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lUncmK Oic&onftRii 1 I 

leAX)n& x>o $x\et>t,Ait) 

By Rsv. Gerald O' Nolan. 

Introduction to Studies in Modern 

Studies in Modern Irish. Part I, .Grammar. 

STUDIES in Modehn Irish. Part II. Con- 
tinuous Prose Composition. 

Studies in Modern Irish, Part III. Ad- 
vanced Prose. 

Studies in Modern Irish. Part IV. A 
Critical Study of Keating's Language and 

"Oia, "OiadaiI A5H8 "OAoine 

A Collection of Short Stories from Tolstoy 
and Stories of Modern Life in Ireland. 

Cni SeoTJA 6 AtbAin. 

Three Folk Tales translated from Scotch 
Gaelic. Paper cover, 

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te-At>uA ■oo $^e-6t^it> Hi 

For the Home 

"OtutiAme 5Aex)il5©. 

By Ross M. Young. An Anthology of 
the most exquisite Folk L,yrics of Ireland 
—the Golden Treasury of the Gael. Cloth, 

These poems are of the people, by the 
people, for the people ; and they depict 
the life, the hopes, the fears, the joys, 
and the sorrows of the Gael, with a quaint, 
winning, natural simplicity. The book is 
exhaustively annotated, and there is a 
vocabulary of unusual words. 

Oi-oceAnnA Sroe (Faery Nights). 

An Art and Story Book for Irish Children, 
Written and illustrated by Michael Mac- 
L,iaim Mhoir. 

This is the first attempt of an Irish author 
and artist to produce a really artistic book 
for Irish children. The stories circle 
round St. Brigid's Eve, May Day Eve, 
St. John's Eve, and November Eve, and 
they are printed in both Irish and Eng- 
lish. The coloured black and wh ite illus- 
trations are simple and charming. 

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s&Amus "ouiTunne 



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To the many who are now earnestly studying the Irish 
Language this little Pocket Pronouncing Dictionary is 
offered in the hope that it may assist them in their efforts 
to master the language. There are many who cannot 
often consult a teacher or native speaker and who must 
have felt the necessity for a pronouncing dictionary. To 
such, it is hoped, this book will be of service. The 
method of indicating the sounds is simple, and a short 
study of the Phonetic Key should enable anyone to inter 
pret the phonetic renderings accurately. But let, it be 
always remembered that the imitation of the sound is 
only approximate. The English Language does not 
contain all the sounds of Irish, therefore it is impossible 
to convey the sounds of Irish satisfactorily through the 
medium of English. 

With occasional help from an Irish speaker, it is 
confidently expected that the phonetic renderings here 
given will be a tolerably accurate guide to correct 
pronunciation. But consult a native speaker on every 
available opportunity. 

Our object is to supply, in the smallest compass, a 
dictionary that contains all the words in use in every- 


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viit. PREFACS 

day life, a book that will supply the needs of the student, 
the commercial man, or the traveller in the SaoIcacc. 
Words that have fallen into disuse in the spoken language 
have been excluded, while words recently added have 
been included. 

Method : To keep within the limit of the space 
allowed it was decided, as a general rule : — 

. 1st: to omit regularly formed derivatives, 
2nd : To omit words with regular prefixes. 

In such cases the prefix is given with its meaning, and 
all the student has to do is to look up the word and make 
the necessary modification indicated by the prefix. For 
example, -oe^-Twine see "oeAt, a prefix, good, excel- 
lent, then -otnne, a person, and you get •oca^ - f>uine, a 
good or excellent person. 

3rd : Compound words will be found under their 
component parts and are not, as a rule, repeated 
in their compound form. 

In this way a considerable amount of space has been 
saved, giving room for much matter which, otherwise, 
would have to be excluded. But though economy of 
space has been aimed at throughout, there is no over- 
compression, explanations are fully given and, where 
considered necessary, examples of usage. 

Spelling: The tendency at present is towards 
simplification of spelling and tbe disuse of silent, redun- 

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dant, dead, letters. This has been done to a certain 

extent, and it is hoped the simplified forms will commend 
themselves. As an instance, leAsu is written for leAsuJA-o, 
leAstnce for leAsm^re, peAnvilACc for peAKAtiilAcc, etc. 
Plurals are written : -ai, -f, for Aroe toe, etc. Occasion- 
ally alternative forms of spelling are given. 

Order : The sound is indicated immediately after each 
word. The pronunciation given is Munster, and where 
it differs from Connacht the Connacht pronunciation is 
either indicated in full after the Munster, or the sound 
of the syllable which differs from Munster is indicated. 

In West Munster a slender vowel preceding 11, nn, or 
m is pronounced like ee ; e.g., cill= keel, binn = beeng, 
im = eem, approximately. In East Munster these words 
are pronounced kll, blng, Im, approximately. As the 
West Munster sound runs right through our poetic litera- 
ture we have generally adopted it in preference to that of 
East Munster. 

We would, however, point out that inn is not 
pronounced exactly as eeng or een, but something 
between them. This sound can be got perfectly only 
from a native speaker. Even in West Munster the ee 
sound in this combination is not universal, as the word 
tinn is sounded not teen but tmn. 

The combination O + nn is pronounced in West Munster 
as oo, and in East Munster as ou. We find, however, 
that in West Munster some onn words are sounded oo and 
others ou, e.g., fionn = fij<m, donn = dhoun, bonn^bown, 

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so we have generally conformed to the East Munster 
usage, and adopted the ou sound which is universal in 
the one district and, at least, partially current in the 

The soft sound of c and -o in Connacht as compared 
with Munster should be borne in mind. As it is merely 
a softened sound of the Munster c and "o it was not 
considered necessary to indicate it in the phonetic words. 
Some of the best Connacht speakers have been consulted, 
and they say that the ch sound (as in cAop), and the 
sound like J in June, should be guarded against. 

Initial 5 or "6 broad, it is difficult to represent satis- 
factorily. There is no sound like it in English. Where it 
occurs we write " Gh " in the phonic rendering, the sound 
of which it will be necessary to get from an Irish speaker 

After nouns, the order is: gender, genitive case, 
nominative plural. 

After declinable adjectives, the comparative degree, 
which is generally identical with the genitive singular 
feminine, is given. 

The imperative, second singular, which is the root of 
the verb, is given as principal word. Under this 
the verbal noun is given and the first person singular, 
indicative. By this arrangement the essential parts are 
given in small compass. The verbal noun is not repeated 
as principal word except in very few cases. 

In indicating inflectional changes, where an addition 
is made to the principal word, the addition only is 

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given, thus : cfos, -a, showing that cios becomes cfosA. 
Where the principal word changes in part, the first 
unchanged letter is repeated together with the addition, 
thus : cion, -ine, that is, ciorc becomes cine. 

We desire to emphasise the absolute necessity of 
thoroughly mastering the Phonetic Key before using the 
dictionary ; but it should be remembered that it is 
practically impossible to render satisfactorily the sounds 
of any language by the conventional phonetic machinery 
of any other language. ' The result, at best, will be only 
a good working approximation. 

sfeAmus ■ouminne 

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Word-Formation — Principal Affixes 
Formation of Adjectives " ... 
Formation of Nouns 
Formation of Verbs ... 

The Irregular Verbs 

Defective Verbs 

Phonetic Key 

Diphthongs — 

Obscure or Glide Vowels 

The Consonants 

Principal Abbreviations ... 

Irish-English Dictionary ... 

Forms of Address *~ 















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Prefixes will be found fully explained in the body of the 
book. A list of the principal affixes is here given with their 

a6, ga6, as an adj. termination, abounding in, full of : 

bnotiAC, sad. Adjectives are formed from nouns by adding 

ac, eac: acas, joy; acasac, joyous; cumse, weariness; 

cumseAC, weary. 
ac, as a substantive termination, a personal agent : Cotitiaccac, 

a Connachtman. 
acc, eAcc, an abstract termination, like the English ness ; 

usually added to adjs.: 5eA««, short; sjokkacc, shortness ; 

milis, sweet; milseAcc, sweetness. 
ai, ui, i, a personal termination, a doer or agent : ciomAiti, 

drive; ciottiatia{, a driver ; cos, a foot ; coisi, a walker. 
Atne, me, a personal termination, a doer, an agent : ceAl.5, 

deceit; ceAlsAme, a deceiver; seAls, a hunt; seAlsAme, 

a hunter. 
Ati, a diminutive termination : awo, a height; awoaii, a little 

height. In very many cases, however, it has no 

diminutive signification: sciAcAn, a wing ; coRRAn, a reap- 
ing hook. 
as, oas, and sometimes s, an abstract termination like acc 

(like the English ness): olc, bad ; oIcas, badness ; ttiaic, 

good; mAiteAs, goodness. 
&An, Hi ah, abounding in, full of: ■outlle, a leaf; ■ouiUeAbAn, 

foliage ; ceol, music ; ceoltiiAn, musical. 
6a, t>a, ca, an adjectival termination, like the English en : 

6r, gold; 6rx>a, golden ; seAti, old ; seAtroA, ancient. 
e, an abstract termination : inx>, high ; Aiiroe, height. 
oac, see ac. 

6acc, an abstract termination, see acc. 
©acc, verbal noun suffix, like the English ing : pi5eAT>6i«, a 

weaver; pi^eA'oomeACc, weaving. 
in, a diminutive termination; cos, a foot; cotsin, a little foot ; 

SRAro, a street; swAi-oin, a little street. 
lAtin, a repository, a building: leA&AnlAnn, a library ; AtiiAHclAnn, 

a theatre. 


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Lac, mac, r»Ac, ca6, chac, full of, abounding in (same meaning 

as ac): bniACAR, a word; bRtACRAc, abounding in words ; 

005, a soft place; bosRAc, abounding in bogs. 
tfiAn, abounding in, full of: buij;, life; bRio^riiAR, full of life, 

lively ; see bAii. 
63, a diminutive termination: 5AOAI, a fork; 5A0I65, a little 

fork. In many cases 65 has not a diminutive signification 

as cuileos, a fly ; puiseo^, a lark ; seArrmos, a shamrock. 
oin, pom, coin, ceotn, denotes an agent, a doer : b&x>, a boat; 

bAT)6iR, a boatman ; speAl, a scythe; spcaIa'ooir, a mower ; 

buAil, strike; bviAilceom, a striker. 
uit, iinl, same meaning as the English like, or ly : ?e&n, a 

man; peARuil, manly ; plAic, a prince; plAici\nt, princely. 


Many adjectives are formed from nouns by the addition of : — 
ac, eAc, peAR5, peAR5AC ; 5T16, ctiocac ; cumse, cumseAC. 

tTJAn, lUAC, lUAClilAR ; C1aII, ClAlltilAR. 

ti»t, lint, peAR, peARuil ; CRonie, croit>iuiV. 
■da, t>a, beo, beox>A ; seAti, seAn-OA. 


Many nouns are formed from adjectives by the addition of :- 
acc, cRionnA, cRiorniACc. 
as, oas, cRom, cRomAs ; c»nn, tinneAS. 
e, 65, 6156. 


Verbs are formed from nouns and adjectives by the addition 

tj, uij, obAin, oibnig ; saocar, sAotmns; &,nx>, ar-ouijj j ceAitc, 

Digitized by 




(In the first person singular). 


Imper. t)1 


cArni. dep., puitim. 


bios, dep., KADAS. 




pres., bun. 


past, binn. 




, HAbAT) . 

v. n., beic. 

toein, bear, carry. 


, beimm. 


, HUgAS. 




past., beminn. 



Subj . 

, bemeA"o. 

v. n., bneii. 


(The assertive verb, 

Pres. is. dep., Ab. 

Past, bA. dep., b' 

Con., b<vo or bA. 

In the pres. is is omitted 
after all particles except triA. 
In the past bA is omitted 
after particles when the follow- 
ing word begins with a 
consonant (except p) . 

CAbAin, give. 
Pres., CAbRAim, bemim or 

Past., CU54S. 

Fut., CAbAiipAT) or bcAnp<vo. 
Hab. past, cAbnAinn or beminn. 
Con., cAbARp&nin or beAnpAinn. 
Subj . , CU5AT) . 

v. n., cAbAmc. 
In present day usage cAbAiw, 
which is the dep. form, is used 

Digitized by 



cei"D, go. 

Pres., t6r6im. 

Past, cua-oas. Dep., "ocacas 

Fut., HA5AT), Or RACAT). 

Hab. past., ce tx> inn. 
Con., KAJAinn or racadw. 
Subj., teroeAT). 

v. n., T>til. 

CAn, come. 

Pres., CASAim or 05ml. 

Past, cans as. 

Fut., ClOCpAX). 

Hab. past, cASAinn or cismn, 
Con., ciocpAmn. 

Subj., CA5AT). 

v. n., ceAcc. 

At>Ain, say. 

Pres., "oemim. dep. AbRAim. 
Past, -oubRAS. 

Fut., "OeARfAT). 

Hab. past, "oeminn. 
Con., t)6ARpAintt. 

Subj., AbRAT). 

v. n., RATI. 

cttttli or ctOIS, hear. 

Pres., ctumim or ctoisim. 
Past, cuaIas. 

Fut., clumpeAT) or cloispeAT). 
Hab. past., clummn or cloismn 
Con., cluinpitin or cloispmn. 
v. n., cloisinc, clos, cloiscm. 

£A&, take. 

Pres., 5At>Atm. 

Past, JA^AS. 

Fut., seotJA-o. 

Hab. past, jAbAmn. 

Con., jjeobAinn. 

V. n., gADAtl. 

PAS, get. 
Pres., seibim. dep., pAgAim . 

Past., fUARAS. 

Fut., 5eobA*o. dep., jmi5eA*o 
Hab .past .geibmn. dep^yAgAintt. 
Con., geobAinn. dep., puismn. 
Subj., pASAT). 

V. fl., fASAll. 

Digitized by 

T>&A*1, make or do. 


Pres., -oeAnAim, -00-511101. 

Past, ^eineAs, mnneAS. 

Fut., "oeAnpAT). 

Hab. past, T>eAnAinn, 511 inn. 

Con., •o^AtipAHin. 

Subj., x>eAtiAX). 

dep., T>eAnAim. 
dep., x>eAnnAS. 
dep., "o^AtipA-o. 
dep., "o^AtiAinn. 

£eic, see. 
Pres., cim, peicim. dep. peicim 
Past, conn ac. dep., peAC&s. 
Fut., cfpeA*o. dep., peicpeAT). 
Hab. past, cinn. dep., peicinn. 
Con., cipmn, dep., peicptnn. 
Subj., peiceA-o. 

v. n., peicstnc. 

1C, eat. 
Pres., icim. 
Past, T>'iceAS. 
Fut., iospA-o or iosa-o. 
Hab. past, T>'icinn. 
Con., -o'iospAinn or iosAinn. 
Subj., iosAx>. 

v. n.. ice. 


*n, say, said, used with the exact words of the speaker. " 1a 
olc An Ia e" arsa mise. " 1s olc " ar seiseAn. "It 
is a bad day " said I. " It is " said he. 

pdAt>Aim, I can, has no imper. ; otherwise regular. 

peAt>A«, know ; used interrogatively and negatively : An 
opeAX>AR cu ca bpuit se ? Hi peA-OAR. Do you know where 
he is ? I don't (know). 

odbAin, "o6bAm x>om cuicrni, I almost fell. t)A "C-obAin "oom big 
•o'pAJjAtl, I almost died. 

t£tt\>A, happened, chanced: carIa se liom, I met him. 

Digitized by 


Id Phonic Word 

Sounded as 




rat, bat. 



met, set. 



hit, fit. 



not, on. 



full, pull. 



pup, up. 



calf, half. 






awl, bawl. 



meet, eel. 



note, vote. 



pool, root. 






mite, fight. 


pound, mouth, 


new, few. 

° \ 

[yore, yoke. 

eo j 



Digitized by 


The mark " over a vowel denotes that it is to be lightly 
pronounced or glided over, but when a glide vowel (i.e. a 
vowel having y over it) comes before or after the link ~ it i3 
scarcely heard at all and is put down merely to show that the 
consonant to which it is joined is to be pronounced broad or 
slender as the case may be, and there is no break in sound 
between parts of a word joined by this link -*. With the 
hyphen -, a break is permissible; with the link *> there must 
be no break. 

The guttural, broad c, in the body or end of a word is sounded 
like gh in lough, but at the beginning of a word it cannot be 
represented by English letter combinations. Slender c ie 
the body of a word is like h, but in the beginning it has no 
equivalent in English. 

c is therefore retained in the phonetic words in all positions- 

and it will be necessary to get its sound from a native speaker, 

11, represents broad I in the phonetic words, but it is not the 

11 of English. Ask an Irish speaker to say it for you. 
g, is like g in go, get ; never soft as in gin. 
s, is like s in ass, hiss, never like s in as. 
In sk, st, sn, followed by a slender vowel or by a in the phonic 
word, the s is like s in ship, sheaf. Followed by a broad 
vowel s in these combinations is like s in scum. 
The other consonants and consonant combinations are very 
fairly represented by their English sounds. 

The sound words may be pronounced in syllables at the first 
attempt, with the one exception noted under obscure vowels, 
They must afterwards be united. 

Digitized by 


a., adj. . 

. . adjective. 








. genitive. 


the same, idem. 



nom., . . 


p. a., . 

participial adjective 


. plural. 

per, pr., . 

. personal pronoun. 

poss., . . 


prep., • 

. preposition. 

v., . . 


v. n., . 

. verbal noun. 

It is perhaps advisable to state that in words like bradan ; 
mallact, &c, the stress is on the first syllable in Leath Chuinn, 
and on the second in Leath Mhogha. 


Digitized by 





A, (el), poss. a., his, her, their, 
a CApAU, his horse ; a capaII, 
her horse ; a gCApAll, their 

A, (a), voc. part., a 6eAin, 

A, (a), rel. pr., who, which, 
that, causes aspiration ; An 
ze a btiAtl e, the person who 
struck him ; all who, all 
that, causes eclipsis, da seo 
a mbio-6 Ann, it was a wonder 
all that used to be there. 

A, (a), particle used before 
numerals without nouns, a 
h-Aon, one ; a -do, two. 

Ab, (ub), dep. form of verb is 
joined to particles, as guiuvb. 

A&a, (ou), L, -nn, pi. Aibne, a 
river ; also AbAinn. 

AbAC, (ouk), m., -Aic, pi. id., 
a dwarf. 

AbAtte, (e-vo'-le), adv., home- 
wards, home. 

AbAtn, (ob-ir), v., say ; v. n. 
nAt) ; •oemim, I say ; dep. 
form, AbRAim, I say. 

(D 471) 1 

AbAinc, (ob-irt), f., -akca, a 

saying, a sentence. 
AbAtcA, (aw'-bultha), a., able, 

ca me a-, I am able. 
AbA«, (ob'-ur), m., -Am, mud, 

a marsh. 
AbAs, (ous), m., -ais, a hired 

soldier ; a peevish ill-natured 

Abb, (ob), m., -a, an abbot ; 

Abb-riiACAin, mother abbess. 
Abcotoe, (ou-ko-de), m., id., 

an advocate. 
AblAtin, (ou-lun), f., -Amne, 

the Sacred Host. 
AbnAti, (obr-awn), m., -Am, 

April ; also AibKe&n. 
AbnAti, (our-awn), m., -Am, a 

song ; also AiimAn. 
Absotoit), (os-pul-o-id), f., -e, 

forgiveness ; also Aspolovo. 
AbscAt, (os-pul), m., -Ail, an 

apostle, also AspAl. 
Abu ! (a-boo), interj., battle- 
cry of victory, as " Iaiti 

lAi-om Abu ! 

Digitized by 


&tius, (8-vus'), adv., on this 

side, usually i opus. 
A6 ! (oc), inter., exclamation 

of disapproval or surprise. 
Ac a, (6-ku) [ok-a], prep. pr. 

with them, in their possession. 
Acpuititi, (ok'-ing), f., -e, 

wealth, strength, ability. 
AclAioe, (okl-ee), a., nimble, 

deft ; usually Atcillroe. 
AcniAin, (oc-um-ir), a., near, 

close ; also acattiair. 
AcrfiusAti, (os-u-cawn), m., 

-Ain, reproof, censure, re- 
AcnA, (okr-a), m., id., pi. -i ; 

an acre. a, (okr-a), m., id., a good 

deed, -ooin so acra -bom, he 

did me a good turn. 
AcitAtin, (ocr-un), m., -Ainn, 

strife, wrangling, confusion. 
Ace, (oc), conj., but. 
A6e, (oct), m., pi. -AtitiA, a 

decree, an act, a condition. 
A*, (aw), m., Ai-6, good luck. 
ADAiti, (i-in), v., kindle, in- 
flame ; v. n. AxmAX) ; A-onAim, 

I kindle, etc. 
AOAtnciti, (I-er-keen), m., id., 

a lapwing, a little horn. 
AoaLL, (I~ull), m., -aiIL, cor- 
ruption, sin. 
Ar>Ati, (I-un), m., -Ainn, pi. 

id., an oven. 
AOahc, (i-urk), £., -Amce, pi. 

-a, a horn ; a trumpet. 
AtiAitc, (i-urth), m., -airc, pi. 

id., a pillow, bolster, usually 


AOascah, (Is-thur), m., -aw, 
•pi. id., a halter, a bridle. 


AottAti, (ou-r) [aw-vur], m., 
-air, pi. id., cause, motive, 

Aoeinim, (S-der'-im), v., irreg., 
I say, somet. ■oeiKmi ; see 


AoUcad, (I'-luka), m., 

-Aicce, burial. 
AOrtiAO, (I-mudh), m., -ato, 

timber, meaning, bAin a- as, 

take meaning out of it. 
AoriiAil, (odh-e-vaw-il), f., aIa, 

acknowledgment, confession. 
AoriiAHAC, (aw-vur-oc), a., -ai, 

Aomuij, (odh-e-vuig) [-ee], v., 

confess, acknowledge ; v. n. 

-riiAil; Axniiuim, I confess, etc. 
AotiAino, (i-naw-re), f., id., 

shame, confusion. 
Aohao, (i'-ru), m., -arca, 

Aocuaio, (I-doo-eg] [-ee]. 

from the north ; usually > 


Aen, (ae'-un), one ; usually 

Aen, (ae-r), m., Aem, the sky. 
the air. 

Aen ac, (ae'-ruc), a., airy, 

AenttieACc, (ae-ree'-ucth), f., 
-a, an open air entertain- 
ment, an outing. 

^S» ( e g)» prep-, at, com- 
pounded with prs. ASAm, asac, 
A5Aib, etc., denoting poss- 

A5A16, (1), f., -6, pi. id., the 
face, ar A^Afo, forward ] 
1 n-A5Aro, opposed to ; l« 
h-AJAro, for. 

Digitized by 


A^AttAtfl, (Og-Ull-Uv), f.,-UtTIA, 

a dialogue. 
A56, (og-6), m., doubt, hesi- 
A^uisin, (og-ish-een), m. F id., 

an appendix, an addition. 
A511S, (og-us), conj., and. 
Aitieis, (aw-faesh), f., -e, joy, 

Aibfo, (ab-eed), f., -e, garment 

of a monk or nun, a habit. 
AtbneAti, (abr-awn), m., -Am, 

April, also -AbHAti. 
Atce, (ak-e), f., id., near ; 

im' Aice, near me. 
Aicio, (ak-eed), f., -e, disease, 

Aicillioe, (ak-il-ee), a., skil- 
ful, handy. 
Aicme, (ak-me), f., id., a tribe, 

a sect. 
Aiobeinseoin, (aw-ir-sho-ir), 

m., -6ha, the devil ; a wicked 

AtfteAn, (ir), m., avoir, sore- 
ness of skin from cold, etc. 
AipneAtiti, (af-ir-un), m., 

-Rinn, id., the Mass. 
Atge, (e-ge') [e'-ge], with him; 

common form of aj, ca ciaU 

Ai5e SeAtnus. 
At^eAticA, (ag-an-tha), a., 

spirited, fair minded ; also 

Atgne, (ag-i-ne), m., -geAtiCA, 

pi. id., mind, inclination. 
Ai£tieAti, (I-nawn), m., -aiti., 

ivy ; also eroeAti. 
AipieAs, (I'-nus), m., -nis, 

argument, dispute. 
Ait, (aw-il), f., -e, wish, 



Aitt, (II) [a~Il], f., -e, pi. id.. 

a cliff, also jnuU. 
AtlleAcx, (aw-il-ucth), f., -a, 

dignity, beauty, also Ail- 

AtlleAti, (aw-il-awn), m., -Am, 

pi. id., a toy, a worthless 

Ailm, (al-im), f„ -e, palm ; 

also pA\lm. 
Aitne, (aw-il-6), f., id., beauty; 

also AiUe. 
Aitp, (a-ilp), f., -e, a lump, 

Attn-, neg. prefix, not, un-, in-, 
Aimtbeoin, (av-e5-in), f., -e, 

in spite of, reluctance. 
Aimileis, (am-il-aesh), f., -e, 

AimseAn, (Im-shir), f., -me, 

weather, time, period. 
Aimsij, (Im-shig) [-shee], v., 

aim, get, procure ; v. n., 

-siu ; AiTnsi5im, I get, etc. 
Am, (an), neg. prefix, not, un-, 

Atnoeis, (ang-ish), a., -e, 

miserable, unkempt. 
Auioetse6m, (ang-ish-e5-ir), 

m., -6ra, pi., -1, a wretched 

AitiTjeAt, (ang-ull), m., -51I, 

pi. id., an angel. 
Aimrii, (an'-fv), f., Ainthe, pi. 

id., a blemish. 
Aitim, (an'-im), m., -e, ph 

-neACA, a name. 
Attimtoe, (an-I-vee'), m., id., 

pi. -ice, an animal. 
Airnnms, (an-im-nig) [-nee], v., 

name ; v. n. -iu ; Aintntifm, 

I name. 

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Attititn, (ang-ir), f., -e, pi. id., a 

young woman. 
AttisptonAtt), (an-sprid), £, -e, 

the devil. 
Am, (er), m., prep, pr., on 

him, on it. 
Ainc, (a- irk), f., -e, great 

hunger, greed. 
Atnc tuAcnA, (a-irk loo-6-crfi), 

m., a lizard. 
Attu>, (aw-ird), f., -e, point of 

the compass, place, order, as 

feArt 5&n aiko, a wretched 

man, a ne'er do well. 
Atnx>, (aw-ird), an intensive 

prefix, high, great. 
Atne, (a'-re), f., id., care, 

attention, a superintendent ; 

a. An oi-oe&CAis, Minister of 

AtneACAs, (I-roc-us), m., -ais, 

care ; AmeAc, careful. 
AtneAm, (aw-ir-uv), m., -mm, 

enumeration, arithmetic, an 

AmjeAO, (a-rig-udh), m., -5113, 

money, silver. 
Aim^, (ar-ig) [-ee], v., hear, 

feel ; v. n. AmeAccAinc ; 

Aiuim, I hear, etc. 
Aiflim, (aw-ir-iv), v., name, 

enumerate ; v. n. -iieAm ; 

AiRi'tn, I name, etc. 
Atnice, (aw-ri-he), a., par- 
ticular, special. 
Ainne, (aw-ir-ne), f., id.; pi. 

-ni, a sloe. 
AtmieAn, (aw-ir-nawn) , m., 

-im, sitting up at night. 
Ainn6ts, (aw-ir-naesh), f., -e, 

pi., 1, stock, cattle, chattels. 

Ats, (ash), back, beside ; tern 

a., beside me. 
AiseA£, (ash-ug), m., -S15, 

vomiting ; also aisioj;. 
Ais-etnge, (ash-ir-ee), f., id., 


Atslms, (ash-ling), f., -e, pi. 
-1., a dream, a vision. 

Aisce, (ash-te), m., id., pi, 

-ci., an essay, a poem. 
AtsceAC, (ash-tac), a., -ci'., 

comical, strange, unusual. 
AisceAn, (ash-thur), m., -cm, 

pi. id., a journey, a visit. 
Aiscnij, (ash-thrig) [-three], 

v., change, translate ; v. n. 

-iu ; Aiscnim, I change, etc. 
Air, (at), a., -e, queer, strange, 

comical, pleasing. 
Air, (aw-it), f., -e, pi. -eAntiA, 

a place. 
Ate-, (a), prefixed in comps., 

reiterative, repetition. 
AictiliAOAin, (a-flee-en), f., 

-•onA, the New Year, next 

Atccne, (a-cir-ae'), f., second 

mould put to potatoes. 
AiceAttt, (aw-it-uv), in., -cim, 

arguing, persuading. 
AtreAtin, (at'-an), m., -mn, 

AiceAticA^ (a-huntha), known ; 

Aice&ncAs, acquaintance ; 

AiceAncA "Oe, the Command- 
AicjeA-nn, (a-caar), f., -510RUA, 

a short cut, short way. 
A105, ( avv "-tig) [-ti], v., in- 

habit, place, locate ; v. n. 

-iu ; Aicim, I inhabit, etc. ; 

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also, argue, persuade ; v. n. 

AittfieAlA, (a-fay-lu), m., id., 
sorrow, regret, also Aicmeile. 

Aicne, (a-hin-e), f., id., know- 
ledge, acquaintance ; ca Aicne 
AgAm onr, I know you. 

AicneAb, (aw-thir-uv), m., -eio 
a habitation, dwelling place. 

Aicmje, (aw-hree), f., id., 
repentance, penance. 

Atcnis, (a-her-ish), f., -e, 
imitation ; as verb, imitate, 
tell ; v. n. id. ; Aitnisim, I 
imitate, etc. 

At, (awll), m.. Ail, pi. id., a 
brood, young of an animal. 

AIa, (ol-a), f., id., pi. -i, a 

AlAinn, (awll-ing), a., Ailne, 
beautiful, handsome. 

AlbA, (ol-u-bu), f., -bATi, ( dat. 
-Ain, Scotland. 

AlltfiunAC, (oll-oo-ruc) , m., 
-At?;, pi. id., a foreigner. 

Alius, (oll-us), m., -vis, per- 

AIIca, (onll-thu) [oil-], a., 
wild, strange, savage. 

Alp At), (oll'-pu), eating 


Ale, (olth), m., Ailc, pi. id., 
an ankle, joint, piece, 

Alcoirc, (ull-tho-ir), f., -oka, 

an altar. 
Alcutj, (oll-thuig) [-thee], v., 
give thanks, praise ; v. n. 
aIcu ; Alcuim, I give thanks, 
Am, (oum) [om], m., attia, pi. 
am Ann a, time. 

Am, (awv), however. 

AmA, (om-a), f., id., pi, ahiai, 

the hames in horse tackling. 
AmAc, (um-oc'), adv., to out- 
side, out. 
AtriATjAn, (am-a-dhawn) , m., 

-Ain, pi. id., a fool. 
AtfiAin, (a-vaw-in), adv., ex* 

cept, only. 
AmAineAc, (am-aw-ir-uc), to- 
morrow, also i mbAiKeAc. 
AmAlAc, (om-a-lluc), a., -ai, 

miserable, very poor ; pem- 

meom a., a miserable farmer. 
AtfiAnc, (ourk) [ov-urk], v., 

look, see ; v. n. id. ; attiar- 

CAim, I look. 
AtfiAnc, (ourk) [ov-urk], m., 

-Amc, pi. id., sight, a look. 
AtfiAnclArm, (ourk-llun) 

[ovurk-], f., -Aintie, a theatre. 
Am as, (om'-us), m., -ais, a 

chance, leisure. 
AtfiAs, (ous), m., -ais, pi. id., 

a hired soldier, a wild person. 
AmplA, (ourn-plu) [om-], m., 

-t, voracity ; AtnplAc, a., 

ArhnAM (our-awn), m.,-Ain, pi. 

id., a song. See AOKAn. 
AtfinAs, (ou-rus) [ov-], m., 

-ais, pi. id., suspicion, doubt. 
Amu, (e-moo), adv., astray ; 

also AmiTOA. 

Amuij, (u-mu) [ii-mui], adv., 

Am, (an), the ; pi. tia ; gen. a. 
f., tia ; also interr. particle. 

Am-, (un), intens. prefix., before 
adjs., very ; before nouns, 
great; sometimes neg. before 
nouns, as AncKAC, unHmely. 

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AtiAinc, (on'-irt), f., -e, coarse 

linen, canvas. 
AriAince, (on'-ir-he), m., id., 

broth ; also Anbntnc. 
AtiAice, (on'-i-hi), m., id., a 

storm, terror, also ati^a, 

AnpAo . 
AriAt, (un-awll), f., -Aile, 

breath . 
AtiAlA, (un-awlla), f., -ac, 

AnAlt, (un-oull) [-oil], adv., 

over (to speaker), hither. 
AtiAtfi, (on'-uv), a., seldom, 

An Am, (on-um), f., atutia, pi. 

-atia, soul, life, person. 
AncAine, (ounk-ir-e) [onk-], f., 

id., pi. -tni, an anchor. 
AnjlAis, (ong-all-ish), f., -e, 

watery milk, any inferior 

Ant ah, (a-nee'-ar), adv., from 

the west, from behind (to 

speaker) . 
AnTos, (a-nee'-us), adv., from 

below (to speaker). 
Ann, (oun) [on], prep, pr., in 

it, in him. 
Ann Am, (on-uv), adv., seldom. 
AnnlAnn, (oun-lun) [on-], m., 

-Amn, sauce. 
Annstn, (un-sun) [in-shin], 

adv., there, then. 
Annso, (un-su) [-shu], a, , 

here, in this place. 
Anoce, (an-ucth'), adv., to- 
Anoin, (an-ir'), adv., from the 

east (to speaker). 
Atiois, (a-nish), a4v., now. 

Anorrn, (an-oun) [-on], adv., 

over (from speaker), thither. 
Anno, (ou-r6) [on-ro] , m., id., 

misery, AnnojjAC, a., miser- 
AnuAs, (an-oo-us), adv., down 

(to speaker). 
ArnmAio, (un-ur-ig) [-e], adv., 

last year. 
Aot>Aine, (ae-re), m., id., pi. 

-ni, a herd, shepherd. 
Aoibinn, (ee-ving), a., -one, 

pleasant, joyful. 
AoitineAS, (eev-nus), m., -nis M 

joy, pleasure. 
AotbeACC, (ee-acth), f., -a, 

AoiIgac, (eel-uc), m., A01I15, 

dung, farmyard manure. 
Aotne, (een-e), f., id., Friday. 
Aoinne, (aeng-e) [aen-e], m., 

id., any person, anyone. 
Aoint>e, (eer-de).f., id., height, 

Aois, (eesh), f., -e, age, period, 

Aoiceo, (ee-ho), m., crisis of 

a fever. 
Aot, (ae-ull), m., aoiI, lime, 

lily white. 
Aot-, (ae-ull), prefix, lime 

Aon, (ae-un), one ; as prefix in 

comp., Aon-, Aotn-, one, 

AonAc, (aen-uc), m., -A15, pi 

AoncAi, a fair. 
AotiAn, (aen-ur), m., -Ain 

alone, single, unmarried. 
Aoncuij, (aen-thig) [-th6e] 

v., agree, consent ; v. a. 

-cu ; Aoncufm, I agre.e, et?- 

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Aos, (aes), m., age, sect of 

people, generation. 
Aosta, (aes-tha), a., old, aged. 
Apnun, (opr-oon), m., -tun, 

pi. id., an apron. 
An, (awr), poss. a., our. 
An, (awr), m., -Am, slaughter, 

An, (er), def. v., says, said (in 

direct quotation); ARSAmise, 

said I. 
An, (er), interr. particle (in 

past) ; also prep., on ; com- 
pounded with pronouns ; Am, 

on him ; umci, on her ; ortti, 

on me, etc. 
An An, (ar-awn), m., -Aiti, 

bread, food. 
AnAon,(ar-aen), both, tog ether. 
AnbAn, (or-oor), m., -air, corn. 
Ant>, (awrdh), a., high, tall; 

6s art>, loudly, openly. 
Am>-, (awrdh), prefix before 

nouns, intens., very, high, 

Anoutj, (awr-dhig) [-dhee] , 

v., raise, exalt, promote, 

hoist ; v. n. --ou ; AR"oumi, 

I raise, etc. 
An6tn, (a-rae-ir), adv., last 

Anjuitic, (or-e-goo-int) , f., -e, 

argument, disputing. 
AntAtn, (u-ree-uv), adv., ever 

Ants, (a-reesh), adv., again, 

encore, also arisc. 
Anm, (orm), m., airtti, pi. id., 

an army, a weapon, a tool. 
AnmAtt, (orm-aw-il), f., -aIa, 

pi. id., armour, arms, also 

act of arming. 


AMnA.i>, (or-a), m., -avo, pi. -a!, 

goods, wares; also barra'O. 
AnsA, (awr'-su), a., old, 

ancient, aged. 
AncA, (or'-hu), m., id., pi. 

-AnriA, a charm, auca ha polA, 

charm supposed to stop blood. 
AncnAC, (awr-hruc), m., -a 15, 

pi. -Ai, a ship, vessel, any 

Anus, (awr '-us), m., -vis, pi. 

id., a dwelling, a home. 
As, (os), prep., out of, com- 
pounded with prs. as Am, out 

of me, abac, out of you, etc. 
AsAtn, (os'-ir), f., -rac, cattle 

bedding ; also eASAm. 
AsaL, (os'-all), m., -Ait, pi. 

id., an ass. 
Ascu, (os-koo), f., -cum, an 

eel, also eAscti, 
Astia, (os'-na), f., id., pi. -f, 

a rib. 
Ac, (a), a prefix, reiterative, 

repetition, re. 
Ac, (oth), m., aic, a swelling, 

a puffing. 
Ac, (aw), m., aca, a ford. 
Ac a, (a-thaw),v.,is,ACAim,Iam. 
AcAtn, (a-hir), m., acar, pi. 

AicneACA, a father. 
Acas, (aw-hus), m., -ais, joy, 

Accuinse, (oc-ing-e), f., id., 

prayer, petition. 
Acnuts, (ohr-ig) [-ee], v., 

change, translate ; v. n. -ru; 

ACRUim, I change, etc. 
Acuinse, (oth-ir-shl) , f., id., 

affliction, sorrow. 
Acutce, (oth-I-hf), p. a., 

swollen ; also Act a. 

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bA, (bu), v., was, somet. b' ; 

ha« b'e, that it was not he. 
bA, (bo), f., cows. 
b$.b, (bawb), f., bAibe, a baby 

pet, also bAbAti, bi.b65. 
bAbcA, (bou-tha), m., id., a 

bout, as bAbcA cro-oa, a 

fighting bout. 
bAC, (bok), m., -Aic, pi. id., 

a stop ; a prop ; thole pin, 

heed, as ha bAc leis, don't 

heed him. 
bAC ac, (bu-koc'), m., -a 15., 

pi. -a, a beggar, a lame 

bAc ac, (bu-koc'), a., -ai, 

lame, defective. 
b&CAen, (bawk-aer'), m., 

-caCtia, pi. -1, a baker. 
bACAtt, (baw-kaw-il) , f., -aIa, 

bACAtt, (boc'-iill), m., -aiII, 

pi. id., a crozier, a staff ; 

bAC An, (bu-cawn), m., -Ain, 

pi. id., a hinge hook, a hook, 

also bocAii. 
bAC La, (bok-la), f., -n, an 

armful, bAclA Ax>trmi-o, armful 

of wood. 
bAC t Am ac, (bok-law-ac), a., 

disabled in the hands, awk- 
bAcus, (baw-koos), m., -u\s, 

pi. id., a bakery. 
bAt>, (bawdh), m., bAVO, pi, 

id., **• boat. 

bAt>, (baw), m., -An"), love, 

affection ; also bAro. 
bAt>6, (bl-uv), f., -Arobe, the 

banshee, a witch; a vulture, 
bAt>6in, (baw-dho-ir) , m., -6ua, 

pi. -1, a boatman. 
bA5Ain, (bog'-ir), v., threaten, 

beckon ; v. n. -c ; bAsnAnn, 

I threaten, etc. 
bASAisce, (bu-gawsh-te), m., 

id., luggage. 
b A5 An ac, (bog'-ur-uc), a., 

also bA5AncAc, threatening. 
bA^un, (bog-oon), m., -tun, 

bAibin, (baw-been), hi., id., 

pi., -i, a baby, a doll. 
bAic, (bo~ik), f., -e, a bend, 

hollow; bAic a muinil, hollow 

of her neck.>, (baw-ig) [baw'-ee], v., 

drown ; v. n. -eAX> ; bATOitn, 

I drown. 
bAit), (baw), f., -e, love, 

affection ; also bAx>. 
bAttbce, (baw-^it-e), p. a., 

drowned, wet through. 
bAijce, (bl-t6), m., id., pi, 

-ci, a bait., (bo~il), f., -e, success, 

prosperity, welfare. 
bAitbeACC, (bo~ile-iv-ucth), 

f., -a, dumbness. 
bAite, (bo~H£), m. id., pi. 

-Ice, a town, village, home, 

a place. 
bAiteAc, (buil-ac'), a., -Hj 

methodical, careful, exact. 

Digitized by 

bAil* puinc, (bo~il§ pu-irt), 

m.,id.,pl. -Ice pumc, seaport 

bA»ti5,(bo-lig)[-lee], v., gather, 

collect ; v. n. -iu ; bAilim, 

I gather. 
bAttiu, (bo-lew'), m., bAttice, 

a collection, a gathering. 
bAitte, (baw-le), m., id. pi. 

-i, a bailiff. 
bAtti, (bo~in), v., touch ; dig ; 

take ; v. n. -c ; bAinim, I 

touch, etc. 
bAin-, (bo~<in), a prefix, (from 

bean), feminine. 
bAineAti, (bu~i-nun), a., femi- 
bAin in, (baw-neen), m., id., 

pi. -i, a flannel coat or 

bAitits, (b6-nish), f., -e, pi. 

-i, a feast, wedding feast. 
bAirnie, (bo~ing-e), m., id., 

bAmseAc, (baw-in-shuc), f., 

-si, a green , a sheep walk. 
bAincneAc, (bo^in-thruc), f., 

-cRi, pi. -a, a widow. 
bAine, (baw~ire), m., id., pi. 

-ni, a game, a match, a goal. 
bAineAO, (bar-aedh), m., -ero, 

pi. id., a bonnet, a hat, 

head dress. 
bAimtte, (bor-il-S), m., id., 

pi. -f, a barrel. 
bAinin, (bo~rr-een), m., id., 

pi. -i, a cake of bread. 
bAinin bneAC, (bo~Ir-een bra- 

ok), barmbrack. Hallow Eve 

currant cake. 
bAinim, (bor-il-een), m., id., 

pi. -f, a bed-sheet. 


bAinneAd, (baw-ir-nac), m. 

-T115, pi. id., shellfish called 

bAisin, (baw~ish-een), m., id., 

pi. -1, a basin, a bowl. 
bAisc, (bo~Isht), v., baptize ; 

v. n. -eA"6 ; bAiscim, I 

bAisceAc, (baw~ish-tac), f., 

-ci, rain. 
bAisceAft, (bosh-te), m., -cf, 

bAisciuit, (bawish-two-il), a., 

-ciul&, rainy. 
bAiceAs, (bo-hus), m., -cis, 

head, top of the head. 
bAicin, (bo-teen), m., id., pi. 

-1, a little stick. 
bAicstteAn, (bo~It-shil-ae-ir) , 

m., -em, pi. -emf, a bachelor, 

university graduate. 
bAtAt>, (bola), m., -ato, pi. 

bAlAice, smell, perfume, also 

bolA-6 . 
bAtb, (boll-uv), a., -Ailbe. 

dumb, mute. 
b AtbAnuT, (bolluv-awn '-ee) , 

m., id., a mutterer, a stam- 
bAtc, (bollk), m., -Ailc, pi. 

-ai, a solid mass, bulk. 
bAtcAeneAcc, (vawl-kae'- 

ructh), f., -a., walking, 

bAtcAis, (bollk '-ish), f., -6, 

pi. -f, an old ill-fitting gar- 
ment or boot. 
bAtt, (boull) [boll], m., bAill, 

pi. id., a place, a limb, a 

member ; a single article, as 

bAU cnioscAin, an article of 


Digitized by 




bAllA, (bolla), m., id., pi. ai, 

a wall ; also faIIa. 
bAllsc6it>, (boull - skO - id) 

[boll-], f., -e, pi. -i, a blister, 

a boil. 
bAti-, (bon), prefix, (frombeAii, 

a woman), feminine. 
bAti, (bawn), a., -Aine, white, 

pale, bright. 
bAti, (bawn), m., -Ain, pi. 

