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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                   ACT vi
Well, we must soften it down a little, so as net' to upset the Queen too much, poor woman, and distract; the Council unnecessarily. Eldon will go pumping up bucketfuls, and the Archbishops are so easily shocked that a certain conventional reserve is almost forced upon us.
WILLIS (returning from the King)
He is already better. The paroxysm has nearly passed. Your opinion will be far more favourable before you leave.
The KING soon grows calm, and the expression of his face changes to one of dejection. The attendants leave his side: he bends his head, and covers his face with his hand, while his lips move as if in prayer. He then turns to them.
KING (meekly)
I am most truly sorry, gentlemen,
If I have used language that would seem to show
Discourtesy to you for your good help
In this unhappy malady of mine!
My nerves   unstring,   my   friends;  my  flesh   grows
"The good that I would do I leave undone, The evil which I would not, that I do!" Shame, shame on me!
WILLIS (aside to the others)
Now he will be as low as before he was in the other extreme.
A king should bear him kingly; I, of all, One of so long a line.    O shame on me! ... —This battle that you speak of ?—Spain, of course? Ah—Albuera!    And many fallen—eh ?    Yes ?