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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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SCENE m                  PART SECOND
, 9                                           I ask you, sire,
To harass yourself less with this event, Which may amend anon ; I much regret The honoured mother of your Majesty, ^And sister too, should both have left ere now, Whose solace would have bridged these anxious hours,
NAPOLEON (absently)
As we were not expecting it so soon I begged they would sit up no longer here. . . . She ought to get along; she has help enough With that half-dozen of them at hand within— Skilled Madame Blaise the nurse, and two besides, Madame de Montesquiou and Madame Ballant------
DUBOIS (speaking through the doorway)
Past is the question, sire, of which to save! The child is dead; the while her Majesty Is getting through it well.
Praise Heaven for that! I'll not grieve overmuch about the child. . . . Never shall she go through this strain again To lay down a dynastic line for me.
» DUCHESS OF MONTEBELLO (aside to second lady)
He only says that now.    In cold blood it would be far otherwise.    That's how men are.
VOICE OF MADAME BLAISE (within) Doctor, the child's alive!
(The cry of an infant is heard)
369                                2 B