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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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Kixt; {straining his eyes to discern them)
What ! Are they come ? What will they do to me ? iow dare they! I am Elector of Hanover! (Finding )r» Willis is among them he shrieks,) Q, they are going to >leett me — yes, to bleed me ! (Piteously.) My friends, [tfn't bleed me — pray don't! It makes me so weak to ake my blood. And the leeches do, too, when you >ut so many. You will not be so unkind, I am sure !
WILLIS (to Baillie)
It Is extraordinary what a vast aversion he has ,o Weeding— that most salutary remedy, fearlessly iractisetL He submits to leeches as yet, but I won't «iy that he will for long without being strait-jacketed,
(catching some of the words) You will strait-jacket me ?   O no, no !
Leeches are not effective, really. Dr. Home, when L> mentioned it to him yesterday, said he would bleed htm till he fainted if he had charge of him !
d will you do it, sir, against my will, And put me, once your king, in needless pain ? I do assure you truly, my good friends, That I have done no harm !    In sunnier years Ere I was throneless, withered to a shade, Deprived of my divine authority — When 1 was hale, and ruled the English land — ! ever did my utmost to promote The welfare of my people, body and soul !