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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                   ACT
Don't lose your head, Dubois, at this ti^ht time : Your furthest skill can work but what it may, Fancy that you are merely standing by A shop-wife's couch, say, in the Rue Saint Defcis ; Show the aplomb and phlegm that you would show Did such a bed receive your ministry.
VOICE OF MARIE LOUISE (faintly within)
O pray, pray don't! Those ugly things terrify me ! Why should I be tortured even if I am but a means to an end ! Let me die ! It was cruel of him to bring this upon me !
Exit NAPOLEON impatiently to the bed-room.
Keep up your spirits, madame ! I have been through it myself, and I assure you there is no danger to you. It is going on all right, and I am holding you.
Heaven above! Why did you not keep those cursed sugar-tongs out of her sight? How is she going to get through it if you frighten her like this ?
If you will pardon me, your Majesty,
I must implore you not to interfere !
Ill not be scapegoat for the consequence
If, sire, you do !    Better for her sake far
Would you withdraw.    The sight of your concern
But agitates and weakens her endurance.
I will inform you all, and call you back
If things should worsen here.
He-enter NAPOLEON from the bed-chamber.    He half shuts the door, and remains close to it listening, pale and nervous.