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THE DYNASTS                     ACT v
Enter from the west a plain, lonely carriage, travelling in a direction to meet the file of coaches that we have watched. It stops near the inn, and two men muffled in cloaks alight by the door away from the hostel and towards the church, as if they wished to 1avoi4 observation. Their faces are those of NAPOLEON and MURAT his brother-in-law. Crossing the road through the mud and rain they stand in the church porch, and watch the descending drifts.
NAPOLEON (stamping an impatient tattoo)
One gets more chilly in a wet March, however mild, than in a dry, however cold, the devil if he don't! What time do you make it now ? That clock doesn't
MURAT (drily, looking at his watch)
Yes, it does ; and it is right. If clocks were to go as fast as your wishes just now it would be awkward for the rest of the world.
NAPOLEON (chuckling good-humouredly)
How we have dished the Soissons folk, with their pavilions, and purple and gold hangings for bride and bridegroom to meet in, and stately ceremonial to match, and their thousands looking on ! Here we are where there's nobody. Ha, ha!
But why should they be dished, sire? The pavilions and ceremonies were by your own orders.
Well, as the time got nearer I couldn't stand the idea of dawdling about there.
^   The Soissons people will be in a deuce of a taking at being made such fools of!