AncA, uncultivated land, a 

bAti ac, (bun-oc'). m -. A15, tow. 
bAtiAtcnA, (bon-ul-thru), f., 

id., pi. -i, a nurse. 
bAtiAtiiAtt, (bon-oo'-il), a., 

modest, feminine. 
bAtiti, (bon'-uv), m., bAinb, 

pi. banbAi, a young pig. 
bAtibA, (bon-u-va), f., id., 

ancient name for Ireland ; 

alao t>AtibA. 
bAtic, (bounk) [bonk], m.. i 

-Ainc, pi. id., a bank, bank 

of a river, etc. 
bAticAen, (bounk-aer) [bonk-], 

m., -a, pi. -1, a banker. 
bAtix>A, (boun-dha) [bon-], m., 

id., pi. -Ai, a hoop, a band of 

a wheel. 
bAtitiA, (bon-na), m., id., pi. 

ai, legal contract, a bond ; 

in pi. bail, security. 
bAtitilArh, (boun-lawv) [bon-], 

f., -Aitiie, a cubit, length 

from elbow to extremity of 

middle finger, used to 

measure home-made flannel. 
bMtitinAc, (bou-ruc) [bon-], 

f., -Af, pi. -aca, a pen, an 


bAticAtsce, (bun-thaw-ish-t€) 

m., id., advantage. 
bAticnAcc, (boun-thruct) [bon-], 

f., -a, women-folk, women ol 

the house. 
bAojjAl, (bwae^ull), m., -Ait, 

pi. id., peril, danger. 
bAots, (M^eesh), f., -e, indis- 
cretion, folly, lust. 
bAoir, (M^ee), prefix in 

comps.; foolish, weak, vain. 
bAos, (bu~aes), f., -ise, folly, 

bAoi, (M*-ae), a., weak, soft, 

bAnAttiAit, (bor-oo-il), f., -till A, 

pi. id., opinion, supposition. 
bAtuncAS, (bur-awn-thus) , m., 

-Ais.a warrant, security. 
bAnbAitAcr, (bor-a-bur-acth), 

I., -a, barbarity, obscenity. 
bAnc, (bawrk), m., -airc, pi. 

id., a boat, a bark. 
bAtu>, (bawrdh), m., -air-o, pi. 

id., a bard, a poet. 
bAtu>Al, (bawr-dhul), m., -Att, 

pi. id., a drake. 
bAnn, (bawr), m., bAiirn, pi. 

id., the top, superiority 

bAR«A, (bor-a), m., id., pi. -&'\., 

a crop ; scum ; a wheel- 
barrow ; a wedge. 

bAnnAC, (b6r-oc'). ni., tow 
corrupt matter. 

bAttnAoiteAC, (bor-eel-uc), m., 

-15, refuse, waste, small corn 

plus chaff. 
bAnnA-cutsle, (bora-hish-le), 

m., -I i-o, pi. -If, a stumble, 

an accident. 

Digitized by 


t>Ann6s, (bor-Og), f., -6^e, pi. 
gja, a grip in wrestling, a 

t»Anur»CAcc, (bor-oon-thucth), 
f., -a, a barony, also bAnt'in, 
m., -uin. 

bAS, (bos), f., bAise, pi. bASA, 
palm of the hand, broad part 
of an oar, hurley, etc. 

t>AS, (baws), m., -ais, death. 

bAsc, (bosk), v., batter, de- 
stroy, oppress, v. n. -&x> ; 
bAscAim, I destroy etc. 

b-cscA, (bosk-a), m., -ca!, 
destruction, oppression, a 
drenching from rain. 

bAscA, (vaws-thu), m., id., 
the waist. 

t)Ascun, (bos-thoon), m., -uin, 
pi. id., a fool, a stick made 
of woven rushes. 

t>ACA, (botha), m., id,, pi. -ai, 
a stick, a pole, a handle. 

bAcnAit, (botli-er-awil), f., 
-aIa, a battering, a cudgel- 

bo, (bae), f., beice, pi. id., a 

toeAc, (bac), f., -eice, pi. -a, 
a bee. 

beACc, (bacth), a., -a, exact, 
particular, correct. 

beAQAi, (badh-ee), m., id., 
pi. --ote, a flatterer. 

beAj;-, (be~ug), prefix in 
comps., little. 

beA5, (be^ug), a., Iuja, small, 
little, is beA5 onm cu, I 
think little of you ; ni beA5 
liom -oe, I have enough of it; 
Atiois beA5, just now ; ni 
beA5 8Af>, that is sufficient ; 

it toeA 

is beA5 Amsvo Aise, he has 

little money. 
b©A5Ati, (be-gawn), m., -km, 

little, few. 
beA^tiAc, (be~ug-noc), adv., 

beAt, (bae-ull), m., b6il, pi. 

id., the mouth, an opening, 

edge of any cutting tool. 
be At ac, (ba-lac), m., -A15, a 

road, passage, gap. 
beAtfeAfc, (bae-ull-ooc), m., 

-a 13, a bridle-bit. 
beAtcAine, (bToul-thin-e) [bal- 

t.], f., id., May, May Festival. 
beAti, (ban), f., mnA, pi. id., 

dat. mnAoi, a woman, a wife. 
beAti-, (ban), prefixed in 

comps., feminine. 
be Arm, (bloun) [ban], f., -a, 

pi. id., a mountain, a peak, 

a headland, a point ; heed, 

be Ann ac a, (ban-ac '-&) , m., 

-cca, pi. id., a blessing, 

benediction ; also beAnnAcc. 
beAnnAij, (ban-ig) [-ee], v., 

bless, salute ; v. n. -nu ; 

beAnnuim, I salute, etc. 
beAnboin, (bar-a-b5-ir) , m., 

-6«a, pi. -\, a barber. 
beAntA, (baer-lla), m., id., 

language, the English lan- 
beAntiA, (baar-na), f., -n, pi. 

-i, a gap, a breach, a want. 
be Ann, (baar), v., shave, shear, 

clip ; v. n. -a-6 ; beAwiAim, 

I shave, etc. 
beAnnidin, (baar-h5-ir) , m., 

-6ra, pi. -6ir1, a barber, a 


Digitized by 

&4arsa, (vaer-sa), m., id., pi. 

-ai, a verse, a stanza. 
beAnc, (barth), f., -emce, pi. 

-a, a deed, an act, a trick. 
beAnc, (barth), m., bine, pi. 

id., a load, a bundle. 
beAnctiij, (bar-thig) [-thee] , 

v., think, ponder ; wield ; 

v. n. -cu ; beARcuim, I 

think, etc. 
be as, (baes), m., -a, pi. id., 

a custom, manner. 
be as ac, (baes-ac), a., polite, 

good mannered, virtuous. 
beASC, (vesth), m., beisc, a 

vest, a waistcoat. 
beACA, (ba-ha), f., id., life, 

mode of life, sustenance. 
beACAi'oeAC, (be-hee-uc), m., 

-■615, pi. id., an animal. 
beACAis, (ba'-hig) [-hee], v., 

feed, sustain ; v. n. -cu ; 

be.vcuim, I feed, etc. 
beAcuisce, (ba'-hish-ge), m., 

id., whiskey. 
beAcuice, (ba-hi-hi), p. a., 

well-fed, plump. 
bete, (baek), f., -e, a shout, 

a cry. 
beic, (baek), v., cry ; v. n. 

-e.5,-6 ; boicim, I cry. 
beioin, (bae-dhir), forb'FeTOin, 

adv., perhaps ; see perom. 
beit>teAt>6in, (vil-e-dho-ir), 

m., -6ra, pi. -i, a fiddler. 
beit>liti, (vi-leen), m., id., 

pi. -1, a fiddle. 
beile, (bae-le), m., id., pi. 

-11, a meal. 
beilc, (be'<~ilt), f., -e, pi. 

-eAnA, a belt, a girdle. 

12 bed 

beim, (baem), f., -e, pi, 
-cats a, a blow, a stroke ; 
a beam. 

beimneAC, (baem-I-nuc), a., 
-ni, violent, vehement. 

betnn, (bi-ing), lap, knees, 

6i ATI teATlb AH A beiTW A1C1. 

the child was on her lap. 

beinnse, (bin-shl) [been-shl], 
(., id., pi. -si, a seat, a bench. 

bem, (be^ir), v., bear, carry, 
take ; with ati, catch, bem 
ar cIuais air, catch him by 
the ear ; bem suas air, over- 
take him ; v. n. bReit ; 
bemitn, I bear, etc. 

beinbis, (be~ir-ig) [-ee], v., 
boil ; v. n. -iu ; bembitn, 1 

bemfcee, (be-ri-hl), p. a., 

beinc, (begirt), f., -e, two 
persons, a pair, beiRC bAti, 
two women. 

beinte, (ber-he), p. a., born ; 

beic, (be), f., -e, birch, a birch 

be»c, (ve) , v. n. of aca. 

beicit>eAC, (be-hee-uc), m., 
-•615, pi. id., an animal. 

beicin, (be-hir), f., -circ, a 

bed, (bi*5), a., alive. 

beo, (bi/^5), m., bi., pi. beooA, 
a living person, the living, 
the quick, bi -oeAts sa mbed 
Aise, he had a thorn in the 

beo-, (bi~o), prefix in comps.. 
quick, alive. 

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b«o6ACc, (bl~fi-ucth), f., -a, 

activity, vigour. 
beoin, (bl~0-ir), f., -6rac, 

bi, (bee), v., be. t)i ar siu&aI, 

be going, go. 
bi, (vee), v., past of aca ; bl 

me, I was. 
biATb, (bee-e'), m., bio, food, 

bioeAC, (beed-ac), a., very 

small, atom-like. 
t>il©6s, (bil-6g), f., -6i5e, pi. 

-a, a leaf of a plant or a book. 
bille, (bil-5), m., id., pi. 

bitli, a money bill, a debt. 
bitle65, (bil-05), f., oige, pi. 

-65A, a billhook. 
bimb, (bin-ib), f., -e, wrath, 

fury, venom. 
binm, (bin-id), f., -e, rennet. 
binn, (beeng) [bing], a., -e, 

sweet (in sound), harmo- 
nious, excellent. 
binn-, (beeng) [bing], prefixed 

in comps., sweet. 
binn, (veeng), habitual past 

Of ACA1TT1. 

binnt>eAt, (bcen-dhull), m., 

-it, body band of an infant ; 

a binding for the head ; 

also bninxieAlAn. 
binnse, (been-shl), m., id., 

pi. -si, a bench. 
bioblA, (bee-ball-a), m., id., 

pi. -ai, a Bible ; 6^5 se An 

biobtA, he swore by the 

bfoo, (bee-uc), Imper. 3rd per. 

of aca ; Moo sf tiar sin, 

let it be so. 

is bit 

ttfofc, (vee-uc), Hab. past of 

ca, bfoo se Ann, he used to 

be there. 
biotij, (bee-ug), m., -a, a 

move, a rousing, a start, 

•00 bkn!>5 se as a co-oIao, he 

woke up. 
biolAn, (bi-llur), m., -aw, pi. 

id., water cress. 
bton, (bi~fir), m., but, pi. id., 

and Moraca, a spit, a point, 

a spike. 
btoRAc, (bl-rod'), f., -Af, reed; 

bulrushes ; a muzzle for 

btonAn, (bl-rawn), m., -Am, pi. 

id., a pin, a short spike or 

bionAnA6, (bi-rawn-ue), m., 

-A15, a vexatious boy, a 

" boyo." 
btonooRAS, (bir-dhur-us) , m., 

-ais, a flood-gate. 
biocAttte, (bi-thaw-le), f., id., 

whiskey, spirits. 
bioc-, (bi) , prefixed in comps., 

continual, constant. 
bmin, (bir-een), m., id., pi. 

-1, a small pin or point, a 

slight projection. 
binn6At>, (bir-aedh), m., -61-0, 

a cap, a hat, also bAmeAO 

and be AW at>. 
biseAc, (bish-oc'), m., -S15, 

increase, gain, improvement, 

bic, (bi), existence, being, ar 

bic, at all, -oume ar Mc, 

any one at all. 

bit, (bi), prefix ; continual, 


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t>it»AtfmA6, (bi-hoon-&6), m., 
-Aij, pi. id., a robber, a 
rogue, a rascal. 

blAbAine, (blobh-ir-6), m., id., 
pi. -mf, a garrulous person. 

blAOAti, (blodh-ur), m., -air, 
empty talk, flattery. 

btAOm, (blll-um), m., -a, a 
blaze, a big flame. 

blAfrttAn, (blli-mun), m., -Am, 
bragging, boasting. 

blAtncdAO, (blo-'in-kaedh), f., 
-6it)e, pi. -eroi, a blanket. 

blAis, (bloMsh), v., taste ; 
v. n. -e&x> ; blAistm, I taste. 

blAic, (bllaw), a., -e, beauti- 
ful, polished. 

blAoft, (bllae), m., -aoit>, a 
shout, see sIao-6. 

blAS, (bios), m., -Ais, taste, 
flavour, relish, the accent 
or quality of speech. 

blASCA, (bllos - tha), a., 
savoury, tasty, excellent, 
fluent, is oIasca ap cawti- 
ceome, he is a fluent speaker. 

btAfc-, (bllaw), prefix in 
comps., flowery, sweet. 

blAi, (bllaw), f., bUice, pi. 
-a, a flower, a blossom, 
bloom, blAC tia h-oige, the 
bloom of youth. 

blAtAc, (bllaw-huc), I., -Af, 

bleACCAine, (blacth-ir-e), m., 
id., pi. -iri, one who milks 
cows ; a wheedler, a deceiver, 
a detective. 

bleAOAn, (bla-dhur), m., -air, 
sour inferior milk. 

bl*Ati, (blae-un), f., -6me, the 


14 boc 

bVevb-wrfoV, (ble-vee-ull), m,, 

id., a whale, also mfol m6n. 
blij, (blig) [bli], v., milk ; 

v. n. bleAJAn ; bleA^Aim, X 

milk, also bli§tm. 
bliADAiti, (blee-en), i,, -t>nA, 

pi. --OTIA and -■OAncA, a year. 

bliAX>A)n bisij, a leap year. 
blob, (bllub), m., -a, a blister, 

a blob. 
blobAine, (bllob-Ir-6), m., 

id., pi. -«<, a stutterer, a 

random talker. 
bloc, (blluk), m., bluic, pi. 

id., a block. 
bios Am, (bllog'-um), m., -Aim, 

pi. id., a mouthful, a sup ; 

also boljAm. 
btonos, (bllun'-ug), i., -oige, 

grease, fat. 
bloscAtne, (bllusg-ir-6), m. 

id., pi. -Rf, a public crier 

a boaster, 
bluine, (blloo-ir-S), m., id. 

pi. -nf, a bit, a morse], dim 

bo, (bo), f., id., pi. bA ; dat 

s. bum, bom ; dat. pi. btiAib, 

a cow. 

bob, (bub), m., buib, pi 
-atitia, a trick, deception, 
buAil me bob air, I deceived 
him, I tricked him. 

boc ! (vuc), inter]., woe, 
alas. ! boc 6 boc ! oh ! 
woe is me, alas ! 

boc, (buk), m., bxnc, pi. id., 

a he-goat, a buck. 
bocAti, (bu-kawn), m., -Am, 

pi. id., a peg, a hook, a 


Digitized by 




bocc, (budth), a., -oicce, poor, 

boctuij, (buc-thig), v., im- 
poverish, make poor ; v. n. 
-c« ; boccufm, I impoverish, 

bot>A6, (bu-dhoc')» m., -A15, 
pi. id., a clown, a churl. 

bot>Atne, (budh-Ir-6), m., id., 
pi. -ri, a clown, an ignorant 

booAine, (bou-Ir-6), f. t id., 
deafness, ca An oo-OAme as 
SauaiIc tiom, I am troubled 
with deafness. 

bo&AR, (bour), a., -Ame, deaf, 
confused, bothered, cA tn6 
box>An A5AC, I'm bothered 
from you. 

boOAnAn, (bour-awn), m., -Ain 
pi. id., a kind of sieve with 
a skin bottom, called a 

bobnAij, (bour-ig) [-ee], v., 
deafen, confuse, v. n. 
boTJRA-o ; bo-oRAtm, I deafen. 

bos, (bug), a., buise, soft, 
tender, damp, mild. 

bos, (bug), v., move, slacken, 
soften, rock ; bos An cliAOAti, 
rock the cradle ; bog leAc, 
move on ; bos x>e'n obAm, 
slacken off from work ; v. n. 
-A-6 ; bo5Aim, I move, etc. 

boj-, (bug), prefix in comps., 
soft, tender. 

bos a, (bou), m., id., a bow, 
bojjA ceACA, a rainbow. 

boj a, (bug-u), a moving, a 
beginning, a softening ; bi 
as bosA, be moving, ca doja 
as An sioc, the frost is 

softening, ca s6 as bos a cun 

peARCAnA, it is beginning to 

rain, ca nA h-6At>Ai ar bosA, 

the clothes are steeping. 
bosAtsce, (bug-aw-ish-te), m., 

id., luggage. 
bos am, (bug-awn), m., -Am, 

pi. id., an egg without a 

bos a sm > (bou-sheen), a halo. 
bosnAd, (bug-rue), f., -a<, a 

marshy place. 
bote, (bO-ik), m., id., pi. -1 

a boast, a fop. 
b6<ceAil, (bo-ik-aw-il), boast- 
ing, '* showing off." 
boidce, (buc-te), f., id., 

b6it>eA6Ati, (bo-dS-cawn), m., 

-Am, pi. id., a bodkin. 
boils, (bu~il-ig),f., the swell 

of the sea ; bellows ; also 

boimbeAl, (bu^im-baell), m., 

-61I, pi. id., a roof tree, the 

bomb-, (biWir-ib), prefix in 

comps., fierce, rough. 
tooisc, (b5-ishk), v., boast ; 

v. n. boisceAil. 11a b6isc as, 

don't boast of it. 
boisc, (bO-ishk), m., id., pi. 

-1, a boast, a vain person. 
botcniti, (bo-hreen), m., id. 

pi. -i, a " boreen," a lane 
boiAcc, (boll-ucth), f., -A, 

rich in cows and their pro- 
toot Aib, (bull-a), m., -ato, pi. 

-Amce, a smell, a scent. 
toots? (bull-Gg), m, , buils, 

boils, pi. id., the belly ; a 

Digitized by 

bot 16 

pouch ; the hold of a ship ; 

a bulge. In plu. bellows, the 

t>ot5AC, (bull-ug-uc), f., -At, 

the small-pox. 
tooLjAtti, (bfill-ug-um), m., 

-Aim, pi. id., a sup, a mouthful. 
b6ttA, (boll-a), m., id., pi. 

•\, a bowl, a float used with 

fishing nets. 
t)oLL6s, (bull-Og), f., 6i5e, pi. 

-<%a, a loaf of bread. 
bollscAtne, (bull-sku~ire), see 

bolmoc, (bull-am-uk), m., a 

mouthful ; see b0l.5a.TTi. 
bolcA, (bull-tha), m. ( id., pi. 

A, a bolt, the bolt of a door. 
b6riA, (bO-na), m., id., pi. -ai, 

a collar, shirt-collar. 
bonn, (boun) [bon], m., bumn, 

pi. id., sole of the foot, sole 

of a boot, base, foundation ; 

a medal, botin 6 m, a gold 

bonnsAC, (boun-suc) [bon-] , 

f., -a!, a javelin, a young 

active girl. 
botincAtsce, (bun-thaw- ish-te), 

{., id., pi. -cf, advantage. 
t>6nAtfiA, (bO-roo), f., boirwie, 

a tribute, a tax ; tmiAn 

t>6mThe, Brian of the tax, 

Brian Boru. 
bonb, (bur-ub), a., bumbe, 

fierce, rough, vigorous ; (of 

foliage), rich, rank. 
b6nt>, (bOrdh), m., -unro, pi. 

id., a table, a board, 
bonn, (bur), v., increase, 

swell, bloom ; v. n. -a-6 ; 

boRRAim, I increase, etc. 


bos, (bos), f., -oise, palm of 

the hand ; see bAS. 
boscA, (buska), m., id., pi. 

-i, a box. 
botAti, (bu-hawn), m., -Am, 

pi. id., a cabin, a hovel, a hut. 
b6tAn, (b5-hur), m., .-Ain, pi. 

b6tcne, a road, a journey. 
bocun, (buth-oon), m., -um, 

pi. id., a bad mistake, a 

bniicA, (braw-ka), m., id., 

pi. -1, a rake, a flax comb ; 

a hut, a little cabin. 
bnA^Ati, (broc-a), pus, cor- 
rupt matter ; fermentation 

in malting. 
bnACAt>6m, (broc-a-dhO-ir), 

m., -6ha, pi. -6ini, a maltster. 
bnACAti, (broc-awn), m., -Ain, 

broth, gruel ; any ferment. 
bnAt>Ad, (bru-dhoc'). a., -&\, 

thievish, roguish. 
bnAt>Att, (bru-dhawn), m., 

-Ain, pi. id., a salmon. 
bnAt>6s, (bro-dhog), f., -6ise, 

a sprat net ; a roguish 

bnA^A, (braw), f., -x>, the 

neck and upper part of the 

bttA^Aine, (brog-ir-e), m., id., 

pi. -n\, a boaster, a bully. 
bnAic, (br-a), f., -aca, malt. 
bnAi£e, (braw-i), m., -5T>e, pi. 

id., a hostage, a prisoner. 
bnAijoeAtiAS, (braw - din - us) , 

m., -ais, imprisonment, cap- 
bnAinnse, (brin-shl), f., id., 

pi. -sf, a branch ; a branch 

of education. 

Digitized by 

bn&tsce, (braw-ish-kS), m., 

id., mustard. 
bniis'eAO, (braw-ish-laedh), 

n~., 6 '>, pi. -ei-oi, a bracelet. 
t>- Ate :bra), f., bneice, judg- 

: en ; see bReAt. 
bnAic, (bra), -v., betray, spy ; 

judge, criticise, imagine ; 

v. n. id., bRAicim, 1 betray, 

bnAietin, (bro~it-leen), f., -e, 

pi. -1, a sheet. 
bnAicneAdAS. (braw~ir-hu6- 

v.a, m., -ais, brotherhood. 
tJnArtiAc, (bru-moc'), m., -A15, 

pi. -a, a colt. 
tJnAtnAtno, (brom-Ir-S), m., 

id., pi. -ri, a blustering 

t>«Ati, (bron), m., -Ain, bran; a 

t)RAriAin, (bron'-ir), a., fallow. 
tJnAr.noA, (broundha) [bron- 

dhal , f . , id . , brandy . 
t)RAnnnA, (broun-ru) [bron-ru], 

m., id., a tripod for a pan or 

pot, a support, a prop. 
bnAobAine, (brae-bu<~ire), m.» 

id., pi. -«f, a reckless youth> 

a dare-devil. 

t>RAon, (brae-fin), m., bRAom, 
pi. -ri, a drop, a little pus ; 
quality of a person's nature ; 
ca -onoc bRAon Ann. He is 

t>RASAine, (bros'-ir-e), m., 
id., p\. --ri, a toady, a liar, 
an impertinent feliow. 

t>nAC, (broth), m., b«.\ir, pi. 
-ac.\. a cloak a covering, a 
banner, a shroud. 

17 bn6 

TonAt, (braw), with 50, fOi 
ever ; 50 bRAt, for ever. 

bnAt, (bro), act of spying, 
estimating, depending, ex- 

btiACAC, (bro-thoc), m., A15, 
pi. -aca, a standard, an 
ensign, a flag. 

t>«ACAt>6m, (broha-dho-ir) , m., 
6ra, pi. -\, a spy, an in- 

bn&tAin, (braw-hir), m., -At ah, 
pi. bHAicRe, a monk, a friar, 
a brother ; a cousin. 

bnoAb, (blrob), f., -eibe, a 

bneAc, (blr-a'~6k), m., bnic, 
pi. id., a trout. 

bn»Ac, (bir-a'~-6k), a., speck- 

bnoACA*, (btr-a'-ku), act oi 
making speckled, A5 bReACAt> 
pAip6m, writing on paper, 
DR6ACA-6 An tAe, dawn of day 

bneAcpASc, (brik-f osth) , break- 

bn© Action, (bra'~&k-lee-un), 
m., -in, pi. -toncA, a drag-net. 

bneAc-golAS, (bra'-^Ok-hull- 
fis), twilight. 

bn»A£, (blr-aw), a., -ac, fine, 
beautiful, splendid. 

b«&A3, (blr-ae'-ug), f., -615c, 
pi. -a, a lie, falsehood. 

brt^ATjAio, (blr-ae-gu), act oi 
deceiving, amusing, A5 
bweA^Af) An lemb, amusing 
the child. 

b*»«JAT;An, (blr-ae-gawn), m., 
-Am pi. id., a toy, a play- 

Digitized by 

bn^Ajtiu, (blr-ae-ug-noo) , con- 
tradicting, refuting. 
bneA^cAcc, (blraw-hucth), f., 

-a, splendour. 
bneAtt, (blroull) [brail], m., 

bn6iU, a blemish, a great 

defect, stupidity, ca bneAU. 

air, he is totally mistaken. 
bneALLsun, (biroull-soon), [-al- 

soon], m., -win, pi. id., a 

clown, a fool. 
bntAti, (blr-aen), a., -eme, 

evil smelling, rotten. 
bneASAt, (blr-a'-sull), m., -Ail, 

raddle for sheep branding. 
bnoAc, (blr-a'), f., bneice, 

tmeAcnuij, (blr-a'-hin-ig) [-ee] 

v., examine, look at, judge ; 

v. n. -nu ; bReAcnu im , I 

examine, etc. 
tmetcneAc, (bfrek'-nac), a., 

-n i, speckled. 
bniiu, (bfrae-id), f., -e, frieze, 

woollen cloth, also bRerofn. 
tmeittice, (bvr-elik-e), m., id., 

pi. -c'\, a dunce, a clown. 
bn6me, (blr-ae-ine), f., id., 

rottenness ; also bn6meAcc. 
bneis, (blr-esh), f., -e, in- 
crease, addition ; also 

damage, loss. 
bnetc, (blr-e'), f., -e, judg- 
ment, sentence, decision. 
bnetc, (blr-e'), act of bearing, 

bringing forth, birth. 
bneteeAth, (blr-e'-huv), m., 

-inn, pi. bReiciuiri, a judge. 
tme6»ce, (blr-eo-te), p. a., 

sick, ailing. 

-cra, a word, word of honour. 

18 brto 

bnTc, (blr-eek), m., id., pi. 

-ci, a brick, a loaf of bread. 
bmcin, (bri-keen), m., id., pi. 

-T, a freckle, a little trout. 
bnfooAc, (bree-d&c), f., a 

maiden, a bride. 
bnij, (blree'), f., buije, 

strength, vigour, power, 

bnTojniAn, (blree-vur), a., 

-Aitie, lively, energetic. 
bniotA, (bri~ ulla), a roll, 

bntotA ime, a roll of butter. 
bntoLLAn, (brill-awn), m., 

-Ain, pi. id., a stupid person, 

also bHe*llAn. 
bnionjjtdi©, (bring-iill-O-id), f., 

-e, pi., -i, a dream. 
bntosc, (bri~usg), a., brittle, 

crisp, active, clever. 
bmoscA, (bri-'us-ka), m., id., 

pi. -ai. a biscuit. 
t>n»oscAnriAc, (brwusk-ur-nuc) , 

f., -ai, broken matter, frag- 
bms, (brish), v., break, defeat; 

v, n. -eA-6 ; bRisim, I break. 
bntsce, (brish-te), p. a., 

broken ; deposed, bankrupt. 
bnfsce, (breesh-te), m., id., 

pi. -ci, breeches, 
bno, (brO), f., btion, a handmill, 
t>noo, (bruv), m., bRuib, pi. 

-bAiinA, a blade of grass, 

blade of rushes, etc. 
bnoc, (briik), m., bRtnc, pi. 

id., a badger, filth. 
bnocAtnAS, (bruk-um-us), m., 

-Ais, filth, dirt, refuse. 
bnot>, (brOdh), m., bworo. 

pride, joy. 

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t>«6s, fbrOg), i., 615c, a shoe, 
a boot ; peine tmos, a pair 
of boots. 

bnoio, (bur-id'), f., bnovoe, 
captivity, bondage. 

t>«6iT>6AC, (bro-dac), a., glad, 

bnotjfn, (bro-ig-een) , m., id., 
pi. -1, dimin. of bn6g. 

bnoirm, (breeng), f., -e, the 

bn6<sce, (bro-ish-tS), m., id., 
pi. -ci, a brooch. 

tJnotnAC, (brum-oc'). m., -A15, 
pi. -a, a colt, see bnAmAC. 

t>n6n, (bron), m., b«6in, 
sorrow, grief, sadness. 

tJnonti, (briin), v., give, be- 
stow, grant ; v. n. -at> ', 
buonriAim, I give, etc. 

tJnonncA, (brfin-tba), p. a., 
granted, given. 

bnonncAMAS, (brfin-thun-us), 
m., -ais, a gift. 

tJRoscAti, (brus-kawn), m., 
-Ain, bits, " smithereens." 

tJnosriA, (brus-na), m., id., pi. 
-f, a bundle of fagots, a 
bundle of furze or wood. 
t>nosn& Aicinn, a bundle of 

bftoscun;, (brus-tbig) [-thee], 
v.. hasten, stimulate, in- 
cite ; v. n. -cu ; bRoscvifm, 
I hasten, etc. 

ttaoi, (bru), m., -a., a skin 

bitoCAine, (bru-hir-S), m., id., 
pi. -hi, a butcher. 

buoiAtt, (bru-hull), m., -aiU, 
heat, warmth. 

19 t>UA 

bnd, (broo), f., bnuinne, th« 

womb, the bosom. 
bnuAC, (broo-uc), m., -aic, a 

brink, a bank, border, top ; 

bmiAC at) cnuic, top of the 

bnucc, (broocth), f., -ucca, a 

belch, froth. 
bniicc, (broocth), v., belch ; 

v.n. -a-6; buticcAim, I belch. 
tJmij, (broo), m., bnuij, pi. -a, 

a fort, a palace. 
t>Ruit>, (biirid'), f., -e, pressure 

of work. 
t>nuiT>, (broo- Id), f., -e, a 

brute, a beast. 
bnuij, (broo-ig) [-ee], v., 

bruise, pound, crush ; v. n. 

-u^a ; bwuijim, I crush. 
t>nuij«An, (buree'-iln), {,, 

-t,r\e, pi. -a, a quarrel, a 

fight, act of quarrelling. 
tJnutjce, (broolt-e), p. a., 

crushed, oppressed. 
bnutjciri, (broo-teen), m., id., 

potatoes and butter in pulp. 
tJnuinn«Att, (bring-ull), f., 

-ille, a fair maiden, a young 

bnuince, (brin-te), p. a., 

smelted, refined. 
bmn£c», (bruit'-fc), p. a., 

cooked, boiled. 
tJnuiccineAd, (bri-teen'-uc), 

m., id., the measles. 
t>nus, (brus), m., -vns, frag- 
ments ; also bw«8CA«. 
bnuscAn, (brus-kawn), m., 

-Ain, trash, rubbish, 
thi&c, (boo-uk), m., -aic, th« 

summit, the top, roo|. 

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bttAOAd, (boo-flk-ad), a-, -Af, 

proud, gay, generous. 
buA^Atll, (booe'-cuil), m., 

•aIU, pi. -(, a boy, a servant 

touACALAti, (boo-u-cull-awn), 

m., -Am, pi. id., rag-weed, 

btiAtb, (boo—0), rn., -a\x>, vic- 
tory, success, virtue ; ca 

buA-6 dige, he has a quality 

(virtue) which brings success. 
t>uADA<icA, (boo-ur-hu), a., 

t>uAic, boo-ek), f., -e, the 

top ; candle wick, also 

tJuAiti, (boo-e') [-ee], f., -e, 

victory, success. 
t>uAtt>rt»At), (boo-er-e), m., 

-edRCA, trouble, annoyance. 
buAtt, (boo-el), v., strike, 

thresh (as corn), walk ; v. n. 

-aIao ; buAiltm, I strike, etc. 
buAtle, (boo-el-6), f., id., pi. 

-Ice, a paddock, an en- 
t>uA«le«, (boo-el-te), p. a., 

struck, beaten, threshed. 
t>u Alice An, (boo-elt-awn), m., 

-Am, a flail, the striking 

stick of a flail. 
b«Atn > (boo—en), v., reap, mow, 

cut down ; v. n. -c ; 

buAinim, I reap, etc. 
buAtn-, (boo^en), as prefix in 

compounds, lasting, certain. 
buAine, (boo^en-e), f., id., 

durability, continuance. 
buAince, (boo'-en-te), p. a., 

reaped- mown. 

20 btii 

buAtnceotn, (booent-oir) , ra., 

-ora, pi. -oiri, a reaper, a 

buAine, (boo-ert), f., -arca, 

grief, trouble. 
buAUti, (boo-ul-a), m., -Ailte, 

striking, threshing, fighting. 
buAti, (boo-un), a., -Aine, 

lasting, durable, persevering. 
ton An-, (boo-un), prefix in 

compounds, lasting. 
buAnAis, (boo-un-ig) [-ee], v., 

continue, make strong; v. n. 

-nu ; buAnuim, I continue, 

buAHAc, (boo-ur-uc), f., -a!, a 

fetter for cows whilst milk- 
buACAis, (boo^e'-thish), f., -e, 

pi. -i, a boot. 
bucLA, (boo-klfi), m., id., pi. 

-Ai, a buckle. 
but>, (bu), v., conditional of 


buioe, (biiee), a., yellow, 

tanned (of complexion), 

t>uibec«J, (buae-uc) [bu ~ee-uc] , 

a., thankful, obliged. 
buioeACAn, (buee-a-cawn), m., 

-Am, the yolk of an egg. 
buio#At, (bu-dae'-ull), m., 

-eil, pi. id., a bottle. 
buioaAn, (bu^ee'-un), f., --one, 

pi. id., a crowd, multitude, 

a company. 
t3wts©, (bu~i-g£), f., id., soft- 
buitciti, (bu-~il-keen), m., id., 

pi. -i, a small quantity, 

small bulk. 

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buito, (bo~i-l«), f., id., anger, 

rage, madness. 
bu»t,5, (bii~i-lig), bellows, pi. 

of bolj. 
buittn, (bu~i-leen), m., id., pi. 

-i, a loaf of bread, bread. 
buitle, (bu-i-le), m., id., pi. 

-li, a stroke, a blow, a guess, 

a beat in music, 
buime, (bu~im-6), f., id., pi. 

mi, a nurse. 
t>uimp6is, (bu~im-paesh), f., 

-e, pi. -i, a vamp, sole of a 

shoe, an old shoe. 
buintie, (bu~ing-e), m., id., 

pi. -ni, a wave, a swell; 

vehemence, anger. 
buinneAC, (bu~ing-oc), f., -n^, 

diarrhoea, purge. 
bumbe, (bu~ir'-ib-e), f., id., 

wrath, fierceness, harshness. 
buinc, (booir), f., -ce, a 

bellow, a roar, 
bumce&c, (booir-huc), f., -tf, 

act of bellowing, roaring. 
buisc6in, (boo-ish-tae-ir), m., 

-eARA, pi. -6mi, a butcher. 
buictdin, (bu~it-lae-ir), m., 

-eiRA, pi. -i, a butler. 
bullA, (bulla), m., id., a 

bowl ; a bull, an edict. 

bullAb/itstn, (bulla - baw' • 
sheen), m., id., mental con- 

buttAti, (bull-awn), m. t -Am, 
pi. id., a bullock. 

bun, (bun), m., bum, founda- 
tion, root, base, origin, 
bun-6s-cionn, upside down. 

butiA6, (bun-oc'), m., -aij, 
tow, coarse flax. 

butiA©, (bun-a) [-u], m., -avo, 
origin, foundation. 

bunoun, (bun-dhoon), m., 
-uin, a silly person, a blun- 
derer ; the seat. 

bun6c, (bun-ok), f., -6ice, pi 
-6ca, a baby, an infant. 

buncAisce, (bun-thaw '-ish-t§), 
f., id., pi. -ci, advantage, 

bunu, (bun-oo'), m., -uite, 
fixing, dwelling, founding. 

bunus, (bun-oos'), m., -uis, 
foundation, origin, meaning. 

bun, (boor), m., -urn, pi. id., 
a boor, a clown. 

bun, (oor), poss. adj. pi., your. 

bucun, (bu-thoon), m., -uin, 
pi. id., an awkward deed, 
an unfortunate deed. 

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©A, (kaw), interr. particle, 

where, whence, how. 
6a, (h5,), neg. particle, same 

as ni, not. 
CAb, (kob), m., cAib, pi. id., 

a mouth, a bridle bit, a gap. 
Ca6aiL, (kou-il), f., -e, the 

body, the trunk, the body 

part of a garment, the bare 

walls of a house. 
CA&Ain, (kou-ir), f., -dra, 

-ohac, and -darca, assistance, 

help, support. 
CAbAtne, (kob~uire), m., id., 

pi. -ni, a prater, a babbler. 
CAbAisce, (ku-bawsh-te), m., 

id., cabbage. 
Ca6aL, (koull), m., -Ait, pi. 

id., a cauldron, a large pan. 
CAbAti, (kaw-bawn), m., -i.m, 

pi. id., a tent, a booth. 
Ca6auca6, (kour-huc), a., -ai» 

helpful, aiding. 
Ca6as, (kous), m., -ais, step- 
ping stones across a river. 
CAbJAtt, (kob-u^eel), f., -e, 

CAbtA, (kawb-la), m., id., pi. 

-i, a cable, a rope, a chain. 
Ca6Lac, (kou-lluc), m., -A15, 

a fleet of ships, a navy. 
CAbUiije, (koull-u-^ee), m., 

the riggings of a ship. 
CAb6s, (kaw-bog), f., -oise, an 

old hat, a rustic, a clownish 

Ca66s, (ko-vog), f.. -6ise, a 

jackdaw, a jay. 

CAbnui£, (kou-ru~ig) [-ee], v., 

help, assist ; v. n. -ru ; 

CAbTiuitT), I help, etc. 
Ca6sa, (kou'-sa), m., id., pi. 

-1, a causeway, a pavement 
Cac, (kok), m., -a, pi. -ATI A 

excrement, filth. 
Cac, (kawc), indef. pm., al 

in general, everyone. 
Caca, (kaw'-ka), m., id., pi. 

-1, a cake. 
Cad, (kodh), interr. particle, 

what, whence, why. 
CAbAtn, (kl-In), f., -e, a 

measure, a mug. 
CAOAttiAti, (kodh-ii-mawn) , m. p 

-Ain, pi. id., a mean, low 

Cat>as, (kaw-dhaws), m., -ais, 

CA065, (ku-dhog), f., -6tse, a 

CADRAti, (kodhr-awn), m., -Ain, 

pi. id., contention, wrangling. 
CAfAtne, (kof-ire), m., id., 

pi. -ni, a glib talker, a 

Cas, (kawg), m., -A15, pi. -a, 

a jackdaw. 
CAtbtn, (kaw- lb- e en), m., id., 

pi. -i, an old hat, » 

" caubeen." 
CAtbioiot, (ko~Ib-I-dhull), m., 

-■oil, a chapter. 
CAtt>, (kaw-ig) [-ee], a., -e, 

pure, chaste. 
CAtoe, (ku-dae), interr. part,, 

what ? for cai> 6. 

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Cait>6aL, (ku-dhae-ull), m., 
-eil, pi. id., a water pump. 

Caidois, (kii-daesh), f., -e, 
an asking, accosting, see 
scr6 ; cvmr se CAmeis otvm, 
he made inquiry of me. 

CAit>p, (kip), f., -e, pi. -eAnA, 
a woman's cap. 

CAitmeAC, (ko-dir-uc), a., -«f, 

CAitmeAiL, (ko-dhlr-aw-il), f., 
-aIa, prattling, talking glibly. 

CAitmeAm, (ko-dhir-uv) , m., 
-ritti, company, fellowship, 

CAitiseAn, (kl-shae-ur), m., 
-em, pi. -emi, a drain, a 

CAtpmTn, (ko-fir-een), m., id., 
pi. -i, a kerchief worn on 
the head, a cap, a hood. 

CaiL, (kaw-il), f., -e, reputa- 
tion, fame, character. 

CaiLc, (ko~ilk), f., -e, chalk. 

CAitcij, (ko~il-kig) [-ee], v., 
chalk ; v. n. -ceA"6 ; CAitcim, 
I chalk. 

CAite, (ko-'ile), f., id., pi. -U, 
an inhospitable woman, a 
disagreeable old woman. 

CA1L5, (ko~Il-ig), f., -e, pi. id., 
a sting. 

CAiLicin, (ko^il-ik-een), m., 
id., disease of the eyes, defec- 
tive vision. 

CaiLui, (ko-^il-een), m., id., pi. 
-1, a girl, a maiden. 

CaiLis, (koMl-eesh), f., -e, a 

CaiLL, (ko-'il), v., lose, with 
ar, fail; v.n. -ithnc; CAiltim, 
I lose, etc. 

CAiLLeA6, (ku~il-ac), f., -If, old woman, a hag. 
CAiLLeAtt, (ko~Il-ug) [-00], 

auton. v., was lost, died, 

CAilleATi) at> c-AiRgeA-o, the 

money was lost. CAiUeA-6 6, 

he died. 
CaiLLicim, (ko~Il-i-heen), m., 

id., pi. -1, a little old woman, 

a little hag. 
CAiLLce, (ko~il-te), p. a., lost, 

very bad, destroyed, dead. 
CAiLmeAn, (kaw-il-vur), a., of 

good name or reputation. 
CAim, (kaw-im), f., -e, fault, 

CAime, (ko~Ime), f., id., 

crookedness, trickery. 
Caim, (kaw-in), v., disparage, 

dispraise, abuse; v. n., -eAT> ; 

CAiniTu, I disparage. 
Caim, (kaw-in), f., -aiia, a tax, 

a tribute, a fine, a toll. 
Caimim, (kaw-in-een), m., id., 

pi. -1, a speck, an atom, a 

particle of matter, also 

ca ncin. 
CAitinc, (kint), f., -e, speech, 

talk, conversation. 
CAinnceoin, (kin-to-ir), m., 

-6ra, pi. -6mi, a speaker, an 

orator, a talker. 
CAipeis, (kaw-pae-ish), f., -e, 

pi. -1, a document. 
CAipin, (ko-peen), m., id., 

pi. -1, a cap. 
CAinoa, (kaw-ir-dg), m., pi. 

of cara, a friend. 
CAitvoe, (kaw-ir-de), f., id., 

credit, respite ; ceAnnuig me 

CRiossAn ar cAiR-oe, I bought 

furniture on credit. 

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CAtmxotiAt, (kaw-ir-di-null), 

m., -Ail, a Cardinal. 
CAtnoAt, (ku-^ir-aell), m., -eil, 

pi. id., a quarry, also 

CAtnetn, (ku-rae~ir), m., -e, 

pi. -ice, a carman, a carrier. 
CAintiin, (ko»ir-ewn), m., -uin, 

a gelding ; a work-horse, a 

CAmnpn, (ko~Ir-ig-een), f., -e, 

a little rock, sea-moss. 
CAtnc, (ko*-Irt), f., -c, pi. 

-eACA, a cart. 
Cais, (kaw-ish), f., id., cheese ; 

also cAise. 
CAtsc, (kaw-ishk), f., Casca, 

CAts», (kcwishe), f., id., pi. 

-si, a stream, a current, a 

flood ; passion, quickness. 
^AtseAt, (kosh-ull), m., -sil, 

pi. id., a castle, a bulwark, 

a fort. 
CA»seARbAr»,/kosh-er-awn), m., 

-Ain, dandelion. 
CAtsteAti, (kiwish-lawn), m., 

-eAin, pi. id., a castle, a 

CAismmc, (ko^Ish-mirt), f., -e, 

pi. -f, conflict, commotion, 

CAtscin, (ko-vish-teen), m., id., 

pi. -t, a cunning fellow, a 

vicious person. 
CAtc, (ko), v., throw, cast, 

spend, eat ; wear ; v. n. 

-eArh ; CAicim, I throw, etc. 
CA«£, (kaw), v., winnow; v. n. 

cAcat); CAicim, 1 winnow. 
CAiieArii, (ko'-huv), m., -iim, 

spending, desire, compul- 

sion, credit ; ca CAiceArii tia 

•oiaco A5Am, 1 desire it ; ca 

CAiceATh An AIR51T) onm, It is 

I who must spend the money 

(pay the bills). 

Catctn, (ko-hin), adv., when. 

Caicis, (ko-hish), f., -e, a 

term of endearment, dear. 
Caiciscac, (ko-hish-uc), a., 

-si, splendid, lovely. 
Caicne, (ko-hine), f., id., the 

CAicniti, (kaw~in-heen), m., 

id., pi. -1, a small particle of 

matter, a husk, an atom, a 

CAt£n6tm, (ko-raem), i., -e, 

triumph, victory, fame. 
CAtcce, (ko-te), p. a., spent, 

worn, eaten, consumed. 
CAicce, (kaw-te), p. a., 

CaLatJ, (kola), m., -Aro, a port, 

haven, ferry, a narrow inlet 

of sea. 
CAiAt>-po«r, (kola-furth), m., 

-pumc, a port, harbour. 
CaLaois, (ko-leesh), f., -e, 

trickery, cheating, fraud. 

CAicAib, (koll-ku), m., -cca, 
corrupting ; caulking. 

CaII, (kawll), claim, right 
to, or connection with. ni'l 
AOti caII AgAm cuige, I have 
nothing to do with it, no 
connection with it. 

