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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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SCENE ii                  PART SECOND
What—I have to sign My putting away upon the fifteenth next ?
NAPOLEON Ay—both of us.
JOSEPHINE (falling on her knees)
So far advanced—so far!
Fixed ?—for the fifteenth ?    O I do implore you, My very dear one, by our old, old love, By my devotion, don't, don't cast me off Now, after these long years!
Heavens, how you jade me Must I repeat that I don't cast you off; We merely formally arrange divorce— We live and love, but call ourselves divided.
A silence.
JOSEPHINE (with sudden calm) Very well.    Let it be.    I must submit!    (Rises.)
And this much likewise you must promise me,
To act in the formalities thereof
As if you shaped them of your own free will.
How can I—when no freewill's left in me ?