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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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SCENE vi                 PART SECOND
and crowds fill the pavements watching the bejewelled and feathered occupants. Iryaddition to the grand entrance inside the Pall Mall colonnade there is a covert little " chair-door " in Warwick Street for only, by which arrivals are perceived to be slipping in almost
What domiciles are those, of singular expression, Whence no guest comes to join the gemmed procession ; That, west of Hyde, this, in the Park-side Lane, Each front beclouded like a mask of pain ?
Therein the princely hosfs two spouses dwell; A wife in each.    Let me inspect and telL
The walls of the two houses—one in Park Lane, the other at Kensington—become transparent.
/ see within the first his latter wife—
That Caroline of Brunswick whose brave sire
Yielded his breath on Jena!s reeking plain,
And of whose kindred other yet may fall
Ere long) if character indeed be fate.—
She idles feasting, and is full of jest
As each gay chariot rumbles to the rout.
" I rank like your Archbishops wives''' laughs she;
** Denied my husbands honours.    Funny me / "
?*, > Suddenly a Beau on his way to the Carlton House festival halts at her house, calls, and is shown in.
He brings her news that a fresh favourite rules Her husbands ready heart; likewise of those Obscure and unmissed courtiers late deceased, Who have in name been bidden to the feast By blundering scribes.
The Princess is seen to jump up from table at some words from her visitor, and clap her hands.
These tidings, juxtaposed^ Have fired her hot with curiosity, And lit her quick invention with a plan.