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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                   ACT
Of fairer prospects than the former one, Whose coming at so apt an hour endues The widening glory of your high exploits With permanence, and flings the dimness far That cloaked the future of our chronicle!
My thanks ; though, gentlemen, upon my soul You might have drawn the line at the Messiah. But I excuse you.—Yes, the boy has come ; He took some coaxing, but he's here at last.— And what news brings the morning from without ? I know of none but this the Empress now Trumps to the world from the adjoining room.
Nothing in Europe, sire, that can compare In magnitude therewith to more effect Than with an eagle some frail finch or wren. To wit: the ban on English trade prevailing, Subjects our merchant-houses to such strain That many of the best see bankruptcy Like a grim ghost ahead.    Next week, they say In secret here, six of the largest close.
It shall not be!    Our burst of natal joy Must not be sullied by so mean a thing: Aid shall be rendered.    Much as we may suffer, England must suffer more, and I am content. What has come in from Spain and Portgual ?
Vaguely-voiced rumours, sire, but nothing more, Which travel countries quick as earthquake-thrills, " No fnortal knowing how.