us Upon the fifteenth, prompt.