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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                    ACT
NAPOLEON You are a willing party—do you hear ?
JOSEPHINE (quivering)
I hardly—can—bear this !—It is—too much For a poor weak and broken woman's strength! But—but I yield!—I am so helpless now ; I give up all—ay, kill me if you will, I won't cry out!
And one thing further still, You'll help me in my marriage overtures To win the Duchess—Austrian Marie she,— Concentring all your force to forward them.
It is the—last humiliating blow !— I cannot—O, I will not!
NAPOLEON (fiercely)
But you shall \
And from your past experience you may know That what I say I mean!
JOSEPHINE (breaking into sobs)
O my dear husband—do not make me—don't!
If you but cared for me—the hundredth part
Of how—I care for you, you could not -be
So cruel as to lay this torture on me.
It hurts me so!—it cuts me like a sword.
Don't make me, dear!    Don't, will you!    O, O, O!
(She sinks down in a hysterical fit.) 328