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appositely crossing the track of the tumbril which the last wach of that respected lady. . . . It is now
over the site of the scaffold on which she lost her
, . Now it will soon be here.
^Suddenly the heralds enter the Gallery at the end towards the Tuileries, the spectators ranging themselves in their places. In a Blpment the wedding procession of the EMPEROR and EMPRESS Becomes visible. The civil marriage having already been performed, Napoleon and Marie Louise advance together along the vacant pathway towards the Salon-Carre*, followed by the long suite of illustrious personages, and acclamations burst from all parts of the Grand Gallery.
Whose are those forms that pair in pompous train J3ekin$ the hand-in-hand half-wedded ones, IVith faces speaking sense of an adventure Which may close well, or not so ?
First there walks
The Emperors brother Louis, Holland's King ; Then JtrSme of Westphalia with his spouse ; The mother-queen, and Julie Queen of Spain, The Prince Borghese and the Princess Pauline, Beauharnais the Vice- King of Italy, 2Lnd Murat King of Naples, with their Queens ; JBaderis Grand-Duke, Arch-Chancellor Cambacdres, Bertkier, Lebrun, and> not least, Talleyrand. Then the Grand Marshal and the Chamberlain, Th& Lords-in- Waiting, the Grand Equerry, With waiting-ladies, women of the chamber, And others called by office, rank, or fame.
New, many, to Imperial dignities ; Which, won by character and quality In those who now enjoy them, will become birthright of their sons in aftertime. 359