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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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SCENE vii                 PART SECOND
is   recently   over,   I  conjecture,  your  Royal Highness, and brings the latest impressions.
By Gad, sir, I shall have a comfortable time of it in my regency, or reign, if what he foresees be true ! But I was born for war ; it is my destiny !
He draws himself up inside his uniform and stalks away. The group dissolves, the band continuing stridently, " Down with the French," as dawn glimmers in.
Sopn the REGENT'S guests begin severally and in groups to take leave.
Behold To-morrow riddles the curtains through, And labouring life without shoulders its cross anew !
CHORUS OF THE YEARS (aerial music)
Why watch we here ?    Look all around Where Europe spreads her crinkled ground, From Osmanland to Heklds mound,
Look all aro^md /
Hark at the cloud-combed Ural pines ; See how each, wailful-wise, inclines ; Mark the misfs labyrinthine lines ;
Behold the tumbling Biscay Bay ; The Midland main in silent sway ; As urged to move them, so move they.
No less through regal puppet-shows> The rapt Determinator throes, That neither good nor evil knows ! 403