CAiiAtne, (koll-ire), m., id., 
pi. -tm, a crier, a shouter, a 

CAttoio, (koll-5-id), I., -&< 
wailing, wrangling. 

Digitized by 

CAt, 25 


CAticAn, (koull-thur) [koll-], 

m., -Am, pi. id., a coulter. 
CaIiha, (kol-u-mu), a., brave, 

Catm, (koum) [kom], v., bend, 

make crooked, distort ; v. n. 

-<y6 ; CAtnAnn, I bend, etc. 
CAtn, (koum) [kom], a., -Aime, 

bent, crooked, deceitful ; 

as subs, deceit, also a hollow; 

gen. CAim. 
Cawi-, (koum) [kom], prefix in 

comps., crooked, deceitful. 
Cawam, (ku-mawn), m., -aui, 

a hurley. 
CAmAtiAit)eAcc, (ku-mawn-ee- 

6cth), f., -a, hurling, game of 

hurling; also tornAtiATOeACc. 
CawascuiV, (kom -us-theel), 

m., id., crookedness, decep- 
CAtn65, (kam-6g), f., 615c, pi. 

-65A, hurley used by ladies. 
CAmd^AitteAcc, (kom - o - 

gu—eecth), f., -a, a ladies' 

hurling game. 
CAtnpA, (koum-pa) [kom-], m., 

id., pi. -ai, a camp. 
CAmnAic, (kawm-ruovik),!., -•, 

CAmnottij;, (koum - riWilig) 

[kom-], f., -e, a club-foot, 

loot deformed from birth. 
CAtncA, (koum-ha) [kom-], p. 

a., bent, crooked. 
6An, (han), neg. particle=nl, 

Caji, (kon), v., sing., chant, 

recite ; v. n. -a-6 ; CAnAim, 

I sing, etc. 
Ca«a6, (kun-oc'). m., -aiJ, 

cotton, lint. 

Camao, (kdnud), where, = ci 
Vi-iotiat), what place. 

CAtiApAs, (kona-faws), m., -ais, 
canvas ; also crtApAs and 

CAtiAit, (kun-aw-il), f., -aIa, 
pi. -ce, a canal. 

C An Atfi Aiti , (kon-oo-in), f., 
-ttida, dialect, accent, pro- 
nunciation, also CAnArhAUir:. 

CAtitiA, (kona), m., id., pi. 
-1, a can, cadda utsce, a can 
of water. 

CAtitiCAn, (koun-kur) [kon-]! 
m., -air, anger ; a cancer. 

CAtiticnAC, (koun-kruc) [kon-], 
a., -a<, angry, vexed, ill- 

CAnntAti, (koun-llawn) [kon-], 
m., id., a youngfamily. 

CAtinnAti, (kou-rawn) [kon-], 
m., -Am, grumbling, wrang- 
ling, murmuring. 

CAtinsnAit>, (koun - sraw - id) 
[kon-], f., -e, a dispute. 

CAtincA, (kontha), m., Id., 1 
piece, a junk, cAnncA araui, 
a junk of bread. 

CAtinctA6, (koun-thluc) [kon-]. 
a., -a^, sad, morose. 

CAti6s, (kawn-Og), f., 6150, a 
sea-bird, puffin. 

CAtioin, (kon-O-in), f., -6nA, 
a canon, a rule, a Canon. 

CAticA, (kontha), a., pretty, 

CAticAin, (kon-thuin), f., -aiia, 
singing, humming. 

CAob, (ku—ae-ub), m., -a, a 
lump, a hulk, any large mass 
out of place ; a lubberly 
person ; also caodac. 

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CA06, (ku~ae-uc) , a., blind. 
Caoc, (ku~ae-uc), v., blird, 

deceive ; v. n. -a-6 ; caoca m, 

J blind, etc. 
Caocau, (ku~ae-uc-awn), m., 

-Ain, pi. id., a blind person 

or beast ; a dormouse ; 

" singlings " in distilling. 
Caocos, (ku^ae-uc-og), f., oige, 

pi. -65A, a nut without a 

kernel ; blindman's buff ; 

an awkward, clumsy person. 
CAoc-snotiAC, (ku~ae-hron-uc), 

a., -ai, obstructed nostrils ; 

speaking indistinctly through 

the nose. 
CA05AO, (ku^-ae - gudh), m., 

CA05A101, (ku-ae-ghu^-idi), the 

five decades of the Rosary, 

also ca-ojoici. 
Caoi, (ku^-ee), f., id., means, 

method, condition, oppor- 

Caoi, (ku^-ee), f., id., act of 

weeping, lamenting. 
CaoiL, (ku^eel), f., -e, the 

waist, loins. 
CAotte, (ku~eel-a), f., id., 

leanness, slenderness. 

Caoiii, (ku~een),a.,-e, gentle, 
mild, pleasing. 

CAoin, (ku~een), v., weep, 
lament ; v. n. -eAt> ; caoithiti, 
I weep, etc. 

CAotnteAc, (ku~een-lac), m., 
-I15, pi. -li, a stubble. 

CAoiticeAcAn, (ku ~ een - tS - 
cawn), m., -Am, lamenting, 
mourning ; a lament, a 

26 CAp 

CAotceAtfiAtt, (kiwee-hoo-il), 

a., -itiIa, suitable, opportune, 

CaoI, (kiwae-ull), m., -aoiI.! 

pi. -aoItza, the narrow part, 

small part of anything, caoI 

ati ■okottia, the waist, caoI 

An csiuniAin, the narrow part 

of the stream, a strait. 
CaoI, (ku^ae-ull), a., -oite, 

slender, slight, narrow, 

CaoI-, (kiwae-ull), prefix in 

comps., slender, narrow. 
CaoIai£, (ku~ae-ull-ig) [-ee], 

v., make or grow small or 

slender ; v. n. -lu ; CAOtuim, 

I make slender, etc. 
CAOtfi, (ku^ae-uv), a., -oirhe, 

mild, gentle, meek. 
Caomac, (ku~ae- nuc), m., 

-A15, moss. 
CAotit>ucnAcc, (kiwaen-dhoo- 

hructh), f., -a, devotion, 

CAon, (ku^ae-ur), f.,-A,pl. id., 

the rowan berry, a berry. 
CAon, (ku~ae-ur), f., -ome, a 

flash of fire or light, a spark, 

a firebrand, thunderbolt. 
Caoha, (ku—ae-ru), f., -c, pi. 

-01R15, a sheep. 
CAont>eAns, (ku~aer - yarug), 

a., bright red, berry-red. 
CAoncAnn, (ku~aer-hun), m., 

pi. id., the rowan, the 

mountain ash. 
CaocuiI, (ku^ae-hoo-il) , a., 

-uIa, convenient, opportune. 
CApAtt, (kopull), m., -+\Wt 

pi. id., a horse. 

Digitized by 

C*p6s, (k6p6g), f., -o^e, pi. 

-a, the dock weed. 
CApcAoin, (kop-thae-in), m., 

id., pi. -f, a captain. 
Car, (har), neg. particle, used 

with perfect tense=tiion. 
Car, (kawr), interr. particle 

before perf., where. 
Cara, (kora), m., --o, pi. 

cAm-oe, a friend, a relative ; 

a term of endearment. 
Caraoac, (kora-voth), m., -Ate, 

pi. id., a necktie, a cravat. 
Carax>a6, (kora-dhuc), a., 

friendly, neighbourly. 
Cadaoas, (kora-dhus), m., 

-ais, friendship. 
CAnAOtitt, (kora-dhoo-il), a., 

friendly, having friends. 
Cardao, (kora-budh), m., -avo, 

pi. id., a coach, a chariot. 
CaroaII, (kora-bhull), m., 

-aiII, pi. id., the palate. 
CaroaII, (kor-ooll), m., -aiU, 

pi. id., a carol ; a discourse, 

a newspaper article. 
CAitCAR, (kor-kur), m., -aix, 

a prison, also cahcair. 
Cai»a, (kawr-dha), m., id., 

pi. -i, a card, a wool card. 
CA1TOA15, (cawr-dhu^ig) [-ee], 

v., card, tease ; v. n. --oAit ; 

cAwoAlAim, I card, etc. 
Car£aos, (kor-ee-us), m., -aois, 

CAnti, (korn), m., -Ainn, pi. 

id., a heap, pile of stones. 
CAntiAt), (kawr-na), heaping, 

a cairn, gathering up. 
C Ann Ati , (kawr-nawn ) , m . , 

-Am, pi. id., a heap, a 


27 CAS 

Carr, (kawr), m., a car. 
Carrai^, (kor-ig), f., -e, pi. 

-eACA, a rock, a big stone. 
Carr At see, (kiir-aw-ish-t6), m., 

id., pi. -ci, a carriage. 
CARRAti, (kiir-awn), m., -Am, 

pi. id., a reaping hook ; the 

jaw bone. 
Carc, (kavvrth), m., -airc, pi. 

id., a quart. 
Carc a, (kawr-tha), m., id., 

pi. -i, a card. 
Carcaij, (korth-ig) [-ee], v., 

cart, cleanse ; v. n. -cax> ; 

CARCAim, I cart, etc. 
Carc Ati, (kur-thawn), m., -Am, 

pi. id., an insect that clings 

to the flesh ; also sceAHCAn. 
CARCAtitiAC, (kor'-hun-uc), a., 

-ai, friendly, charitable. 
Cas, (kos), v., twist, curl, 

return; v. n. casa-6; casaiiti, 

I twist, etc. 
Cas, (kos), m., -a, pi. -aiuia, 

a twist, a fold, a pleat. 
Cas, (kaws), m., -ais, pi. id., 

cause, concern, difficulty. 
Casaccac, (kus-oc'-thuc), m., 

-A15, a cough, coughing. 
Casar, (kos-awn), m., -Am, 

pi. id., a pathway. 
Casaoio, (kos-eed), f., -o, 

complaint, complaining. 
CAscAtRc, (kos-ku~irt) , f., 

-A«CA, slaughter, massacre. 
CAS05, (kus-6g), I., -6>5e, pi. 

65A, a coat. 
Casca, (kos-thu), p. a., 

twisted, entangled, intricate. 
Casur, (kos-oor), m., -um, pi 

id., a hammer. 

Digitized by 




Oab, (koth), m., -aic, pi. id., 

a cat. 
Ca*, (ko), m., -a, pi. id., a 

battle, war. 
Oa£aui, (ko'-hin), adv., when. 
Oa*aih, (ko'-hir), f., -crac, 

pi. -craca, a city, a fort. 
Cacais, (ko'-hish), f., -e, a 

term of endearment, prize. 
CACAiseAd, (ko'-hish-uc), a., 

-si, splendid, excellent, 

lovely, also caicis»o.c. 
^a£aoir, (ko-heer), f., -eAC, 

pi. 6aca, a chair. 
CA&AoinleA6, (ko-heer-luc), 

m., -lis, pi. id., a chairman. 
CAttiARn, (ko-vawr), m., -airr, 

pi. id., a helmet. 
Ca£6uat>ac, (ko-voo-uc), a., 

-a<, victorious in battle. 
Cac£aih», (ko-fu~ir-e),m., id., 

pi. -r{, a prattling fellow, 

also ceA^Aine. 
CACOitic«A6, (koth-u-lik-uc), 

m-» -C15, a Catholic ; also a., 

aS ATI C1teiT>eATT! C. 

Ca£u, (ko-hoo), m., -uice, 

sorrow, grief, temptation. 
C*, (kae), conj., although. 
C$, (kae), cia, interr. part., 

who, which. 
C6, (kae), m., id., a quay ; 

also ceib. 
CeACC, (kl—octh) [kacth], m., 

-a, pi. -Ann a, a lesson. 
C6acc, (kae^ucth), m., -a, pi. 

-&\, a plough, also c6acca. 
CeACCAn, (kac-thur), pr., 

either, each, with neg. 

C6At>, (kadh), m., -a, pi. id., 

leave, permission, licence. 

C6at>, (kaedh), a., cero, first ; 
as prefix in comps., first, best. 

c6at>, (kaedh), pi. -ca, one 
hundred, one cwt., a " long " 
hundred (120) ; ceA-o ub, ten 
dozen eggs. 

CeAT>Ai^, (kadh-ig) [-ee], v., 
permit, allow ; v. n. ceA-ou ; 
ceAX)Aim, I permit. 

CeAtiAite, (kadh-I-hi), p. a., 
permitted, lawful. 

CeAtiAotti, (kaedh-een), f., -e, 

CeAt>tiA, (kaena), a., the same. 

CeAfAine, (ki-off-irej, m., id. 
pi. -r$; a trickster, a prattler, 
see CAtpAme. 

CeAl, (kail), m., -a, oblivion, 
neglect ; ca se ar c, it is 
put away, forgotten. 

CftAlACAti, (kae-al-ukon), m., 
-Am, without breakfast, fast- 
ing, An ceAtACAti, fasting 
from midnight. 

CeAl-3, (kall-ug), f., -eilse, 
pi. -t5A, deceit, hypocrisy ; 
a sting. 

CeAtjAij, (kallug-ig) [-ee],v., 
deceive, sting, v. n. -tgu, 
ceAt5Aim, I deceive, etc. 

CeAllponc, (kl^oull - furth) 
[kail-], m., -puiRC, a cathe- 
dral church. 

CeAllcAn, (k 1 o u 1 1 - thur) 

[kail-], f., -CRAC, pi. -CRACA, 3. 

mask, a visor, visage, also 


CeAtiA, (hana), adv., already, 

before, nevertheless. 
CeAtiA&Ati, (kana-vawn), m., 

-Ain, pi. id., bog- cotton 

plant, self-heal. 

Digitized by 




CeAtiAtcA, (kin-awl-thu), a., 
mild, gentle, amiable. 

Coamas, (kan-us), m., -ais, 
affection, love. 

C»A«rAtt, (ka^ung-il), v., 
bind, fasten ; v. n. -a! ; 
ceAnjjAilim, I bind, etc. 

CftAti^ Alice, (ka~iing-ilte), p. 
a., bound, tied. 

C«Atin, (k?~oun) [kan], m., 
cititi, pi. id., a head; a leader; 
one ; an end ; Aon ceAnn 
ATTiAin, one only ; ceAtin a' 
n^e, the end of the house ; 
cmn a nje, the ends of the 
house ; nut. cvm cmn, to go 

COAnnAc, (kan-oe'), m., -A15, 
purchase, act of buying. 

CeAnn ac a, (kan-oca), the 

CoAtitiATDAinc, (kI~oun - Irt) 
[kan-], f., -e, a pillow, a 

CeAMtiAij, (kan-ig), [-ee], v., 
buy, purchase, v. n. -ac ; 
ceAtinu im , I buy. 

CeAnnAinc, (kaii-a-irk), f., -e, 
dispute, contention. 

CeAtitiAS, (kan-us), m., -ais, 
authority, headship, i 

5ceAtinus An cRumnice, in 
charge of the gathering. 

CeAtititDAtiA, (kl-'Oun-dhawna) 
[kan-], a., obstinate, head- 

CeAtinpA, (kI~oun-fae) [kan-], 

m., humiliation. 
CoAtititAiT>in, (ki-^oun - llaw- 

dhir) [kan-], a., stubborn, 


1 CoAMtipowe, (kI~oun-furth) 

[kan-], m., -pumc, pi. id., 

chief man, founder, a ruler ; 

chief port. 
CeAtitiRAd,(kI-'Oun-ruc) [kan-], 

m., -aij;, pi. -aca, a halter, 

a headstall. 
CeAtitiSA, (kl-'Oun-su) [kan-], 

a., gentle, meek ; as subs., 

CeAtincAn, (kl-^oun - thur) 

[kan-], m., id., a can- 

tred, district. 
CeAtincfne, (kI~oun-teer 6) 

[kan-J, m., a cape, headland. 
CeAMtiMij, (kan-ig), [-ee], v., 

purchase, see ceAnriAis. 
CeAtinuice, (kan-i-hi), p. a., 

purchased, bought. 
CeAtin unnAiio, (kI~oun ura) 

[kan-], m., id., a captain, a 

CeAtic, (kant), m., -Ainc, an 

CeArsuit, (kan-oo-il), a., -vitA, 

affectionate, loving, amiable. 
CeAp, (kl — op), v., think, in- 
vent, compose ; v .n . -at> ; ceAp- 

Aim, I think, etc. 
C©Ap, (kI~op), m., cip, pi. id., 

a shoemaker's last, a block, 

the stock of a wheel ; a plot 

of land. 
CeApAire, (ki~op-i-hi) , p. a., 

designed, planned, resolved, 

CeAp6nt>, (ki~op-6rdh) , m., 

-uiwo, pi. id., a sledge 

CeAnb, (kar-ub), f. f -eiwbe, 

pi. -aca, a rag, a scab ; 

also seAHb. 

Digitized by 




CeAtte, (ka-firk), f., cmce, pi. 

-a, a hen ; ceAKC jmiaoic, a 

grouse ; c. uisce, a water- 
CiAtro, (kaerdh), f., cein-oe, 

pi. id., a trade, a craft, a 

calling ; also ceAivo. 
CeAnt>cA, (kaar-tha), f., id., 

and -can, pi. -cai, a forge. 
CeAnout, (kaar-dhee), m., id., 

pi. uice, a tradesman, a 

CeAnno5, (kar-n5g), f., -6156, 

65A, a square. 
CeAnnbAc, (kar-ooc), m., -aij, 

pi. id., a gambler. 
CeAnc, (karth), m., cue, right, 

correct ; justice. 
CeA«c, (karth), a., cmce, just, 

righteous, proper. 
C»Ancu»5, (kar-thig) [-ee], v., 

correct, adjust, rectify ; v. n. 

-cti,' ceAncuim, I correct, etc. 
C«as, (kae~us), v., torment, 

crucify ; v. n. -at> ; ceASAtm, 

I torment, etc. 
CeASAt), (kae-sa), m., -sua, 

torment ; crucifixion, worry. 
c6asca, (kaes-tha), p. a., 

tormented, worried, crucified. 
Cgacac, (ka-huc), a., -Af, 

CoACAin,(ka-hir), num. a., four. 
C«AC«An, (ka-har-ur), m., -avr, 

four persons. 
CeACttti, (kaa-hroo), f., -n, pi. 

-ha, a quarter, the thigh, a 

leg (of beef, etc.) ; as 

num. adj., fourth. 
Cett>, (kae-iv), a quay, see c6. 
Ceto-, (kaed), prefixed in 

comps., first. 

Ceit, (kel), v., hide, conceal ; 
v. n. -c ; cettim ; I conceal. 

Ceile, (kae-16), m. and t., 
id., a spouse. Ceile T)e, 
spouse of God, Culdee. A 
ceile, each other, one 
another ; «iaw a ceile, alike ; 
ri*6 n-& c6ile, confused, dis- 

CetLeAbAn, (kel-oor), m., -Am, 
pi. id., the melody of birds ; 

CetLeA6nA&, (kel-oo-rS.), m., 
-bA«cA, -Aif>, the warbling of 
birds ; festivity ; farewell. 

Cetlttte, (kae-lee), m., id., 
an evening gathering, an 
evening visit. 

Ceile, (kelt), f. -e, conceal- 
ment, hiding, denying. 

Cetm, (kaem), m., -e, pi. 
-eAnnA, a step, a degree, 

CetmeARA, (kem-ae'-raw), m., 
misfortune, confusion, temp- 
tation . 

Ceiti, (kaen), dat. of ciah, 
remote, long since, far off. 

Cetn, (kae-ir), f., -eac, wax. 

C6i«t>, (kae-ird), dat. of 
ceAiro, sometimes used in 
nom.; a trade. 

Cetnf, (ker-ee), m., id., a 
poultice or plaster ; a mis- 

Cetnc, (kert), f. -e, pi. -eACA, 
a rag. 

Cets, (kae-ish), f. -e, pi. 
-eAtitiA, a young pig. 

Cets, (kesh), f. -e, a pathway 
across a stream or marsh, 

alSO C>«6AC. 

Digitized by 


CeisneAih, (kesh-nuv), m., 

-mm, complaining, bewail- 
ing, regretting. 
Ceisc, (keMsht), f., -e, pi. 

-eAtiTiA, a question, a puzzle, 

Ceistij, (keMsh-tig) [-tee], v., 

question, examine ; v. n. 

-riu ; ceiscim, I question, 

CeiceAtitiAd, (ke-hur-nuc), m., 

-A15, pi. id., a foot-soldier, a 

Ceicne, (keMre), num. a., four; 

usually ceicRe. 
Ce6, (kI/^6), m., id. and -15, 

fog, mist, dust, gloom. 
Ce6t3fiAti, (klo-rawn), m., -Am, 

pi. id., heavy dew, drizzling 

rain ; dust ; eeobnAn An 

o6cair, dust of the road ; 

also ceocnATi . 
CeocAti, (kl~ 6-cawn), m., -Ain, 

fog ; hoarseness. 
C«6L, (kl/^oll), m., -61I, pi. 

-Ica, music, singing, melody. 
CeoLAti, (kl~6l-awn), m., -Am, 

pi. id.,asillyfellow,ababbler. 
C&6LtfiAn, (kI-*-6l-vur),a., -Ame, 

musical, tuneful, active, 

excellent ; is ce6lriiAK ati 

rocar 6, it is an excellent 

CeocnAti, (kI/»-6-hrawn), m., 

-Am, fog, dust ; see ce6o«An. 
C«a, (kae), interr. part., who ? 

which ? 
Cia, (kae), conj., though; 

Ciac, (kee-uc), m., -415, grief, 

oppression, sorrow ; cue 

one, bad cess to you. 

81 Clt> 

CiAinseAd, (kee-er-shuc), f., 
-si, pi. -seACA, a female 
blackbird, a song thrush. 

C«aLL, (kee-ull), f., ceille, 
sense, meaning, prudence. 

CiaLLac, (kee-ull-iic), m., -A15, 
a term of endearment, a 

CiAlluij, (kee-ull-ig) [-ee], 
v., interpret ; v. n. -lu ; 
ciAlluim, I interpret. 

CiAtttfiAn, (kee-ull-vur), a.,. 
-Ame, sensible, prudent. 

CiAti, (kee-un), a., distant, 
far ; as noun, distance of 
time or space ; 6 ciatia, or 
6 ciAnAib, a while ago, 

6s 114 C1AT1CA, Or C1AT1CA10, 

from olden time. 
CtAtiAti), (kee-un-aw), m., id., 

the five in cards; also 

ci on At). 
CJAtioj, (kee-un-og), f., -6156, 

pi. -65A, a small coin, a 

farthing, fraction of a 

farthing ; ni piu ciau65 e, 

it is worth nothing. 
CiApAc, (kee-up-uc), a., -Af, 

vexatious, troublesome. 
CiApAij, (kee-up-ig) [-ee], v., 

torment, vex ; v. n. -p<j ; 

ciApufm, I torment. 

CiApAtce, (kee—up-ihe) , p. a., 
tortured, vexed. 

CiAn6;5, (kee-ar-og), f., 6ij;e, 
pi. -65A, a beetle, a cock- 

CiAfisum, (kee-er-soo-Ir), {., 
-ura, pi. -f, a handkerchief. 

Cib6, (ki-bae'), pron., whoever, 
whatever ; also 5106, p6. 

Digitized by 

CMjme, (kig-ir6), m., id., pi. 

-11 i, an inspector. 
Cfl6m, (keel-ae-ir), m., -16aua, 

pi. -f, a large wooden tub 

or vat, a milk vessel. 
CiU, (kil) [kil], {., ciLle, pi. 

ceAllcnACA, a church, a 

burial place. 
Cim, (ceem), v., irreg. trans., 

I see, I behold, I notice ; 

neg., tit feicim, I do not 

see ; past, cotitiacas, I saw ; 

neg., n'\ £acas; v. n. peic- 

sinc, peiceAl ; citm, I used 

Cime, (kim-e), m., id., pi. -rrtf, 

a prisoner, also cimeac. 
Cimil, (kimil), v., rub., touch ; 

v.n.-c ; cimtUm.Irub, touch. 
CitieATJ, (kin-e), m., cine, race, 

tribe, generation. 
Cin&Al, (kin-ae~ull), m., 61I, 

pi. id., generation, kind. 
CtneAtcA, (kin-awll-thu), a., 

gentle, kind, sincere. 
CitijjcTs, (keeng-keesh) [king-], 

{., -e, Pentecost. 
Cfnn, (keeng) [king], nom. pi. 

and gen. sing, of ceann. 
Cfnn, (ceeng), see cim. 
Cinmfiin, (kin-oo-in), f., -uriA, 

chance, fate, destiny, acci- 
Ctnnlicm, (keeng - lithir) 

[king-], f., -cReAC, pi. 

-cueACA, a capital letter. 
Cinnce, (kint£), a., certain, 

accurate ; definite. 
Cfo6, (kee~fic), f., cice, pi. -a, 

a breast, a pap. 
cfocAn, (kee-uc-awn), m., -fan, 

pi. id., a tit-mouse. 

32 CIO 

CTocnAd, (kee-^uk-ruc), a.,-nA(, 
ravenous ; peevish. 

Ciotb, (kee), conj., though, 
even so ; also c6, 56, 510-6. 

Cion, (kl—un), m., ceAtiA, love, 

Cion, (kl~un), m., ceAtiA, pi. 
-ca, portion, share, divi- 
dend ; mo cion y6m, my own 

Ciomatj, (kee-un-avv), m., -ai-6, 
the five at cards, also 


CionriiAineAcc, (ki~un - ooir- 
act], f. -a, portion, dividend. 

CiontiAS, (kun-us), interr. 
part., how ! also ciormus. 

CionncA, (kewn-tha), [kin-], 
m., id., pi. -ai, crime, guilt, 
sin ; fault. 

Ciomicuij, (kewn-thig) [kin'- 
thee], v., condemn, sin ; 
v. n. -cvi ; ciormcuhn, I 

Cion, (kee-ur), v., comb, 
tease ; v. n. -ax> ; cfouAim, 
I comb. 

Cion, (kee-ur), {., ctae, pi. 
-ac a, a comb ; the comb 
or crest on a bird's head i 
the cud. 

Cfonmi, (kee-ur - 00), m., 
-nvnte, act of maiming, abus- 
ing, lopping off. 

Cfos, (kee-us), m., -a, pi. 
-atuia, rent, tax. 

Cioc, (ki~u), m., ceACA, pi. 
ceACAntiA, a shower. 

CiorAc, (ki-thoc), a., -ai, awk- 
ward, left-handed. 

CtorAnAinn, (kith-ur-ing), m., 
id., pi. -f, an accident. 

Digitized by 




C10C05, (ki-th5g), f., -6ij;e, pi. 

-65A, the left hand. 
Ctpm, (kip-een), m., id., pi. 

-i, a little stick. 
Cm, (keer), f., -ne, the cud, 

see cior. 
Ctncm, (kir-keen), m., id., 

pi. -\, a pullet, a little hen. 
Cts, (kish), f., -e, pi. -eAtinA, 

a basket, wickerwork. 
Ctsceitn, (kish-kaem), f., -e, 

a step, a footstep. 
Cisoac, (kish-oc), f., -si, pi. 

-scaca, a path over a stream 

or marsh, sometimes made 

of branches interwoven like 

CiseAti, (kish-awn), m., -Ain, 

pi. id., a basket, a hand- 
Cisce, (kish-te), m., id., pi. 

-ci, a treasure, treasury ; a 

chest ; term of endearment. 
Cisce, (keesh-te), m., id., pi. 

-ci, a cake, a home-made cake. 
Cisctti, (kish'-tin), f., id., pi. 

-i and -eA<JA, a kitchen, also 

Cic, (ki), m., ceACA, a shower, 

see cioc. 
CjcoaI, (kithull), m., -cil, pi. 

id., a kettle. 
Ctutn, (kew-in), a., -e, quiet, 

calm, still, peaceful. 
Ctutntig, (kew-inig) [-inee], v., 

calm, get quiet ; v. n. -iu ; 

ciuinim, I calm, I get quiet. 
Ctuimce, (kew~in-ihe), p. a., 

calmed, quieted. 
CturiiAts, (kew-ish), f., -e, pi., 

-itisa, a border, an edge, a 



CiAb, (kllob), m., -Aib, a 

gaping mouth. 
ClAbAine, (kllob-ire), m., id., 

pi. -Ki, a babbler, the 

clapper of a windmill. 
clAbAn, (klaw-bur), m., -aik, 

mud, dirt, mire. 
ctAb«Ar», (klou-rawn) m., 

-Ain, pi. id., a small potato. 
CIaxjac, (kllodh-uc), m., -A15, 

a stony strand ; a muddy 

ClAbAine, (kll-re), m., id., 

pi. -ni, a rogue, a thief, a 

rascal, a coward. 
ClAbAn, (kllour), m., -air, 

the beam that supports the 

CtAjAnnAC, (kllog-ur-nuc), f., 

-tiai, heavy rain ; crackling 

like the beating of heavy 

CtAibin, (klo~Ibeen), m., id., 

pi. -\, a door-latch, a lid, 

the lid of a hand churn. 
ctAibo, (kllu~ee), m., id., pi. 

cIatdcaca, a fence. 
CLAibeAth, (kllu *ee-uv) 

[klaav], m., -t>irh, pi. -f>ce, 

and --6me, a sword. 
ctAim, (kla~Iv), f., -e, itch, 

mange, scurvy. 
ClAtneAbAti, (klaw-ir-aedhan), 

m., -Am, the forehead. 
CLAinseAC, (klaw-ir-shuc), I., 

-si, pi. -seACA, a harp. 
CIais, (klo~Ish), f., -e, pi. 

-asa, a furrow, a pit, a 

drain, a valley. 
CtAmpAu, (kloum-pur) [klom-], 

m., -Am, pi. id., deceit, 

slander, wrangling. 

Digitized by 


ClAtiti, (kloun) [klon], f., 
-Ainne, children, descend- 
ants, progeny. 

CIaocIuij, (kllae - uc - lu~ig) 
[-lee], v., change, decrease, 
oppress ; v. n. -lu ; cIaoc- 
luim, I change, etc. 

CIaoio, (kllu~eeg) [-ee], v., 
destroy, defeat ; v. n. 
cIaoi ; clAonoim, I destroy, 

ClAotTbce, (kllu~eete), p. a., 
defeated, afflicted, ex- 

ClAoin, (kllu-»-een), prefix in 
comps., deceit, prejudice. 

ClAoti, (kllae^un), v., bend, 
decline, turn ; v. n. -at> ; 
clAOtiAim, I bend, etc. 

ClAoti, (kllae~un), a, -oine, 
perverse, prejudiced ; as 
subs., deceit. 

ClApsotAs, (kllop-hulus), m., 
-ais, twilight. 

CL&n, (kllawr), m., -aih, pi. 
-aca, a board, a table, a 
programme, a plain. 

ClAspA, (kllos'-pii), m., id., 
pi. -i, a clasp, a hasp. 

Cl&, (klae), a., left, left- 

CIoacc, (klacth), v., practise, 
exercise ; v. n. -ao ; cIcac- 
CAim, I practise, exercise. 

CteAtfiAin, (kle~ou-in), m., a 
son-in-law ; also cIiatviaiti. 

CleAttitiAS, (kle^ou-nus), m., 
-ais, marriage, relationship 
by marriage. 

CL«as, (klas), m., -a, pi. id., 
a trick, a feat, an art. 

34 Ctt 

CteAc, (kla), f., -eice, pi. 

-e&cA, a wattle, a stake, also 

CleitSTn, (klae-veen), m., id., 

pi. -i, a little basket, a 

Clem, (klae-ir), f., -e, the 

CleineAC, (klae-ir-ac), m., -ntj, 

pi. id., a clerk, a secretary, 

a cleric. 
Cleic, (kle), f., -e, a wattle, 

a stick ; see cleAc. 
Cleice, (klet-e), m., id., pi. 

-ci, a quill, a feather, a 

Cleicin, (klet-een), m., id., 

pi. -i, the eave of a house. 
Cletcfn, (klae-heen), m., id., 

pi. -i, the chest, breast ; a 

Cleicme, (kle-hire), m., id., 

pi. -ni, a sturdy fellow ; any 

strong, vigorous animal. 
CIiaU, (klee-uv), m., -leib, 

pi. id., a creel, a basket ; 

the chest. 
CltA&Ati, (klee-vawn), m., 

-Am, pi. id., a cradle. 
CliAttiAiri, (klee-en), m., 

cleAtTitiA, a son-in-law. 
Cli ac, (klee-e), f., leice, pi. 

-Iiaca, a hurdle, a harrow, a 

Cli ac am, (klee-hawn), m., -aw, 

pi. id., the side, the side of 

a fence, hill, etc. 
Clinj, (kling), f., -e, the peal 

of a bell ; a metallic sound. 
Clipe, (klip-e), f., id., pi. 

-pi, a hook, a clip, a flighty 

young person. 

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Ctis, (klish), v., deceive, dis- 
appoint, fail ; start ; v. n., 

-eAT) ; clisim, I deceive, I 

fail, I start. 
Ctisce, (klish-tg), a., skilled, 

knowing, handy. 
Cto, (klo), m., id., form, 

shape ; type ; also cto-6. 
Ctoc, (kluc), f., -oice, pi. -A, 

a stone, a stone weight. 
Ctoc-, (kluc), prefix in comps., 

a stone. 
Ctoc a, (klo-ka), m., id., pi. 

-i, a cloak. 
<C toe aii, (kluc-awn), m., -Ain, 

pi. id., a pile of stones, a 

pavement, a causeway. 
Ctoc An, (kluc-ar), m., -air, pi. 

id., a stone building, a fort ; 

any stony place. 
Ct6t>, (klo), m., id., type, 

print ; shape, see do. 
ClofctttiAit, (klo-voo-el), v., 

print ; v. n. -aIax) ; clox>- 

DtiAilim, I print. 
Cto6tiuA»tce, (klo-voo-elte), p. 

a., printed. 
Ctoj, (klug), m., -H15 or -015, 

pi. id., a bell, a clock, a 

CtoicsneACCA, (klu~i-hnactha) , 

ni., id., hail, hailstone. 
CtoiseAtin, (klu^ig-an), m., 

-ginn, pi. id., the skull, the 

CtoijreAC, (klu^ig-hac), m., 

-C15, a belfry, a tower. 
Ctotsmt, (klu-shint), cloiscin, 

ctoisceAil, act of hearing. 
Ctos, (klus), act of listening, 

hearing ; clotsim, I hear. 

et6s, (klos), m., -61s, a yard, 

a small enclosure. 
Ct6sAet>, (klos-aed), m., -6vo, 

a closet, a press. 
Ctu, (kloo), m., id., fame, re- 
putation, character, also f. 
CtuAin, (kloo-en), f., -e, 

flattery, trickery; a meadow. 
CtuAs, (kloo-as), f., -Aise, pi, 

-a, an ear ; handle, as of a 

pot, jug, etc. 
C tut) ac, (kloo-dhud), m., -A15, 

a covering, protection, an 

CtutiAij, (kloo-dhig) [-dhee], 

v., cover, v. n. -x>v ; 

cturtijim, I cover. 
Ctutce, (klu^i-he), m., id., pi. 

-ci, a game, a pastime, a 

defeat ; cumeAS An ctutce air, 

I defeated him. 
Cttht>, (kloo-id), f., -e, an 

angle, a nook. 
Ctuin, (klu~in), v., hear, listen, 

v.n. cloisinc; ctuinim, Ihear. 
Ctttrii, (kloov), m., --utrn, 

feathers, down, fur. 
CtucAttACAti, (klu-hura-kawn), 

m., -Am, pi. id., a diminu- 
tive being ; a small thing. 
CtucriiAn, (klu-har), a., -Ame, 

warm, cosy, sheltered. 
CtiAOAti, (knu-dhawn), m., 

-Am, pi. id., a frog, a 

gurnet ; grumbling. 
C11A5, (knog), v., crack, strike, 

v. n. -a-6; cnA5Aim, I crack; 

CtiAjj, (knog), m., -a 15, a crack, 

a break ; a knock ; a peg. 
CtiASAine, (knog-ire), m., id., 

pi. -ai, a naggin. 

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CnXtb, (knaw-ib), f., -e, hemp. 

CtiAitnseAiL, (knaw-iv-shaw- 
il), f., -aIa, grumbling, com- 

CnAipe, (kna-pS), m., id., pi. 
-pi, a button. 

CtiAisce, (kna~Ish-te) , m., id., 
pi. -ci, the side of a bed. 

Cm Am, (knawv), m., -Aim, pi. 
-aitia, a bone. 

CtiAttiA6, (knaw-vuc), a., -ai, 
bony, strong-boned. 

CtiAoi, (knu~ee), m., id., con- 
sumption, pining away. 

CtiAOice, (knu~eete), p. a., 
wasted, spent. 

CnAp, (knop), m., -Aip, pi., a lump, a knob, a blow. 

CtiApAn, (knu-pawn'), m., 
-Am, pi. id., a lump, a knob ; 
also C11AP65. 

CneAt>, (knadh), f., -a, pi. 
-Ann a, a sigh, a groan. 

CneAO, (knadh), v., sigh, 
groan, v. n. -ac ,* cneAT>Aim, 
I sigh, etc. 

CneAt), (kna), f., ctieifie, pi. 
-a, a wound. 

CneAtfi, (kna^uv), m., -a, gar- 

CneAttiAtne, (kn-aw-ire), m., 
id., pi. -nf, a mean fellow, a 

CneAS, (knas), m., -eis, pi. 
-a, the skin, the neck, breast, 

Cii*asui$, (knas-ig) [-ee], v., 
heal, cure, v. n. ctieAsu ; 
cneASAim, I heal, cure. 

CneASCA, (knastha), p. a., 
honest, modest, comfort- 
able ; healed, cured. 

86 COS 

CniopAine, (knee-pu—ire), m. 

id., pi. -ni, a petty thief, 

a mean rogue. 
CmocAil, (knu-thaw-il), knit- 
ting ; v. n. id., cniocAlAim, 

I knit. 
C«6, (kn6), m., id., pi. ciia, 

a nut ; also crm. 
Cnoc, (knuk), m., -nuic, pi. 

id., a hill, a height. 
CnotA, (knu-tha), m., id., pi. 

-1, a bow, a knot of ribbons, 

a cockade. 
Cmt, (knoo), a nut, see cn6. 
Ctiuasa6, (knoo-e-suc), m., 

-A15, a gathering, a collec- 
CtiuASAtj, (knoo-sig) [-see], 

v., gather, collect ; v. n. 

-ac ; ctiUASumi, I gather, etc. 
Cnuith, (kniwiv), f., -e, pi. 

-utriA, a worm, a maggot. 
Coca, (kuka), m., id., pi. -i, 

a cock of hay, grass, etc. 
CdcAine, (k6-ku~ire), m., id., 

pi. -ri, a cook. 
CocaLL, (kuc-ull), m., -aiU, 

pi. id., a hood, a cowl, the 

hair of the head ; anger. 
Cot>Ait, (kudh-il), v., sleep, 

v. n. -■oIa-6 ; arolAim, 1 

CoxjLa*, (kull-a) [-00], m., 

-Iaca, sleep. 
C0065, (kudh-5g), f., 615c pi. 

-65A, a haddock. 
C6pnA, (k5-fra), m., id., pi. 

-1, a chest, a coffer. 
Co£At>, (kug-a), m., -ai-6, pi, 

-ai, a war. 
C05AUIC, (kug-int), f., -aiica, 

act of chewing, grinding. 

Digitized by 


Cos ah, (kug-ur), m., -air, a 

Cos An, (kug-ur), v., whisper; 

v. n. -n&c ; cosrauti, I 

Cosusac, (kug-oos-ud), a., -a{, 

Coiccts»AS, (kl-kees), m., -51s, 

a fortnight. 
6ott>6», (cu~ee-h6), adv., ever, 

always ; with neg., never. 
CoiscnToc, (ku~i-kree-uc), a., 

-ice, foreign, strange. 
Coi£cnioc, (ku-w-kree-uc), m., 

-H15, pi. id., a foreigner, a 

CoisoaL, (ku~ig-ull), f., -eile, 

a distaff ; the flax put oa 

distaff for spinning. 
C0151L, (ku-gil), v., spare, 

preserve ; v. n. -c ; C015I1TTI, 

I spare, etc. 
CoileAC, (ku~il-ac')» m., -1 15, 

pi. id., a cock. 
CoiteAti, (ku~il-awn), m., -Am, 

pi. id., a puppy, a young 

CoileAtt, (kiWil-aer), m., -6ir, 

pi. -6mi, a collar. 
CoitsnoAC, (ku~ilig-nac), a., 

vicious, irritable. 
Coitt, (ku~eel-) [ku~ill], f., -e, 

pi., -ce, a wood. 
Cotrii, cotfi, (koo), used as 

prefix, equal, as, as much ; 

often has no modifying in- 
fluence ; cotrii is written 

before a slender consonant 

or vowel. 
CoimoeAcc, (ktWee-dhacth), f., 

-'Oa, protection, act of pro- 

87 C6l 

CotmeAt), (kim-aadh), v., keep, 

preserve ; v. n., id., coim- 

eAo&im, I keep, etc. 
CoimisceAC, (ku-heec), m., 

-rij, a foreigner, stranger ; 

also a., strange, foreign. 
Coimfti , (ku~im-een ) , m . , id . , pi. 

-1, a common, commonage. 
Coimtion, (koo-lee'-Gn), v., 

fulfil, v. n., -At) ; coirti- 

lionAim, I fulfil. 
CoitfineAtn, (koo/*Ir- uv), m., 

-Rim, reckoning, counting, 

the count. 
Coimcion6l, (koo-hun-611), m., 

-61I, an assembly, multitude. 
Comjiott, (ku~ing-ee-ull), m., 

-ille, pi. -eACA, a condition, 

Cotnsm, (killing Mr), f., -•, 

a couple, a coupling. 
Coitiin, (ku-^in-een), m., id., pi. 

-i, a rabbit. 
Coinne, (ku~inge), f., expecta- 
tion, an appointment ; 

im' c., to meet me ; 6s c, 

in front of. 
CoinneAl, (ku-ing-ull), f., -nle, 

pi., -nli, a candle. 
CoinntoAc, (kln-ll^uc) [ku-'in-], 

m., -I15, pi., -a, a stubble ; 

also eoinnlin. 
CoitistAS, (kun-shee-as), m., 

-ais, conscience. 
Cdip, (k6-ip), 1., -e, pi. -eAtiriA, 

a copy ; coip, f., -e, froth. 
Coin, (ku~ir), f., -e, pi. -ce, a 

Ciime, an offence. 
Coin, (ko-ir), f., -6ra, justice, 

authority ; apparatus. 
C6in, (ko-ir), a., -ora, just ; 

right, honest. 

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Oomco, (ku~Ir-k£) , m., id., pi. 

-ci, oats. 
Come, (ku~iri), m., id., pi. 

-ri, a cauldron, a large pot ; 

a whirlpool. 
CotneAl, (ku~ir-aell), m., -6it, 

pi. id., a quarry. 
C6mtj, (ko-irig), v., arrange, 

correct ; v. n., -iu ; c6iRim, 

I arrange, etc. 
Cotnipce, (ku-^ir-ipfi), a., per- 
C6imte, (ko~ir-ihS), p. a., 

arranged, put in order. 
Cois, (ku~Ish), f., beside, near, 

[from cos] ; cois ha ceme, 

beside the fire. 
Coisc, (ku~'Ishk), v., stop, 

check, v. n., cose ; cotsemi, 

I check, I prohibit. 
Cotsceim, (ku^ish-kaem), m., 

-e, pi. -eATitiA, a step, ft 

coisibo, (ku^ish-ee), m., id., 

a walker; coistoeAcc, travel- 
ling on foot. 
Coisin, (ko-'ish-ir), f., -e, pi. 

-hi, a feast, a festive party. 
CoisneACCA, (ku~Ish-ruk-ha), 

m., -Ricce, consecration ; 

also p. a., consecrated, 

Cotsmcce, (ku~Ish-rik-he), p. 

a., blessed, consecrated. 
Coisn»5, (ku~Ish-rig) [-ree], v., 

bless, consecrate, church, v. 

n., -ne&cAn ; coisneACAim, 

I bless, etc. 
Coisce, (ku~Ish-te), m., id., 

pi. -ci, a jury, a committee. 
C6isc», (k5~Ish-te), m., id., 

pi. -ci, a coach. 

CoicciAm;A,(ku-tee~untha), a., 
common, general ; also 

CoicctAticAcc, (ku - tee - un - 

thucth), f. -a, community,, 

generality ; ah c., the people 

in general. 
Cotce, (ku-te), m., id., pi. 

