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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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Many hot hearts, sir, cold, I grieve to say. <Therers Major-General Houghton, Captain Bourke, And Herbert of the Third, Lieutenant Fox, And Captains Erck and Montague, and more. With Majors-General Cole and Stewart wounded, And Quartermaster-General Wallace too : A total of three generals, colonels -five, Five majors, fifty captains ; and to these Add ensigns and lieutenants sixscore odd, Who went out, but returned not,    Heavily tithed Were the attenuate battalions there Who stood and bearded Death by the hour that day !
O fearful price for victory !    Add thereto
All those I lost at Walcheren.  A crime
Lay there ! . . .  I stood on Chatham's being sent :
It wears on me, till I am unfit to live !
WILLIS (aside to the others)
 Don't let him get on that Walcheren business. There will be another outbreak. Heberden, please ye talk to him. He fancies you most.
I'll tell him some of the brilliant feats of the battle. {He goes and talks to the KING.)
WILLIS (to the rest)
Well, my inside begins to cry cupboard. I had breakfast early. We have enough particulars now to face the Queen's Council with, I should say, Sir Henry?