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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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. THE •: DYNASTS                   ACT
Here comes dear Anne.    Speak not of it before 4rer; Enter the GRAND-DUCHESS, a girl of sixteen.
Alas! the news is that poor Prussia's queen,
Spirited Queen Louisa, once so fair,
Is slowly dying, mother!    Did you know ?
ALEXANDER (betraying emotion)
Ah!—such I dreaded from the earlier hints, Poor soul—her heart was slain some time ago.
ANNE What do you mean by that, my brother dear?
He means, my child, that he as usual spends Much sentiment upon the foreign fair, And hence leaves little for his folk at home.
I mean, Anne, that her country's overthrow Let death into her heart    The Tilsit days Taught me to know her well, and honour her. She was a lovely woman even then! „ '. . Strangely, the present English Prince of Wales Was wished to husband her.    Had wishes won, They might have varied Europe's history.
. •   v,.:. "•   •'••  , ,  .   .        ',.  .   ANNE
Napoleon, I have heard, admired her once ; ""How he must grieve that soon she'll be no more!
''":      '           •