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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                      ACT v
A backward answer is our country's card— The special style and mode of Muscovy. We have grown great upon it, my dear son, And may such practice rule our centuries through ! The necks of those who rate themselves our peers Are cured of stiffness by its potency.
The principle in this case, anyhow,
Is shattered by the facts: since none can doubt
Your policy was counted an affront,
And drove my long ally to Austria's arms,
With what result to us must yet be seen!
May Austria win much joy of the alliance! Marrying Napoleon is a midnight leap For any Court in Europe, credit me, If ever such there were!    What he may carve Upon the coming years, what murderous bolt Hurl at the rocking Constitutions round, On what dark planet he may land himself In his career through space, no sage can say. One thing we may assume as certainty— That he will never rest in righteous rule.
Well—possibly! , . . And maybe all is best That he engrafts his lineage not on us.— But, honestly, Napoldon none the less Has been my friend, and I regret the dream And fleeting fancy of a closer tie! 354