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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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SCENE ii                  PART SECOND
Except that there's the house of Saxony
If Austria fail.—Then, very well, Champagny,
Write you to Caulaincourt accordingly.
I will, your Majesty.
Ah, dear Hortense, How is your mother now?
Calm ; quite calm, sire. I pledge me you need have no further fret From her entreating tears.    She bids me say That now, as always, she submits herself With chastened dignity to circumstance, And will descend, at notice, from your throne— As in days earlier she ascended it— In questionless obedience to your will. It was your hand that crowned her; let it be Likewise your hand that takes her crown away. As for her children, we shall be but glad T# follow and withdraw ourselves with her, The tenderest mother children ever knew, From grandeurs that have brought no happiness!
NAPOLEON (taking her hand)
But, Hortense, dear, it is not to be so! You must stay with me, as I said before. Your mother, too, must keep her royal state, Since no repudiation stains this need.