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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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The rawest Dynast of the group concerned Will, for the good or ill of mute mankind^ T Down-topple to the dust like soldier Saul, And Europe's mouldy-minded oligarchs Be propped anew ; while garments roll in blood To confused noise, with burning', and fuel of fire. Nations shall lose their noblest in the strife, And tremble at the tidings of an hour !
(He passes into the crowd and vanishes.)
PRINCE REGENT (who has heard with parted lips) Who the devil is he ?
One in the suite of the French princes, perhaps, sir ?—though his tone was not monarchical. He seems to be a foreigner.
His manner was that of an old prophet, and his features had a Jewish cast, which accounted for his Hebraic style.
He could not have known me, to speak so freely in my presence!
I expected to see him write on the wall, like the gentleman with the Hand at Belshazzar's Feast.
PRINCE REGENT (recovering)
He seemed to know a damn sight more about whatjs going on in Europe, sir (to Perceval), than your Government does, with all its secret information.