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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                    ACT v,
Right many a morn and night I have prayed  and
mused                                              ^
How I could bring them to a better way. So much of me you surely know, my friends, And will not hurt me in my weakness here!
(He trembles.)
The tears that lie about this plightful scene Of heavy travail in a suffering soul^ Mocked with the forms and feints of royalty While scarified by briery Circumstance, Might drive Compassion past her patiency To hold that some mean, monstrous ironist Had built this mistimed fabric of the Spheres To watch the throbbings of its captive lives> (The which may Truth forfend), and not thy said Unmaliced, unimpassioned, nescient Will J
Mild one, be not too touched with human fate. Such is the Drama : suck the Mortal state : No sigh of thine can null the Plan Predestinate !
We have come to do your Majesty no harm. Here's Dr. Heberden, whom I am sure you like, And this is Dr. Baillie.    We arrive But to inquire and gather how you are, Thereon to let the Privy Council know, And give assurance for your people's good.
A brass band is heard playing in a distant part of Windsor.
Ah^-what does that band play for here to-day ?