-ci, a skiff, a small boat. 
Cot, (kull), m., -oil, an 

impediment, prohibition; re- 
lationship, col ceACAR, first 

CotAjjnicpTn, (kulla-greef-een), 

" pins and needles,", ting- 
ling sensation, also cooIa-6 

Cot ai see, (kull-aw-ish-te), m. 

id., pi. -ci, a college. 
CotAtfiAti, (kull-oon), m., -aiti, 

pi. id., a column, pillar. 
ColAtnoin, (kulla-m-oir), m., 

-ora, pi. -i, a hake. 
Cot Ann, (kull-un), f., -Itia, 

and -Ua, the body, the flesh. 
CotbA, (kull-oo), m., id., a 

post, bed-post, a sceptre ; a 

ColbAtt, (kul-oor), m., -air, pi. 

id., a dove ; also cotviR. 
Cots, (kull-ug), m., CU1I5, pi. 

id., a spear, a sword ; rage ; 

a beard of barley. 
Cott, (koull) [koll), m., cvntt, 

the hazel tree. 
CoLLac, (kiill-oc'), m., -A15, 

pi. id., a boar. 
Coltoto, (kull-o-id), f., 

clamour, noise ; coU6voeAc, 

Cotm, (kull-um), m., -uilm. 

pi. id., a dove, a pigeon. 

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CotpA, (kull'-upa), m., id., 
pi. -i, the calf of the leg, 
the forearm ; a bullock, a 
heifer ; the handle of a flail, 
a stout stick. 

ColcAn, (k6ll-thur), m., -air, 
pi. id., the coulter of a 
plough ; also cottiaIcar. 

Com, (koum) [kum), m., -uitn, 
pi. id., the waist, a hollow. 

Com, com-, (koo), a prefix, 
equality, as ; often has no 
modifying influence ; see 

cottiAt>, (koodh), m., -ait>, pi. 
id., a place for keeping 
things, a safe place ; i 
5coriiA-o, in safe keeping. 

CottiAtn, (kum-aw-in), v., drive, 
urge on ; v. n. -c ,' comAirnm, 
I drive, see ciorriAin. 

CoriiAtn, (k6-ir), f., -e, 
presence ; 6s mo c., in my 

CottiAmct, (kum-ir-kg), f., id., 
patronage, protection, mercy, 
also comwAije. 

CoriiAtneAm, (kO-'ir-uv), m., 
-Kim., numbering, reckoning, 
calculation, full count. 

CoriiAinte, (ko~frle), f., id., 
advice, counsel ; an advis- 
ory body, a council, a league. 

CotfiAtntij, (ko-~h--lig) [-lee], 
v., advise, consult ; v. n. 
-liu ; coriiAittUTn ; I advise, 

CoriiAt, (koull), m., -Ail, pi. 
id., a cowl, a hood. 

ComAotn, (kum-u^een), f., -e, 
recompense, favour, Com- 

39 COtfl 

ComAn,(kumar),m.,-Am,pl v id., 

a valley, a confluence; a way 
Com ah, (k6r), m., -air, mutual 

return, return for a favour 

done ; ■oiolpA'o An cottiar 

leAc, I will repay you the 

CoriiAnsA, (kor-sa), f., -n., 

pi. -m, a neighbour. 
CoriiAnsAtiAcc, (kOr-sun-ucth), 

f., -a, the neighbourhood, 

CoriiAncA, (kOr-ha), m., id., 

pi. -i, a sign, a token. 
CoriiAncuij, (kor-hu~ig), [k6r- 

hee], v., mark, note ; v. n., 

coitiarc^; coriiARCuim, I mark, 

CoriiDAlcA, (k6ll-tha), m., id., 

pi. -i, a member of a society, 

a foster son, foster brother. 
Com^Art, (ko-gur), m., -air, 

pi. id., a near way, nearness. 
CorhtA, (koulla), f., -n, a door, 

a gate, a sluice. 
ComtAtin, (ko-llan), f., -iirm, 

pi. id., a combat, conflict ; 

a hero, a colleague . 
CorhLuAOATi, (koo-loo^udhur), 

m., -air, pi. id., a multitude, 

company ; conversation. 
Cotfitucc, (, m., id., 

associates, partners, com- 
ComtisAn, (kOn-gur), see 

Corhmn, (kon-ee), f., id., a 

dwelling, a rest ; i 5c. 

adv., always. 
Coriinuij, (kon-ig), v., dwell, 

sojourn ; v. n. -tif ; coirmuim, 

I dwell, sojourn. 

Digitized by 




ComoncAS, (kum-5r-thus), m.. 
-ais, a comparison; a contest. 

CompAtiAC, (kum-pawn-uc), m., 
-Ait, a companion, a 

CompAs, (kum-paws), m., -ais, 
pi. id., a compass. 

Compiucr, (koum - plucth) 
[kom-], m., -a, a company, a 
crowd . 

Comp6nt>, (koum-pordh) [kom-] 
m. f -ottvo, pi. id., comfort, 

CompttAtt), (koum-prawid) 
[kom-], f., -e, comparison. 

CorhnA, (k6-ra), f., id., pi. -i, 
a coffin, a large box. 

CoriinAC, (kou-ruk) [k5-j, m., 
-Aic, pi. id., a contest, con- 
flict, a fight. 

ComnA&, (kou-raw) [ko-], m., 
-Ait), pi. id., a conversation, 
a discourse, speech. 

ComnAout, (kumr-aw-dhee), 
m., id., pi. -ice, a com- 
panion, a comrade. 

Coriicnom, (kuhur-um), m., 
-nuim, right, honesty ; an 
equivalent ; an opportunity ; 
balance, ca An rheAO comcRom, 
the balance is balanced. 

cotiAbtAc, (kun-ubal-uc), m., 
-a 15, pi. -a, a carcass; a 
bloated person. 

Con ac, (kun-oc'), m., -Aij;, rab- 
ies ; a murrain ; fierce rage. 

ConAC, (kun-awc), m., an in- 
crease (usually good, though 
sometimes the opposite) ; 
conAc sap air, may he reap 
the fruit of it (whether 
good or bad). 

CotiAinr, (kun-irt), f., -e, pi. 

-eACA, a pack of hounds. 
Comjamcac, (k6n-thuc), a., 

-cai, helpful. 
ConjbAij, (kung-ig) [-ee], v., 

keep, hold ; v. n., ; 

coti^bAim, I ke< p, etc. 
CohsoaAcas, (kun^a-vawl-thus) 

m., -ais, maintenance, sup- 
ConstiAth, (kOn-uv), m., 

-5AncA, and -tiaitii, help, aid. 
ContiAC, (cun-uk), v., perf. 

1st sing, of cirn, I see. 
CormAncA, (kun-ar-hu), m., 

id., a compact, a bargain. 
ConntAn, (koun-lawn), [kon-], 

m., -Am, pi. id., a helpless 

young family. 
Conntu, (koun-loo) [kon-], m., 

-uite, act of collecting 01 

gathering ; a gathering. 
ConnnAt), (kun-rii), m., -nARt<v 

a covenant, a compact. 
ConncAS, (koun-thae) [kon-] 

f., id., pi. -ce, a county. 
ComicAnos, (koun-than-os) 

[kon-], m., -613, coun 

tenance, favour. 
ConSAit^An, (kun-shill-aer), 

m., id., a counsellor, a 

Consp6tt>, (kun-spo-id), f., -e, 

dissension, argument. 
Conspoio, (kun-spo-id), v. 

dispute, argue ; v. n., id. 

consp6iT)im, 1 argue, etc. 
ConscAic, (kun-stha— Ik), I., -e 

pi. -1, an obstacle, an 

objection, trickery. 
ConcAbAinr, (kun-thoo-irt), f,, 

-bAKCA, danger, peril. 

Digitized by 




ContRA, (konthra), a coffin, 

see coriiRA. 
ConcnAiLce, (kfin-thraw-ilte), 

a., wrong ; also covicrA- 


Cop An, (ku-pawn), m., -Am, 

pi. id., a cup. 
Cop6s, (ku-pog), f., -6ise, pi. 

-a, a dock weed ; any large 

plant leaf. 
Con, (kur), m., -oir, pi. id., 

means, manner ; a stir, a 

turn, a twist ; wrestling ; a 

reel ; adj., odd. 
Cohac, (kur-oc'), m., -ai§, pi. 

id., a bog, a marsh ; a light 

boat, curragh ; also cor- 

c6«ac, (k5r-ac), a., -rai, just, 

right, correct, well-shaped. 
ConAjtob, (kura-giWib), m., 

haunches, ar a c., on his 

Con An, (kur-awn), m., -Am, 

pi. id., a sickle ; the jaw ; 

also corrAti . 
ConAncA, (kur-antha), a., 

strong, vigorous. 
ContiuAis, (kur-a-voo-ish), f., 

-e, disturbance, uneasi- 
Cone, (kurk), m., cuirc, pi. 

-<snnA, a cork. 
ConcAn, (kur-kawn), m., -Am, 

pi. id., a pot. 
Doncos, (kur-kOg), f., -615c, 

pi. -6$a, a hive. 
c6nt>A, (kor-dha), m., id., pi. 

-1, a cord, a rope. 
Conn, (kurn), m., ctamn, pi. 

id., a goblet, a drinking 

Lorn ; a coil or roll. 

Con6in, (kuT-O-in), f., -cac 

pi. -e, a crown ; five shillings 

Ati C. rhuiRO, the Rosary, 

also coR6mn. 
Conomein, (kur-fl-in-aer), m., 

-6atia, pi. -1, a coroner, also 

Conp, (kurp), m., cuiRp, pi. 

id., a body, a corpse. 
Conn, (kur), f., -oiRRe, pi. -a, 

a crane, a stork ; a stall, 

enclosure ; a corner ; a gnat. 
Conn-, (kur), prefixed to nouns, 

occasional, odd. 
ConnAcAn, (kura-cawn), m., 

-Am, pi. id., a canvas or 

hide boat, a curragh. 
Connutj, (kflr-ig), v., move, 

stir, hurry ; v. n., -ui ; 

coRRwim, I move, stir, 

Connutocc, (kur-ee-flcth), I., 

-a., excess, something over ; 

c. is c6a-o, a hundred 

Corca, (kur'-ha), p. a., tired, 

C6mti£, (kor'-ig), v., regulate, 

mend, arrange ; v. n. c6ru ; 

coRuim, 1 regulate, etc. 
Cos, (kus), f., -otse, pi. -a 

a leg, foot, handle. 
CosAiti, (kus '-in), v., defend, 

protect, cost ; v. n. -c ; 

cosnAim, I defend, protect. 
CosAinfn, (kus-aw'-in-een), m., 

id., carrageen moss; a little 

CosAitiAn, (kus'-um-ar), m., 

-air, pi. id., offal, refuse ; 

a rabble ; cosAttiAm pnAc*f, 


Digitized by 




CosAttitACc, (kus-oo-lucth), f., 
-a, similarity, likeness. 

CosAti, (kus-awn), m., -im, pi. 
id., a path, also casaii. 

CosAticAC, (kus-un-thuc), a., 
-cai, keeping, defending. 

Cose, (kusk), v., oppose, pre- 
vent, forbid ; v. n., id., 
coBCAim, I oppose, etc. 

Cose, (kusk), m., -a, a stop, 
a hindrance, a restriction. 

CoscAinc, (kus-ku~irt), f., 
-akca, slaughter, destruction; 
also C0S5AH. 

COStflAll, (kUS-OO-il), a., -SAtTllA, 

like, resembling. 
CosnAd, (kus-nuc), m., -Aij, a 

Cose as, (kus-thus), m,, -ais, 

pi. -aisi, cost, expense. 
Coca, (ko-tha), m., id., pi. 

-i, a coat, a petticoat ; 

coca mow, an overcoat. 
Coenom, (ku-hur-um) , see 

Cocut£, (ku-hig), v., maintain, 

feed, rear ; v. n. coiv ; 

coctn'm, I maintain, I rear. 
Cocuite, (ku-hi-hi), p. a., 

well-fed, plump. 
CnAei, (kur-ael), v., announce, 

v. n. id., CHAelim, I 

CnAit), (kraw-ig) [-ee], v., 

torment, torture; v. n., chato; 

CRAitum, I torment, torture. 
Chas, (krawg), v., handle, maul, 

paw ; v. n. -at> ; crasauti, I 

handle, maul. 
CnAt6t»A6, (kraw-fl^uc), a., 

-ci, devout, religious ; c«Atb- 

ceAcc, piety. 

CnAit&ce, (kraw-ItS), p. a., 

tormented, vexed, pained. 
CnAtn, (kraw-in), f., -AnAC, pi. 

-AncA, the female of some 

animals; a sow. 
Cn Atrip a, (kroumpa) [krompa], 

m., id., pi. -i, a cramp; a 

CnAnti, (kroun) [kron], m., 

-Atnti, pi. id., a tree, a mast, 

a beam ; the handle of a tool 

or weapon ; a lot, a bid ; 

cum se cnAnn aik, he made 

a bid for it. 
CnAtitioj, (kron-Og), f., -6ise, 

pi. -a, a pulpit ; the driver's 

seat on a carriage ; a 

CnAob, (krae-uv), f., -oitie, 

pi. -aca, a branch, a bush ; 

victory, ca ah c. Aige, he 

is victorious. 
CnAotisCAOtt, (krae-uv-sgii~- 

eel), v., publish, announce, 

explain ; v. n. -le, c«Aob- 

scAOilnn, I publish, etc. 
CnAonAC, (kraer-uk), a., bright 

Chaos, (krae-us), m., -01s, 

gluttony ; the mouth, the 

gullet ; fury. 
CttAp, (krop), v., shrink, con- 
tract, withdraw ; v. n. -at> ; 

CHApAim, I shrink, withdraw. 
CnApAll, (kropull), m., -a ill, 

a fetter. 
CnApuice, (krop-u-hl), p. a., 

contracted, shrunken. 
Cne, (klr-ae), f., id., clay, 

earth ; the Creed. 
CneAbAn, (klr-our), m., -air, 

a woodcock ; a eadfiy. 

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CneAi, (klr-ac), v., spoil, 

plunder, ruin ; v. n. -a* ; 

cReACAim, I spoil, plunder, 

CneAC, (klr-ac), f., -e&c& and 

etce, pi. -a, ruin, plunder, 

booty ; mo cneAC CRAroce, 

my bitter woe. 
CniACc, (krae-ucth), f., -a, 

pi, id., a wound, a scar. 
Cr*acc, (krae-ucth), v., 

wound; ▼. n. -a 1 ©; cneAccAtm. 

I wound. 
Croacca, (krac-tha), p. a., 

plundered, robbed, ruined. 
CneAD, (kraedh), interr. part., 

what ? why ? 
Croats, (krae-fog), f., -615c, 

pi. -65A, earth, clay. 
CneApAtt, (kra-pull), m., -ajU, 

entanglement, fetters. 
CneAptAij, (kra~up-lu~lg) 

[-ee], v., entangle, hinder, 

bind; v.n. -lu; cneApluitn I 

entangle, bind. 
Croasuis, (kras-ig) [-ee], t., 

gird, v. n., -su ; cReAsufm, 

I gird. 
CneAC ac, (kra'-huc), m., -ai$, 

pi. -a, cross-beams, a wattle, 

CReACACA An cige, the beams 

under the roof of a house. 
Cne ac An, (kri-hawn), m., -Am, 

a shiver, a tremor, a 

CReAcum, (krae-thooir) , m., 

-ura, pi. -I, a creature. 
Cn*to, (klr-ed'), v., believe, 

think ; v. n. -itnnc ; CKeroim, 

I believe, think. 
CR*tt>eAfh, (klr-ed'-uv), m., 

-^otni, faith, religion, creep. 

Cn*it>iutiA6, (klr-ed-oonud), a., 

-a(, influential, respectable, 

Cn«im, (krem), v., gnaw, bite, 

nibble ; v. n., id., cKeimim 

I gnaw, bite, nibble. 
CntAX>6tn, (kree-e-dh5-ir), m., 

-6ra, pi. -1, a potter. 
CntACAR, (kree-c-hur), m., 

-air, pi. cReitRe, a sieve, a 

CntAcnAi£, (kree-e-hru~ig) 

[-ee], v., sieve, sift, examine; 

V. n. -RAX) ; CR1ACRAUT1, I 

sieve, etc. 
Cnfoc, (kree-uc), f., -fee, end ; 

country ; object. 
CmocAti, (kri-cawn), m., -Aiti, 

pi. id., a small potato, 

anything small. 
CnTocnAtj, (kree^uc-nu^ig) 

[-ee], v., finish, perform; v.n. 

-nu, CRiocnuim, I finish, I end. 
CRiocnuice, (kree~uc-nu~ihe), 

p. a., finished, ended. 
Cnioti, (kree-un), a., -itie, 

withered ; old, aged. 
CnTonnA, (kree-na), a., shrewd, 

prudent, wise ; old. 
Cnios, (kri~us), m., crbaba, pi. 

CReASAtitiA, a belt, a girdle, 

a zone. 
Cnfosc, (kree-usth), m., id., 

CmoscAt, (kree-iisth-ee), m., 

id., pi. -Aice, a Christian ; 

as a., Christian ; An CeAgASC 

C, the Christian Doctrine. 
CnioscAt, (kri~usthull), m., 

-Ail, pi. id., crystal. 
CRioscOtt, (kree~us-thoo-il),a. 

-vIa, virtuous, pioug, 

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Cntot, (kri), v., shake, shiver ; 

v, n., id. ; cwiocaitti, I 

shake, shiver. 
Cnioc, (kri), m., crcaca, a 

trembling, shivering. 
Ctt6, (kro), m., id., pi. -autia, 

a hut, a pen ; a crowbar ; 

an eye (of a needle). 
Cnott, (kruv), m., •nutb, pi. 

id., the half open hand, a 

bird's foot, a claw, a talon. 
CnotttiASC, (kruv-na~6sk), m., 

-aisc, a fetter for a cow. 
Cnoc, (kruc), v., hang ; v. n. 

-ao ; cuocAim, I hang. 
Cnoc, (kruc), i., -oice, pi. -a, 

a gallows ; pot-hanger. 
Cn6cA, (kro-ka), m., id., pi. 

-S, a crock. 
Cno6Aine, (kruc-ire), m., id., 

pi. -wi, a villain, a wretch, 

a hangman. 
Cn6cAnbAt>, (kro-cora-budh), 

m., -aix>, pi. id., a hearse. 
CnoccA, (kruc-tha), p. a., 

hanged ; suspended. 
Cn6t)A, (kro-ga) [kro-a], a., 

valiant, heroic. 
CnoicsAti, (kur-e'-kl~un), m., 

-cmn, pi. id., skin, hide, 

C«oit>», (kru^ee), m., id., pi. 

-•die, the heart, the mid- 
Cftotsfti, (kru^isheen), m., id., 

pi. -f, a small cross ; a 

Cnoni, (kroum) [krflm], v., 

bend, stoop ; begin ; v. n. 

-at> ', cnorriAiTn, I bend, etc. 
CnomAti, (kru-mawn), m., -Am, 

pi. id., the hip ; a gaff. 

44 cnv, 

CnomteAC, (kroum-la~ uk), 

[krom-], f., a cromlech, l.e, 
a large horizontal stone. 

CnomcA, (krum-ha), p. a., 
bent, stooped. 

Cn6«, (kron), a., -6ine, brown 

CnonArt, (kron-awn), m., -Am 
pi. id., a humming, a 
buzzing, the drone of a bag 
pipe, purring, a dirge. 

Cbos, (krus), f., -oise, pi. -osa, 
a cross, an affliction, a 

Cnos, (krus), v., cross, hinder, 
stop ; v. n. -a-6 ; cnosAitn, 
I cross, etc. 

CnosAine, (krus-irg), m., id., 
pi. -wi, cross-roads ; con- 
tracted from cnos-bocA« 
which is also used. 

CnoscA, (krtis-tha), a., crooked, 
perverse, ill-tempered. 

Cnoc, (kriith), m., -a, appear- 
ance ; shape ; form. 

Cnoc, (kru), v., shake, sprinkle; 
v. n. -at) ; cnocAim, I shake, 

CnuAc, (kroo-fic), f., -Aice, pi. 
-a ; a rick, a stack, a heap ; 
a mountain. 

Chuac, (kroo-uc), v., heap, 
pile up, stack (as corn); 
v. n. -a-6 ; CRUACAim, I heap, 

CnuAt>-, (kroo-u), prefix in 
comps. ; hard, difficult. 

CmiAOAij, (kroo-eg) [-ee], v., 
harden ; v. n. --ou ; chua-6- 
Aim, I harden. 

Cn«At)CAti, (croo-a-thun), m., 
-Atn, pi. id., hardship, misery. 

Digitized by 


CnuAit)-, (croo-eg) [-ee], pre- 
fix, in comps., hard, severe, 

CnuAit), (kroo-e), f., -e, steel. 
CnuAii, (kroo-eg) [-ee], a., 

-e, hard, difficult, severe ; 

Cnub, (kroob), f., <hbe, pi. 

ubA ; a hoof, a claw. 
CnucA, (kroo-ka), m., id., pi. 

-f, a crook, a hook. 
Cnu6, (kroo), m., -11 r6, pi. 

-tii-oce, ahorseshoe, aheeltip. 
Cnui&Aij;, (kroo-ig), [-ee], v -. 

milk ; v. n. --6a ; CTtu-OAim, I 

CnuibTn, (kroo-ib-een), m., id., 

pi. -1, a little hoof ; a pig's 

foot, a " crubeen." 
Cnuice6s, (krii~<ik-6g),f., -6ij;e, 

pi. 65A, a hive; also ctmc65. 
Cnuitbce, (kroo-ite), p. a., 

Cnuirii, (kru—iv), f., -e, a worm, 

a maggot. 
Cnu inn, (kru~eeng), a., -e, 

round ; complete, exact, 

accurate ; 50 cttuinn, ex- 
actly, attentively. 
Cnuinne, (kriWing-e), f., id., 

the world, the universe. 
CnuinneolAS, (kru~eeng-ollus), 

m., -Ai8, geography ; also 

Cmiinnij, (kru~ing-ig) [-ee] , 

v., gather, assemble ; v. n. 

-iu ; CTunnnim, I gather, 

Cmiinnice, (kru—ing-ihe), p. a., 

gathered, assembled, 
Cntiiscin, (kroo-ish-keen), m., 

•d., pi., -1. a pitcher, a jug. 

45 CttA 

Cnuic, (kru—it), f., -e, pi. 

-eAnriA, a harp ; a hump. 
CnutceACAti, (kru—it-e-cawn), 

m., -Ain, pi. id., a hunchback, 

a stooped person. 
CnuicneACc, (kru—i-nacth), f., 

-a and -An, wheat. 
CnuscA, (kroos-ka), m., id., 

pi. -f, a jug. 
CnuscA, (kroos-tha), m., id., 

pi. -1, a crust, a hard clod, 

a missile. 
CnuscAig, (kroos-thig) [-thee] 

v., throw missiles ; v. n. 

-caiI ; cnuscAilim, cRiisrutm, 

I throw missiles. 
Cnuc, (kru), m., cwoca, pi. id., 

figure, shape, form. 
CnucAij;, (kru-hig) [-hee], v., 

create, shape, prove ; v. n. 

-cti; cRticuim, I create, shape, 

Cnu£utce6in, (kru-hu-hO-ir), 

m., -6u4, pi. -1, the Creator, 

a creator. 
Cu, (koo), f., con., pi. cmn, a 

hound ; fig. a hero. 
Cuac, (koo-uc), f., -Aice, pi. 

-a, a cuckoo, a term of 

endearment ; a ringlet, a 

goblet, a cup. 
CuAille, (koo-ele) f., id., a stake, 

club, baton, a staff. 
CuAinc, (koo-ert) f., -arca, pi. 

-eAtitiA, a visit, a circuit, a 

tour ; also cuaiuti. 
CuaIa, (coo~ulla), past indie. 

of cUiinirn, I hear. 
CuaIIacc, (koo—ull-udth), f., 

-a, a company, a tribe, 


Digitized by 




CuAti, (koo-un), m., -tiAtn, pi. 

-ca, a harbour, a haven ; 

a pack, a litter of pups. In 

latter sense also ciiAine and 

Cuaitoac, (koo-ur-dhuc), m., 

-■Quite, a search. 
cuawsaij, (koo-ur-dhig)[dhee], 

v., search ; v. n. -x>\i ; 

cuAR-ouim, I search. 
Cuas, (koo-us), m., -Ats, pi. 

-a, a cave, a recess, a 

Cub, (koob), f., -«ibe, pi. id., 

a hen-coop. 
CutiAn, (koor), m., -ai«, froth, 

foam ; also cubnAti. 
cuoos, (ku-dhog), {., -6i5e, 

pi. -05A, a haddock. 
Cu^Am, CW5AC, 6ui5e, etc., 

prep, prs., see cum. 
CuttieASAC, (ku~ee-suc), a.,-Af, 

middling, fair, moderate ; 

also cvnhseAC. 
CuitJneAc,(ku~eer-uc), m.,-K)5, 

pi. -ri, a fetter, a trammel. 
cutbneAtin, (ku~eer-un), m., 

-Kinn, society, compan}'. 
Cutbnij, (ku~ee-rig) [-ee], v., 

bind, fetter ; v. n. -iu ; 

cuibnim, I bind, tie, manacle, 
Cuibmce, (ku~ee-ri-hi), p. a., 

fettered, manacled. 
Cutt>, (kii~id), f., co-oa, pi. 

cooaca, part, remnant; sup- 
per ; a term of endearment. 
CutoeAccA, (ku-'id-actha), I., 

-cam, pi. id., a company, a 

gathering, also ctnleACCA. 
Ctiiois, (ku~id-ig) [-ee], v., 

help, succour ; v. n. -iu ; 
curoim, I help, etc. 

Cui£, (kooig), num. a., five ; 

subs., a trick at cards ; a 

Cui^e, (koo-ige), f., id., pi. 

-51, a province, a fifth 

CuijeAl, (ku^ig-ull), f., -site, 

a distaff, the bunch of flax 

or tow on the distaff. 
CuijeAti, (ku~ig-an), f., -gne, 

pi. -gneACA and -ginn, the 

butter made at a churning. 
CuijjeAn, (koo-ig-ur), m., -m, 

five persons. 
Cuil, (ku~il), f., -e, pi. id., a 

gnat, a fly, also ctnleos. 
Ciiit, (koo-il), f., -e, pi. 

-eAnnA, a nook, a corner ; 

a heap. 
CutteAccA, (kiwil-uctha), I., 

id., a company ; see 

CuiteAn, (kiwil-an), m., -linn, 

holly, the holly tree. 
Cuitpiotiti, (koo~-il-un), f., 

-mne, pi. id., a fair lady. 
CuitsseASAtn, (ku~ilig-hasuv), 

m., bolt-upright, standing 

on end. 
Ciiitin, (koo~Ileen), m., id,, 

a little field, a little nook ; 

the hair wound on the back 

of the head. 
Cuitc, (ku~ilt), {., -e, p 1 . 

-eAnnA, a quilt, a covering. 
Cuithin, (ku~een), f., memory ; 

is ctnmin liom, I remember. 
Cuttmie, (ku-'eene), f., id., 

memory ; a memorial. 
Cutrimt§, (ku~een-ig) [-ee], v., 

remember, recollect ; v. n. 

-i-u ; ctnmnim, I remember 

Digitized by 


Cutntse, (kfi'O'im-she), f., id., 

aim, exactness of purpose, 

fitness ■; fulness. 
Cuins, (ku~eeng), f.,-e, ayoke, 

an obligation ; a swingle- 
tree (for a plough). 
Cummin, (killing- ir), f., -5«eAC, 

a pair, a team ; a yoke. 
Cthrme, (koo-inge), f., id., pi. 

-ni, a corner, an angle. 
Cumtieos, (ku~ing-5g), f.,-6i5e, 

pi. -65A, a churn. 
Cuttise, (koo^in-she), m., id., 

pi. -si, a plan, a purpose. 
Cutpein, (koo-pae-^fr), m., 

-cara, pi. -i, a cooper. 
Cum, (ku~ir), v., put, send, 

plant ; v. n. cur ; cumim, 

I put, etc. 
CuineATb, (kiWire), m., -ri-6, 

an invitation. 
CutneAootneACc, (ku^ire-dhO- 

ir-achth), m., -a., tillage. 
Cum6Al,(ku-»'ir-ae-ull), m.,-eil, 

a quarry ; see coiKeAl. 
CumeAc,(kiwi-ruth), the knave 

in cards ; also cvtmeACA. 
Cuimcce^kiwi-rike), a., rough; 

ill-tempered, also cumic- 

Cuinltuti, (koo-ir-lewn), m., 

-vim, pi. id., a curlew. 
Cuinpce, (kiwir-ipe) , a. .wicked, 

vicious ; also cuiRpfeAc. 
Cumt, (koo-irt), f., -e, pi. 

-eAnriA, a court, a palace. 
Cuis, (koo-ish), f., -e, pi. 

-eAtitiA, a cause, case, reason. 
Cuiste, (ku-^ish-le), f., -le&n, 

a pulse, vein, artery, a pipe ; 

the blood ; diarrhoea ; term 

of endearment. 

47 cum 

Cutcij, (koo-tig) [-tee], v., 
repay, requite, reward ; v. n. 
-n'i and -ceATU ; ctiicim, I 
repay, requite. 

Cut, (kooll), m., -Mil, pi. id., 
the back, back of the head, 
the rear, a reserve (for 

CuIaio, (kulla), m., and f., 
id., pi. -e, a suit of clothes, a 
robe, vestments ; harness, 
c. CApAill, a harness. 

CulcAititic, (kooll-cint), f., -e, 

Cum, (koom), m., -uun, body, 
waist, a hollow. 

Cum, (kum), v., form, devise, 
frame ; v. n. -at>; cumAim, I 
form, etc. 

Cum, (cum), prep., to, towards, 
followed by gen. case ; used 
after verbs of motion, as 
61UDA1I se cum An cise, cum 
ha h-Aice, he walked to the 
house, to the place ; before 
v. n. expresses purpose, 
AiR5eAT> cum cuIato t>o 
ceATiriAC, money to buy a 
suit ; combines with prs., 
CU5ATT1, CU5AC, cuise (m.), 
cuici (f.), to or towards me, 
you, him, her, and their 
plurals cusAimi, cuj;Aib, 
cuca. In Munster 5 is silent 
in all except curge. In 
Connaught initial c is pro- 
nounced h. Cu5Am = coom 
in M., hugam in C. 

CumA, (ku-mti), f., id., shape, 
appearance, figure, state. 

CumA, (ku-mu), a., indifferent ; 
is c\im^ liom, I dop'* care. 

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Cum a, (koo), m., id., sorrow, 

grief., (koocth), i ., -a, power, 

might, authority. 
CuritAtis, (koong), a., -Atnse, 

narrow, of small area. 
CumAtisAtj, (koong-ig) [-ee], 

v., narrow, reduce ; v. n. 

-a-6 ; cuniAtiSAim, I narrow, 

CumAtiti, (ku-mun), m., -Airm, 

pi. id., a society, a league ; 

affection, a term of endear- 
CumAom, (ku-rmween), f., -e, 

pi. id., favour, obligation. 
CuniAn, (kum-ur), a valley, 

confluence of rivers. 
Cum as, (kum-us), m., -ais, 

power, ability. 
CumoAc, (koo-dhuc,) m., -oaij, 

a covering, keeping, de- 
Curivouij, (koo-dhig) [-dhee], 

v., cover, keep, defend ; v. 

n. ^oac ; curirouim, I cover, 

CuttuiA, (koo-ra), a., perfumed, 

sweet, fragrant. 
CumcA, (koom-ha) [kum-], p. 

a., shaped, formed. 
Cun, (cun), often written for 

CtinlAC, (koon-luc), m., -A15 

moss ; also ctjtiac. 
CuncAA, (koon-thur), m., -Am, 

a shop counter. 

CuncAB (koon-thus), m., -aib, 

pi. -A1S1, an account, a 

reckoning, information. 
Cup An, (ku-pawn), m., -Ain, pi, 

id., a cup ; also cup a, copAn. 
CuplA, (koop-lla), m., id., 

pi. -a), a couple, twins ; the 

" couple " of a roof. 
CuplAij, (koop-lu/^ig) [-ee],v., 

couple, pair ; v. n. cupUi ; 

cupluim, I couple, pair. 
Cupos, (ku-pCg), f., -6tge, pi. 

-65A, dock weed, dock leaf. 
Cun, (kur), m., -iA, putting, 

sending, affecting, sowing. 
Cun ac, (kur-oc), m., -a»5, a 

coracle ; also cukacan. 
CunAO, (kur-a), m., -At-6, pi. 

id., a hero, champion. 
CunAtn, (koor-um), m., -Aim, 

pi. id., care ; responsibility ; 

interest ; employment. 
Cun ac a, (kura-tha), cxirauca, 

a., vigorous, courageous, 

Cursa, (koor-sa), m., id., pi. 

-ai, a circumstance ; event ; 

course ; career. 
CunsA>£, (koor-su^ig) [-ee],v., 

course, traverse ; v. n. -su; 

cunsuitn, I course, traverse. 
Cusp6m, (kus-po-ir), m., -6n&, 

pi. -1, an object, model, 

ideal, also cwspA. 
Cuscum, (kus-thum), m., -uim, 

a custom. 
Cue ac, (ku-huc), m., -aij, 

rage, madness. 

Digitized by 



©', contr. for t>o, T>e. 

"OS., (dhaw), num. a., two ; 

usually x»a except after n, 

and aspirates following 

©a, (dhaw), conj., if ; also 

part, before compar. adj., 

©a, (dhaw), prep. x»o or x»e 

plus poss. adj. A ("DO A, 

■oe a), of his, of her, of their, 

of its ; also x»e, plus rel. a, 

of which. 
©a-, (dhaw), prefix in comps., 

bi-, two. 
©a£ac, (dhouc), f., -Aioce, pi. 

-a, a tub, a vat. 
©Abe, (dhouth), m., id., 

doubt ; also -oaoca. 
T)ada, (dhodha), m., -?, a 

jot, a trifle ; also x»AX»Atri, 


©Attim, (dhev'-ir), a., -one, 

poor, destitute. 
©aid, (dho~Id), m., id., a 

father, dad, x»aix» m6w, or 

seAn-x»Aix», grandfather. 
©Ail, (dhaw-il), f., -aIa, an 

assembly, convention ; state, 

condition; a tribe; a decree. 
©A1I15, (dhaw-il-ig) [-ee], v., 

dedicate, give, deliver ; v. 

n. x»aiI ; x»Aitim, I give, 

©Aille, (dhu~ilg), f„ id., 

©AtlcTti, (dho~Il-teen), m., id., 

fil. -i, a young impertinent 
ellow, a brat ; a foster child. 

©Ain^eAti, (dhang-un), m., 

-gin, pi. id., a fortress, a 

stronghold ; adj., strong, 

secure, tight. 
©Ainjjtiij, (dhang-m-ig) [-ee], 

v., fortify, fasten, confirm ; 

v. n. -iii ; ■DAm^nim, I fortify, 

©Ainns6An, (dhin - shaer), 

[dhan-] , m., -6m, danger. 
©Ain, (dha^Ir), f., -e, and 

-awai, an oak. 
©Aicce, (dha'-te), p. a., 

coloured, painted, stained, 
©aLa, (dhawll-a), prep., coc 

cerning, as regards. 
©aU, (dhoull) [dholl], a., 

-Aitte, blind, ignorant ; as 

subs., a blind person. 
©aIIai£, (dholl-ig) [-ee], v., 

blind, puzzle, v. n. -daIIa-d ; 

■oaUaitd, I blind, etc. 
©aIIaiia6, (dh611-awn-uc), m., 

-A15, a winnowing machine ; 

also x»aUati. 
©aLca, (dholl-tha), m., id., 

pi. -f, a foster child, a pet, 

a term of endearment. 
©aLca, tjaL^a, (dhawl-tha) 

[-ha] , like, concerning, in the 

manner of. 
©Atfi, (dhov), m., -Airii, pi. id., 

an ox. 
©AtnAisce, (dhum-aw-ish-te), 

m., id., pi. -ci, damage, 

©AtnAticA, (dhom '-un-tha) , p 

a., damned, damnable. 

Digitized by 




t)AtriAs, (dhous), m., -msA, a 

dance ; also -oaitisa. 
TJAmnuij, (dhom-in-ig) [-eej , 

v., damn, condemn ; v. n. 

-tiu ; TJAmnuim, I damn, etc. 
"OAtiisuij, (dhou-sig) [-see], v., 

dance ; v. n. -sa ; -OAtrisuim, 

I dance. 
t>Ati, (dhawn), m., -Am, pi. 

-ATicA, a poem, a song ; 

destiny, fate ; t ma An, 

■Qama, (dhawna), a., bold, 

impudent ; determined. 
t)ATiA»D, (dhon'-id), f., -e, 

regret, grief. 
tJAnAn, (dhon'-ur), m., -air, 

pi. id., a foreigner, a Dane. 
TJatiuij, (dhawn-ig) [-ee], v., 

dare ; v. n. -nu ; -oAnuim, I 

"Oacm, (dhii^ee), m., id., pi. 

-ce, a fool, a clown. 
X>AOtn», (dhQ~eene), m., pi. 

of -ouine, a persm ; people. 
t)Aom, (dhu^eer), prefix in 

comps., hard, slavish. 
XjAOtne, (dhii-^eere), f., id., 

dearness ; bondage, slavery. 
TJAOtnse, (dhii~eer-sh6), f., 

id., slavery, bondage. 
■DaoL, (dhae-ull), m., -oil, a 

beetle, a caterpillar; ve&n^ t>. 

and -oard-o., an earwig. 
t>Aor»A, (dhae-na), a., human, 

charitable ; also -OAon-OA. 
T>AortAt, (dhae-nu^ee), m., a 

human being ; -oaoiiacc, f., 

t)Aon (dhae-ur), v., condemn, 

convict, censure ; v. n. -at> ; 

■OAOHAitn, I condemn, etc. 

T>Aon, (dhae-ur). a., -oim, 
costly, dear ; guilty ; en- 
slaved ; as subs., a slave. 

t>Aon, (dhae-ur), prefix in 
comps., dear, hard, slavish. 

t)AoncA, (dhaer-ha), p. a., 
condemned, convicted. 

T>AocAin,(dhae-hin),f., enough; 
also -oaocaitic; see -oocaiti. 

tJAn, (dhor), v., defect., 
according to, it seems ; -oak 
liom, I think ; t>ar leis, he 
thinks ; -oar 1T0615, indeed. 

T>An, (dhor), (in asseveration), 
by; -oar jma-6, (jma-6 forTMA, to 
avoid the word), by a deer. 

Baha, (dhora), ord. num., 
second ; also CARtiA, -oARtiA. 

TJauac, (dhor-oc'), f., -ai, an 
oak ; see -oair. 

TJAmfntb, (dhawr- eer- iv), 

really, serious, in earnest ; 
also -OARiRe. 

T>asacc, (dhaws-ucth), f., -4., 
boldness, fierceness. 

TJac, (dho) , m., -a, pi. -AnnA, 
colour, dye, complexion. 

"Daca, (dhaw-tha), m., id., 
date, time. 

"Oa4aca, (dho-huc-a), pains, 
rheumatic pains. 

T>Acut£ f (dho-hig), v., colour, 
dye, stain ; v. n. -cu ; 
•OACuitTi, I colour, etc. 

tJAtuit, (dho-hoo-il), a., -uIa, 
graceful, comely, nice. 

T>e, (de), prep., of ; from ; 
off ; of or from or off him, 
her, it. Combined with 
pronouns, -oiom, "oioc, -oe (m.), 
■01 (p.), -oinn, -oib, -oioh, of me, 
you, him, her, and plurals. 

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t)e, 1>tA, (dae), a day (in days 

of the week) ; T>6 LuAin, 

TJeAbAD, (dI~ou), m., -ai-6, 

haste ; strife. 
t)eAt>nAC, (dI~ou-ruc), a., 

-ai, resembling, like. 
OeAtSnAtii, (dl-ou-ruv), m., 

-Aim, appearance, resem- 
blance, likelihood; 
t>GACAin, (dI~ok'-ir), a., -cra, 

difficult, troublesome. 
t)eActfiAt>, (de'-hoo), a., the 

tenth part; also dac-oo. 
t)eACHAc, (dI~okr'-ac), a., 

-ai, difficult ; -oeACRACx;, 

■Doaccuij, (di~ac - thig) 

[-thee], v., dictate, reckon, 

lay down (as law); v. n. -c« ; 

•oeAcmtm, I dictate, etc. 
T)eA5, (dae-ug), ten, -teen, as 

in se "oeAj, sixteen. 
"DeAJ-, (di), prefix in comps., 

good, well. 
T>oAJA»tc, (dilt), f., -e, 

analysis ; separation; 

OoA^Luijce, (di-lu~ihe), p. a., 

analysed, separated, divorced. 
■DeAtb, (dall-uv), f., -eilbe, 

shape, form, appearance. 
T)6aUj, (dall-uv), a., -a, poor, 

■OeAUiAs, (dall-oos), m., -ais, 

T>eAtbtnj, (dall£-vu~ig) [-ee], 

v., shape, mould, form ; 

v. n. -bu; -oeAloumi, I shape, 

■DeAtj, (dhall-ug), f., -eitge, 

pi. -oeilsni, a thorn. 

T)eAllnArh, (di~ou-niY) [daH-] 
m., -Aim., appearance, re- 
semblance, likelihood ; see 
■oeAftARrii ; also "oe&llRAC. 

t)»Atui5, (dhall-ig) [-ee] , v., 
separate, part ; v. n. -tti ; 
■oeAluim, I separate, etc. 

T)eAttiAti, (dI~oun), m., -Ain, 
pi. id., a demon, a devil. 

Ooam, (dae-fin), v., do, make, 
perform ; v. n. -&rh ; -oeAn- 
Atm, I do, make, etc., now 
used as absolute. *Oein 
and •oemitn also. 

T)iAtiAC, (dae'-nuc), a., -ai. ; 
late, last. Le ■oeAnAi, lately. 

"OAAtiAtfi, (dae'-nuv), m., -tica, 
make, shape ; act of making ; 
with ar, approaching; 45 -o. 
aw Aii X)ci5, approaching the 

T>6ahca, (dae~un-tha), p. a., 
done, made, "fin is!) ed. 

T>»Ancus, (dae-^un-thoos), m., 
-uis, pi. -uisi, manufacture. 

T)0An, MARA, (dar, dara), in 
phr. p6 iroeAn, cause ; rmse pe 
n-oeAR e, I am the cause of it. 
Cadair pe TToeARA, observe. 

T)oAnb, (dar-uv), a., sure, 
certain, convinced ; 50 
■oe&RbcA, surely. 

t>©Anti-, (dar-uv), prefix in 
comps., sure. 

"DeAnbnACAin, (dhri-haw-ir), 

m., -bKACAB, pi. -T)TiAlCReACA. 

a brother; also pronounced 
and written tirocair., 
T)eAnbu»5, (dar-a-vfwig) [-ee], 
v., affirm, swear, attest ; 
v. n. -bvi ; ■oeARUuim, 1 
affirm, «tQ, 

Digitized by 




T>eAnc, (da~urk), v., look, 

behold, observe ; v. n. -a-6 ; 

■oeARCAim. I behold, etc. 
OeAnc, (dae-urk), f., -eircce, 

alms ; see -oemc. 
X>eAn5, (dar-ug), a., -einge, 

red, ruddy. 
t)eAH5, (dar-ug), v., make red, 

kindle, light, -oeAns no 

piopA, light your pipe ; v. n. 

-at* ; T>eAtt5Aim, I redden, 

■OeAUj, (dar-ug), an intensive 

prefix, utter, intense, very. 
OeAnjAti, (dar-ug-awn), m., 

-Am, pi. id., the fish bream ; 

an insect. 
DeAnrtiAO, (dara-mudh), m., 

-ait>, a mistake, oversight ; 

also TseARtriAT) [dar-oodh] . 
OeAnnA, (dawr-na), f., -n, the 

palm of the hand, a handful. 
OeAnoit, dar-o-il), a., -e, 

wretched, poor. 
D©Anc, (da<»urth), m., -a, a 

dart, a sting (of pain). 
t>eAs, (das), a., -eise, pretty, 

handsome ; right hand side ; 

south, southside, also teAs, 

t>eAScAt>, (das-ku), m., -aix>, 

dregs, remains ; cA Ati t)ot\as 

Aid -oe -6. An 6it, misfortune 

is on him because of the 

0©asLamia6, (das-llaw-uc), a., 

-lArhAi, dexterous ; right- 
Ooasui£, (das-ig) [-ee], v., 

prepare, arrange, dress ; 

mend ; v. n. -sd ; -oeAsufm, 

I prepare, etc. See -oeisvj. 

T)eArA6, (dhu-thoi'), m., 

-CAij;, pi. -a, smoke. 
T>eAru»5, (da-thig) [-thee], v., 
smoke, fume ; v. n. -cu 
•oeAcuvm, I smoke, etc. 

T>*ic, (de), num., ten; xjeiciu, 
a , tenth. 

T>etcnitm, (de-hin-oor), m., 
-inn, ten persons. 

T>eit>©ATi, (dae-de), m., --oro 

tJeipm, (def'-ir), f., -■pncAC, 
pi. -pneACA, haste ; a differ- 
ence, a dispute (also -oeijM- 
riocc) . 

■Qeij-, (di), prefix before 
slender consonants (for 
■ooAJ;), &°°d, well, worthy. 

