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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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SCENE iv                 PART SECOND
white muslin from head to foot, they say), the Kings and Queens 6f Holland, Westphalia, and Naples, the '•Priftcess Pauline, and one or two more; the officials present being Cambaceres the Chancellor, and Count Regnaud. Quite a small party. It was over in a few minutes—short and sweet, like a donkey's gallop.
SECOND MEMBER Anything but sweet for her.   How did she stand it?
FIRST MEMBER            •      : •• . •..• ••'.-
Serenely, I believe, while the Emperor was making his speech renouncing her; but when it came to her turn to say she renounced him she began sobbing mightily, and was so completely choked up that she couldn't get out a word.
Poor old dame! I pity her, by God]; though she had a rattling good spell while it lasted.
They say he was a bit upset, too, at sight of her tears. But I dare vow that was put on. Fancy Boney caring a curse what a woman feels. She had leaftit her speech by heart, but that did not help her: Regnaud had to finish it for her, the ditch that overturned her being where she was made to say that she no longer preserved any hope of having children, and that she was pleased to show her attachment by enabling him to obtain them by another woman. She was led off fainting. A turning of the tables, considering how madly jealous she used to make him by her flirtations 1
Enter a third member.