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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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SCENE m                  PART SECOND
Jvwn thereto.     When France and Austria wed My echoes are men's groans, my dews are red; So I have reason for a passing dread !
Right nobly phrased, Archduchess ; wisely too. I will acquaint your sire the Emperor With these your views.    He waits them anxiously.
Let me go first.    It much confuses me
To thinkóBut I would fain let thinking be !
[She goes out trembling. Enter FRANCIS by another door
I was about to seek your Majesty. The good Archduchess luminously holds That in this weighty question you regard The Empire.    Best for it is best for her.
FRANCIS (moved)
My Slaughter's views thereon do not surprise me. She is too staunch to pit a private whim Against the fortunes of a commonwealth. During your speech with her I have taken thought To shape decision sagely.    An assent Would yield the Empire many years of peace, And leave me scope to heal those still green sores Which linger from our late unhappy moils. Therefore, my daughter not being disinclined, I know no basis for a negative.