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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                      ACT
Yes.    The Queen don't like the f£te being Held considering the King's condition.    She and her friend, say it should have been put off altogether.    But the Princess of Wales is not troubled that way.    Thoug^ she was not asked herself she went wildly off ancj bought her people  new gowns  to  come  in.    Poor maladroit woman! . . .
Another new dance of the year is started, and another long line of couples begin to foot it
That's a pretty thing they are doing now. What d'ye call it ?
__                                                                         r
" Speed the Plough." It is just out. They are having it everywhere. The next is to be one of those foreign things in three-eight time they call Waltzes. I question if anybody is up to dancing 'em here yet.
" Speed the Plough" is danced to its conclusion, and the band strikes up " The Copenhagen Waltz."
Now for the wives.    They both were tearing hither,
Unless reflection sped them back again ;
But dignity that nothing else may bend
Succumbs to woman s curiosity,
So deem them here.    Messengers, call them nigh /
The PRINCE REGENT, having gone the round of the other rooms, now appears at the ball-room door, and stands looking at the dancers. Suddenly he turns, and gazes about with a ruffled face. He sees a tall, red-faced man near himóLORD YARMOUTH, one of his friends (afterwards Marquis of Hertford).
Cursdd hot here, Yarmouth,    Hottest of all for me !