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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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PART SECOND                 V        / -•
HORTENSE goes OUt     CHAMPAGNY is shown In,
Champagny, 1 have something clear to say
%Now» on our process after the divorce. The question of the Russian Duchess Anne . Was quite inept for further toying with,             ..
The years rush on, and I grow nothing younger. So I've made up my mind—committed me To Austria and the Hapsburgs—good or ill! It was the best, most practicable plunge, And 1 have plunged it
Austria, say you, sire ?
1 reckoned that but as a scurrying dream! •
Well, so it was.    But such a pretty dream  • That its own charm transfixed it to a notion,
That showed itself in time a sanity,
Which hardened in its turn to a resolve
As firm as any built by mortal mind.—
The Emperor's consent must needs be won ;
But I foresee no difficulty there.
The young Archduchess is a bright blond thing. .. . :-
By general story; and considering, too,   ;•     \- v .
That her good mother childed seventeen times,       -,
I twill be hard if she can fashion not              ;  ,
The modest one or two that I require.       •  •   •• • ;..
Enter DE BAUSSET with dispatches,       '  • '". •'. • • •;    •
The courier, sire, from Petersburg is here,
And brings these letters for your Majesty.
[Exit DE BAXJSSET. 3-31