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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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SCENE in                 PART SECOND
NAPOLEON (soliloquizing)-
Sfcrange that just now there flashes on my soul
That? little one I loved in Warsaw days,
Marie Walewska, and my boy by her!—
She was shown faithless by a foul intrigue
Till fate sealed up her opportunity. . . .
But what's one woman's fortune more or less
Beside the schemes of kings!—Ah, there's the news!
A gun is heard from the Invalides.
CROWD (excitedly) One!
Another report of the gun, and another, succeed. Two!    Three !    Four!
The firing and counting proceed to twenty-one, when there is great suspense. The gun fires again, and the excitement is doubled.
Twenty-two!    A boy!
The remainder of the counting up to a hundred-and-one is drowned in huzzas. Bells begin ringing, and from the Champ de Mars a balloon ascends, from which the tidings are scattered in hand-bills as it floats away across France.
Enter the PRESIDENT OF THE SENATE, CAMBAC£R£S, BERTHIER, LEBRUN, and other officers of state. NAPOLEON turns from the window.
Unstinted gratulations and goodwill We bring to your Imperial Majesty, While still resounds the superflux of joy With which your people welcome this five star Upon the horizon of our history!
All blessings at their goodliest will grace The advent of this New Messiah, sire,