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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                   ACT v
Such things have been !    In Spain and Portugal Like enmities have led to intermarriage/ In England, after warring thirty years The Red and White Rose wedded.
MARIA LOUISA (after a silence)
Tell me, now. What does my father wish ?
His wish is yours.
Whatever your Imperial Highness feels On this grave verdict of your destiny, Home, title, future sphere, he bids you think Not of himself, but of your own desire.
MARIA LOUISA (reflecting)
My wish is what my duty bids me wish. Where a wide Empires welfare is in poise, That welfare must be pondered, not my will. I ask of you, then, Chancellor Metternich, Straightway to beg the Emperor my father That he fulfil his duty to the realm, And quite subordinate thereto all thought Of how it personally impinge on me.
A slight noise as of something falling is heard in the room. They glance momentarily, and see that a small enamel portrait of MARIE ANTOINETTE, which was standing on a console-table^ has slipped down on its face.
SPIRIT OF THE YEARS What mischiefs this ?    The Will must have Its way.
Perhaps Earth shivered at the ladys say ?