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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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SCENE ii                  PART SECOND
NAPOLEON (calling)
Enter DE BAUSSET, Chamberlain-in-waiting.
Bausset, come in and shut the door. Assist me here.    The Empress has fallen ill. Don't call for help.    We two can carry her By the small private staircase to her rooms. Here—I will take her feet.
They lift JOSEPHINE between them  and carry her out.    Her moans die away as they recede towards the stairs.
Enter two servants, who remove coffee-service, readjust chairs, etc.
So, poor old girl, she's wailed her Miserere Met, as Mother Church says. I knew she was to get the sack ever since he came back.
Well, there will be a little civil huzzaing, a little crowing and cackling among the Bonapartes at the downfall of the Beauharnais family at last, mark me there will! They've had their little hour, as the poets say, and now 'twill be somebody else's turn. O it is droll! Well, Father Time is a great philosopher, if you take him right. Who is to be the new woman ?
She that contains in her own corporation the necessary particulars.
And what may they be ?