TJeijleAil, (di-law-il), f., -aIa, 
dealings, trading. 

t)eit, (de—il), f., -e, a lathe ; 
order, appearance ; ca An 
Ate ah Tjetl, the place is in 

"OeiUj, (del-iv), {., -e, an 
image, figure, appearance, 
see -oeAlb. 

"OeilsneAC, (del-ig-nl^uc), a., 
-r\i, thorny. 

tJoitrioAs, (di-us) [de-vas], m., 
-tins, a shears. 

T)eiriii«, (din), f., -rhtie, cer- 
tainty, an assured fact. 

TJeimin, (din)[de-vin] , a., sure, 
certain ; also -oeirhneAC and 

"0»imni]5, (din-ig) T-ee], v., 
prove, affirm, verify ; v. n. 
-iu ; -oeimnim, I prove, etc. 

tJ*iti, (dae-In), in phr. fA t>6tn, 
towards, to meet ; in pur- 
suit of, after. 

Digitized by 




t>ein, (dae-in), v., see T>eAr>. 
"Dei tie, (dae-Ine), f., id., 

ardour, earnestness ; also 

"Deintt-, (de~Ir-iv), prefix in 

comps., certain, real. 
Detnc, (dae-irk), f., -e, alms, 

charity, see -DeARC. 
T)eme, (de-Ire), m., id., the 

end, the last, the rear. 
t)emeoiL, (de^lr-5-il), a., 

wretched ; see -oeAROit. 
t)6in;5-, (de~ir-ig), (for -oeARs), 

an intens. prefix, red. 
■Demse, (de~Ir-ige), f., id., 

T)ets, (desh), f., appearance, 

order, ca x>eis tiiaic ar ati 

aic, the place is in good 

T)eis£>§AtA6, (desh-vae-luc), 

a., -ai, witty, smart in re- 
t)eisceAnc, (desh-karth), m., 

-cmc, the south. 
t>etsctobAt, (desh-ki-bull), m., 

-Ait, pi. id., a disciple. 
T)etscnett>, (desh-krae-id), f., 

-e, discretion. 
TJeise, (deshg), f., id., come- 
liness, neatness. 
"DeiseAt, (desh-ull), m., -sil, 

towards the right ; as interj., 

may it be well, or right. 
"Deists, (desh-ig) [-ee], v., 

mend, improve, dress ; v. n. 

-iu ; "oeisim, I mend, etc. 
t>eisire, (desh-ihi), p. a., 

mended, repaired. 
OeismineAcc, (desh-mir-ucth), 

f., -a, a quibble, cunning 

speech, quotation, curiosity. 

t>eisceAn, (daesh-tun), m., 
-cm, abhorrence, disgust, 

"DeicneAS, (di-hin-us), m., -tus, 
haste, hurry, speed. 

"Deo, (dl~o), in phr. 50 -oeo, 
for ever. 

^eoc, (dl~uc), f-., TJise, pi. -a, 
a drink. 

T)©6cAti, (di-o-kawn), m., -aiti, 
pi. id., the wind-pipe, a 
tube ; a whistle made from 
the hollow stem of oats, etc. 

■Deotio, (dl~5-ig) [-ee], f., 
the last, the end, pA -oeoro, 
at last. 

"Oedm, (dl^o-in), f., -e, will, 

T>edL, (di~oll), m., -6it, 
suckling, act of suckling. 

T)e6nui£, (dI~on-ig) [-ee], v., 
allow, consent, vouchsafe ; 
v. n. -nu ; T)e6nuim, I allow, 

T>e6n, (dl~5r), m., -6ir, pi. 
-a, a tear, a drop, -oeoiR 
often used as nom. 

T>e6nA», (di~or-ee), m., id., 
an exile, a wanderer, a 

X)t-, 0T0-, (dee), prefix ; nega- 
tive, dis-, in-, un-. 

T)i, (dee), -oe + pr. i, of her, 
from her ; -00 + i, to her, for 

■Dia, (Dee-e'), m., T)6, pi. 
■oeice, God, a god ; a day 
in days of the week. 

"OiAtiAt, (dee-ull), m., -Ail, 
pi. id., a devil ; used meta- 
phorically as, se An -o. e, 
he is the devil ; is -oia&aiI 

Digitized by 

An peAti 6, he is a great man ; 
i n-Ainm a' -oiad&iI leis, to 
perdition with it ; is -oiad- 
aIca ati obAm i, it is devilish 

"OiAbtAioeAcc, (dee-bul-ee- 

ucth), f., -a, witchcraft, 
sorcery ; ca -o. Ag peAi* tia 
■ocni 5cA«c, the three card 
man has witchcraft. 

"Oia6, (dee-uc), misfortune, 
trouble; ca ati -o. aik, mis- 
fortune is on him. Also 
■oiACAm, mo -6., my sorrow. 

"OtATJA, (dee-iiga), a., godly, 

"DtASAncA, (dee-e'-guntha), a., 
devout, pious. 

tliAio, (dee-eg) [dee-e], with 
prep. 1, 1 tixhaix), after, be- 

TJiAin, (dee-er), a., quick, 50 
■oiAin, quickly. 

"DiaILaic, (dee~ull-it), f., -e, 
pi. -i, a saddle, also -diaILait). 

TJiArfiAin, (dee-e'-vu^ir), f., 
-e, mystery ; as a., hidden, 

TJiAti, (dee-fin), a., -oeme, 
active, eager, vehement, 

■DiAti-, (dee-fin), an intens. 
pref., severe. 

■Qias, (dee-us), f., a pair, a 
couple (persons). (See -ois) ; 
an ear of corn. 

TQiascati, (dee-us-kawn), m., 
-Am, ears of corn, a gleaning. 

tJib, (deev), prep, pr., to you, 
for you. 

tJibeAncA, (deeb-ur-ha), p. a., 
banished, exiled. 

54 t)lf1 

"Ofbin, (deeb-ir), v., banish, 

remove ; v. n. -c ; ■otbnim, 

I banish, etc. 
"OTbUoic, (deev-lee-ucth), f., 

-a, wretchedness, destitu- 
TJfdeAtt, (dee-hull), m., -cill, 

utmost effort, a person's best. 
T>ic6iLle, (dee-kae-le), f., id., 

foolishness, folly. 
"DioeAn, (deed-un), m., -Tain, 

protection, covering, shelter. 
"Dipin, (dif-ir), f., -^rcac, a 

difference ; see -ocii:m. 
X>ts, (deeg), f., -e, pi. -e&ca 

and -ucaca, a ditch, a dyke, 
"Oil, (dee~Il), a., -e, fond 

"Dit, (dee~Il), intens. pref., 

fond, loyal, ardent. 
"DileAdcAi, (deel-uc-thu^ee^, 

m., id., an orphan. 
"Di'teA5nA, (deel-agra), m., id., 

an address, a lecture. 
"DiteAntt, (deel-un), f., id., 

and -Imne, a deluge, a flood. 
"OiLis, (deel-ish), a., -Ise, 

sincere, faithful, beloved. 
UjUosc, (di-li^usk), m., -isc, 

edible sea-weed, also -ouil- 

tJitseACc, (deel-shucth), f., 

-a, sincerity, love. 
"01*15, (ding, deeng), f., -e. 

pi. -eACA, a wedge. 
"Dinn, (deeng), prep, pr., from 

or off us. 
"DinneAn, (deeng-ae-ur), m., 

-6m, pi. id., a dinner. 
■Oinncitin, (din-tl^oor), m., 

-vim, pi. -yni, usually in 

pi. (an indenture, indentures]. 

Digitized by 




T>to6, (dee-uv), prep. pr., 

from or off them ; also 

OfotJAiL, (dee-vaw-il), f., -aIa, 

damage, injury, mischief. 
OfoctAOtiAD, (dee-clae-na), 

m., -ncA, pi. id., declension. 
OiojaIxas, (dee-ull-thus), m., 

-ais, revenge, vengeance. 
Oiojhais, (dee-gru~ish), f., 

-e, diligence, affection. 
Oiol, (dee-ull), v., pay, sell; v. 

n. id.; -oiolAim, I pay, sell. 
O10L, (dee-ull), m., -a, sale, 

payment ; act of selling or 

OioIumac, (dee^ul-oon-uc), 

m., -A15, pi. id., a spirited 

man ; a lad, a boyo. 
OTom, (dee-um), a negative 

prefix, un-, in-, dis-. 
Oiom, (dee-um), prep. pr. 

from or off me. 
OiomAitc, (di-mo^rlt), f., -e, 

waste ; -oioniAtlceAc, a., 

OioriiAoin, (dee-vu^een), a., 

-o, idle, slothful, useless. 
Oioitias, (dee-mus), m., -ais, 

pride, haughtiness. 
OiombAit», (deem-aw), f. -e, 

disappointment, dissatis- 

faction, sorrow. 
QTotnsAC, (dee-um-suc), a., 

-ai, haughty, proud. 
Dion, (dee'-un), m., •otn, pi. 

id., a roof, thatch, shelter, 

a covering, protection. 
OiotiAij, (dee'—un-ig), [-ee], 

v., shelter, thatch, protect ; 

v. n. -nu ; -oiOTiuim, I shelter, 


"DionTjriiAtCA, (ding-a-vawl-tha) , 
a., firm, sure, worthy, per- 

OTosc, (dee-usk), f., -tsce, 
barren, dry ; ca An 06 1 
n-oisc, the cow is dry, gives 
no milk. 

OTosc An, (dee-us-kawn), m., 
-A'n, a grating sound, a 
gnashing ; a handful. 

OiosLa, (dee^uslla), m., id., 
pi. -1, a die, dice, also 

OiospdiT), (dis-po-id), f., -e, 
pi. -oaca, a dispute, argu- 

OiospomoAcc, (dis-po^ir- 
ucth), f., -a, argument, 

"Otoe, (dee-uth), prep, pr., 
from or off thee. 

OToc-, (dee), prefix, in comps., 
negative, not, un-. 

"OfneAc, (deer-uc), a., -wi, 
straight, right, upright, 

Oinij, (deer-ig) [-ee], v., 
direct, straighten, guide ; 
v. n. -iu ; -omtm, I direct, 

Diflice, (deer'-i-hl), p. a., 

"Dis, (deesh), f., -e, a pair, a 
couple (persons) ; see -oias. 

"Disc, (deesh-ke), f., id., dry- 
ness, barrenness. 

"Oisle, (deesh-le), f., id., 
devotion, also -oilse. 

Oii-, (dee), a., neg. pref., want, 

T>Tc, (dee), f., -&, need, want, 
necessity, injury. 

Digitized by 




D»cinoAS, (di-hin-us), m., -ms, 

hurry, speed ; see ■oeicneAS. 
X>iuc, (dl~uk), m., -uic, the 

pip in fowl, 
"Cius, (di~oog), v., drain, 

drink off, drink dry ; v. n. 

-a"6 ; •oiu5Aim, I drain, etc. 
"Dime, (dew-ik), m., id., a 

T)iutt>tn, (dew-deen), m., id., 

a short-stemmed smoking 

X>tutn, (dew-ir), f., -e, a drop ; 

see "oeon. 
"DiuLcuij, (dewl-thig) [-thee], 

v., refuse, reject, deny ; v.n. 

-cu ; "oiutcuitn, I refuse, 

X>Laoi, (dhll-u^ee), f., id. 

pi. -ce, a lock of hair ; a 

"Die Act, (dlacth), f., -a, 

pi. id., a law, a statute, 

due, toll. 
TJtoACC, (dlacth), v., adjudge, 

decide ; v. n. -ax) ; -oteAC- 

cAitn, I adjudge, etc. 
X>teASCAC, (dla-huc), a., legal, 

lawful, proper. 
"Otije, (dlee), m., id., pi. 

-j;ce, a law, law ; also 

■oliseAti) and "0115. 
■DtijeAtJom, (dlee-a-dho-ir), 

m., -ora, pi. -i, a lawyer ; 

also •ot)5ceom. 
T)LisceAMAc, (dlish-tan-uc), a., 

-ai, lawful, proper. 
X>toccAti, (dluc-thawn), m., 

-Am, pi. id., a strainer. 
"Dtuic, (dhloo-i), prefix before 

slender vow 1 or con., close, 


T)tuice, (dhloo-itS), p. a., 

closed, clenched ; close. 
tJLuc, (dhloo), a., -ai, close, 

compact, as subs, the warp 

in cloth weaving. 
TJtucAij, (dhloo-hig), v., join, 

tighten, v. n. -cu ; "olucuim, 

I join together, etc. 
T)6, (dho), subs, num., two ; 

■oA is used with subs. 
T)o, (dhu), prefixed in perfect 

tense, ■oo duaiI se e, he 

struck him. 
T)o, (dhu), poss. adj., thy ; t>o 

pAipeATi, your paper. 
"Do, (dhu), prep., to, for ; 

combined with per. prs.,-oom, or for me, you, etc. 
"Do-, t)6-, (dhu, dho), neg. 

prefix, dis-, in-, un-, ill-, 

before adjs. ; sometimes in- 
tensive, very. 
"Dob', (dhub), contr. for -oo da, 

■oobtro, past and cond. of is. 
"OobAm, (dh5-biwir), in phr.bA 

-oobAin, like to happen, bA 

■6. ■ootn cuicim, I was like to 

fall, I almost fell. 
"Dobn6n, (dhu-bron), m. 

-bn6m, pi. id., great sorrow, 

TDoca, (dh5-ca), a., -i, likely; 

is t^ca, it is likely; ni -o., 

it is not likely. 
TDocAn, (dhu-cur), m. f -aik, 

pi. id., hurt, harm, injury, 

loss ; also "oocras. 
"Doc as, (dho-cus), m., -ais, 

"DocmA, (dhuc-ma), m. f id., 

dullness, surliness ; as a., 

surly, morose. 

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T>o6t, (dhficth), a., -oicce, 

close, tight, fast; 5Reim x>., 

a fast grip. 
Ooccutn, (dhuc-thoo-ir), m., 

-ura, pi. -i, a doctor. 
t)6c«t, (dho-kooll), m., -«il, 

a difficulty ; -oocuIac, a., 

"DorieAs, (dh5-yee-og), num., 

T>6jac, (dh5-uc), a., annoying, 

5aIar x>., melancholy. 
T>oi-, (dhu^i), neg. pref. dis-, 

in-, un-, ill- ; sometimes in- 
"Doib, (dh5-iv), prep, pr., for 

or to them. 
T>oic, (dhu), a., -e, easily ; 

ca se x»oic, it is early. 
"Doic, (dho-i), a probability, an 

opinion, see t)6i5. 
"DoiceAtt, (dhu-hull), m., -cill, 

churlishness, reserve. 
■Odictje, (dhO-hee), very likely, 

most likely. 
T>6m, (dho-id), f., -e, pi. id., 

the hand, the fist. 
T>oij, (dhu~ig), f., -e, pi. 

-ce, a pain, a stitch, a pang. 
T>6»3, (dh5-ig) [-ee], v., burn ; 

v. n. -065A-6 ; X)6JAim, I burn. 
T>6»5, (dho-I), f., -e, supposi- 
tion, hope ; probability ; 

condition, state ; a place, 

aS IS TDAlt ATI X1615 pRACAl 

An pAiwc sin, that field is a 
good place for potatoes ; an 
agent, as is mAic An "0615 
ctin otbwe 6, he is a good 

T>6i£ce, (dho~rt€), p. a., 

T>6ijceAn, (dhO-it-awn) , m., 

-Ain, a fire, a conflagration ; 

also c6ir;eAn. 
t>6it, (dh5-il), for -0615, ah 

•061I leAc ? do you think ? 
T>otUJ, (dhu-'il-iv), a., -e, 

dark, gloomy, sorrowful. 
T>oiLjeAS, (dhu-'il-ees), m., 

-51s, sorrow, grief. 
T>otLt£, (dhu-il-ig), a., sorrow- 
ful, sad ; also -ooilseAsAC. 
t>oirhmti, (dhinn), a., -mnne, 

deep ; also -001111111 
T>oirhni5, (dhu~ing-ig) [-ee],, 

v., deepen ; v. n. i<5 ; 

•ooirhnim, I deepen. 
TJotneAti, (dhu~in-un), f., 

-mnne, a tempest, storm, 

bad weather. 
TJo«n6, (dhii~ir-iv), a., -e, 

peevish, morose ; T»omoeAS, 

t>otn£eAcc, (diuwir-I-hucth) , 

f., -a, darkness, the dark ; 

also t)oiRce. 
T>6tnse6m, (dho-ir-sho-ir), m., 

-6ra, -6m1, a doorkeeper, a 

"Dome, (dhu/^irt), v., pour out, 

spill, shed ; v. n. -ouca ; 

•oomcim, I pour out, etc. 
OoitvjeAs, (dhu-hee-us), m., 

-51s, surliness. 
t)6icin, (dho-hin), f., -6cAnA, 

sufficiency, plenty, enough. 
T>ot, (dhul), m., pi. id., a 

fishing net ; a snare ; a 

thole pin ; also -ooIa. 
T>6L&s, (dho-laws), m., -ais, 

sorrow, anguish. 

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Oom, (dhum), prep, pr., to or 

for me, also x>Am, t>aiti. 
OotriAti, (dhoun), m., -Am, pi. 

id., the world, the uni- 
■ComblAS, (dhum-ulas), m., 

-ais, gall ; bitter anger. 
T)oriinAc, (dhoun-ac), m., -AA5, 

OotiA, (dhuna), a., wretched, 

bad, miserable ; also -ootiai. 
tJotiAS, (dhunas), m., -ais, 

misfortune, evil, ill-luck. 
"Oonn, (dhoun), a., brown. 
"OottAS, (dhorus), m., -ais, 

pi. -otRse, a door. 
TJoncA, (dhur-a-ea), a., dark, 

black, obscure, gloomy, 

mysterious, blind ; peAR ■own 

■oorca, a stern gloomy man. 
■Qoncut^, (db.ur-a-cu~ig) [-ee], 

darken ; v. n. -cii ; ■ooncuim, 

I darken. 
D6nr>, t>6nr>Ati, (dhordh-awn), 

a humming, a buzzing. 
T>onn, (dhurn), m., -oumn, pi. 

-oinne, the fist ; a blow of 

the fist ; a handful 
■DonnpASC, (dhurn - osc), m., 

-Aisc, pi. id., a handcuff, a 

t)onu, (dhur-oo), f., -hi, a fishing 

line ; also t)orui ; "oro in 

T>os, (dhus), m., -otus, pi. id., 

a bush, a copse, a tuft. 
"Dos, (dhus), prep., x>o, takes s 

before pi. art. in M. ; -oos 

tia x)AOine, to the people. 
T>osAon, (dhus-aea), m., -ieiti 

a dozen. 

t)6cAin, (dho-hin), f. t id., 

sufficiency, enough, also 

■oocAin and -oocAinc ; sefl 

X>n£, (dhraw), m., id., a card 

not a trump ; also t>raf, 

t>r»Ab, (dhrawb), m., -Aib, mud, 

■OnAtSpuijeAll, (dhrov-ee-ull), 

m., -t;iU, dregs, refuse. 
rjnAe, (dhrae), m., id., a dray. 
T>nAe, (dhrae), in phr. like 

An -onAe sceAl a^aiti, I have 

no news, bpvnt CApAitt sa 

pAmc ! An x>RAe CApAtt, not 

a horse, not one. 
T>nA5«n, (dhrog-oon), m., -um, 

a dragon. 
t)nAit>, (dhro~id), f., -e, a 

snarling facial expression. 
■DnAijeAti, (dhru~ee-un), m., 

-jm, a blackthorn, a sloe 

tree ; also ioKAA5ueAi\. 
t)nAniA, (dhraw-ma), m., id., 

pi. -iia, a drama. 
TJnAtiA, (dhrona), m., id., a 

grin, a snarl. 
t>nAtinr>At, (dhroun-dhull) 

[dhron-], m., -Ail, the gums, 

a toothless mouth. 
T>nAtiticAti, (droun-thawn) 

[dhron-], m.,-Ain, a humming, 

muttering, growling. 
t)nAnncu, (dhroun-thoo) 

[dhron-], m., snarling, growl- 
t)nAoi, (dhrii-ee), m., id., pi. 

-ire, a druid, a magician. 
T>nAoib, (dhrfl-eeb), f., -e, 

mire, wet mud. 

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T>neA6, (dhr-a£), m., -a, appear- 
ance, figure, aspect. 

TJneAct, (dhrae-ucth) , m., -a, 
pi. ic.., a song, a tale, a 
story ; a compact ; ■OHeAcefn, 
a verse. 

TJne Am, (dhroum) [dhrom], m., 
-a, a company, a tribe, a 

■DneAncAiO, (dri-an-cu-id), f., 
-e, pi. -i, a flea ; also -oeAn- 


TJne as, (dhras), m., -a, a 

bramble ; a bout, a turn, as 

■o. cot>Iaca, a bout of sleep ; 

see gneAS. 
TJneimine, (dhrae-mirg) , m., 

id., pi. -hi, a ladder. 
"Oneoij, (dhrf~6-ig) [-ee], v., 

rot ; v. n. -oneoJA-o ; Tmeoj;- 

AJiri, I rot, 
t>neoil?n, (dhrT~o-leen), m., 

id., pi. -i, a wren. 
TJneoice, (dhri^o-Ite), p. a., 

rotted, rotten. 
T>neolAti, (dhri-O-llawn), m., 

-Ain, pi. id., a simpleton. 
"Onib, (dhreeb), f., -e, mud, 

T)nJo6, (drl~uc), m., appear- 
ance ; see -oneAC. 
■QnTooAn, (dree-dhur), m., 

-Am, a drop, dregs. 
■Oniopun, (dhri-foor), a sister. 
*Oniosun, (dhri-soor), m., -vim, 

pi. id., a kitchen dresser. 
"OniocAtn, (dhrl-haw-ir), m., 

-aw, a brother. 
Omseoj, (dhrish-og), f., -6156, 

pi. -65A, a briar, a thorn. 
Ontstn, (dhrish-een), m., id., a 

pudding stuffed for cooking. 

T>ntuc, (dhrl<~uc), m., -a, 

fretfulness, peevishness, 

wasted appearance. 
T>noc-, onoic-, (dhru), prefix 

in comps., bad, ill. 
T>noiceAt>, (dhru-hudh) [dhri-], 

m., -cm, pi. id., a bridge. 
TJnoijeAti, (dhru^ee-un), m., 

-gin, blackthorn ; also -orois- 


T)not, (dhrull), m., -oil, a 

T)n6tAtin, (dhro-llan), i., 

-Ainne, the intestine ; in 

exclam. a -onolAinn r\& 

BpeAtic, God of Power. 
"Onom, (dhroum) [dhrom], m., 

-a, pi. -ATiJiA, the back ; a 

hill, a ridge. 
"Onotij, (dhrung), f., -ntntise, 

pi. -a, a company, a multi- 
tude, a tribe, a race. 
^notiti, (dhrfinn), i., -Rtntitie, 

pi. -a, a hump. 
T)nu6c, (dhroocth), f., -a, dew. 
"Dntio, (dhrudh), a single word, 

a syllable, niow Iadair s6 

•onuxj, he did not utter a 

"Dnutccin, (dhrooc-teen), m., 

id., pi. -1, a little snail ; 

•o. monA, an herb from which 

a dye is made. 
"Onum, (dhru^id), f., -e, a 

"Omiit), (dhru/* id), v., move, 

close ; v. n. -iunic ; ■oRvimim, 

I move, close. 
T>nuim, (dhrtWim), m. 

•ouoniA, the back ; the top • 

see -QRom. 

Digitized by 

tmu 60 

Ottuimptomi, (dhrim-un), a., 

-inne, white backed. 
t>nuis, (dhroo-ish), f., -e, 

adultery, lust. 
"Qua*, (dhoo-u), m., -Ait>, 

labour, hardship, trouble ; 

also x>uaj. 
"DuAin, (dhoo-en), a poem, for 

•quad and "oati. 
"DuAinc, (dhoo-erk), a., -e, 

surly, morose. 
Ouais, (dhoo-esh), f., -e, pi. 

-eAtitiA, a prize, a reward ; 

labour, toil. 
T)uaI, (dhoo-u 11), m., -Ait, law, 

duty; an hereditary 

characteristic, as bA -ouaI 

acah x>«ic beit 50 mAic, 

you inherit goodness from 

your father ; a peg ; a lock 

of hair. 
OUAI5AS, (dhoo-ii 11-gus), m., 

-ais, duty ; obligation. 
"DuAti, (dhoo-un), f., -Ame, pi. 

-ca, a poem, a song. 
"Dub, (dhuv), a., -uibe, black ; 

as subs., ink. 
"Dub, (dhuv), an intens. prefix, 

black, dark. 
T>u6a6, (dhooc), a., mournful, 

OutiACAti, (dhoo-cawn), m., 

-Am, a blight, potato blight ; 

also x>ub and -ouibeACAn. 
"DubAtt, (dhoo-bu~ill), v., 

double ; v. n. -c ; •oubluim, 

I double. 
"Dub ai Lee, (dhoo-al-ke) , f., 

id., a vice, wickedness. 
"DubAinc, (dhoo-irt), v., past 

of adaik, say. 


"DubAtcA, (dhoo-bull-th5j, p. 

a., doubled ; also -duM-aIca. 
TDubAti, (dhoo-on), m., -Am, 

pi. id., a fishing hook ; the 

kidney, -o. -aIIa, a spider. 
t)ubn6n, (dhub-rSn), m., -6m, 

great sorrow, anguish. 
"Dubs Lam, (dhoo-hlawn) , m., 

-Am, a defiance, challenge. 
"Ducas, (dhoo-cus), m., -ais, an 

inherited quality, birthright, 

one's country ; also xhjccas. 
THnti-, (dhiwiv), an intens, 

prefix, see -oub-. 
t)uit>, (dhoo~Id), a., utmost; 

extreme, as subs., the neck. 
t)uioin, (dhoo-deen), m., id., 

pi. -f, an old short pipe. 
"Quit, (dhoo-Il), f., -uile, a 

wish, desire. 
t)uiteASC, (dhu~il-usc), m., 

-lisc, edible sea-weed. 
"Duitte, (dhu^ile), m., id., 

a leaf, also "ouiUe65. 
OuitteAbAn, (dhu^ill-oor), m., 

-air, foliage. 
t)uine, (dhu^ine), m., 

pi. -OAome, a person, 

"Duinti, (dhoo-ing), prep. 

to or for us. 
"Otnnc, (dhiWirk) , f 

-eAnnA, a dagger. 
"Ouine, (dhoo-Ire), f., 

gloom, depression, sorrow. 
"DuiseAdc, (dhoo-ish-ucth), f., 

-a, an awakening, state of 

being awake, watchfulness. 
T>uisi£, (dhoo-ish-ig) [-ee], v., 

awaken, wake up, arouse ; 

v. n. -seAcc ; "otiisim, 1 

awaken, etc. 



-e, pi. 

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Uu«, (dhu~et), prep, pr., to 

or for thee. 
Ouice, (dhoo-hl), f., <5ca, pi. 

-ci, a country, a district ; 

the people of the district ; 

also Tri\CAi5 and -otitcce. 
■Out, (dhul), m., v. n. of cevo ; 

act of going, departing. 
■Qui, (dhul), m., -tail, pi. id., 

a snare, a trap, a wedge. 
T>umAs, (dhoo'-mus), m., -ms, 

pretending, shamming. 
T)vm, (dhoon), m., -win, pi. id., 

a fort, a fortified place. 
t>un, (dhoon), v., close, shut ; 

v. 11. -at> ; •ounAim, I close. 

"Ofintft Anti a6 , (dhoon- vor- oo) , 

m., -bcA, murder. 
■Ounponc, (dhoon-furth) , m., 

-umc, pi. id., a fortified 

TJtSncA, (dhoon-tha), p. a. 

closed, shut. 
"Dun, (dhoor), a., -ume, hard ', 

dull ; tough. 
TJticAts, (dhoo-hig) [-hi], see 

"Ouccas, (dhoo-cus), see t)6« 


tsuctiACt, (dhoo-hructh), f., -a, 
carefulness, diligence, kind- 

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4, (ae), per. pr., he, it. 

e ! (ae), interj., expressing 

surprise, wonder. 
§a-, (ae), neg. prefix, not, 

un-, in-. 
eAtiA, (ae-va), f., id., Eve. 
e&bAn, (a-bur), m., Am, 

eAtinAc, (a-vuruc), m., -ai£, 

pi. id., a Hebrew, a Jew, 

as a., Jewish. 
eAtinAis, (a-vurish), f., -e, 

Hebrew language. 
eAc, (ac), m., eic, pi. -ra, a 

steed, a horse. 
eActAsc, (ac-llosk), f., -Aisce, 

pi. -a, a horse-whip. 
eAcnAtti, (ac-ru-ee), f., -e, 

steeds, horses, cavalry. 
eAcnAtin, (ocr'-im) [acr-], m., 

-Ainn, pi. id., a quarrel, 

©acc, (ae-ucth), m., -a, pi. 

id., a deed, a heroic act ; 

a wonder ; a great quantity 

or number. 
6acca6, (ae«"Uc-thuc), a., -ca!, 

strange, wonderful, mar- 
eAccnA, (oc-thura) [ac-], m., 

id., pi. -i, an adventure, a 

story of adventure, any 

strange story. 
eAccnAtitiAC, (oc-thrun-uc) 

[ac-], m., -Aij, pi. id., an 

alien ; an adventurer. 
0at>, (aodh), m., -a, jealousy. 

6ao, (a), it ; used with the 
verb is or its neg. : is eA-6, 
it is ; ni h-eA-6, it is not ; 
An eA-6 ! is it ! peAK rriAic 
b'eA-6 e, he was a good man. 

eAt)-, (aedh), neg. part, before 
vowels or s, c. 

eAtJAC, (ae-dhuc), m., -A15, pi. 
-ai, cloth, clothes, dress. 

eAtJAit, (i-dhaw-Il), f., -e, 

eAtJAit, (ae-dhaw-il), f., -aIa, 
benefit, profit, increase. 

eAtJAti, (ae-dhun), m., -Ain, 
pi. id., the forehead, brow, 

eAOAH, (a-dhur), prep., be- 
tween, see toir. 

eAtJAnJAtJAit, (a - dhur - yhu- 
vawil), f., -aIa, intervention. 

eAt>Anju»t>e, (a-dhur-yhu^ee), 
{., id., intercession, medita- 

eAt3AntiA>6e, (a-dhur-nu^ee), 
m., id., an ambush. 

eAtJAncnA, (a-dhur-hru), m., 
id., the forenoon milking 
time ; dinner time ; also 


eAoniAn, (aedh-vur), a., -Ame, 

eAOocAS, (ae-dho-cus), m.. 

-ais, despair. 
eAtacnom, (ae-dhrum), a., 

-ntume, light, nimble, 

©AOcnotMAti, (ae-dhrum-awn), 

m., -Am, pi. id., a bladder. 

Digitized by 

6aj, (ae~fig), m., -a, pi. id., 

death ; 50 h-eA5, for ever, 

till death. 
eAj, (ae~ug), v., die ; v. n. 

id. ; eA5Aim, I die. 
6A5-, (ae~ug), neg. prefix, 

in-, un-, 
©A^Ain, (a-gu^ir), v., edit, 

set in order ; v, n. -5Ainc ; 

eA5Ruim, I edit, etc. 
eASAl, (og-ull), f., -5tA, fear, 

dread, see eAjjtA. 
eAjAn, (a-gur), m., -air, pi. 

id., arrangement, order ; 

peArt eA5Am, an editor. 
eASAntoin, (a-gur-h5-ir), m., 

-ora, pi. -1, an editor. 
©ascaohi, (ae^ug'-een), v., 

complain, complain of ; v. n. 

-eAti) ; eA5CAOinim, I com- 
plain, etc. 
eAscoin, (ae-go-ir), f., -ora, 

an injustice, a wrong. 
eA^cnuAS, (ae~iig-croo-us), 

m., -ais, a fever, sickness. 
CajLa, (ogalu), f., id., fear, 

eAslAis, (og-lish), f., -e, pi. 

-1, a church ; the Church ; 

the clergy. 
©AjtriAis, (ae-mu~ish), f., -e, 

want, without, lack, instead 

eAjtiA, (a~ug-na), £., id., 

&A5SAtiiAtl, (ae-^ug-soo-il), a., 

-ttiIa. strange, extraordinary, 

dissimilar ; also eA5SAiritAC. 
CaLa, (a-llu), f., id., pi. -f, 

a swan. 
e At At> a, (a-llii-ee), f., -n, pi. 

-im&, learning, science, art. 

63 e*0 

©*Ha6, (a-loc') ( m., eAttAtg, 

cattle, household articles. 
©aLoo, (ae-115), m., stealing 

off, going stealthily, eloping. 
©aLca, (a^iill-thu), f., -n, a 

covey, a flock of birds. 
eAtuiTg, (ae~ull-ig) [-ee], v. r 

steal off, elope ; v, n. -\v ; 

eAluim, I elope, etc. 
6Ati, (ae-vfln), m., 6in, pi. id., 

a bird. 
©ah^Iais, (a^iing-a-lu^ish), 

f., -e, watery milk, any drink 

of poor quality ; see AT15IAIS. 
©AntAit, (ae^un^llu), f., 

bird flocks, birds. 
©AnbAlL, (er-a-bull), m., -aiII, 

pi. id., a tail, an end. 
eA«c, (a~urk), a fly or insect 

that stings, e. Iuacra, a 

eAntuis, (ae^ur-lii^ish), f., -e, 

earnest-money ; also 6mtis. 
eAnnAc, (a-roc), m., -aij;, 

eAttnAO, (ar-ra), m., -ait>, 

pi. -ai, goods, wares, 

eAnnAio, (a-ru~id), f., -e, 

enmity, ill-will. 
eAnnAio, (a-raw-id), f., -e, 

pi. -eACA, an error, straying, 

eAs, (as), neg. prefix, dis-, 

un-, not. 
eAs, (as), m., -a, pi. id., a 

waterfall, a cataract ; a 

weasel, see eAs6s. 
eASAin, (as-ir), f., -srac* 

litter, cattle-bedding. 
BASAoncA, (as-ae~un-tha), f.. 

id., disagreement, disunion. 

Digitized by 




©AsbA, (a^us-ba), f., want, 

eASbAtom, (as-bull-o-id), f., 

-e, absolution. 
©Asboj, (as-bug), m., -btns, 

a bishop. 
eASCA, (ae~us-ku), a., active, 

quick, nimble ; also eAS5A. 
eASCAirie, (as-ku~ine), f., id., 

pi. i, a curse. 
eASCAint, (as-ku^inee), act 

of cursing, wishing evil to. 
eASCAt, (as-kull), m., -Ait, 

pi. id., the armpit. 
eAscu, (as-koo), f., -«m and 

-con, pi. -vnri, an eel. 
eAstAn, (a-sllawn), a., infirm, 

sick ; as subs., an infirm 

eAstiA, (as-na), f., id., pi. 

-ca and -meACA, a rib. 
eAstiAm, (as-nuv), m., -Aim, 

a want, deficit ; also eAsnA. 
eASos, (us-og), f., -615c, pi. 

-65A, a weasel, a stoat. 
eAsonom, (as-un-5-ir), f., -6wa, 

eAsp, (a~usp), m., -a, a hasp. 
eAspAinc, (as-pu~<irt), f., -e, 

vespers, devotions ; Bene- 
eAtoncA, (ath-ur-hu), 

between them. 
et,(ae),neg. prefix, not.un-, in-. 
eibeAn, (e-vur), m., -bm, 

erne, (ae-de), m., id., clothing, 

armour, uniform, vestments. 
ettieAti, (wiin), m., -run, ivy ; 

also eitmeAn. 
emm, (ae-dhir), in phr. ti5 

h-6rom, it is not possible. 

choice, (ae-di-hi), p. a.< 

dressed, armed, equipped. 
eipeACc, (ae-fi^ucth), f., -a., 

force, effect, sense. 
£15, (ae~ig), neg. prefix. 
eijeAti, (ae-ghi^un), m., -5m, 

necessity, compulsion ; 13 

eiseAn x>o, he must. 
e»siri, ei S inc, (ae-gin), [-gint], 

some, some sort ; -on me e., 

somebody ; ak cumA 615111, 

in some sort of way. 
ette, (e-le), a., another, other ; 

yc<\n e., another man ; An 

Ia e., the other day. 
eileAtii, (ae-li^uv), m., -lim, 

asking, demanding ; a claim, 

a? e. Ain^iT), asking for 

money ; d e. Am, there is a 

demand for it. 
eitij, (ae-lig) [-ee], v.. 

demand, ask for ; v. n. 

-leAm ; eilim, I demand, 

ettic, (e-lit), f., -e, pi. -5, 

a hind. 
eitipoAcc, (aen-ucth), in phr. 

1 n-e., together. 
£tntn, (aen-een), m., id., pi. 

-i, a little bird. 
€>irme, (ae-^ing-e), Aointie, 

anyone, anybody ; also 

e«tinit>, (aen-nee), anything. 
embAtt, (er-a-bull), m., -Aill, 

pi. id., a tail ; see eAwbAll. 
eine, (ae^ire), f., -neAnn, 

dat. -Kinn, Ireland, Erin, 

6meATiTiAc, an Irishman, 
emje, ( I-ree) [ ae-] , m. , id . , actol 

rising, a rising, rebellion, 

^inge Blije, an ambush. 

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£imc, (ae-rik), f., -e, pi. -1, 

a fine, ransom, eric. 
611*15, (r-rig) [-ree], v., rise, go ; 

v. n. -nj;e ; emim, I rise, etc. 
6tmm, (ae-rim), f., -e, meaning, 

importance, point, substance. 
emteAC, (aer-li~uc), m., -I15, 

havoc, destruction. 
&mlis, (aer-lish), f., -e, 

earnest-money ; see eAwluis, 
eis, (aesh), in phr. car eis, 

•o'6is, after. 
©is, (esh), prefix signifying 

repetition, as eisemje, re- 
eiseAti, (ae-shun), pr., he, 

him, himself, 
eisin, (esh-ir), m., -sne, pi. 

-1, an oyster. 
4isc, (i~Isht), v., listen, 

hearken ; v. n, -oacc ; 

eiscim, I listen, etc. 

£iceAc, (ae-huc), m., -ci§, a 
falsehood, a lie, 

eicoAc, (i-tac), m., -cij;, re- 
fusal, denial. 

eictj, ( et -tig) C" ee ]. v -. re- 

fuse ; v. n. -ce^c ; eicim, 1 

eitit, (et-til), v., fly ; v. n. 

-cite ; eiceAllAim, eicitim, 

I fly. 
eicttin, (et-ting), f., -e, con- 
sumption, phthisis ; also 

eocAin, (u-cu^ir), f,, -crac, 

pi. -craca, a key. 
©6t, (511), m., i\nt, knowledge ; 

is e. •00m, 1 know. 
e6tAS, (6ll-us), m., -Am, 

knowledge, information . 
©6ntiA, (5r-nu), f., -n, bar 


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£a, (faw), prep., (also pe, 
paoi, po), under, for, to, on 
account of, against ; com- 
bined with per. prs., pvim, 
pvic, pe or pAot, etc. 

fAtJA, (fou), an attempt, 
attack ; £115 se p. pum, he 
made an attack on me. 

pAtiAl, (fo'-vul), m., -Ail, a 
fable, a story. 

^AtJAn, (faw-vur), m., -air, pi. 
id., a favour ; padarac, 

JTAbnA, (fou'-ru), m., id., pi. 
-1, an eyelid, a fringe. 

fAbcAc, (fou-thuc), a., -ai, 
rotten, decayed ; ptiACA p., 
a potato with core (not the 
surface) decayed. 

£aT)-, (f.>dh), prefix in comps., 

t?At>, (fodh), m., -ait), length 
(of time or distance) ; aw 
pA-o, altogether ; 1 bpAn 6 
DAile, far from home. 

£at)a, (fodha), a., -Ai-oe and 
sia, long, far, for a long 

fAtbAinc, see pA^Ainc. 

JtatjaIac, (fo-dhaw-luc), a., -a!, 
tedious, slow. 

£Abb, (fwub), f., -a, a lump, 
an excrescence, a defect. 

£as, (fawg), v., leave, aban- 
don ; v. n. -Ail, -Ainc ; 
pA5Aim, I leave, etc. 

Fas, fai S , (fu~ig) [it], v., 
get, find ; v. n. pAgAil ; 
pAgAim, I ft, etc. 

^A^Ainc, (fi-irt), f., -arca, 

temper ; anger ; angry acti- 
vity ; also pAt>A7Rc. 
FasaIcas, (fawll-thus), m., 

-ais, a gift ; profit ; means. 
pAjcA, (fawk-hu), p. a., left, 

f?Aic, (fo~ik), f., -e, a jot, a 

scrap ; with neg., nothing. 
f?Ait), (fo~Id), see pAT>. 
pAib, (faw-ig) [-ee], m., id., 

pi. -e, a prophet, a seer. 
£Aijte, (fu~Ite), p. a., got, 

found, received. 
£aiIc, (fo~ilk), f., -e, pi. 

-eACA, a gap, a deficiency, a 

£aiU, (fi~Il), f., -e, pi. 

-crgaca, and -co, a cliff ; 

neglect ; an opportunity. 
£aiIIis», (fo~U-ee), f., id., 

£Ailm, (fo~ilm), f., -e, palm ; 

the tiller of a boat. 
fAilp, (fo~ilp), f., -e, pi. 

-eAtitiA, a blow, a wallop, 
PaiIco, (faw-Il-te), f., id., pi. 

-cf, a welcome, a greeting. 
£Ailti3, (faw-il-tig) [-teej, v., 

welcome, greet ; v. n. -ciu • 

pAilcim, I welcome, etc. 
fAinleds, (faw-in-lwog), f., 

-oige, pi. -65A, a swallow, 

also piinle, Ainleos. 
f?Ainne, (faw-ing-e), m., id., 

pi. -ni, a ring. 
f?Ain, (fo—Ir), v., watch, guard ; 

v. n. -e ; pAmim, I watch, 


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Paiwo ! (foMre), inter]., fie ! 

for shame ! 
pAmion ! (faw-fr-eer), interj., 

alas 1 
pAintets, (fo^Ir-i-hish), m., id., 

pAinnse, (fowIr-ig6), f., id., 

pi. -5!, the ocean, the 

pAinsinj, (fo^Ir-shing) , a., -e, 

broad, expansive, liberal. 
pAisc, (faw-ishk), v., squeeze, 

tighten, compress ; v. n. 

-asca ; pAiscim, I squeeze, 

p£i scire, (faw-ish-ki-he) , p. 

a., tightened, compressed. 
pAiseAti, (fosh-un), m., -sin, 

pAisn£is, (<o~Ish-naesh), f.„ 

-e, pi. -v \£A, information, 

pAicce, (fo-hl), f., id., pL 

-eACA, a field, a plain. 
Paiccios, (fo-tee-us), m., -cis, 

fear ; nervousness ; shyness, 
pAicimie, (fo-hing-e), f., id., 

a wart. 
pAL, (fawll), m., -Ait, pi. id., 

a hedge, a covering. 
PaLaimj, (foll-ing), f., -e, pi. 

-eACA, a cloak. 
fAtAineAcc, (foll-ir-acth), 

PaIatiact:, f., -a, act of can- 
tering, trotting slowly ; 

pAtAine (subs.), an ambler. 
PaLLa, (folia), m., id., pi. -1, 

a wall, also bAttA.. 
PaLLsa, (foull-sa) [fqll-], a., 

false, deceptive. 
PaLLsaoh, (foull-sae-iir) [foil-], 

f., -a, nervousness, palsy. 

67 pAti 

PaUsui£, (foull-sig) [foll-seel, 

v., falsify ; v. n. -sti ; pAtt- 

sutm, I falsify. 
pAti, (fon), v., wait, stay, stop ; 

v. n. -iiinc ; pAtiAim, I wait, 

Paii, (fon), prep., along, dur- 
ing, throughout. 
pAn, (fawn), m., -aim, wander- 
ing, astray. 
pAtiA, (faw-na), m., a down 

slope, declivity ; misfortune. 
PA«a6, (faw-nuc), a., -ai, far 

apart ; aimless ; wandering. 
pAtiti, (foun) [fon], a., -Ainne, 

weak, faint, feeble. 
pAtincAts, (foun - thiWish) 

[fon-], f., -e, pi. -1, a faint, 

a weakness. 
Pao6ah, (fu^ae-ur), m., -Am, 

pi. id., edge, sharpness (of 

a cutting tool). 
Paoi, (fu~ee), prep, pr., under 

him, under it. 
Paoi Le An, (fiW eel-awn), m., 

-Am, pi. id., a seagull. 
Paoi se ami, (fiWeesh-uv), m., 

-siTTi, improvement, a re- 
covery ; help. 
Paoisthii, (fiWeesh-id-een), f., 

-e, pi. -1, Confession ; also 

PaoicTm, (fiweet-een), m., id., 

a whiting (fish). 
PaoL, (fiwae-ull), j?aoI cti, a 

Pao«, (fiWae-un) , a., -oine, 

weak, foolish, empty. 
pAocAtfi, (fu~ae-huv), m., -auti, 

ease, recovery. 
PAttAine, (for-ir-6), m., id., 

pi. -ri, an able-bodied man. 

