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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                    ACT vi
VOICE OF DUBOIS (calling from within) Sire, both are saved.
NAPOLEON rushes into the chamber, and is heard kissing MARfE LOUISE.
A vigorous boy, your Imperial Majesty. The brandy and hot napkins brought him to.
It is as I expected. A healthy young woman of her build had every chance of doing well, despite the
An interval.
NAPOLEON (re-entering radiantly)
We have achieved a healthy heir, good dames, And in the feat the Empress was most brave, Although she suffered much  so much, indeed, That I would sooner father no more sons Than have so fair a fruit-tree undergo Another wrenching of such magnitude.
He walks to the window, pulls aside the curtains, and looks out It is a joyful spring morning. The Tuileries7 gardens are thronged with an immense crowd, kept at a little distance off the Palace by a cord. The windows of the neighbouring houses are full of gazers, and the streets are thronged with halting carriages, their inmates awaiting the event.
SPIRIT OF THE YEARS (whispering to Napoleon)
At this high hour there broods a woman nigh, Ay, here in Paris, with her child and thine, Who might have played this part with truer eye To thee and to thy contemplated line !