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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                   ACT vr
Some months in all.    I know not quite how long': They are Lord Wellington's select device, And, like him, heavy, slow, laborious, sure.
May he enjoy their sureness.    He deserves to. I had no inkling of such barriers here, A good road runs along their front, it seems, Which offers us advantage. . . . What a night!
The tempest cries dismally about the earthworks above them, as the reconnoitrers linger in the slight shelter the lower ground affords. They are about to turn back.                                              c
Enter from the cross-road to the right JUNOT and some more officers. They come up at a signal that the others are those they lately parted from.
We have ridden along as far as Calandrix, Favoured therein by this disordered night, Which tongues its language to the disguise of ours; And find amid the vale an open route That, well manoeuvred, may be practicable.
111 look now at it, while the weather aids. If it may serve our end when all's prepared So good.    If not, some other to the west.
Exeunt MASS&NA, JUNOT, LOISON, TOY, and the rest by the paved crossway to the right.
The wind continues to prevail as the spot is left desolate, the darkness increases, rain descends more heavily, and the scene is blotted out.