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pAnrjonAS, (fawr-dhur-us) , m., 

-A13, a door lintel. 
p Ann At), (for-a), m., -ato, 

company, in company with. 
pAs, (faws), v., grow, increase ; 

v. n., id., pASAim, I grow, 

Pasac, (faws-uc), m., -Aij, 

pi. -ai, a desert, a wilder- 
pAsAti, (faws-awn), m., -Am, a 

£asc, (fosc), m., -a, a shelter, 

enclosure ; a bond ; in phr. 

tii 'I pAsc A5AC, you have not 

a bit (of sense). 
£asca, (faws-ku), m., -cuite, 

tightening, squeezing. 
Pasca, (faws-thii), p. a., 

grown up. 
Pac, (faw), m., -a, cause, 

Paca, (fotha), m., id., pi. -\, 

a potato ; see pttACA. 
Pacac, (fo-huc), m., -A15, pi. 

id., a giant ; as adj., power- 
po, (fae), prep., under, before, 

see fA. 
Pba6as, (fI~ous), m., -ais, 

improvement ; goodness ; 

peAbsuis, (fWous-ig) [-ee], 

v., improve, correct ; v. n. 

-su ; peAbstum, I improve, 

peAC, (fa^uk), m., -eic, pi. 

-eAntiA, a spade, a spade 

peAC, (fae-uc), v., look, be- 
hold ; v. n. -Ainc ; peACAim, 

I look, etc. 

68 peA 

Poaca6, (fa-kii), a move, a 

stir ; pilleAX> tiA p., a bend 

or stir. 
p«At>, (fa), length, duration ; 

An -peAt), during. 
peAT>, (fadh), v., whistle ; v. 

n. -uil ; pe&TOAim, I whistle. 
peAt)Airn, (fae-dhim), defect 

v., I can, I am able. 
peAT>An, (fi-dhawn), m., -Am, 

pi. id., a flute, a reed ; a 

peAt>An, (fa'-dhur), in neg., 

I don't know, r\i p. se\ he 

does not know. 
peAtmiAtitiAc, (fi-mun-uc) [fa- 

mun-uc], m., -A15, pi. -a1, 

a servant ; a steward ; an 

p»At>65, (fa-dh5g), f., -6^ e > 

pi. -65A, a plover ; a flute. 
peAtt, (fI~oull) [fall], m., 

-eill and piU, deceit, 

peAttSA, (fI~oull-sii) [f all-su] , 

f., id., philosophy, learn- 
peAmtiAC, (fam-un-uc), f., -a! 

sea-weed attached to the 

peAm or stump. 
peAtitiAt), (fan-a) [-00], m., 

-ncA, act of skinning an 

peAn, (far), m., piR, pi. id., 

a man. 
peAn, (fae-ur), m., -6m, hay, 

grass . 
peAnAtiAC, (fae~ur-awn-uc), a 

grazier, a young rabbit. 
peAnAtiti, (far-un), m., -Amn 4 

pi. id., land, a field. 

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p©A«s, (far-ug), f., -eitise, 

anger, wrath, peAt^AC, a., 

peAnriiAn, (fae-ur-vur), a., 

-aine, grassy. 
peAnn, peAnnA, (faa-iir, fara), 

(com. of mAic), better. 
peAnsAio, (far-su^id), f., -e, 

pi. -!, a spindle, one of the 

bones of the forearm. 
peAtic, (farth), m., -a, pi. id., 

a miracle ; power ; a "Oia 

tiA opeAnc, God of miracles. 
feAncAtnti, (far-hii~ing), f., 

-iAtiA, rain. 
peAnutAcc, (far-oo-lucth), f., 

-a, manliness ; peAHiiil, a., 

Poasa6, (fas-uc), a., knowing, 

aware; is p. -00111, I know; 

also peAs. 
feAsds, (fae^us-5g), f., -6ise, 

pi. -65A, a beard. 
peASCA, (fas-thu), adv., hence- 
forth, any more ; ever again. 
freASCA, (fae~us-th&), m., id., 

pi. -1, a feast. 
peicim, (fekim), dep. form of 

cim, I see. 
peicsinc, (fesh-kint) [fek- 

shint], f., -e, act of see- 
peititn, (fae-dhir), possible ; 

is p., it is possible ; ni p. 

it is not possible ; b'pecoiR, 

peitim, (fWira), f., -e, effort ; 

force ; stress. 
peijil, (fl~il) f., -e, minding ; 

attention ; vigilance ; v 1 

bpei5it ah teinb, minding 

the child. 

69 pe6 

p6«t, peite, (fae-Il, fae-Ile'), a 
festival, a holiday ; \& peile 

Pat)hai5, St. Patrick's Day. 
piiteACAti, (fae~Ill-u -kawn), 

m., id., a butterfly. 
ptttme, (fae~Il-irg), m., id., 

pi. -ni, a calendar, an 

almanac . 
petttutiAC, (fel-ew-nuc), a., 

-ai, suitable. 
petLm, (fel-im), f., -e, pi. 

-eACA, a farm ; see pemm. 
pettmetn, (fel-im-ae~Ir), m., 

-eAHA, pi. -1, a farmer, also 

peilmeom ; see pemme6m. 
pttn, (fae*-In), emp. prn.,own, 

self ; even ; me pem, myself ; 

mo leA^AR pern, my own 

book ; man sin pern, even so ; 

also peine&c and p6inr6. 
peine, (fe~Irk), f., -e, pl.-eAnnA, 

a rim, a border, a peak. 
poincin, (fe~Ir-keen), m., id., 

pi. -1, a firkin. 
pein«At>, (fir-aedh), m., -ett>, 

pi. id., a ferret. 
peinin, (fae^Ir-een), m., id., 

pi. -1, a present, a gift. 
peintn, (fe~Ir-im), f., -e, pi. 

-eACA, a farm ; also peiltn. 
peinmeoin, (fe~ir-i-mo-ir), m., 

-ora, pi. -i, a farmer. 
peis, (fesh), f., -e, pi. -eAnru . 

a festival, a convention, a 

peic, (fae), f., -e, pi. -eACA, 

a sinew, a vein. 
peiceAm, (fi-huv), f., -trhe, 

act of waiting ; attending ; 

peocAT&, (fl~5ca), m., -cca, a 

withering, decay - 

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p«66At)An, (f I~Cc-ud-awn) , m., 

-Ain, pi. id., a thistle. 
peoitbce, (fi~o-te), p. a., 

withered ; also peoccA. 
peoit, (fl-^O-il), f., -61a, pi. 

-61ca, meat, flesh. 
peotnlins, (fW6-ir-ling), f., -e, 

pi. -i, a farthing. 
peotriiAn, (f I~Sll-vur) , a., 

-Aine, fleshy. 
peon ai tin, (fl~6r-ing), f., -e, 

the green sward near a lake, 

river, or sea, mountain side ; 

also peoncAinn. 
peosAc, (fWos-uc), a., 

withered, old. 
piAbnAS, (fee~u-rus) [fee-uv- 

rus], m., -ais, a fever. 
Piac, (fee-uc), m., peic, pi. 

-a, a raven ; a debt (used in 

pi. only). 
PiacaiI, (fee-uk-il), f., -e, pi. 

-cIa, a tooth ; also fiacaI. 
pi At), (fee-e'), m., -ato, pi. 

-•oca, a deer. 
piAOAC, (fee-uc), m., -A15, a 

hunt ; act of hunting. 
piAioAite, (fee-e-le), f., id., 

weeds ; also piAJAile. 
pi At) Ain, (fee-an), a., -e, wild, 

untamed, savage. 
piATbnAise, (fee-e '-nu~ishe), 

f., id., testimony ; a wit- 
piAtmeiti, (fee-nae), m., -e, 

pi. -ce, a witness; evidence; 

also written pinne. 
piAt)uit>©, (fee-e '-gu-'ee), m., 

id., pi. --6ce, a huntsman. 
piApntnj, (fee-e '-hrig) [-hri], 

v., ask, inquire ; v. n. -tuif ; 

piAfirafni, I ask, etc. 

70 1?ft1 

pi At, (fee-ull), a., p4iU, 

generous ; also faIttiar. 
piAnn, (fee-un), m., p6mne, 

pi. -a, a Fenian, a member 

of piATinA eineAnn, the 

piAn, (fee-fir), a., p6me, 

crooked, twisted ; p. suileAC, 

pi ah ad, (fee-e'-rii), m., -ato, 

a curve, the top or ridge of 

a hill. 
pice, (fi-hi), f., -At>, pi. -cro, 

twenty, a score. 
piTJeos, (fi-dh6g), f., -oise, pi. 

-65A, a fife, a flute. 
pica, (fidll), f., -e, pi. -1, a 

violin, a fiddle. 
pioilein, (fid-lae-Ir), m., -6ara, 

pi. -f, a fiddler. 
pijeAt)6in, (fee-dhO-ir), m., 

-ora, pi. 6m5, a weaver. 
pijce, (fi-thi), p. a., woven, 

plaited, twisted. 
pitbin, (fil-ib-een), m., id., 

pi. -1, a green plover ; also 

pite, (fil-6), m., id., pi. -li, 

a poet. 
piliocc, (fil-ee-ucth), f., -a, 

pitt, (fill), v., return, turn ; 

fold, plait ; v. n. -eA-6 ; 

pilliTD, I return, etc. 
pittce, (fill-te), p. a., folded, 

pine, (fin-g), f., id., a tribe, a 

family, a stock. 
ptneAgnA, (feen-ae-gru), m., 

id., vinegar. 
pineAil, (feen-aw-il), f., aIa, 

a fine. 

Digitized by 



pfneAlcA, (feen-awll-thii), 4., 
fine, smooth, elegant. 

ptneos, (fin-og), f., -6150, pi. 
-65A, a mite, microbe. 

f?irtrte, (fee-nae), see piA-6n6ni>. 

jrtocriiAn, (fee-uc-vur), a., 
-Ame, fierce, furious. 

pioJAn, (fee-ur), m., -air, a 
figure, a sign ; p. iia CRoise, 
sign of the Cross. 

pioJAnuij, (fee-ur-ig) [-ee], v., 
shape, fashion, figure ; v. n. 
-mi ; pioj^AtiAim, I shape, etc. 

fiolAn, (fi-llur), m., -air, an 

pTon, (fee-un), m., -a, pi. -ca, 

piotiAcnic, (fl~una-dri), a 
shivering, the " cold 

sh i vers . ' ' 

jriotin, (fi^oon), a., pinne, fair ; 
pure ; white. 

trtorni-, (fi-voon), a prefix in 
comps., fair, white. 

ptontiAt), (fWun-a), m... -ai-6, 
the fur or hair of animals. 

pionojj, (fi~un-5g), f., -oige, 
pi. -65 a, a carrion crow. 

pion, (fee-ur), a., -me, true, ■ 
genuine, faithful. 

pton-, (fee-ur), intens. prefix 
in comps., very (before a.); 
real, true (before subs.). 

ponfis, (fi~ur-6g), f., -6156, 
pi. -65A, a pullet. 

ptos, (fis), m., peASA, know- 
ledge, information ; know- 
ledge of the future, beAti 
peASA, a woman fortune- 
teller ; t 5At»pios, secretly. 

piosnAC, (fis-ruc), a., -M, in- 


fMosmitg, (fis-riwig) [-ee], V., 

inquire, ask, visit ; v. n, 

-ru ; fiosRuim, I inquire, 

pfn-, (fee~Ir), intens. prefix 

in comps., very (before a.); 

real, true (before subs.). 
p me An, (fee~rr-ae-un), m. 

-etn, pi. id., a just man ; 

in pi., the just, the elect. 
p me Arm, (fir-un), a., masculine, 

pmtn, (fir-een), m., id., pi. -(, 

a little man. 
pTninne, (fee~fr-inge), f., id., 

truth ; pmtnneAC, a., true. 
pcceAlt, (fi-hull), f., -ciUe, 

chess, a game of chess. 
ptti, (few), worth, value ; is 

piu liotn, I think it worth 

while ; is p. -oaiti, it is 

worth my while. 
ptuc, (fi»uc), v., boil (ol 

liquids) ; v. n. -at> ; ptucAim, 

I boil, ak pniCAT), boiling, 

figuratively, raging. 
piticcA, (f j^uctha) , p. a., 

ptAisin, (fllo-geen), m., id., 

pi. -1, a flagon. 
plAinf, (fla-nee), m., id., 

plAic, (fllo), m., -aca, pi. -e, 

a prince, a chief. 
piAtceAS, (flo-hus), m., -C1S, 

pi. id., heaven ; a kingdom ; 

reign ; also plAicuriAS 
piAtcuit, (fllo-hoo-il), a, -uIa, 

generous, princely ; alsa 

pt«»AT6 f (fla), i,, -evoe, a feast, 

a banquet. 

Digitized by 

tfte, (fla-usk), m., -eisc, 
pi. -a, a wreath, a ring, a 
hoop ; a wand ; the back- 
bone, ATI pleASC A ■OROtTlA, 

on the broad of his back. 
pltce, (fli-hi), f., id., wetness, 

dampness ; also pliceACc. 
plicsneAccA, (flih-nac-thu) , 

m., id., sleet. 
piiuc, (fll~uc), a., -ice, wet, 

piiuc, (fH^uc), v., wet, water, 

irrigate ; v. n. -at> ; pliucAim, 

I wet, etc. 
ptiucAti, (fll^uc-awn), m., 

-Ain, rain, moisture. 
ptosc, (flusk), m., -a, eager- 
ness, desire. 
pluinse, (floo-ir-shS), f., id., 

plenty, abundance. 
po, (fo), prefix, under. 
po-, (fu), prefixed in comps., 

odd, occasional. 
pocAin, (fuc-ir), f., company, 

presence, t h-a p., with her ; 

1 ti-a p., with him ; t bp. a 

ceile, together. 
pocAt, (fuk'-ull), m., -Ait, pi. 

id., a word, a remark. 
poctoin, (fuk'-ull-O-ir), m., 

-6ha, pi. -i, a dictionary, a 

pot>, (fodh), m., -6vo, pi. id., 

a sod, a clod, earth. 
p6t>lA, (folk!), f., id., an 

ancient name of Ireland. 
poJA, (fou), m., id., pi. -TITIA, 

a thrust, a lunge ; a dart. 
poJAil, (fou-il), f., -5IA, 

plundering depredation. 

72 pot 

po^Atn, (fo-gu~ir), v. 

announce, order, command, 

exclude ; v. n. -5AIHC, 

-5hat> ; po5HAim, I announce, 

poJAMCA, (fSn-thu), a., useful, 

good ; also posaticac. 
poJAtt, (four) [for], m., -air, 

a hum, a humming. 
pojtAon, (fou-lae-ir) [fo-], m., 

-em, pi. -1, a fowler. 
postui, (fou-liWee) [fO-], m., 

id., pi. -ice, a plunderer, a 

pojluim, (fou-hwim) [fo-], f., 

-lAtnA, learning, knowledge. 
pojluim, (fou-hwim) [fo-], v., 

learn ; v. n. id. pojltiimim, 

I learn. 
po£lumcA, (foull-um-ha) [fO-], 

p. a., learned. 
pojtfiAn, (for), m., -air, 

autumn, harvest. 
pojtiAtii, (f5-nuv), m., -Aim, 

act of doing good, serving ; 

ni'lun An posTiAth, I am not 

p6s«AXb, (f5-gru), m., -sa-rca, 

pi. -rai, an announcement, a 

proclamation, a command. 
po£us, (fo-gus) compar. poisce, 

poisse, near, close by ; 1 

eposes, near ; 1 bpoisce, 

close by. 
poitmi, (fo-^fd-een), m., id., 

pi. -1, a little sod, a small 

clamp of earth. 
poi5t>eAC, (fl-dl^uc), a., --oi, 

patient ; also poijjneAC. 
poijio, (fl~id), poijJTie, f.. 


Digitized by 

poi^se, (fiWish-ge), poigseAcc, 

(fiWish-gacth) , f., nearness ; 

i op. tnfLe, within a mile. 
p6»L, (fo-il), in phr. 50 -p6i\., 

yet, for a while, pAti 50 p., 

wait a while ; also poill. 
poittsij, (fll-shig) [-shee], v., 

show, publish, explain, de- 
scribe ; v. n. -siw ; poillsim, 

I show, etc. 
poitlsice, (fll-shi-hl), p. a., 

shown, published, explained. 
pom-, (ftWir), pon-, an intens. 

prefix, very, great, extreme. 
pom, (fo-ir), v., save, help ; 

serve, wait on ; v. n. -icin ; 

p6imm, I save, etc. 
pom, (fo-ir), f., -e, help, aid. 
poinb, (fiwir-ib), f., -e, pi. 

-eACA, a scar, a mark. 
pomtttm, (fu~ir-if-d) , p. a., 

old, feeble ; perfect. 
potneAtin, (fiwir-un), f., -nne, 

a crowd, a crew, a commit- 
pointn, (fiwir-im), f., -e, pi. -1, 

an image, a shape, a form ; 

1 bp. x>wine, in the shape of a 

pomtieis, (fiWir-nae-ish), f., 

-e, a furnace. 
poinse, (fiWir-she) , m., -sice, 

a harrowing, also pumse. 
poinsij, (fiwir-shig) [-shee] 

v., harrow ; shuffle ; 

struggle ; v. n. -se&i) ; 

pomsim, I harrow, etc. ; 

also pumsig. 
poise, (f6-ishk), f., -e, a ewe. 
poise*, (fiwish-ge), see poisse. 
poicin, (fii-hin), f., -ocaiia, 

shelter ; also puicin. 

78 pon 

potAd, (full-oc), m., -ai£, in 

hiding, a hiding place ; act 

of hiding. 
poluiocc, (foll-ee-udth) , f., -a, 

good breeding ; thorough- 
potAtn, (full-aw-ir) (used only 

after neg. ni), ni p. -oath, 

I must ; ni p. ■com cosnu, I 

am obliged to begin ; ni p. 

leis, he thinks it necessary ; 

also pulAin. 
polAine, (full-irS) , m., id.. 

pi. -ni, a mean little fellow. 
PoIaHi, (full-uv), a., empty, 

pot An ami, (full-awr-uv), m., 

-Aim, a warning, a command. 
PoIa£acca, (fulla-hoc-thu), a 

severe choking. 
pollAin, (full-aw-in), a., -e, 

sound, healthy, wholesome, 
pollus, (full-us), a., poiUse, 

manifest, clear; alsopollusAC. 
poliiiiii£, (full-a-viWig) [-ee] , 

v., empty, clear out ; v. n. 

-mw ; polttiuun, I empty, etc. 
polthuite, (full-a-viWihl), p. 

a., emptied, cleared out. 
pole, (fullth), m., ptnlc, pi. 

-a, hair of the head ; hair 

of tails of animals. 
polu 15, (full-ig) [-ee], v., cover, 

hide ; v. n. polw ; poUiim, I 

cover, etc. 
poLuite, (full-ihl), p. a. 

covered, concealed, also 

poinds, (fu-mos), m„ -61s, 

obedience, homage. 
potiti, (foun) [fun], m., pmnn, 

desire, longing; a tune, air. 

Digitized by 


ponnriiAn, (fun-a-vur), a., -Aine, 

willing, pleasing ; tuneful. 
pomisA, (foun-sa) [fon-] , m., 

id., pi. -ai, a hoop, a band. 
pon-, (fur), intens. prefix ; 

great, before, upon. 
portAijis, (fur-eesh), f., -e, a 

poriAit, (fur-aw-il), f., -AIa, a 

gift, an offering ; a com- 
portAS, (fur-as), m., -ais, 

knowledge ; history ; foun- 
dation ; law. 
ponAsrA, (fur-us-thu), a., 

sedate, sober, solid. 
pone, (furk), m., fume, pi. 

-Ann a, a fork. 
pone Am as, (furk-um-aws), m., 

-ais, affectation, airs. 
porjpocAt, (fur-uk-ull), m., 

-Ail, pi. id., a bye-word ; a 

porjmA, (fur-a-ma), m., id., 

pi. -i, a form, a bench, a 

long stool. 
po«mAt>, (fur-a-mudh), m. -avo, 

pi. id., a grudge, envy. 
ponth6n, (fur-a-vor), m., -6m, 

the greater part ; also 


pdriSA, (for-sa), m., id., pi. 

-i, a force, as of soldiers ; 

po«r<in, (fur-thoon), m., -inn, 

a fortune. 
pos, (fos), adv., yet, still, 

also, moreover ; also poscA, 

posAft, (fus-a), m., -ato, a rest, 

respite, cessation ; an atone- 

74 pne 

poscAia, (fus-ka), m., -Ai'd, 

shelter, refuge ; act of 

poscAT>An, (fus-ka-dhawn), m., 

-Ain, pi. id., an umbrella, a 

poscAit, (fus-ku-il), v., open ; 

v. n. -c ; posclAim, I open ; 

also oscAil. 
Poca«ac, (fu-hur-uc), m., -aij:, 

pi. -a, the ruins of a house ; 

•pocAR, a wood, a swamp. 
pocnom, (fu-hur-um), m., 

-RU11TI, noise, commotion : 

the herb, figwort. 
pnAis, (fra) [fre], f., -e, pi 

-acaca, a rafter, in pi., 

the rafters of a house. 
p«Airmc, (Frink), f., -e, (with 

art.), France. 
pnAinncis, (Frink-ish), f., -e, 

the French language. 
prtAitise, (frln-she), f., id., pi 

-si, a fringe. 
p«At«A, (fraw-mu), m., id., 

pi. -i, a frame. 
P«amiicac, (Froun-kuc) [Fron-] 

m.,-Aij, pi. id., a Frenchman, 

a rat. 
P«aoc, (frae-uc), m., -015, 

heather ; fierceness, fury. 
pnAOCAii, (frae-cawn), m. 

-Ain, pi. id., a whortleberry , 

also VRAOC05. 
pnAS, (fros), m., -ais, pi. id. 

grain, seed; small shot; hail 
p«eA3Ain, (fra-gtWir), v., 

answer, reply ; v. n. -c , 

pReA5HAim, I answer, etc. 
pneA^nA, (fra-gur-a), m., id. 

and -5ARCA, an answer, a 


Digitized by 

pneA^RAC, (fra-gur-uc), a., 

pneAtri, (ffr-ae-uv), {., -£irhe, 

pi. -aca, a root, origin. 
pneAtfipocAt, (fir-ae-uv-uk-ul), 

m., -Ail, a root word, a 

pneAtftujj, (fh"-ae-vu~ig) [-ee], 

v., take root ; spring from ; 

v. n. -rhti ; pReArhuim, I 

take root, etc. 
pneAscAt, (fras-thul), m., -Ail, 

attendance, serving. 
pnoAsrAl, (fras-thul), v., 

serve, attend, wait on ; 

v. n. id. ; pHeAscAlAim, I 

serve, etc. 
pneisiti, (fre-shin), adv., also, 

as well. 
pnijit), (fir-eed), f., -gTie, an 

atom, a flesh mite ; omeAT) tia 

pRijxie, nothing ; also pnij;. 
pniocc, (fri~ucth), v., fry; v.n. 

-A"6 and -Ail; pmocrAim I fry. 
pmoccAti, (fri-*ucth-awn), m., 

•itii, pi. id., a frying pan. 
pmoc-, £«•£-, (fri), prefix, 

against, back. 
pmocAit, (fri-haw-il), v., 

serve, wait on ; v. n. -aIa ; 

pRiocAilnn, I serve, etc. 
pniocAt, (fri-thul), m., -Ail, 

speech, language ; a word ; 

interpretation; pe&npuorAil, 

an interpreter. 
pmocAtAtfi, (fri-hawll-uv), m., 

-Ailce, act of waiting upon, 

P«°3, (frug), m., a frog. 
pnoriiAO, (fruv-a), m., -rhcA, pi. 

-AnnA, sampling ; proving ; 

a proof. 

75 p«A 

p«Acr, (foo-ucth), m., -a, cold, 

a cold. 
ptiA-DAij, (foo-udh-ig) [-ee], 

v., abduct, spoil, drive away; 

v. n. -t>ac ; puAT>tnm, 1 

abduct, etc. 
puAOAn, (f oo-udh-ar) , m.,-Am, 

intention, haste, activity. 
p«At>uice, (foo-udh-ihi), p. a., 

abducted, carried off. 
puAJAit, (foo~aw-il), v., sew, 

stitch ; v. n. id. ; puAjjAilitn, 

I sew. 
p«A5Ain, (foo~ug-ir), v., pro- 
claim, announce ; see posAin. 
p-uAvo, (foo-ed) [fudh], in 

phr. ah fuato, throughout ; 

ah p. tia cine, all over the 

country ; also jnro. 
puAijre, (foo-ete), p. a., sewn, 

gtitched ; also puA^Ailce. 
puAim, (foo-em), f., -aida, pi. 

-AmAnnA, sound, a noise. 
|f«Ain, (foo-er), perf. of pAj;, 

get, find. 
ffuAin-, (foo-er), intens. prefix, 

ptiAine, (foo-er-e), f., id., cold- 
puAinneini, (foo-er-niv), f., -e, 

numbness from cold. 
PuaI, (foo-ull), m., -Ail, urine. 
p«AtAti, (foo-ull-awn), m., 

-Ain, pi. id., a bedroom 

puAtnAti, (foo-um-awn) , m., 

-Ain, pi. id., continuous 

sound ; also puAirmnc. 
puAn, (foo-ur), a., -Ame, cold, 

p«An-, (foo-ur), intens. prefix, 


Digitized by 

puAHAij, (foo-ur-ig) [-ee], v., 

cool, chill, make cold ; v. n. 

-at> ; ptiARuim, I cool, etc. 
puAnuice, (foo-ur-ihl), p. a., 

puASCAit, (foo-us-kiWil), v., de- 
liver, release, redeem; v. n. 

-c; puAsclAim , I deliver, etc. 
puASCAilxe, (foo^iis-ku^ilte), 

p. a., released, redeemed, 

puAc,(foo-Q),m., -a, hatred, aver- 
sion; £uaotiak, detestable. 
puT>, (fudh), in phr. ar p., 

throughout ; see puAix>. 
puiti, (foo-iv), prep, pr., under 

you (pi.). 
puibiti, (fiwee-been), m., id., 

gadding (of cattle). 
puiceAd, (fu«~ee-uc), a., 

copious, free ; 50 p., freely. 
puijeAtt, (fu~ee-ull), m., -ill, 

residue, leavings, overplus ; 

also puiy;leAC. 
puil, (fiWil), f., polA, blood ; 

tii p. &c&, they had blood, 

they fought. 
puitmj, (fu<~il~ing), v., suffer, 

bear, allow ; v. n. id. ; 

puilinjim, I suffer, etc. ; 

also piilAing. 
puilinscoAc, (fu~iling-huc), 

a., -i'\, patient. 
puiUco, (fu~il-ihl), p. a., 

covered ; see poluite. 
putn, (fu~in), v., knead, bake, 

dress ; v. n. -eAt) ; putnim, 

I knead, etc. 
puitin, (foo-ing), prep, pr., 

under us. 
puinti*Arii, (fu~ing-uv), m., 

-tiirii, force, power, energy. 

70 put 

puimieos, (fu~ing-og), f., 

-615c, pi. -65A, a window. 
puintiseoj, (fu~in-shog), f.,, ash, an ash tree. 
puitice, (fiWin-te), p. a., tidy, 

neat, orderly ; kneaded. 
pumceoin, (fu-^in-tWo-ir), m., 

-6tia, pi. -i, a baker. 
putp, (fiWip), f., -e, a whip. 
pum«AC, (fir-ac), m., delay, 

waiting, staying. 
putntn, (fu~ir-im), f., -e., a 

form, a shape. 
pumsis, (fu~ir-shig) [shee], 

v., harrow ; r. n. -seA-6 ; 

see poms 15. 
puiseds, (fii~ish-og), f., -6t5e, 

pi. -65A, a lark. 
pdi£e, (foo-hl), prep, pr., under 

puictti, (fiWi-hin), f., pottiA, 

shelter ; see poicin. 
putAins, (full-ing), v., see 

pum, (foom), prep, pr., under 

putisA, (foonsa), m., a hoop, 

a ring. 
punAisce, (fur-ish-te), a., 

pusA, easy ; also puRAs. 
punriion, (fur-a-v5r), m., -61R, 

the greater part ; also 

pontii6R and urttior. 
pus, (fus), in phr. 1 bpus, 

(i-vus), on this side, here. 
Pusa, (fusa), see puRAiste. 
puscAn, (foos-thur), m., -air, 

cbnf usion . 
puc, (footh), prep, pr., under 

puc a, (foo-hu), prep. pr., 

under them. 

Digitized by 




^a, 5At, (go), m., -Ae, -aoi, 

pi. -Aece, a dart, an arrow, 

a spear, a sting. 
'5*, (gaw), prep. pr.=A5 a, 

at his, at her, at their ; 

'5 a rao, at its saying, i.e., 

saying it. 
5a13, (gu-ev), v., take, seize, 

make prisoner ; accept ; v. 

n. -Ait ; 5A^Aim, I take, etc. 

5. enters many idiomatic 

phrases ; 5. mo leAc-sceAl, 

excuse me ; 5. s& An d6car, 

he passed the ibad ; 5. attiac, 

go out ; 5. 1 teic, come here ; 

5. An cap All, harness the 

horse ; 5. air, beat him ; 5. 

se scilliti5, he won a shilling; 

also said. 
5a6a, (gou), m., -Tin, pi. 

5Aibne, a smith. 
5a6atd, (gaw), seesAO. 
TjAbAtt,, (guv-aw-il), f., -aIa, 

pi. id., an armful ; a con- 
5 ad Ai see, (gub-aw-ish-te), m., 

id., pi. -ci, cabbage. 
■jAbAV, (goull), m., -Ait, pi. 

5aoIa, a fork ; an estuary ; 

the groin ; a prop ; a 

Sa6aVcus, (guv-awll-thus), m., 

-ais, a conquest, invasion ; 

a rented farm. 
5a6a«, (gour), m., -air, pi. 

id., a goat. 
SAbAsriAC, (gou-hnaw), m., 

housewife thread. 

^AbtA, (gaw-blla), m., Id., 

pi. -S, a gable. 
TjAtitAn, (gou-llawn), m., -Ain, 

pi. id., a fork ; branch ; 

a creek. 
TjAtttos, (gou-llog), f., -6i5e, 

pi. -65A, a v-shaped fork. 
JjAbtA, (gufa), p. a., arrested ; 

harnessed ; also SAibce. 
5*6, (goc), distrib. a., every, 

everyone, each. 
5at>, (godh), m., -ait>, pi. id., 

a twisted twig, a gad. 
£Ab, (gaw), m., necessity, 

want, need, also 5A5&-6. 
SA*Ati, (gu^l-ur), m., -air, pi. 

id., a dog. 
tjaouT, (godh-ee), m., id., pi. 

-ice, a thief, aT robber. 
TjAttuTocr, (godh-ee-ucth), £., 

-a, robbery, plunder. 
7jAet>eAt, (gu~ae-ull), m., 

-•oil, pi. id., an Irishman ; 

5Ae-6e^tAc, a., Irish. 
SAeSeAVs, (giWae-lfig), f., 

-•6it5e, the Irish language ; 

^Aexnlge, 5Aet>tAinn, 5aoI- 

uinn, also used as nom. 
5A5, (gawg), m„ -A15, pi. id., 

a fissure, a crack, a cleft. 
jfAib, (gu~ev), see j;a&. 

-1, a narrow inlet of the sea, 

a cleft in the rocks. 
3 ai bee A.c, (gaw~If-huc), a. 

-ci, distressful, pitiful, com- 
5*150, (go*Ige), m., id., pL 

-5*. a fop. 

Digitized by 


£aiL, (go~il), f., -e, steam, 

vapour ; see jaI. 
5AiLLseA6, (gu~ill-shuc), f., 

-si, pi. -a, an earwig. 
TjAitnbTn, (go~im-been), m., 

id., usury, interest, AingeAT) 

ah 5., money on interest. 
5Aiti6Atfi, (go~in-iv), f., -ni, 

sand ; poll 541111, a sand pit ; 

also 5Ainiiii. 
TjAin, (gaw-ir), v., cry, shout, 

laugh ; v. n. -e, and -1 ; 

5Amim, I cry, etc. 
SAin, (gaw-ir), f., -e, pi. 

gAiicA, a cry, a shout, a 

TjAmb-, (go~ir-iv), prefix in 

comps., rough, coarse. 
^AintSe, (go~ir-i-ve), f., id., 

coarseness, roughness ; also 

5 Am tie At, (go~Ir-iv-ae-ull),m., 

-eil, gravel. 
3Aint>eACAS, (gaw-ird-uc-as), 

m., -ais, joy, gladness, 

pleasure ; also sAin-oe-As. 
TjAinoTtt, (gaw-ir-deen), m., 

id., pi. -1, a garden. 
;£Aine, (gaw-ire), m., id., 

laughter, a smile, a laugh. 
•jAimo, (go^ir-id), a., 510KA, 

short, near ; piopA 5., a 

short pipe ; 5A0I 5., a near 

TjAinteos, (gaw-ir-ll~5g), f., 

-oise, garlic. 
■jAinm, (go~Irm), f., 5AW11A, a 

call, a summons ; act of 

calling ; fame ; profession. 
5Ainc6An, (gaw-ir-tae-ir), m., 

-em, pi. -emi, a garter ; also 


78 SAlft 

tJais, (go^Ish), f., -e, a stream ; 

also 5&ise in nom. ; see 

^aisco, (go~ish-ke), f., id., 

bravery, heroism, valour ; 

an act of valour. 
JJaiscToc, (gosh-kee-uc), m., 

-15, pi. id., a warrior, a hero, 

a champion. 
5aL, (goll), m., -Ail, steam, 

vapour ; smoke ; flame. 
5a.La, (gaw-lla), m., id., pi. 

-!, a gale ; periodical rent 

^aLam, (gu-Ilawn), m., -aid, 

pi. id., a puff, a blast, a 

ray ; 5. 5Reine, a burst of 

3>LAncA, (gu-llawn-tha), a., 

decent, respectable ; fash- 
TjAtAn, (goll'-ur), m., -Am, 

pi. id., a disease, epidemic. 
5aU, (goull) [goll], m., -Aill, 

pi. id., a foreigner, English- 
^AttAtt, |gu-llawn), m., -Am, 

pi. id., a pillar stone. 
SaLLosIaCj (goll-og-lluc), m., 

-At5, pi. -ai, an Irish soldier, 

a gallowglass. 
SJAtturiAC, (goll-oon-uc), f., 

-ai, soap ; also gAllAOineAC. 
^Atun, (goll-oon), m., -urn, 

pi. id., a gallon. 
^AriiAin, (gou-in), m., -rhnA, 

pi. id., a calf ; term of 

^AniAt, (gom-ull), m., -Ail, 

pi. id., a fool, a lout; alsogAtn. 
^AriitiAC, (gou-nuc), f., -Ai, 

pi. -a, a stripper cow. 

Digitized by 

, prep., without 



SAti, (gon 

5. aitihas, no doubt ; 

with v. n. 5AT1 ceACc, 

to come. 
5A«5AJt>, (gon-gu~id), f. 

deceit, falsehood. 
SAtttt, (goun) [gon], a., scarce, 

scanty, rare. 
SAtitiAcuis, (gona-coo-ish), f., 

-e, scarcity. 
5Atitit>At, (goun-dhull), m., 

-Ail, pi. id., a gander ; also 


JjAO&An, (gu^ae-ur), see 5Aon. 
5ao6aI, (gu~ae-ull), SaotocaI, 

see gAe-oeAL. 
£aois, (gu^-eesh), f., -e, skill, 

taste, " wisdom, artistic 

5aoic, (gu^ee), see gAoc. 
SaoL, (giWae-ull), m., -oil, 

pi. -ca, a relation, a 

tive ; relationship. 
5aoLa6, (gu~ae-luc), m. 

dear one ; as a., 

£Aon, (gu~ae-Gr), m., 

nearness, approach ; oppor- 
tunity ; riA car 1m' 5., do not 

come near me; also saodar. 
TJaos, (gU'-ae-us), see 5AO1S. 
Saoc, (gu~ae), f., -oice, wind ; 

also 5A01C. 
5ah, (gor), ui., nearness, near 

to ; 1 nsAn -uom, near me. 
SAtiAi, (gor-ee), m., id., pi. 

-Aice, a garden ; a potato 

field ; also sarrai. 
SAnb, (gor-uv), a., -Ainbe, 

rough, coarse. 
Sa«&-, (g°ruv), prefix in 

comps., rough, coarse. 


> _A1 5» 


79 seA 

TjAnttuAic, (gora-voo-ek), f. 

-e, disturbance, confusion. 
TjAnSuij, (gora-vu~ig) [~ee]. 

v., roughen ; v. n. -£m ; 

^Anbtiim, I roughen. 
3JAnt>A, (gawr-dha), m., id. 

pi. -1, a guard. 
Sahida, (gora), m., id., pi. 

-ca, a garden, see 5ara$. 
S^ns, (gor-ug), a., -Aiitse, 

fierce, cruel, rough. 
TjAtttAc, (gor-lluc), m., -aij, a 

TjAttsmi, (gor-soon), m., -uin, 

pi. id., a boy, a servant ; 

5. Aimsme, a servant boy ; 

also 5AS1JR. 
■jjas, (gos), m., -ais, pi. id., 

a stem, a stalk, a plant ; 

gas ; 5. 5UA1I, coal gas. 
TjAsnA, (gosara), m., a com- 
pany, a gathering (of people) . 
TjAstA, (gos-thu), a., shrewd, 

skilful, clever ; spruce. 
■jAsun, (gos-oor), m., -um, pi. 

id., a boy, a servant ; see 

5ARStitl . 

SAi, (go), seesA. 

tjacah, (gaw-thur), m., -air, 

want, need. 
Se, (gae), m., id., pi. -aiia, 

a goose. 
■56, (gae), conj., though, al- 
though ; see gro and ce. 
Soa S , (gae-ug), f., seige, pi. 

-a, a limb, a branch ; a 

member, a scion. 
5eAtcine, (ga-thir-e), rn., id., 

pi. -ni, a splinter ; 5. 

A-omAio, a splinter of wood. 
Joaicsi, (gaa-it-shee), tricks, 

antics ; (not used in sing.). 

Digitized by 


5© At, (ga~&ll), v., brighten ; 

v. n. -&o ; seAlAmi, I 

SeAt, (ga~ull), a., site, bright, 

white, fair. 
SoaIac, (gWull-oc), f.. -ai, 

the moon. 
^eAtACAii, (gal-u-kawn) , m., 

-Am, the white of an egg. 
5eAlAti, (gl~ull-awn), m., 

-Am, pi. id., a flash of sun- 
shine, a blaze of light, 

intense brightness. 
TjeAltJAti, (gal-oon), m., -ahi, 

pi. id., a sparrow. 
SeAU, (gi~oull) [gall], v., 

promise ; v. n. -uinc ; 

5eAUAim, I promise. 
^eAtt, (gl^oull) [gall], m., 

5eiU, a pledge, a wager ; 

a prize. 
TjeAtttA, (glVoull-tha) [gall- 

tha], p. a., promised, pledged. 
TJeAtc, (galth), m., -eilc, a 

^eAtiiAn, (gf^our), m., -Am, 

green blade of corn or grass ; 

ca An t-AnbATi riA 5., the corn 

is up (over ground). 
jjeAti, (gan), m., -a, love, 

affection ; grace. 
TjeAtimnuiocc, (gan-um-nee- 

ucth), f., -a, modesty, 

chastity ; purity. 
TjeAtmcAc, (gi~oun-kuc), a., 

-ai, snub-nosed; ill-tempered. 
3»An-, (gae-ar), prefix in 

comps., sharp, sour, keen. 
5ȤAn, (gae-ar), a., -6me, sharp; 

sour; keen; strict, observant. 
TjeAncAc, (gara-kuc), m., 

-A15, an unfledged bird. 

80 S©< 

SeAnAis, (gae-ar- ig) [-ee], v., 

sharpen, quicken, mako 

sour ; v. n. -ru ; s^ARuim, 

I sharpen, etc. 
SeAtiAti, (gir-awn), v., com- 
plain ; v. n. id. ; seARAriAim, 

I complain. 
SeAnAn, (gir-awn), m., -Am, 

pi. id., a complaint. 
SeAnb, (gar-ub), f., -embe, 

pi. -a, a scab, an excrescence, 

SeAntiiAin, (gara-maw-in), f., 

-e, Germany. 
TJeAnn, (gaar), a., 510RRA, 

short, near. 
JeAnn-, (gaar), prefix in 

comps., short. 
TJeAnn, (gaar), v., cut, divide, 

mow, shear ; v. n. -ax> ; 

5eARrtAim, I cut, etc. 
SeAnnAti, (gir-awn), m., -Am, 

pi. id., a gelding, a hack. 
T;eAnncAile, (gara-co-^ile) , f. ( 

id., a girl. 
SsAnncA, (gaar-hu), p. a., 

cut, mown, sliced. 
3gas, (gas), f., -eise, -a, a 

spell, a bond, an injunction. 
TJeAtA, (gatha), m., id., pi. 

-1, a gate. 
^eACAine, (ga-thir-e), see 

SeibeAtiti, (gae-van), m., 

-bmn, pi. id., captivity ; 

prison ; bondage ; distress. 
Seitt, (gae-il), v., submit, 

obey, do homage ; v. n. 

-eA-6 ; 561111m, I submit, 

3©itc, (ge~Ilt), m., -e, a 

lunatic ; see geAlc. 

Digitized by 


Jetm, (gae~im), f., -e, a 

lowing of cows ; a roar, a 

bellow ; activity. 
T;einmeAtb, (gee-Ir-e) [giv-re], 

m., -uro, winter. 
"Sein, (ge~in), f., -e, offspring ; 

SemeAUc, (gin-ull-uc), m., 

-A15, pi. id., generation, 

Sein, (ge~!r), f., -e, fat, 

grease, tallow, suet. 
3em-, (gae-ir), (from 56AR), 

prefix in comp3., sharp. 
Seme, (gae^IrS), f., id., 

sharpness, keenness, sour- 
Seic, (ge~it), m., id., a start, 

a fright, a jump.. 
5e6cAC, (geo-kuc), m., -ai$, 

pi. -ai, a vagabond ; a 

vagrant ; a buffoon. 
Seoin, (geo-in), f., -e, con- 
fused noise, a hum ; 5. 

Paisci, the noise of children. 
51AII, (gee-ull), m., 561U, 

pi. -a, the jaw. 
3nb, (gee), conj., though, 

although, yet. 
S«S«t, (gig-il), v., tickle ; 

v. n. -c ; 515111m, I tickle. 
Site, (gi-le), f, id., bright- 
ness, whiteness; a term of 

Sitlin, (gill-een), m., id., pi. 

-1, a gelding. 
51 in Le At), (gim-lae-fidh), m., 

-ero, pi. id., a gimlet, 
jmi, (gin'-ee), m., id., a 

510b, (gi»ub), m., -a, a 

morsel, a whit, a pick. 

81 $1U 

jjiobAl, (gl~ub-ull), m., -A'l, 

pi. id., a rag ; a tattered 

5106, (gee), conj., although; 

see co and 51X). 
5105, (gee-ug), f., 5156. a 

squeak ; tia bio-6 5. asac, 

don't make a sound. 
TjIoLcac, (gwull-koc), f., -ai, 

a reed from which brooms 

are made ; common broom. 
SiotcAine, (gwullk-ire), m., 

id., pi. -Rt, an uncouth 

5iotlA, (gIVulla), m., id., pi. 

-f, a servant ; a guide ; a 

driver ; one in charge of 

5;ionp»AT3, (gWur-ae), m., id., 

pi. -pice, a hare. 
3»ionnACc, (gi~ur-ucth), f,, -a, 

shortness, nearness. 
■SionntiiJ, (gWur-ig) f-ee], v., 

shorten, abridge ; v. n. -itu ; 

5iontuiim, I shorten, etc. 
"JJiohca, (gWur-tha) , m., id., pi. 

-i, a belt, a girth; the waist. 
^loscAti, (gee-us-kawn), m., 

-Am, a grating, a gnashing, a 

"Sioca, (gi-thu), m., id., pi. 

-1, a bit, a piece, a fragment. 
^innseAc, (gir-shoc), f., -si, 

pi. -a, a girl. 
■glum, (gew-in), see j;eoin. 
3Jiuinlen>, (gew-ir-lae-Id), f., 

-e, pi. -1, an implement ; 

usually in pi., trappings, 

parcels, instruments. 
31U15, (gew-ish), f., -e, pine- 
wood, bog-deal i alsc 


Digitized by 

3t « 

5iuiscis, (gevv-ish-teesh), m., 

id., pi. -i, a magistrate. 
5iURtiA.1l, (gewr-naw-il), f., 

-aIa, act of doing light 

51ac, (gllok), f., -Aice, the 

palm of the hand ; a fistful ; 

a grasp, a hold. 
tjIac, (gllok), v., take, catch ; 

receive ; undertake ; v. n. 

