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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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Napoleon and your brother loved her both.
[Alexander shows embarrassment But whatsoever grief be Alexander's, His will be none who feels but for himself.
0  mother, how can you mistake him so! He worships her who is to be his wife,
The fair Archduchess Marie.
Simple child,
As yet he has never seen her, or but barely. That is a tactic suit, with love to match!
ALEXANDER (with vainly veiled tenderness)
High-souled Louisa;—when shall I forget
Those Tilsit gatherings in the long-sunned June! ...
Napoleon's gallantries deceived her quite,
Who fondly felt her pleas for Magdeburg
Had won him to its cause ; the while, alas!
His cynic sense but posed in cruel play!
Bitterly mourned she her civilities
WMfen time unlocked the truth, that she had choked
Her indignation at his former slights
And slanderous sayings for a baseless hope,
And wrought no tittle for her country's gain.
1  marvel why you mourn a frustrate tie
With one whose wiles could wring a woman so!
ALEXANDER (uneasily)
I marvel also, when I think of it!