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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                 ACT
Mine God, I'll go disguised—in some dead name And enter by the leetle, sly, chair-door Designed for those not welcomed openly. There unobserved I'll note mine new supplanter! 'Tis indiscreet ?    Let indiscretion rule, Since caution pensions me so scurvily!
SPIRIT IRONIC Good.    Now for the other sweet and slighted spouse.
The second roof shades the Fitzherbert Fair; Reserved, perverse.   As coach and coach roll by She mopes within her lattice;   lampless, lone, As if she grieved at her ungracious fate, And yet were loth to kill the sti-ng of it By frankly forfeiting the Prince and town. "Bidden" says she, " but as one low of rank, And go I will not so unworthily, To sit with common dames ! "—A flippant friend Writes then that a new planet s*ways to-night The sense of her erratic lord; 'whereon The fair Fitzherbert muses hankeringly.
MRS. FITZHERBERT (soliloquizing)
The guest-card which I publicly refused Might, as a fancy, privately be used! . . . Yes—one last look—a wordless^ wan farewell To this false life which glooms me like a knell, And him, the cause; from some hid nook survey His new magnificence ;—then go for aye!
She cloaks and veils, and in her private chair Passes the Princess also stealing- there— Two'honest wives, and yet a differing pair f