-ax> ; 5lACAim, I take, etc. 
SlACtitce, (gllok-ihi), p. a., 

received, taken, caught ; 

also sIacca. 
SlApARtiAC, (gllof-ur-nuc), m., 

-A15, jargon, prattling, 

SlAisni, (glo~Ig-een), m., id., 

pi. -i, a shallow, talkative 

TjLAtm, (gllaw-im), f., -e, a 

clamour, a great noise, a 

5lAin«, (gllu~in-e), f., id., 

purity, brightness ; also 


5lAm, (glloum) [glom], m., 

-a, a howl, a yell, a bark. 
51a«, (gllon), a., -Airie, clean, 

clear, pure, sincere, inno- 
SlAti, (gllon), v.. clean, 

cleanse, purify, clear ; v. n. 

-ax> ; slATiAim, I clean, 

5lAti-, (gllon), intens. prefix, 

clean, clear. 
51at»ca, (gllon-thu), p. a., 

cleansed, purified. 
tjIaoo, (gull-ae), m., -ore, a 

call, a shout, a message ; 

also sIao-oac. 

82 ste 

S'>Aor>uss, (gull-ae-ig) [gull. 
ae], v., call, shout, cry ; 
v.n. jLaouac ; glAO-DAim, I 
call, etc. 

51as, (gllos), m., -ais, pi. id.;, 
a lock. 

5I.AS, (gllos), a., -Aise, green 
(as of plants) ; grey (as of a 
horse) ; natural colour (as of 
wool) ; chilly, cold (of the 

StAsriA, (gllos-ru), m., id., 
pi. -1, verdure ; in pi., vege- 
tables, greens. 

■Ste, (glae), a., pure, bright, 
plain, perfect. 

5l«-, (glae), intens. prefix, 
very, perfect, truly, bright. 

SleAcuf, (gla-ku-^ee), m., id. 
pi. -tnce, a combatant ; a 
trickster, an impostor. 

SLeAtiti, (gli-^oun) [glan], m. 
-a, pi. -ca, a valley ; dim. 

SLoas, (glae-iis), v., prepare 
arrange, adjust ; v. n. -ax> ; 
5l6ASAim, I prepare, etc. 

5L6AS, (glae-iis), m., -ets, pi. 
id., a means, a manner ; 
order, condition ; an in- 
strument, a machine ; the 
key in music ; furniture. 

5les<»Al, (glae-gl~ull), a., 
-5ile, bright, pure, beauti- 
ful ; a term of endearment. 

3LeitieA6, (glae-nl~uc), a., 
-tii, clear, shining, distinct. 

^LeiceAHAti, (gle-hur-awn), 

-Am, bustle, hurry, ca 5. 
a tit, he is very busy ; peat* 
^leiceARAtiAc, a very busy 
man ; also means fumbling 

Digitized by 


5Le6, (gleo), m., -Iia-6, noise, 

tumult, strife. 
TjLeoice, (gleo-ite), a., delight- 
ful, exquisite. 
TJliAOAn, (glee-e-dhur), m., 

-air, pertness, loquacity. 
TJtib, (glib), f., -e, unkempt or 

dishevelled hair. 
TJtic, (glik), a., -e, wise, 

cunning, smart. 
S Ll S' M i (gbg-een), m., id., pi. 

-i, a gid3y fellow ; also 

^Lmmuinc, (glin-ew-int), 1., 

-una, act of staring, gazing 

5Liocas, (glWuk-as) , m., -ais, 

cleverness, cunning. 
SLiosAtt, (gll~ug-ur), m., -am, 

prattle ; a tinkling sound. 
TJtiorrtAC, (gll^um-oc), m., 

-A15 and 5le.an1.Ai5, pi. 

5le&mAi5, a lobster. 
^Loine, (ghwine), f., id., pi. 

-ni, glass ; a drinking glass ; 

a glassful. 
5L6111, (gllo-ir), f., -e, glory ; 

also 5l6me in nom. 
5 L 6t«V5» (gHo-ir-ig) [-ee], v., 

glorify ; v. n. -iu ; stomim, 

I glorify. 
JJLon, (gllor), m., -6m, pi. 

-ti, noise, sound, voice. 
5L6nt«ATi, (gll5r-vur), a., -Aine, 

■SLocAn, (gllu-hur), m., -air, 

rattle in the throat, the 

TjLuais, (glloo-esh), f., -e, a 

device ; state or position ; 

a gloss, interpretation. 



^JLuAts, (glloo-esh), v., pro- 
ceed ; depart ; move ; 

march; v. n. -e^cc ; 5luAismi, 

I proceed, etc. 
5LU5AI1, (gllu-gur), m., -air, 

a rattle ; no 5IU5AIR, a bad 

egg with a rattle. 
3Jt«n, (glloon), f., -time, pi. 

-a and -uine, a knee ; a 

generation ; a degree. 
5tiAic, (gunaw), a., -e, 

habitual, customary. 
JJtiAic-, (gunaw), prefix in 

comps., habitual. 
^maoi, (gun-ee), f., id., pi. 

-ie, the countenance ; also 

pleasure, delight. 
5mas, (gun-aws), m., -ais, pi. 

id., custom, habit, manner. 
5mac, (gun-aw), m., -aic, a 

custom, a habit, usage. 
StiACAi, (gun-aw-huc), a., -a! 

customary, also pnAt. 
JJnActiij, (gun-aw-hig) [-hee], 

v., practise, exercise, accus- 
tom ; v. n. -cii ; 5nAcuiin, I 

practise, etc. 
5ne, (gln-ae'), f., id., the 

countenance ; appearance. 
5mm, (grn-eem), v., I do ; 

see T)6An. 
^rnorii, (gln-ee-uv), m., -fm, 

pi. -arca, an act, a deed, an 

action; gen. also -a. 
■5116, (gun-o), m., -tA, pi. id., 

business, work, affairs, 

5n6cur|5, (gun-o-hig) [-hee], v., 

obtain, win, profit ; appoint ; 

make good ; v. n. -tu ; 

5n6cuim, I obtain, etc. 

Digitized by 

5n<tts, (giin-oo-ish) , f., -e, pi. 

-eAtitiA, the countenance, the 
face ; appearance ; also a 
notch, a fissure. 
'gnusAcc, (gun-oo-sucth), f., 
-a, a deep droning sound, as 
a cow to her calf ; also 


TJo, (gu), prep., to, towards, 
till, with, during. 

50, (gu), conj., that, so that ; 
50 nAib niAit A5&V, that good 
may be yours, thank you ; 
before past tense combines 
with no and becomes 51m 
also before present of asser- 
tive verb as surad ; often 
has a relative force, bi peAR 
50 «aid bACA Aije, there was 
a man who had a stick. 

50, (gu), particle prefixed to 
adjs. changes them into 
advs., as ttiaic, good ; 50 
triAit, well ; bonb, fierce, 50 
boRb, fiercely. 

50b, (gub), m., -5111b, pi. id., 
the beak or bill of a bird ; 
a snout. 

SobAOAti, (gub-a-dhawn), m., 
-Ain, pi. id., a sandpiper ; 

til CA5AJI ATI x>a CRA15 leis ATI 

ng., the 5. cannot attend both 

strands (proverb) . 
SobAti, (gu-bawn), m., -Am, 

pi. id., a muzzle to prevent 

a calf or kid suckling. 
5°5> (gug). m., 51:15, pi. id., 

a nod, a wag of the head ; 

a syllable, a sound. 
£010, (gtWid), v., steal, pilfer, 

plunder; creep stealthily; v. 

n., id.; goroim, I steal, etc 

84 son 

5oi©4e, (giWita), p. a., stolen ; 
also joi-oice. 

501L, (gu~ill), v., cry, weep, 
lament ; v. n., id. ; 50111m, 
I cry, etc. 

5oiLe, (giwile), m., id., 
appetite, the stomach. 

501U,, (gu~il), v., displease 
affect, hurt ; -iumc ; 501111m, 
I displease, etc. 

501m, (gu~iv), f., -e, anguish, 
malice, vexation. 

3Jo«n, (gu^-in), v., wound, in- 
jure, stab, hurt ; v. n. 50T1 
and 5onAT> ; 501mm, I wound, 
etc. ; also 5or>Aim. 

Some, (gu~ire), f., id., near- 
ness ; r»A car 1m' 5., do not 
come near me ; also (compar. 
of sar) nearer ; is 5. caBair 
"Oi tiA An t)Oras, God's help 
is nearer than the door. 

■Soinj^ACc, (gu~ir-ig-ucth), f., 
-a, surliness ; 50iR5eAc, a., 

TJomrn, (gu~ir-im), a term of 
endearment, dear, darling ; 
mo 5. cu, well done, bravo. 

2Joinc, (gtWirt); a., -e, salty, 
bitter, also 511 mr. 

TjottAti, (gull-awn), m., -Am, a 
large upright stone or pillar. 

SoncA, (gun-tha), p. a., 
wounded, hurt. 

"Son, (gur), m., jxhr, incuba- 
tion or brood in ess in fowl ; 
ceARC sum, a broody hen ; 
matter in a sore or abscess, 

5onAt>, (gur-a), m., a heating, 
a burning. 

Jornti, (gur-um), a., jpamme 

Digitized by 


5onc, (gurth), m., gumc, pi. 

id., a field, tillage field, 

corn field. 
5<mcA, (gur-tha), m., id., 

hunger, dearth, starvation ; 

as adj., starved, stingy. 
Soncuij, (gurth-ig) [-ee], v., 

hurt, injure, oppress ; 

starve ; v. n. -rx> ; soncumi, 

I hurt, etc. 
Soncuice, (gurth-i-hi) , p. a., 

injured, wounded. 
"StiAi), (graw), m., -a, love, 

5nA©, (grawdh), m., -ato, a 

grade, a degree ; also 5«a-6. 
S«AtJAtn, (gro-dhum), m., -Aim, 

esteem ; fame. 
5nAt>ui£, (graw-ig) [-ee], v., 

love ; v. n. --ou ; 5ttA - mHm, 

I love. 
SnApAn, (gru-fawn), m., -aw, 

pi. id., a grubbing axe, a 

grubber ; also 51^65. 
2JnAit>M, (grin), love, affection ; 

mo 5. ixt, my love art thou ; 

a dim. of 511A6. 
jnAimeAn, (gra-mae-ur) , m., 

-6m, grammar. 
SnAin, (graw-in), f., -e, disgust, 

detestation, dislike. 
5nAine65, (graw-in-og) , f., 

-6\^e, pi. -65A, a porcupine, a 

SnAititie, (graw-ing-e) , m., id., 

pi. -ni and -aca, grain, a 

5«Ai«seAC, (graw-in-shuc), f., 

-si, pi. -a, a granary. 
JjnAictn, (gra'-hin), f., -e, a 

swarm, a flock ; a mob ; 

also 5UACA111. 

85 sn6 

]^HAniAt)AC, (grom-ii-dhue, m., 

-A15, grammar. 
Srama, (graw-nu), a., -Ainne, 

ugly, nasty, horrid. 
^haosca, (griwae-ustha) , a., 

obscene, lewd. 
JJnAS, (graws), m., id., pi. 

-ca, grace. 
SnAscAti, (graws-kur), m., 

-aau, a mob ; low people. 
"Sn ac a, (graw-tha), m., id., 

pi. -1, a grate. 
SnACAin, (gra-hin), seegnAicm. 
SneAD, (glr-adh), v., strike, 

beat, whip, burn, urge ; 

v. n. -a-6 ; 5neA"OAim, I 

strike, etc. 
£neAT>cA, (gra-tha), p. a. 

struck, severely beaten, 

scorched ; also gneA-otnce. 
Sn6A3, (grae-ug), f., -615c 

Greece ; 5R6151S, Greek 

SneAmuij, (gfrom-ig) [-ee], v., 

catch, seize, hold, join, 

fasten together ; v. n. -mu ; 

5neATmnm, I catch, etc. 
SneAti, (gir-an), m., -nin, 

gravel, coarse sand. 
5n©AtiAib, (glr-ana), m. -tica, 

pi. id., an engraving. 
^neAtin, (glr-oun) [-an], m., 

--Rinn, fun, merriment ; also 

^flBAticA, (gir-an-tha) , a., 

polished, neat, beautiful. 
5neAs, (glr-as), m., -a, a 

bout, a turn, the amount 

done at a time ; 5. cotAaca, 

a bout of sleep. 
SneASAi, (glr-ae'-see), m., id., 

pi. -Aice, a shoemaker 

Digitized by 


TjneioeAll, (gtre-dhull), m., 

-mil, pi. -a ; a gridiron, a 

TJnetm, (gir-Im), m., 5110 Am a, 

pi. 5R0ATHAT1A, a bite, a bit ; 

a grip ; a pain or stitch ; a 

stitch in sewing. 
TJniAti, (gree-un), f., 5Reme, the 

SniAti-, (gree-un), prefix in 

comps., sun, sunny, bright. 
■SniAmjis, (gree-iin-ig) [-ce], v., 

sun, expose to the sun ; v. 

n. -tiu ; gRiAtiuini, I sun, 

bask in the sun. 
5«ib, (glr-ecb), f., -e, dirt, 

mud ; also -oRib. 
"Sninn, (gir-eeng), a., pleasant, 

funny ; accurate ; beautiful, 

5nirnieAtt, (gir-ing-ull), 111., 

-nitt, the bed of a river, lake 

or sea. 
TjniosAC, (glr-ee-suc), f., -ai, 

pi. -a, burning embers, 

smouldering coals and ashes. 
Sniosuij, (glr-ee-sig) [-see], 

v., exhort, stir up, excite ; 

v. n. -su ; 5Riosuim, I ex- 
hort, etc. 
Sntsctn, . (gir-eesh-keen), m., 

id., pi. -i, a small piece 

of meat ; a bit of meat 

5«ot>, (gur-udh), a., quick, 

soon, early ; 50 5., soon. 
5«°5> (gur-ug), m., id., pi. 

-Ai ; a haunch ; ar a 5R05, 

sitting (on his haunches). 

86 £<iti 

7;noi6e, (giir-ee). a., hearty 

generous ; strong and big. 
TJnuAixj, (groo-e), f., -e, -atjiia, 

the cheek, the brow. 
3nuA» S , (groo-eg), f., -Ai 5 e, 

hair, hair of the head ; also 

SnuAim, (groo-em), f., -atma, 

gloom, surliness, ill-humour. 
5nuc, (gru), m., 5ROCA, curds, 


3UASAC, (goo-ug-uc), a., -AI, 
silly, frivolous. 

2JuA»ne, (goo-ere), m., id., pi. 

-ri, a bristle, rough hair. 
TjuAtntieAti, (goo-cr-nUawn), 

m., -Am, a whirlwind ; also 

busy ; ca se gUAiRneAriAC, 

he is busy. 
tjuais, (goo-esh), f., -e, danger, 

trouble ; pains. 
■guAt, (goo-ull), m., -Ail, coal. 

tJuaLa, (goo-ulla), {., -Ann, 
pi. -Ailne, a shoulder ; 5. ar 
5UAtAinn, shoulder to 


Suit), (gu-ig) [gu~ee], v., 

pray, beseech, implore ; v. 

n. -e ; 5ut-6im, I pray, etc, 
TJuit, (gu~il), v., weep, cry, 

lament ; v. n. 50I ; suitim 

I weep, etc. 

Tjtittimne, (gu~il-im-ne), f., 
id., pi. -ni, calumny. 

Tjuint, (gu~irt), a., -e, salty, 
bitter ; also joirc. 

TjunA, (goo-na), m., id., pli 
-i, a gown. 

Digitized by 

5«riA, (guna), m., id., pi. -i, 
a gun. 

Tjtm, (gur), conj., 50 + RO, so 
that, that, till ; used before 
perfect tense ; see 50, 

TjunAb, (gur-ub), is becomes 
a1) after 51m ; -oemm guRAb e 
Sean 6, I say that he is 

87 tlOt> 

John ; Ab is omitted before 
consonants; T)eiKtm 51111 peAtt 6 

TJUSCAt, (gUS-thull), m., -All, 

means, wealth, power, 

5uc, (gu), m., -a, pi. -AHA, 

the voice ; a vote ; a vowel. 
5«ca«, (gu-hawn), m., -Am, 

pi. id., a telephone. 


TiaUa, (holla), m., id., pi. -\, 

a hall. 
Iiaca, (hotha), m., id., pi. -f, 

a hat. 

Iiuda, (hoo-dha), m., id., pi. 
-i, a hood. 

Digitized by 



I, (ee), pers. pr., she, her, it. 

t, (i), prep., in, into ; also 
written, a, in, Ann. Comp. 
with prs., ion Am, iotiac, 
Ann (m.), nice (f.), etc. ; 
with art., ms An (sing.), ms 
tiA (pl-)> often contr. to 
'sAn, 'sti4 ; before certain 
nouns forms comp. preps. ; 
i lAcAm, in presence of ; 
t 5ceAnn, at the end of ; 
in adv. phrases, i n-oe, 
yesterday ; 1 mbtiATmA, this 
year ; used predicatively 
after ca, ca me im' ^gar 
Anois, I am a man now ; 
denotes existence, is olc 
An Aimsm aca Ann, it is bad 
weather (that is in it). 

1at>, (ee-udh), per. pr., they, 

Iatjca, (ee~u-thu), p. a., 
closed, shut; (from iax>, v., 

IaLL, (ee-ull), f., etUe, pi. -aca, 
a thong, a lace, a leash. 

Iah, (ee-ur), (indec.) west, 
western part; iarcau, thewest. 

lAnAtiti, (ee-ur-un), m., -Ainn, 
pi. -nnAi, iron, an iron. 

lAnpLAir, (ee-ur-llu), m., -aca, 
pi. -e, a feudatory lord. 

lAnjcuL, (ee-ur-gooll), m., -a, 
a remote or backward place, 

IarLa, (ee-ur-llu), m., id., 
pi. -i, an earl. 

lAnn, (ee-ur), v., ask, seek, 
demand, inquire, v. n. -ai-6; 
lAKUAtm, I ask, etc. 

lAnnAcc, (ee-ur-ucth), f., -&, 

an attempt, a try ; a share ; 

a blow ; i. airji-o, a share 

of money. buAile.j-6 i. air, 

he got a blow. 
Iahracas, (ee-ur-a-thus), m., 

-ais, a request, petition, 

UnncA, (ee-ur-hu), p. a., 

asked, sought. 
UnsniA, (ee-urs-mu), m., id., pi. 

-i, a result, an after-effect. 
UncAn, (ee-iir-hur), m., -Atn, 

the west, west district, remote 

UncA, (ee-ur-thu), f., -n, a 

Iasacc, (ee-us-ucth), f., -a, pi. 

-ai, a loan ; ar i., on loan. 
Iasacca, (ee-us-uctha), a., 

foreign, strange ; -otnne i., 

a foreigner, a stranger. 
Iasc, (ee-usk), m., eisc, pi. 

id., fish, a fish. 
lAscAine, (ee-usk-ire), m., id., 

pi. -Tii, a fisherman. 
it)', (i*-udh), prep, pr., =ui 

•do, in thy. 
Tt>e, (eed-e), f., id., state, 

plight ; fate, destiny. 
1t>ij, (eed-ig) [-ee], v., use. 

exhaust ; spend ; maltreat ; 

v. n. -iu ; roijjim, I use, 

ir>\n, (idir), prep., between ; 

among ; together ; comp. 

with prs., eATiTiAiTin, eATDRAib, 

eAcoRCA, between us, you, 


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IpneAnn, (if-ir-un), m., -Mtm, 

11-, (il), prefix in comps., 

many, various, much ; also 

lie, (eel-S), f., id., oil. 
1m-, (im), intens. prefix, great, 

very. . 
1m, (im and eem), m., -e, 

butter ; also im. 
Im', (wum), prep, pr., = m 

mo, in my. 
tmbAmeAc, (im-aw-Ir-»c) , see 

Am a me ac. 
imciAn, (im-I-cee-un), a., 

-c6me, remote, distant, 

t me All, (im-ull), m., -mill, 

pi. id., a border, an edge. 
ImeAniA, (im-ar-hu), p. a., 

played, ca Ati bime i., the 

match is played ; pAmc ati 

imeAWCA (gen. of mime), the 

playing field. 
ImeAsc, (im-a~usk), prep., 

among, amidst. 
Imin, (imir), v., play, exercise; 

achieve ; v. n. -c ; tmmim 

and -nfm, I play, etc. 
Itrnnce, (imiree) [imir-ke], i., 

id., removal, migration. 
1ml© ac Ati, (im-le-kawn), m., 

-Ain, pi. id., the navel. 
limit, (im-nee), f., id., anxiety, 

Impi, (im-pee), f., id., pi. id., 

a prayer, a snppli cation, 
tmpine, (im-pir6), m., id., an 

emperor, whence impmeicc, 

an empire. 
ImneAS, (im-ras), m., -wis, 

pi. id., contention, strife. 

89 inn 

1m4ij, (im-ig) [-ee], v., de 
part ; v. n. -teAcc ; imcijim, 
I go, etc. 

In, (in), prep., see i. 

In-, (in, i»un), ion-, prefix, 
capable, fit, suitable. 

InbeAn, (ing-ee-ur) [in-vur] , 
m., -bm, a river mouth, a 
harbour ; also, act of graz- 
ing, pasturing. 

Inctnn, (in-i-hing), f., -e, the 
brain . 

1nt>e, (ing-ae and in-ae), 

Intnu, (ing~uv) [ing~u], to- 

IneAt), (in-udh), m., mro, pi. 
id., a place, position ; in- 
stead of ; im' i., instead 
of me ; also iotia-o. 

InjeAn, (in-ee-un), f., -jme, 
pi. -a, a daughter. 

Inio, (inid), f., -e, Shrovetide. 

Ints, (inish), f., mse, pi. 
msi, an island ; inis "PaiI, 
Inisfail ; i. eAtgA, noble 
island ; 1. ha D-piox>bA-6, 
island of the woods, (ancient 
names of Ireland). 

Initio, (i-new^uc), v., look 
closely, examine carefully, 
scrutinise ; v. n. -at> ; 
mtucAim, I look, etc. 

InneAl, (ing-ull), m., -nil, pi. 
id., an instrument, a 
machine ; a trap, a snare ; 
order, preparation. 

Inneotn, (ing-5-in), f., -eonA, 
pi. -eoriACA, an anvil. 

Innis, (inish), v., tell, declare, 
relate; v.n., mnswc ; irnisim, 
I tell, etc. 

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Inntutl, (i-new-il), a., -iuIa, 

able, i. cun oibue, able to 

Inniun, (ing-oon), m., -14 in, pi. 

id., an onion. 
Innscne, (insh-kine), f., id., 

gender ; pm-t., mas. gender, 

oaiti-i., fern, gender. 
Innsce, (eensh-te), p. a., told, 

related ; also innisce. 
Ins, (ins), prep., in ; form used 

before the art. ; see 1. 
fnse, (eensh-e), f., id., a piece 

of low-lying land along a 

river called an inch. 
ince, (inte), prep, pr., in her. 
Incinn, (een-ting) [in-] f., -e, 

mind ; intellect ; disposi- 
tion ; intention, thought. 
IncieACc, (in-tlucth), f., -a, 

intelligence, understanding, 

loc, (ee-uk), v., pay, restore ; 

v. n. id. ; focAim, I pay, 

foe, (ee-uk), m., -a, pi. -ai, a 

payment, a rent, a tax. 
foccAn, (ee-uc-thur), m., -air, 

pi. id., bottom, lowermost 

part ; skim milk. 
looAtt, (i-dhaw-il), f., -e, 

Italy ; 1ot>aiIis, Italian 

IooaL, (ee-ull), m., -Ail, an 

1ot>bAin, (ee-bu^ir), v., offer 

(as sacrifice) ; v. n. -c ; 

10-obRAim, I offer (sacrifice). 
loJAn, (ee-ur), m., -air, border, 

edge, verge; 1. ha spdme, 

the horizon. 

lot, (I~ull), prefix in comps., 

variety, many, various. 
lotAn, (i~ull-ar), m., -Am, an 

eagle ; also ioIrac. 
IoUia, (I~ull-ra), m., -1, 

plurality ; tiitrnu ioIra, the 

plural number. 
lolnuvj, (I~ull-rig) [-ri] , v., 

multiply ; v. n. -ru ; 

lolRuim, I multiply. 
lorn-, (i~um), intens, prefix, 

great, very many. 
lorn, (I*um), combined with 

prs., about ; iodiaiti, iottiac, 

lomAinn, ioitiai13, etc., about 

me, you (s.), us, you (pi.). 
1orr>At>, (wum-udh), m., -ato, 

a great many ; great quan- 
tity ; plenty ; much ; a 

lomAOuij, (i-^uma-dhu— ig) 

[-ee], v., multiply ; v. n. 

-x>vt ; iotnAT)uim, I multiply. 
1omAtt>eAcc, (wum-ee-ucth), 

f., -a, competition, a contest. 
lomAtj, (wum-ig) [-ee], act of 

arguing ; Ag 1. leo, arguing 

with them. 
foriiAtj, (ee-vaw-ig) [-ee],f.,-e, 

pi. id., an image, a statue. 
lomAtn, (W um-aw-in), v., 

hurl, fling, toss, throw ; 

v. n. -c and ro. ; lotnAtiAitn, 

I hurl, etc. 
tottiAtne, (I— um-ire), m., id., 

pi. -ri, a ridge, a wrinkle. 
lomAttCA, (I~um-ur-ku), an 

excess; b? An 1. AiRgro Aise, 

he had too much money. 
lotriAnscAit, (I— umar-us-kaw- 

II), f., -aIa, struggling, 


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lotncAtn, (I~um-pu-ir), v., 
bear, endure, carry, behave ; 
v. n. -ar ; lomcAKAitn, I bear, 

lomDA, (J*uma), a., (also 'mo, 
'tn-66), many, much. 

lomtAti, (i~um-llawn), m., 
-Atn, the whole, the entire; 
as adj., whole, complete ; 
iomlAine, the whole ; 1. An 
sceAt, the whole of the 
story ; 50 hi., fully. 

lomtosc, (r~um-llusk), f., 
-oisc, rolling, tumbling. 

lotnonno, (I^uma-ru), conj., 
moreover, however, like- 
wise, indeed, also. 

lompuij, (wum-piWig) [^ee], 
v., turn, change, convert ; 
v. n. -po ; lompuim, I turn, 

lompuice, (f-»um-pu-hi), p. a., 
turned, changed, converted. 

lomflAD, (Kum-raw), m., -ato, 
pi. -Ai-oce, discourse, con- 
versation, fame, a report. 

lomnAittceAc, (Wum-raw-it-ac) , 
a., famed, celebrated. 

lomnAij, (i~umur-ig) [-ee], 
v., row (a boat) ; v. n. -ha-6 ; 
iom«Aim, I row, etc. 

tomRASCAil, (I»umur-us-kaw- 
il), f., -aIa, struggling, wrang- 
ling, wrestling. 

tomnott, (I^um-rull), m., -a, 
mistake, error, confusion. 

Ion-, (I*un), prefix, capable, 

lotiA, (Wnaw), 'ha, conj., than, 

1ortAt>, (Wun-udh), m., -Aro, 
place, position ; see meAt*- 

lotiAiti, (l~un-iv), prep. pr. 

in you. 
loMAitin, (i~un-ing), prep, pr., 

in us. 
toMAtti, (I»un-um), prep, pr., 

in me. 
totiAMti, (J^nun), a., the same ; 

Iomac, (I-'un-uth), prep, pr., 

in you. 
lonpAinc, (I-oon-hirt), f., -e, 

tumbling, rolling, wallowing. 
I0M3A, (Wung-a), f., -n, pi. 

1115110, a finger or toe-nail; 

a claw, a talon. 
lonsAHCAC, (i~oon-thuc), [een- 

thuc] a., -ai, wonderful, 

Iomsamcas, (I«-oon-thus), [een- 

thus], m., -ais, pi. id., a 

wonder, a marvel ; also 

lonriiAin, (i^iin-oo-in), a., -e, 

dear, beloved. 
lomiAS, (i~un-us), conj., so 

that, however. 
lonnsuij, (I~un-sig) [-see], v., 

approach, draw near, attack ; 

v. n. -tii ; lonnstiim, I 

approach, etc. 
lormcAoiti, (i""un-theev), f., 

-g, confidence, trust. 
loricuij, (I~un-thig) [-thee], 

v., see lompmj;. 
Ioscao, (is-kudh), f., -Aroe, 

pi. -a, the hollow under the 

arm, axilla ; the back of the 

knee ; 1. 5aoiI, relation- 
Ioscas, (is-thus), m., -ais, a 

dwelling, a lodging, a hous- 

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focA, (ee-thu), f., id. and -n, 
excessive thirst. 

IocLa, (i-hull-a), f., -nn, a 

1ms, (ir-ish), f., mse, a 
chronicle, a record ; i . leADAR, 
a journal, a chronicle. 

Is, (is), assertive verb ; is 
peAii Sein, John is a man ; 
in pres. tense is is omitted 
after all particles except 
mi. ; the past tense, bA, is 
omitted after particles when 
following word begins with 
consonant ; it is used with 
adjs. compar. and super., 
is peARR s. tiA C, S. is better 
than T. ; s6 Ati ^sar is 
peAtm e, he is the best man. 

Is, (is), conj., for asus, and. 

iseAt, (ee-shull), a., -ste, low, 
humble, secret. 

02 ttit 

Tsttj, (eesh-lig) [-leej, v., 
lower, humble, abase ; v. n. 
-iu ; islim, I lower, etc. 

fsttce, (eesh-li-hi), p. a., 
lowered, humbled. 

1 see ac, (ish-tac), adv., in, 
into, inward (with motion) ; 
siuda! i., walk in. 

Isctj, (ish-tig) [-ti], adv., in- 
side, within • ca se i., he 
is inside. 

1c, (i), v., eat ; v. n. -& ; icim, 
I eat. 

1cm, (ihir), f., -e, arable 
ground, corn-producing 

lut, (ewll), m., luil, July. 

lut, (ewll), m., iuit, know- 
ledge, information ; cum « 
ti-iuI ■oo e, make it known 
to him. 

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La, (Haw), m., -e, pi. Iaoc- 

eAncA, dat. 16, Ia, a day, 

one day, once ; t>f s6 bocc 

IA, he was once poor; x>o 16 is 

■o'oit>ce, by day and night. 
lAbAc, (llaw-buc), a., -a!, 

dirty, muddy. 
tAtiAin, (llou-ir), v., speak, 

talk ; v. n. -c ; Iadrauti, I 

tAbnAS, (llou-rus), m., -ais, 

the laurel tree. 
Lac a, (llo-ca), f., -n, pi. -in, 

a duck. 
Iaoar, (llodh-ur), m., -Am, a 

scoop, a ladle. 
tAt>An, (lll-ar), m., -air, pi. 

-•qua, space between the 

toes and fingers, the open 

hand ; a handful. 
t/Aeciuit, (llae-hoo-Il), a., -uLa, 

La;;, (Hog), a., lAise, weak, 

feeble, languid. 
Las, ( n °g). rn., U15, pi. -a, 

a cavity, a hollow. 
Lajac, (llaw-ac), a., pleasant, 

agreeable, amiable. 
La5a6a«, (llu-goc-ur), m., -air, 

a weakness, a fainting fit ; 

also Iasar. 
Lajxuiij, ( 1 liWe e-dhu~ig ) 

[~ee], v., decrease, diminish, 

assuage ; v. n. --ou ; Iaj;- 

■ouim, I lessen, etc. 
Lasmij, (Hog-ig) [-ee], v., 

weaken, enfeeble ; grow 

weak ; v. n. -5U ; lAsuitn, 

I weaken, etc. 

LAtoeAti, (llo-dhl^un), f., --one, 

Laitmh, (llaw-Idir), a., --oRe, 

strong, powerful. 
LAionij, (llaw-I-dhrig) [-ee], 

v., Strengthen, invigorate ; 

v. n. -iu ; lAi-onim, I 

Laijo, (lliWigS), f., id., weak- 
ness, also lAiseAcc. 
LAi^eAO, (lliwee-udh), [lliWi.*' 

udh] m., -jro, fewness, small- 

Laiit», (llaw-iv), used as prep. 

with le, close by, beside, 

near to. 
LAirii-, (llaw-iv), prefix in 

comps., hand, handi-. 
LAtmseAtt, (llaw-iv-shaw-il), 

f., -aIa, handling, feeling. 
Laim-, (Haw- in), intens. prefix, 

full, complete, very. 
LAin, (llaw-ir), f., -arac, pi. 

-araca, a mare. 
Laisc, (lkwlshk), v., strike, 

whip ; v. n. Iasca-6 ; 

lAiscim, I strike, etc. 
Laisco, (lloMsh-te), m., id., 

pi. -ci, a latch. 

LAi£n»A£, (llaw-hrl-^uc) , adv., 

directly, presently ; also a., 

LAicneAti, (llaw-ii-hawn), m., 

-aid, pi. id., a level space, 

a platform. 
Lahi-, (llaw-uv), prefix in 

comps., hand. 

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Law, (llaw-uv), f., -Airhe, pi. 
-a, a hand ; a handle. 

Law ac, (llaw-uc), a., agreeable, 
pleasing ; peAR I., an agree- 
able man. 

LAtfiACAti, (llawa-kawn), m., 
-Am, creeping on hands and 
knees ; also Iaiyiacas. 

lAtnpA, (lloumpa) [Uompa], 
m., id., pi. -i, a lamp. 

LaHiuij, (llaw-ig) [-ee], v., 
shoot ; v. n. -rriAC ; lAtriAim, 
I shoot ; also seize, handle, 
grasp (in this sense pro- 
nounced llaw-viWig [-ee]), 
v. n. -tti-u ; lAriniitn, I seize, 

LAti-, (llawn), intens. prefix, 
full, complete, very. 

La«, (llawn), m., -Ain, plenty, 
much, many, abundance ; 
Iati An ttiaIa, the full of the 
bag ; a I. "OAOitie, many 

La«, (llawn), a., -Aitie, full ; 

LAtiAtfiA, (llawn-oo), f., -ti, 
pi. -iriTiA, a married couple. 

Laii An, (llaw-nawn), m., -Ain, 
pi. id., a bladder ; rubber 
tube of a bicycle ; a gun 

lAnjA, (lloung-a) [long-aj, i., 
id., pi. -i, a ling ; also IAT15. 

lAii5AiT>e, (llong-idfi), f., id., 
a spancel, a fetter. 

tAtiti, (lloun) [lion], f., tAintie, 
pi. -a, a lance, a blade ; 
also as affix, a receptacle, a 
place, as AThAnctAtiti, a 
theatre, leA&AtttAtiti, a 

94 LAS 

LAtisA, (lloun-sa) [llon-sa], m. 

id., pi. -i, a lance. 
Laoc, (llii^ae-uc) , m., -01c, pi 

-ha, a hero, a warrior. 
Laos, (llu-ae), m., -015, pi. 

id., a calf ; term of endear< 

Laoi, (llu^ee), f., id., pi 

-ice, a lay, a poem. 
l/Aovgpeoit, (llu-*ee-0-il), f., 

-61a, veal. 
Lap a, (llop-ha), f., id., pi. -i 

a paw, webbed foot of a bird. 
l/ApAt>uiL, (llopa-dhu-*eel), f., 

-e, pawing, groping, using 

the hands awkwardly ; 

also Iapa-oaiI., tApuil. 
I/An, (llawr), m., -air, the 

middle, centre ; the ground, 

on the ground ; akU, on the 

Las, (llos), v., burn, shine, 

blush ; v. n. -a'o ; tASAim, 

I light, etc. 
Lasa, (llaw-sa), m., id., pi. 

-1, lace, a lace. 
l/ASAin, (llos-ir), f., -rac, pi. 

-raca, a flame, a flash, a 

l/ASAti, (llos-awn), m., -Ain, 

pi. id., a match ; a flame ; 

Lasc, (llosk), v., lash, whip ; 

v. n. -ax) ; lASCAim, I lash, 

l/ASCAine, (llosk-ing), f., id., 

discount, abatement ; also 


Lasc, (llosth), m., -a, ballast. 

Lasca, (llostha), p. a., lighted 


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tA*AC, (llo-huc), f., -a!, mire, 

mud, puddle. 
tAcAirt, (llaw-hir), f., lAtc- 

neAC, a place ; a spot ; 

presence ; i I., present ; 

presently; ar Aon I., in one 

te, (le), prep., with, by ; 

combines with prs., liom, 

leAc, leis, lei, etc., denoting 

ownership; before verbals, as 

le "oeAnATTi, to be done ; le 

h-ARc, belonging to Arc ; le 

mi, for a month past. 
LeAbA, (la-bu), i., leApc&n, 

pi. leAptACA, abed ; a place ; 

in place of, as i leAbAix) eoin, 

instead of John. 
LeAbAin, (lWou-ir), a., -e, 

long, flexible, trailing. 
LeAtiAtt, (lI~our), m., -air, 

pi. -dra and -air, a book. 
teAbAnlAtin, (M~our-llun), f. f 

-Ainne, pi. -a, a library. 
toAbnuij, (H~our-ig) [-ee], 

v., lengthen, make smooth 

or pliant ; v. n. -nu ; 

leAORuim, I lengthen, etc. 
teAC, (la~uk), f., lice, pi. -a 

and -aca, a flat stone, a 

to ac a, (la-ku), f., -n, pi. 

leicne, the cheek. 
teAc oitme, (la~uk-I-rS), f., 

ice, also Icacac oitmr. 
teAcc, (lacth), m., id., pi. 

-ai, a monument, a grave. 
teATjAti, (li-dhawn), m., -aih, 

pi. id., a litany; also luro&n. 
teAbb, (ll-ub), m., -Ai-ohe, pi. 

-a, a rag, a shred ; an 

untidy woman. 

95 teA 

LoATjnAn, (ladh-fir-awn), m., 

-Am, slowness, delay ; leA-o- 

RAnAC, a., tedious, slow. 
teAOui, (ladh-ee), m., id., 

-uite, a lazy fellow, a 

teAj, (la~ug), v., knock down, 

throw down, lay down, 

lower, mow, reap ; v. n. 

-Aib and -Ainc ; leAgAim, I 

knock down, etc. 
teA5, (li~ig) [ll-ee], v., melt, 

dissolve, smelt ; v. n. -ja-o 

leAJAim, I melt, etc. 
teAtfi, (lWov), a., -eime, 

tasteless, insipid ; foolish, 

disgusting ; is I. An obAiR 

•oom f, it is a disgusting 

work for me. 
teArii-, (H»ov), prefix in 

comps., insipid, foolish, 

teAti, (Ian), v., follow, pursue, 

continue, persevere ; v. n. 

-time and -vim ; leAtiAim, I 

follow, etc. 
teAti, (lae-un), m„, -eiti, grief, 

woe ; mo I., alas ! 16ah orc, 

bad cess to you. 
teAtiA, (lae-nu), m., id., pi. 

-ncA, a meadow, a lawn. 
toAtiAti, (lan-awn), m., -Am, a 

lover, a favourite ; also 

leAnuin ; leAnAn sroe, a 

fairy lover. 
teAtib, (lan-uv), m., leinb, pi. 

-a<, a child ; term of endear- 
t*Ati5Atne, (la-^ung-irS), m., 

id., pi. -«{, a slap, a blow. 
teAnn, (ll^oun) [ll~an], f., 

-a, pi. -ca, beer, ale, porter. 

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LeAn, (lar), m., lm, the sea ; 

cau I., across the sea. 

L6a«, (lae^ur), a., clear, 
evident ; also as prefix, clear. 

LAarscaiI, (lae~ur-skaw-il), 
f., -aIa, pi. id., a map. 

IdAS, (las), m., -a, a benefit, 
a profit, welfare ; 50 gcumi-o 
"Ota ak a leAS 6, may God 
direct him. 

LeAS-, (las), prefix in comps., 
step-, as leAs-ACAin, a step- 
father ; instead of, as Ioas- 
AiTim, a nickname. 

LeAS, (lae-us), m., -61s, a ray 
of light ; ray of sense ; also 
a lash. 

leAS, (lae^us), v., lash, whip, 
slash ; v. n. -&x> ; 16asaitii, 
I lash, etc. 

LeASu, (las-oo), m., -since, 
manure, a dressing ; a cur- 
ing ; X. leACAm, tanning. 

LeAStn£, (las-ig) [-ee], v., 
repair, improve, rectify ; 
manure ; cure (as bacon, 
fish, etc.) ; v. n. -su ; 
leAStiitn, I repair, etc. 

LeAC, (lath), prep, pr., with 

Lbac, (la), f., teice, pi. -atiha, 
a half, a side ; one of a 
pair, I. suit, one eye ; teAt- 
13C15 (contr. to leASds), 

LeAC-, (la), prefix in comps., 
half, one of a pair ; l.- 
AmArtAti, a half fool ; 1.- 
stht, one eye. 

LeAC, (la), v., spread, spread 
out, halve ; v. n. -ax> ; 
leACAim, I spread, etc. 

LeAtAti, (la-hun), a., teicne, 

broad, wide. 
LeACAn, (la-hur), m., -aih, 

LeAtmnj, (la-hun-ig) [-ee], v., 

widen, extend, spread ; v. 

n. -mi ; leActiuim, I widen, 

LeAcojj, (la-h5g), f., -oise, pi. 

-65A, a plaice, flat-fish. 
Loacca, (la-tha), p. a., ex- 
tended, spread ; perished ; 

I. le puACC, perished from 

L6», (lae), prep, pr., with her ; 

also leice. 
Leibioe, (leb-ide), m., id., 

pi. -T)i, a clownish person. 
LetcneAC, (lek-in-uc), f., -ni, 

Leij, (lig), v., let, permit, 

leave, lay down, let alone, 

let out ; v. n. -eAn, -mc ; 

tei5im, I let, etc.; also 1615. 
L*ij, (lae-ig) [-ee], v., read ; 

v. n. -eA"6, -eAtii ; leijpm, 

I read, etc. 
L6is«A««, (lae-un), m., -511m, 

learning ; itiac 161511111, a 

Lei£»As, (ll-us), m., -51s, pi. 

id., a cure, recovery, 

LeijeAS, (ll-us), v., cure, heal ; 

v. n. id. ; teiseASAim, I 

cure ; also leij;is. 
Loijco, (lae-te), p. a., read. 
Leitn, (lae-im), f., -e, pi, 

-eAtinA, a jump, a leap. 
Letm, (lac-im), v., leap, jump ; 

v. n. -neAC and -neAc ; 

I6«mitn, I leap, etc. 

Digitized by 


time, (lae-n8), {., id., pi. 
-nteACA, a shirt. 

t6m, (lae-ir), a., -e, clear, 
plain, manifest ; with 50, 
all, altogether ; iat> 50 lem, 
all of them. 

tern-, (lae-ir), prefix in comps., 
clear, complete. 

L&m, (lae-ir), f., -e, woe, ruin ; 
mo I., my woe ! alas I 

teims, (lae-rig) [-ree], v., 
prepare, arrange, set in 
order ; v. n. -r6 ; I6mim, I 
prepare, etc. 

t/eis, (lesh), prep, pr., with 
him, with it ; belong- 
ing to him ; is I. ati 
Air, the place is his ; fti me 
I. I was with him. 

lets, (lesh), adv., also, sis 
well ; bi mise Ann leis, I 
was there also. 

Lei see, (lesh-ke), f., id., lazi- 
ness, idleness, slothfulness. 

Leic, (le), dat. of leAc, a half, 
a side ; 1 I., hither ; ye I., 
apart ; 50 I., with a half, 
as si ac 50 I., a yard and a 

Leic-, (le), prefix in comps., 
see leAt. 

teice, (let-te), f., id., and -An, 

letceAO, (le-hudh), m., -cro, 
breadth, width. 

Leiceio, (le-hae-id), f., -e, 
the equal, such ; a I., his 
like, its like ; 5T16 t>a t. f 
such a business. 

teictteAc, (le-hil-uc), a., 
separate, apart ; ar leicilig, 
by oneself, by itself. 




Leicm, (le-thir), f. t -© and 

-CReAC, a letter ; also licm. 
Leicpmjm, (le-fing-in) [le- 

feen], f., a halfpenny ; also 

Leo, (U~o), prep, pr., with 

tli em. 
Leowce, (li~o-int£), p. a., 

disabled, sprained, wound- 
Leoictte, (lwo-hne), m., id.. 

a gentle wind, a soft breeze. 
LeoriiAM, (ll~5n), m., -Ain, pi, 

id., a lion. 
Leon, (lW&n), v., sprain, dis- 
able, wound ; v. n. -atd ; 

leonAim, I sprain, etc. 
Leon, (lWor), plenty, enough, 

50 I., plenty. 
Lf, (lee), f., id., complexion, 

colour ; "o'lomptn^ a li, he 

changed colour, got pale. 
Li ac, (lee-uc), f., -a, a moan, 

a shriek. 
LiAJAM, (lee-on), m., -Ain, 

pi. id., a trowel. 
Liaij, (lee-e), m., leAJjA, pi. 

id., a physician. 
Liac, (lee-e), a., leifce, grey, 

Liacos, (lee-e-hog), f., -oise, 

pi. -05A, a salmon trout, a 

Liach*it>, (lee-a-hrO-id) , f., -e, 

pi. -\, a ball. 
Ltt5, (liv), prep, pr, with or 

by you (pi.). 
L15, (lee), see U. 
LiS> ( J ig) [!»]. v -. iick, lap : 

v. n. -e ; 1151m, I lick, etc. 
Lite, (U15), f., id., pi. -U, a 


Digitized by 




timiscAmeACC, (leem-ish-tae- 

ructh), f., the vicinity, dis- 
tins, (leen-e), f., id., pi. 

