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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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SCENE vii                PART SECOND
YARMOUTH Yes, it is warm, sir.    Hence I do not dance,
£Pm.    What I meant was of another order j J spoke it figuratively.
YARMOUTH O indeed, sir?
PRINCE REGENT She's here.    I heard her voice.    I'll swear I did I
YARMOUTH Who, sir?
Why, the Princess of Wales. Do you think I could mistake those beastly German Ps and Bs of hers ?—She asked to come, and was denied ; but she's got here, I'll wager ye, through the chair-door in Warwick Street, which I arranged for a few ladies whom I wished to come privately. (He looks about again, and moves till he is by a door which affords a peep up the grand staircase.) By God, Yarmouth, I see two figures up there who shouldn't be here—leaning over the balustrade of the gallery!
YARMOUTH Two figures, sir.    Whose are they ?
She is one. The Fitzherbert is t'other! O I am almost sure it is! I would have welcomed her> but she bridled and said she wouldn't sit down at my table as a plain "Mrs." to please anybody. As I had Sworn