-ncl, a line. 
LTnoADAd, (leen-ae-dhuc), m., 

-ai£, pi. -ai, linen. 
Lfn»AtL, (leen-aw-il), £., -aIa, 

tin's, (ling), v., skip, spring, 

attack ; v. n. -e<vo ; linsim, 

I skip. 
Lints, (leen-ig) [-eej, v., 

draw, delineate, design, line, 

v. n. -iu ; linim, I draw, 

ttnn, (ling), prep, pr., with or 

to us. 
Linn, (leeng) [ling], f., -e, 

pi. -ce, period of time ; a 

lake, a pool. 
Linncetn, (leen-tae-ir), m., id., 

pi. -i, a drain, a gullet. 
Liodar, (lWub-ur), m., -aih, 

pi. id., an untidy garment, 

a rag ; an unkempt person. 
Liomoio, (ll-^um-o-id), f., -e. 

pi. -{, a lemon. 
LfomiA, (lee-fu), a., refined, 

Lion, (lee-un), m., tin, pi. id., 

a net ; flax, linen ; a portion, 

a supply, a full share. 
Lion, (lee-un), v., fill ; v. n. 

-ax) ; lionAim, I fill. 
Lios, (lis), m., lOAg*, pi. id., 

a fort, a rath. 
Liosc, (lwusth), m., -a, a list ; 

also Iiosca. 
Licm, (lith-ir), f., -cue and 

-cneAc, pi. -meACA, a letter ; 

also leicm. 

Itcis, (lee-thish), f., -©, a 

bright or white colour ; corn 

5e.1l lo I., of a very bright 

Liux>At, (lew-dhu—ee), m., id., 

a sly fellow, a schemer, a 

ttutj, (lew-ig) [-ee], v., shout, 

yell, scream ; v, n. -neAc ; 

lu'igAim, I shout, etc. 
Liuj, (lew), f., a shout, a 

scream, a yell. 
Lob, (Duv), v., rot, putrify ; 

v. n. -ao ; lobAim, I rot, etc. 
LobcA. (lluf-ha), p. a., rotten, 

Loc, (Hue), m., -a, pi. id., a 

lake, a pool, a lough. 
LocAisce, (llo-kaw-ish-te), m., 

id., discount, abatement. 
LocAn, (116-cavvn), m., -aid. 

Locc, (llucth), m., -a, pi. id., 

a fault, a blemish. 
Locca, (HQctha), m., id., pi. 

-t, a loft. 
Loccuijj, (llficth-ig) [-ee], v., 

rind fault with, criticise ; 

v. n. -cu ; toccuim, I find 

fault with, etc. 
L05, (Hug), m., U115, a hollow, 

a pool. 
Lojao, (Uou), m., -avo, pi. 

id., an indulgence, an 

losoineAcc, (llo-go-rf-oicth), 

f., -a, bawling, crying loudly, 

Loitij«A6 (lu~il-ee-ac), f., -5*, 

pi. -a, a milch cow. 
Lotme, (li-dme), f.. id., 

bareness, nakedness, poverty. 

Digitized by 


LottijOAs, (llu^ing-us), m., 

-51s, a navy, a fleet, 
lotnto, (llu~in-id), f., -e, pi. 

-1, a churn dash. 
Loipm, (llo-peen), m., id., pi. 

-1, a defect, an impediment ; 

a rag or stocking on the foot 

instead of a boot. 
Loisc, (llu-ishk), v., scald, 

burn ; v. n. Iosca ; loiscitn, 

I scald, etc. 
Loisriti, (llo-ish-teen), m., id., 

a lodging, a habitation. 
Loic, (lliWit), v., wound, hurt, 

destroy ; v. n. lot; ; loicim, 

I wound, etc. 
torn, (lloum) [Hum], a., lurnie, 

bare, shorn, naked ; thin, 

torn, (lloum) [Hum], f., luiine, 

bareness, a chance ; 1. tiA 

pRinne, the bare truth ; 

puAiR m6 I. air, I got a 

chance at him. 
LortiAin, (llum-ir), v., shear, 

fleece, strip, peel ; v. n. 

-c ; lomRAitn, I shear, etc. 
loniAn, (llum-ur), m., -air, pi. 

id., a fleece ; also Iottira. 
Lon, (llun), m., lurni, pi. id., 

a blackbird ; also lorrouo. 
Lon, (lion), m., loin, food, 

provision, supplies. 
to«5, (Hung), f., luinse, pi. 

-a, a ship. 
toti^A, (llun-ga), i., id., pi. 

-f, a ling. 
Lonjponc, (llung-furth), m., 

-pumc, pi. id., a harbour ; 

a fort, a garrison, a camp. 

99 lU A 

Lommuij, (Hun-rig) [-ree], v., 
shine, gleam, grow bright : 
v., n., -rao ; loniiRAim, ^ 
shine, etc. 

tons, (H ur -ug), m., Iuirj;, a 
track, a trace ; act of track- 
ing; offspring; ar a I., on his 

tons, (llur-ug), v., search, 
trace, enquire, seek out ; 
v. n. id. ; lomsim, I search, 

tonjA, (llur-uga), f., -n, pi. 
lomsno, the shin. 

Lose An, (Hus-kawn), m., -aui, 
pi., id., a frog ; also 


Lor, (lhith), m., loic, pi. id., 

a hurt, a wound, an injury ; 

see loic. 
Luac, (lloo-uc), m., IUA15, pi. 

-a., price, value. 
LuACAm, (lloo-uc-ir), f., -cra, 

Luad, (lloo-u), f., -Afoe, lead ; 

also luAiPe. 
t«At>An, (Hoo-udh-ur), m., 

-air, hurry, activity, quick- 
tuA»t>, (lloo-eg) [-ee], v., 

mention, tell, enumerate ; 

v. n. Iuao ; ttlAltDim, I 

mention, etc. 
tuAtmtioAC, (Iloo-em-nac), a., 

-t>i, restless, fickle, panting. 
Luaisc, (Uoo-eshk), v., rock, 

swing ; v. n. -asca ;tuAiscim, 

I rock, etc. ; also Iuasc. 
Luaic, (lloo-e), f., -aca, ashes; 

also luAitReAC. 
Luaic-, (lloo-e), prefix ia 

comps., quick. 

Digitized by 




tuAtce, (Uoo-e-he), f., id., 

quickness, agility, earliness. 
tuAti, (lloo-un), m., -Am, the 

moon, Monday; "Oia Iuaih, 

Monday ; t& An lAiAin, Day 

of Judgment. 
tuAS, (lloo-us), m.,-Ais, quick- 
ness, speed, haste. 
Luascaii, (lloo-fis-kawn), m., 

-Ain, rocking, swinging ; also 

a frog. 
Luac-, (lloo-u), prefix in comps., 

Iuac, (lloo-u), a.,-Aice, early, 

soon, quick, active. 
tuACJAm, (loo-u-ghaw-ir) , f. t 

-e, joy, gladness. 
LuAtut£, (lloo-u-tm~ig) [~ee], 

v., hurry, hasten ; v. n. 

-ca-6 ; luAcufm, I hurry, etc. 
tub, (lloob), f., -iSibe, pi. -a, 

a loop, a curve, a bend, a 

stitch (in knitting) ; I. ak 

Iak, a defect, a want. 
tub, (lloob), v., bend, stoop, 

incline, twist ; v. n. -a; 

lubAim, I bend, etc. 
LubcA, (lloop-ha), p. a., bent, 

Lu6, (Hue), f., -uice, pi. -a, 

a mouse. 
luce, (llucth), m., -a, people, a 

company; I.AIK51-0, moneyed 

people ; 1. oibne, working 


LuoaT, (lloo-dhu~ee), m., id., 

an eavesdropper, a loiterer. 
tuJA, (lloo), a., compar. of 

beA5, smaller, less. 
tujnAS, (lloo-nus), f., -a, 

August ; La busriASA, 1st of 

LuttS, (llii~iv), f., -e, pi. 

-eAtitiA, an herb. 
Lutt>, (lliwid), f., -e, a rag, a 

scrap ; ni KAib I. air, he 

hadn't a scrap (a rag) on him. 
Lutofa, (lloo-deen), m., id., 

pi. -i, the little finger. 
tutj;, (llu~ig) [-ee], v., lie 

down ; begin, set to ; v. n. 

-e ; lui5im, I lie down, 

tuijeACAti, (lhwee-cawn), m., 

-Ain, pi., id., a lying down, 

lying in sickness ; lying in 

wait, an ambush. 
turn^ne, (lliWir-ig-ne), f., pi. 

of I0115A, a shin; also lomgne 
tuistie, (lhwish-ne), f., id., 

pi. -neACA, a blush, a bright 

colour, complexion. 
tus, (llus), m., luis and Iosa, 

pi. Iosa, an herb, a plant, a 

leek ; I. mon, mullen ; I. 

tiA pinsne, pennywort. 
Luc (lloo), m., -uic and -a, 

strength, power, activity. 
tucjAtn, (lloo-ghaw-ir), f., -e, 

gladness, joy, pleasure. 

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rriA, (maw), conj., if ; triA is 
mAit teAc, if you like ; mi, 
is e<y6 (contr. mA 'se&-6, 
triAiseAT)) if it be so, if so ; 
mA buAit se e, if he struck 

ttlAc, (mok), m., mic, pi. 
mACA, mic, a son, a descen- 
dant ; m. teijinn, a student ; 
m. mAttAccAin, the devil. 

ttlAc-, (mok), prefix ; young, 

triACA, (mo-ca), m., id., pi. 
-i, a farm-yard, a lawn, an 
enclosure for cattle. 

ttlACAiL, (maw-cu~il), f., -aIa, 
a defect, a disfigurement. 

niACAtne, (mo-cu~ire), m., id., 
pi. -ri, a plain, a field. 

ttlACALLA, (mok-olla), m., id., 
an echo. 

niACAticA, (mu-kawn-tha), a., 
honest, honourable, decent, 
modest ; with 50, honestly. 

ttlACAorii, (mok-ae-uv), m., 
-OITU, a youth, a young per- 
son ; m. mtiA, a young woman. 

ttlAcnAet. (mokr-ael), m., -eit, 
pi. id., a mackerel. 

ttlAcsuit, (mok-soo-il), m., 
-uIa, pi. id., an equivalent, 
a copy, a match. 

ITtAc tine, (mok teere), m., 
mic ciRe, a wolf. 

ttlAcciiAij, (mocth-niWig) 

[^ee], v., think, consider, 
deliberate, reflect ; v. n. 
-tiatt) ; mACcnufm, I think, 

triAt&, (maw), m., -a, pi. -Ann a, 
a trump at cards ; An m&x> 
rriAit, the best trump. 

triAOA, (modha), m., -Af, pi. 
-a<, a dog ; see tha-ora. 

triAtmA, (modhr-a), m., id., 
pi. -1, a dog ; m. tiua-6, a fox ; 
m. tnsce, an otter. 

tTlAJ, (maw), f., m^i, pi. id., 
a plain, a level tract of 

triASA, (moga), m., mockery, 
joking, making fun of ; ni 
5T16 mAn ttiasa 6, it is no 
joking business ; 45 m. puc, 
making fun of you. 

ttlAscuAinc, (mo-goo-ert), adv., 
round about. 

ttlAit>e, (mo-di), m., id., pi. 
-•of, a stick, a staff, a pole ; 
m. kattia, an oar, tiller of a 
boat ; m. cnoise, a crutch ; 
m. mitis, liquorice. 

niAit>eAn, (mo-din), f., --one, 
morning; ah mAram, this 
morning; also mAiT»iti. 

ttlAiTnn, (mo-dhir), prep., con- 
cerning, in respect to ; m. 
te c, as regards c. 

ttlAiom, (mi-im), m., -a^tha, 
pi. -ATomAtitiA, a sally ; a 
breach, flight ; a sudden 
eruption ; m. sleioe, water 
eruption from a mountain ; 
m. DAisci, a sudden down- 

ttlAtjoeAti, (mi-dl*un), f., 
-■ome, pi. -■oeAtiA, a maiden, 
a virgin. 

Digitized by 

tlWU&isctn, (mawMsh-thir) ,m . , 
Id., pi. -tRf, a master ; m. 
scoile, a schoolmaster. 

triAijisrneAS, maw- sh-thraws) , 

f., -a, pi. -f, a lady, mis- 

ttlAijiscmj, (mawsh-thrig) 
[-three], v., master, over- 
come ; v. n. -neACC ; mAij;is- 
ckitti, I master. 

!TlAi5ne, (mi-re), a vigorous, 
healthy person ; m. mnA, a 
strong, healthy woman. 

trtAtlts, (mo-leesh), f., -e, 

m At lie, (mobile), prep. ; m. 
Re (le), together with, along 

trtAtncttle, (mo^In-cile), see 

tTlAtntsctn, (mo-~in-ish-thir), 
f., -cneAC, pi. -cneacA, a 
monastery, an abbey ; in 
place names as tn. n& Corati, 
Midleton ; "Dun nA mAmis- 
cneAC, Abbeyside. 

ttlAtnneAC, (mo-~in-ruc), f., 
ni, pi. -a, a sheepfold, an 
enclosure, a stable. 

ttlAtnseAn, (mo^in-shae-ur), 
m., -em, pi. id., a manger, 
a crib. 

triAtn, (mo-~Ir), v., live, en- 
dure, exist ; v. n. -eAccAtn ; 
mAiKim, I live, etc. 

ttlAinti-, (mo-riv), prefix in 
comps., lifeless, dead. 

ttlAins, (mo-rig), f., -e, woe, 
sorrow, trouble ; pity ; sati 
Aon rii. Am, not a bit of 
trouble on him ; is m. toiic, 
it is a pity for you. 



triAiniocc, (mo~Ir-ee-u&th), 

listlessness, langour ; cA m. 

ortti lei3 An mbROCAll, I 

feel listless owing to the 

ttlAtnn&AtAd, (mo~fr-nae-lluc), 

ni'i -A15, pi. id., a mariner, 

a sailor. 
ITtAtnc, (maw-irt), f., Tuesday ; 

T>ia IDairc, Tuesday, on 

ttlAtncpeott, (mo-~Irt-eo-il), f., 

-61a, beef. 
triAtnctneAi, (mo~Ir-teen-uc), 

m., -1115, pi. id., a cripple. 
ITtAtnctneAc, (mo~ir-teer-uc), 

m., -K15, pi. id., a martyr ; 

also mAmcm. 
triAtncnij, (mo»lr-thrig) 

[-three], v., maim, murder, 

martyr ; v. n. -iu ; niAm 

cRim, I martyr, etc. 
ttlAise, (mo-she), f., id., 

comeliness, grace, beauty ; 

pe rii., in happiness. 
ITlAtse ! (vu^ishi), interj., 

well I indeed ! also mAise. 
tttAisij, (mosh-ig) [-ee], v., 

adorn, beautify ; v. n. -iu ; 

mAisim, I adorn. 
ITlAiscTn, (mosh-teen), m., id., 

a mastiff ; a peevish child. 
itiaic, (mo) [mo~i], v., forgive, 

pardon, abate ; v. n. -eAiii ; 

mAicim, I forgive, etc. 
triAic, (mo) [mo«i], a., peARR, 

good, useful ; well ; proper. 
tttAic, (mo) [nHV-i], f. -e, a 

good deed, a benefit, a 

favour ; 50 raid m. A5AC, 

thank you ; nA raid m. A5AC, 

no thanks to you ; is m6n 

Digitized by 


An tii. e, it is a great benefit ; 

5An tii. no good. 
rriAtA, (mo-lla) f., id., pi. -i, 

an eyebrow, a brow, the 

brow of a hill. 
triAlA, (maw-lla), m., id., pi. 

-i, a bag. 
ttlAtAinc, (moll-irt), f., -e, 

an exchange, a change ; 

ni'l a ih. le pAJAil, there is 

no substitute for it ; -oeAnpA-o 

m. leAC, I will exchange 

with you. 
ITlAtt, (moull) [moll], a., 

rriAille and moille, slow, 

lazy ; late. 
ITlAttAcc, (mull-octh), f., -Ain 

and -a, pi. -ai ; a curse ; 

a malediction ; ttiac ttiaUac- 

caiti, the devil. 
rriAlUnj, (moll-ig) [-ee], v., 

curse, swear ; v. n. mAllACCAi 

and rrtAllu ; mAllACCinm, I 

curse ; also mAlluim, I 

triAlUiice, (moll-i-hl), p. a., 

cursed, accursed ; violent, 

ITlAtii, (mom), f., -Aim, mother. 
ttlAtti, (mawm), f., -Aime, a 

handful ; also a mountain 

pass, a hill. 
ITlAttAc, (mon-uc), m., -A15, 

pi. id., a monk, a friar. 
tTlAtiAiceAn, (mon-a-hur) = ah 

omteAR, the day after to- 
ITIAIT5 a, (moun-ga) [mon-ga] , 

m., id., pi. -i, a bundle, a 

pack, a wallet ; also mAn5 ; 

dim. mAwsin. 

108 ttlAO 

tllA«SAine, (mong-irg), m., id., 

pi. -Hi, a hawker, a dealer, 

a retailer, as m. eisc, a 

rriAiitA, (mawn-lla), a., pleas- 
ant, agreeable, gentle ; also 

m Anl ac. 
tTlAunc, (mounth) [month] , m . , 

-a, a gap, a void, a want, the 

space of a missing tooth ; 

tnAnncAc, gapped, having 

teeth lost. 
triAncA, (mawn-tha), a., mod- 
est, bashful. 
niAoiTb, (mu—eeg) [-ee], v., 

boast, upbraid, cast a slur on; 

announce, proclaim ; v. n. 

-eAih ; mAOix>im, I boast, etc. 
ttlAoiL-, (mu^eel), prefix in 

comps., bare, bald ; see 

triAoiteAnti, (miWeel-an), m., 

-lititi, pi. id., the ridge or 

summit of a hill. 
ftlAoin, (miween), f., -e, 

wealth, riches, substance, 

tTlAot, (mu~ae-ull) , a., -oile, 

bald, bare, blunt, dull ; 

sciAn rh., a blunt knife ; used 

as prefix in comps. 
triAoLtiis, (miWae-lliWig) [-ee], 

v., make blunt, pacify, 

assuage, calm ; become calm; 

v. n. -lu ; mAoUiim, I make 

blunt, etc. 
tTlAon, (miWae-ur) , m., -om, 

pi. id., a steward, a herd, 

an officer. 
MlAonoA, (mu~ae~ur-gu), a., 

proud, grand, stately. 

Digitized by 




rtlAoe, (mu~ae), a., «oice, 
gentle, tender, feeling, com- 

ttlAoc-, (mu^ae), prefix in 
comps., gentle, soft. 

ttlAOCUij, (miWae-hig) [-hee], 
v., soften, mitigate, mollify, 
become mild ; v. n. -cu ; 
tnAOCuim, I soften, etc. 

ttlAK, (mor), adv., prep., conj., 
as, like, how, for, because, 
since, though, thus, where ; 
m. sm, so, if so ; m. jjeAlt 
Am, because of it ; m. sm 
peiti, even so ; m. a ceile, 
all the same ; iviar ati 
Sc^a-oiia, in like manner ; 
m. aca ASAtn, as I am ; m. a 
Bputlim, where I am. 

m&nA, (mora), conj., unless. 

tDAnb, (mor-uv), a., dead ; 
benumbed, dull. 

ttlAntS, (mor-uv), m., -aird, pi. 
id.,thedead (used only in pi.) 

ltlA«6, (mor-uv), v., kill, slay ; 
v. n. -atj ; mAnbuitn, I kill. 

ttiAttticA, (mor-a-ha) [-fa], p. a., 
killed ; terrible, awful. 

niAntScAc, (mor-a-huc), a., 

mane, (mork), m., mAmc, pi. 
-Anti a, a mark, a wound ; a 

rtlAncAC, (mur-koc), m., -a>5, 
pi. id., a horseman, a rider. 

triAnctitocc, (mor-ku~ee-ucth), 
f., -a, act of riding. 

mAnjAO, (mor-a-gii), m., -avo, 
pi. -At, a market, a bargain, 
a buying or selling. 

mAnniA«, (mor-mur), m., -air, 
pi. id., marble. 

mAttc, (morth), m. -Amc, pi, 

id., a cow, beef. 
ttlAncA, (mawr-tha), f., id., 

March ; also ID arc. 
fnAncmit5,(mor-thru~ig) [~ee] , 

v., see mAmrRij;. 
rtlAS, (maws), m., -ais, pi. -a, 

the hip, the thigh. 
triAStA, (mos-lla), m., id., 

affront, offence, scandal. 
rriAsUnj, (mos-lliWig) [~ee], 

v., offend, reproach, 

scandalize ; v. n. -tu ; 

mAsluim, I offend, etc. 
ttiArAin, (maw-hir), f., -car, 

pi. mAtcueACA, a mother. 
tJlACAtotis, (motha-llong), m., 

id., a misfortune, disaster. 
THAC65, (mo-thog), f., -oi^e, 

pi. -65A, a mattock. 
ttlAcsluAj, (mo-hlloo-o) , m., 

-Aij, pi. -Aice, a multitude, 

a crowd. 
tn4, (mae, me), per. pr., I, me. 
meAtJAil, (mI~ou-il), f., -oIa, 

pi. id., subtlety, guile, 

meAbAtn, (ml—ou-ir), f., -drac, 

the mind, memory, sense, 

ttleAttnAn, (mf»ou-rawn), m., 

-Ain, dizziness, megrim. 
meAtinuij, (ml ~ ou - rii ~ ig) 

[~ee], v., study, ponder, 

reflect, bring to mind, 

memorize ; v. n. ~nu ; 

meADRufm, I study, etc. 
meACAn, (ma-kun), m., -aiti, 

pi. id., a parsnip ; any tap- 
rooted plant. 
meAT>, (mae-udh), m., -evo, 

size, volume. 

Digitized by 

meA&, (maa), f., -a, pi. id., 
a balance, weighing scales. 

me At) An, (ma-dhur), f., merone, 
pi. tneA-owA, a churn, a 
drinking cup. 

meAOtiij, (maa-ig) [-ee], v., 
weigh, balance, estimate, 
consider ; v. n. -x)CAiti(c) ; 
meA-oAim, I "weigh, etc. 

meATJuijj, (mae-dhig) [-dhee], 
v., increase, enlarge, add to ; 
v. n. -x>u ; meAxuiim, I in- 
crease, etc. 

meAtij, (ml~l-ug), m., meros, 

meAiboti, (maa-un), m., -om, 
middle, centre, midst ; m. 
oroce, midnight ; m. lAe, 

meAbtiAti, (ml-ou-rawn) [mae- 
rawn], m., -Am, dizziness, 

meAtbos, (mal-a-vog), f., 
-6i5e, pi. -65A, a bag. 

tneAtt, (ml^oull) [mall], v., 
entice, coax, deceive, cheat ; 
v. n. -<vo ; meAU.Aim, I 
entice, etc. 

ttiOAttiBAm, (mam-ur-um), m., 
-Aim, parchment ; a writ- 

meAtiA, (mana), m., pi. -\ 
and -mi ice, an awl ; also 
meAtiAice and meAHAC. 

ttieAtipAC, (mae-un-ooc), f., 
-ac a, a yawning. 

tneAntriA, (man-a-mu), f., -n, 
courage, mind, magnani- 
mity, joy. 

meAtitiAti, (mK-un-awn), m., 
-Am, pi. id., a kid. 

105 rn&A 

moAR, (mar), a., mine, quick, 

lively, sudden, sprightly, 

ttleAn, (mae-ur), f., meme, pi. 

-AtiA and meiKeATiA, a finger. 
nte&RACAti, (mae-ra-kawn) , m., 

-Ain, pi. id., a thimble. 
ttleAHAt, (mar-ee), f., id., 

error, confusion. 
moAntiALL, (mar-ooll), [mar- 

a-hull], m., -Aill, pi. id., a 

mistake, error, random, un- 
certainty, puzzled mind. 
tneAti65, (mae-rog), f., -6i5e, 

pi. -65A, a pebble, a small 

stone ; a coil of light SU5AT1. 
moAS, (mas), m., -a, respect, 

esteem, regard ; an opinion ; 

act of judging; fruit. 
me as, (mas), v., consider, 

judge, value, estimate, 

weigh, calculate ; v. n. id., 

meASAtm, I think, consider, 

ttleASA, (masa), compar. of 

olc, bad ; in phrase ts m. 

tiom, it means preference ; 

is m. tiom Caic 'ha mAiue, 

I prefer Kate to Mary. 
tneASc, (ma~iisk), 1 meAsc, 

comp. prep., among, amidst. 
tneASc, (ma~iisk), v., mix, 

stir, confuse ; v. n. -&■& ; 

tneAscAim, I mix, etc. 
tneAscAti, (mi*usk-awn), m., 

-Am, pi. id., a mixture ; 

mental confusion, as m. 

meARAi ; a small mass, as m. 

ime, a lump of butter. 
trie ac, (mae), a., -eite, fat; 

rank, luscious. 

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ttteAC, (ma), v., fail, wither, 

droop, grow feeble ; v. n. id., 

and -at>; meACAim, I fail, etc. 
tneACCA, (ma-thu), a., failed ; 

feeble, cowardly. 
tneio, (mae-Id), m. and f., -e, 

amount, quantity, number, 

greatness ; 'r>e rhero ? how 

much ? how many ? Ati m, 

seo, this much. 
ttteioleAC, (mWi-lac), f., -li, 

pi. -a, a bleating ; v. n. of 

merolij;, bleat. 
tneiOneAC, (ml~i-ruc), a., -ni, 

tnei^iott, (meg-ull), m., -ill, 

a goat's beard, a goatee. 
flteil, (mel), v., grind, bruise, 

pound ; v. n. meilc ; tneilim, 

I grind, etc. 
ttteile, (mae-le), m., id., pi. 

-i, a meal. 
ttleiti, (mae-In), f., -e, mind, 

desire, disposition. 
meituuil, (mae-in-oo-il), a., 

-uIa, amiable, kindly ; also 

meirmseAC, (ml~in-shuc), f., 

-si, pi. -a, a young she-goat. 
mei none ac, (mae^ir-dhrl^uc), 

f., -ni, pi. -a, a harlot. 
meing, (me-rig), f., -e, rust. 
meinleAC, (mae^-ir-li^uc), m., 

-1 15, pi. id., a thief, a vaga- 
bond, a villain. 
memscne, (mae~rr-skri), f., 

id., pi. -ni, a sore, an 

excrescence ; also meiscne. 
ttletsce, (mesh-ke), f., id., 

drunkenness ; An m., drunk. 
meic, (mae), a., -e, fat, see 


meiceAt, (mi-hull), f., -ile, 

pi. id., and -cleACA, a group 

gathered for work. 
metceAtri, (mi-huv), m., -cirh 

tneon, (ml~5n), m., -6111, the 

mind, disposition. 
ttli, (mee), f., id., and miosA, 

pi. miosA, a month. 
tnT-, (mee), neg. prefix, mis-, 

dis-, indicates opposite of 

word to which it is prefixed, 

as mi-ciAll, folly ; 1111-51110111, 

a misdeed. 
ttliAtiilAO, (mee-oll-a), crying, 

mewling as an infant, mewing 

as a cat. 
ttliAti, (mee-un), f., -6me, 

wish, desire, pleasure ; is 

m. liotn, I wish. 
ttiiAtiAc, (mee-on-uc), m., -A15, 

pi. -ai, a mineral, a mine ; 

material, substance from 

which a thing is made. 
ttliAtiAncuit, (mee-un-ar-theel) 

tniAs, (mee-us), f., meise, pi. 

-a, a dish. 
ttlit, (mil), f., meAtA, honey. 
mile, (mee-le), m., id., pi. 

-Ice and -lei, a mile. 
mile, (mee-le), m., id., pi. 

-Ice, a thousand. 
miloAt>, (mee'-loo), num. a., 

a thousandth. 
milis, (mil-ish), a., -Ise, 

sweet, pleasant, sweet- 

mill, (mil), v., spoil, injure, 

ruin, destroy ; v. n. -eA-6 ; 

millim, I spoil. 

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ttltlleAti, (mil-awn), m., -Am, 
blame ; cumeA-6 a iti. own, 
I was blamed for it. 

miLLiuti, (mil-oon), m., -uin, 
pi. id., a million. 

mtllce, (mil-tS), p. a., ruined, 

tntlse, (mil-she), f., id., 

ttltlseAn, (mish-lawn, mil- 
shawn), m., -Ain, pi. id., a 
sweet, a sweetmeat. 

ttiilsi5, (mil-shig) [-shee], v., 
sweeten ; v. n. -iti ; milsim, 
I sweeten. 

ttlin, (min), f., -e, meal. 

mtn, (meen), a., -e, fine, 
smooth ; gentle, tender ; 50 
min, gently, smoothly. 

min-, (min), prefix, small. 

mtntc, (min-ik), adv., often. 

m ' m 5t (meen-ig) [-ee] , v., 
explain ; make smooth, 
subdue ; v. n. -11111 ; minim, 
I explain, etc. 

ttliniscem, (min-ish-tae^Ir), 
m., id., pi. -i, a minister, a 
parson ; also mmiscm. 

mintexvc, (meen-ll^uc), m., 
-tij, pi. -li, soft fine grass, 
fine pasture. 

tntnnsexvc, (meen-shuc) [min-] , 
f., -si, pi. -a, a young she- 
goat ; also memseAc. 

mfo-, (mee), neg. prefix, mis-, 
dis-, indicates opposite of 
word to which it is prefixed, 
as mk>-At>mARAC, unfortunate. 

mfoij, (mee-ug), m., -a, pi. 
id., a smirk, a sound, a plov- 
er's call; nf waio m. as, there 
was not a sound out of him. 

miosAwixvd, (mee~ug-ur-nuc) 

dozing, nodding asleep. 
frlTol, (mee-ull), m., mil, pi, 

-a, an animal, a louse ; m. 

m6w, a whale. 
tnTol,c65, (mee-ull-th5g), f., 

-6i5e, pi. -65A, a gnat, a fly. 
mton, (ml»un), a., -ine, small, 

fine, in little bits. 
mion-, (mi»un), prefix, small, 

fine, close. 
mfonlA, (mee-'un-lla), a., 

mild, pleasing, lovable. 
ttltowi, (mwun), m., -a, pi. 

-ai, an oath, a curse ; "oaw 

DR15 tiA mionn, by the power 

of the holy things ; also 

mionnA ; mionnA eicis, per- 
miotinAti, (mi-nawn), m. t a 

kid; m. ^adair, a goat's kid. 
mtonuc, (mi-nooc), m., small 

things, worthless things ; 

tii't sa nsARnAi acc mionuc, 

only small worthless potatoes 

are in the garden. 
mfonDutL, (mee-roo-il), f., -e 

pi. -ci, a miracle, a wonder. 
mioscAts, (mis-kiWish), f., -e, 

spite, enmity, ill-will. 
frlioscAn, (mis-kawn), m., 

-Ain, pi. id., a small vessel ; 

a lump of butter. 
mtosun, (mis-oor), m., -um, 

pi. id., a measure. 
tniocA, (mi-thu), m., id., pi. 

-1, a bit, a pinch, a bite. 
ttltocAl, (mi-thul), m., -Ail, 

pi. id., metal. 
nitocds, (mi-th5g), f., -615c 

pi. -65A, a pinch, a bite, a 

bit ; a mitten. 

Digitized by 

mm 108 

mine, (mir-6), f., id., madness, 

frenzy ; a« m., mad ; levity, 

rtlise, (mish-6), per. pr., emph. 

of me ; myself. 
m i sim in, (mish-im-een), m., 

id., spearmint ; also p ism in. 
ttltsneAC, (mish-nac), m., -1115, 

courage, spirit, bravery ; 

misntj, (mish-nig) [-nee], v., 

encourage, cherish, comfort ; 

v. n. -iu ; misnim, I encour- 
misce, (mish-te),=meASA x>e, 

the worse of it ; harm ; ni 

m. "60m, it is no harm for me, 

I may ; ni m. Itom, I do 

not object ; ni m. a hao, 

it may be safely said. 
mi seem, (mish-tae-ir) , f., -e, 

pi. -i, a mystery. 
micio, (mi-hid), f., -e, time, 

proper time ; is m. -ouic, it 

is high time for you. 
mitin, (mi-teen), m., id., pi. 

-i, a mitten, a fingerless 

mtiA, (mun-aw), gen. sing. 

and nom. pi. of beAn, a 

woman . 
mo, (mu), poss. a., my ; mo 

pAiwc, my field ; im' and 'mo 

= ro mo. 
tr»6, (m5), compar. of mon ; 

bigger, greater. 
'tn6, (mo), contraction of 

ionroA, many ; An 'mo 

teAbA« asac ? how many 

books have you ? also 'nroo. 
mod, (muc), a., -oice, early ; 

§0 mo6, adv., early. 


ttloi, (mo), -a, pi. id., a 

manner, a system ; respect, 

honour, gentility ; moduli, 

a., gentle, meek ; 50 mox>uil, 

adv. mannerly, modestly. 
ttlosAtt, (mug-ull), m., -aiU, 

pi. id., the mesh of a net ; 

a husk, a globe ; a cluster ot 

moio, (mo-id), f., -e, pi. id., 

a vow ; also mofoe. 
Wl6it»e,=m6 •oe, ni m. Tbuic, 

you may not ; ni m. 50 

bpuit, likely there is not. 
ITloiVt, (mu~eel) [imwil], f., 

-e, a delay, a hindrance ; 

bAin se m. asahi, he delayed 

motmenc, (mo-mint), f., -e, 

pi. -i, a moment; a minute, 

also moimvo, noimeiu, 

mom, (mo-in), f., m6nA, pi. 

-ze, turf, peat, a bog, peat 

or mountain land. 
mdirtjpeAn, (mo-in-aer), m., 

-fern, pi. id., a meadow. 
moiticeAn, (mo-in-tr^awn), m., 

-Am, pi. id., rough boggy 

land, semi-reclaimed moor. 
mom- (mo-ir), prefix in comps., 

mdmsetseAtt, (mo-ir-esh-ur), 

m., -sm, seven persons. 
momceAt, (mu~ir-tae-ull), m., 

-eit, mortar. 
momceAR, (mu~ir-tae-ur) , m., 

-6m, pi. -emi, a mortar ; 

ruAiHgin is m., pestle and 

ttlomcfs, (miwir-teesh), f., -se, 

pi., -eACA, a mortice, a tenon. 

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mot, (mull), m., -a, pi. id., 
a beam, a shaft, nave of a 
wheel, the top of an egg. 

mot, (mull), v., praise, com- 
mend ; glorify ; award, re- 
commend ; v. n. -at) ,* 
motAim, I praise, etc. 

mote, (mullth), m., muilc, 
pi. id., a wether, also 
molcAcAn . 

mom;, (moung) [mung], f., 
muinge, pi. -a, a mane, long 
hair, heavy grass ; a moor. 

motiUAW, (mu-noo-ur), interj., 
woe, sorrow, alas! 

mow, (moo-ur) [raor] , a., m6, 
large, great, much, 50 tn6n I 
tiiou, especially ; An mo« at> \ 
leADAi* ? how much is the j 
book ? ni morc liom -ouic e, : 
I do not grudge it to you. ! 

mdn-, (mor), prefix, great. j 

m6«An, (mor-awn), m., -aiti, | 
much, many ; m. AIR51X), a i 
great deal of money. i 

m6n6A, (m5r-ghu), a., proud, ; 
noble, stately, majestic. j 

m6«"DAit, (mor-aw-il), f., | 
-aIa, pride, boasting, j 

triumph, gladness ; an ! 
assembly. j 

tnoncAS, (m5r-thus), m., -ais, 
pride, gladness. j 

mocA, (mo-tha), m., id., pi. 
-i, a moat, a mound. ! 

mocAttAd, (mu-hull-uc), a., | 
-ai, shaggy, hairy. j 

m6cA«, (mo-thur), m., -air, : 
pi. id., a motor. 

mocuij, (mu-hig) [-hee], v., 
feel, perceive, touch ; v. n. 
-cu ; rnoeuim, I feel, etc. 

muc, (muk), f., -tiice, pi. -a, 

a pig. 

muc, (mooc), v., quench, ex- 
tinguish, smother, obscure ; 
v. n. -a-6 ; mxicAim, I quench, 

muccA, (mooc-tha.), p. a., ex- 
tinguished, obscured. 

tnuJA, (moo), a straying, a 
loss ; A5 tduI 1 nuijjA, going 
astray, going to loss ; also 

mincpeoa, (rmV~ik-6-il), f., 
-6La, pork, bacon. 

muit>, (imwig) [-ee], v., see 


mutleAtin, (mu~ill-un), m., 
-linn, pi. -Ine, a mill. 

mutlle, (moo-le), m., id., pi. 
-Li, a mule. 

muitteAC, (mu—ill-uth) , m., 
-lie, pi. -ai, a diamond in 
cards . 

muttteom, (mu—ill-O-ir), m., 
-ora, pi. -1, a miller. 

mum, (mu~in), f., -e, the back 
of the neck and shoulders, 
the back ; ar ni. CApAill, 
on horseback. 

mu»n, (moo-in), v., teach, in- 
struct ; v. n. -eAT), and 
munAX) ; muirum, I teach, 

muincttte, (miWin-cile, mu-» 
in-ir-tle), m., id., -li, a 
sleeve ; mummcle in M. 

muitieAt, (mu~in-ae-ull), m., 
-nil and -neil, the neck. 

muirnti, (mu~in-een), f., -e, 
confidence, hope, trust ; ca 
m. AgAm as, I have confidence 
in him. 

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mumnteAR, (mu~een-thur), f., 

-cue, family, people, in- 
habitants, a tribe, a clann ; 

m. nAcuAice, country people ; 

m. a ceile, his people in law ; 

mo tin., my people; also 

mutnnceARAC, (mO^een-thur- 

uc), a., -«ai, friendly; also 

muince, (moo-in-te), p. a., 

taught ; learned, polite. 
mumceoin, (moo-int-oir) , m., 

-ora, pi. -i, a teacher, 
mum, (mu^ir), f., ihara, the 

mm we, (mu~ire), f., Mary ; 

this form is used for the 

Blessed Virgin. 
mutROAn, (mu~ir-ur), m., -«m, 

a family, care, a burthen ; 

also tmimijeAti. 
tnuinnin, (moo-ir-neen), m., 

id., pi. ->, dear, darling ; a 

tti., my dear. 
ttluts, (moo-ish), f., -e, a 

frown, a sulky expression ; 

peAC An ni. air, see the 

sulky face of him, 
rtlutsiun, (moo-ish-ewn), a nod, 

a wink of sleep. 
ftlul, (mull), m., -uil, pi. -a, 

an axle-tree, a mound. 
muUc, (moo-lluc), m., -A15, 

sink water, dirty water. 
ftlullAC, (mu-lloc), m., -A15, 

pi. -ai, the summit, the top, 

the head. 
mutrACAti, (mull-tha-cawn), 

m., -Am, pi. id., a yearling 

ram ; a person with a big 


tnun, (moon), m., -urn, urine. 

ttturtA, (muna), conj., unless, 
if not ; m. mbCAt) cusa, 
only for you ; also ttiura. 

tnutiAb, (mun-ub), unless, un- 
less it be ; m. orc aca ati 
"oeipm, if it isn't on you 
the hurry is ; also ttiurad. 

muntA, (moon-lla), m., id., pi. 
-i, a mould. 

ttlunlAC, (moon-lluc), m., -A15, 
dirty water, mire, a sink ; 
see mulAC. 

ttlun, (moor), m., -um, pi. 
-ca, a building, a fortifica- 
tion ; kind of sea weed; 

munA, (muni), conj., see ttiutia. 

tttunAb, (mur-ub), see muriAb. 

trtunAc, (moor-uc), m., -aij, a 
kind of sea weed, puddle. 

ttluncA*, (mur-u-cu), dire mis- 
fortune, calamity ; ^uair se 
muRCA-6, he was severely 
punished ; contiAic .se 

ITIurca'6, no An cor b& 
Siorra -oo, he saw Morrogh 
(of the burnings) or the bush 
next him (which was sure 
to be afire), i.e., he met with 
heavy misfortune. 

miiscAit, (moos-kiwil), v., 
wake up, awaken ; v. n. 
-c ; musclAim, I wake up 

tnusrAn, (mus-thur), m., -air, 
a gathering, a crowd, a 
muster ; boasting, vanity 

m«c65, (moo-thog), f., -6i5e, 
pi. -05&, a glove without 
finger divisions which covers 
the whole hand ; a stump. 

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tlA, (nu), gen. sing. f. and nom. 
pi. of at», the. 

nii, (naw), conj., nor, neither, 
ni'l biAT) t»a -oeoc UAim, I 
want neither food nor drink ; 
that not, •oemim tiA pint s6, 
I say that he is not ; almost, 
is beA5 tiA 51m cuic s6, he 
almost fell. 

'tiA, (naw), for ionA, than, is 
peAnn or 'rtA AiR5eAT), gold 
is better than silver. 

'tiA, (nu), for 1 n-A, in his, her, 
its, their, 1 rt-A 50RC, in his 
field ; 1 n-A 5., in her field ; 
1 n-A n5., in their field. 

tiA, (naw), neg. part, before 
imperative ; n& bins 6, do 
not break it, t»a h-6l 6, do 
not drink it ; before neg. 
optative, ha raid rtiAic 


-tiA, (nu), or -ne, emph. suffix 
after 1st per. pi. of verbs, 
of prep, prs., of per. pr. and 
poss. adj. ar ; ar gcAp^U-nA. 

riAc, (noc), conj., that not ; 
■oeiR se tiAC tjpuil se, he 
says that he is not. 

tlAc, (noc), a neg. interrog. 
particle, tiac "ocas e ? is it 
not nice ? tiac 6 SeAn e ? 
is he not John ? 

flACAn, (nocar), contracted to 
nAR ; used before past tense ; 
nAR -oeAS 6 ! was it not nice ? 
nAR b'6 SeAn 6 ? was he not 
John ? 

tlAOtim, (naw-dhoo-ir), f., -e, 

nature, disposition, tempera 

ment, kindness. 
tlAOuncA, (naw-dhoor-hu), a., 

natural, kind. 
riAipctfi, (nap-keen), m., id., 

pi. -i, a napkin, a handker- 
chief ; n. pocA, a pocket 

tiAine, (naw-re), f., id., shame ; 

Ot n. air, he was ashamed ; 

jrciii 5AT1 n ., a shameless man. 
riAinij, (naw* lr-ig) [-ee], v., 

shame, confuse, make 

ashamed ; v. n. -iu ; tiAiRim, 

I shame, etc. 
riAistun, (naw-shoon), m., 

-um. pi. id., a nation. 
tiAmAit), (nou-id), f., -at> ; pi. 

ruuiiroe an enemy. 
tVAcn, (niWae) [nu~ee], num. 

a., nine ; n.--oe\&5, nineteen. 
tiAoibeAnAM, (nu—ee-an-awn), 

m., -aid, pi. id., an infant ; 

also nAOfoeAti. 
nAotrh-, (nii~eev), nAorn-, 

prefix in comps., holy, 

rtAom, (niWae-uv), m., -oirh, 

pi. id., a saint. 
tlAomoj, (nu~ae-uv-Og), f., 

-615c, pi. -05&, a small boat, 

a cot. 
riAomtA, (nu~ae-fu), a., holy, 

tiAomuij, (niwae-vvWig) [-ee], 

v., sanctify ; v. n. -rb<i ; 

n Aorrm 1 m , I san ct if y . 

Digitized by 

tlAontin, (nu^ae-noor), m., 

-uir, nine persons. 
IIaoscac, (niWaes-kuc), m., 

-A15, pi. -a, a snipe ; (also 

tlAn, (nawr) =tia + ko, used 

with pres. subjun. to express 

a wish (neg.) ; nAR leigi-o 

TMa sin, God forbid. 
tlAn, (nawr) =nA+Ro, used 

before past tense ; see tiacar. 
riARAb, (nawr-ub)=riA + n(o) + 

Ab (dep. of is), expresses a 

wish (neg.) ; n. e t>o beACA, 

never welcome to you. 
tIAnti, past tense of is, n£ + 

r(o) + d(a), that it was not, 

was it not. 
tlAsc, (nosk), m., -aisc, pi. 

id., a tying, a chain, a 

collar, a ring, a peg. 
tlAsc, (nosk), v., bind, tie, 

chain, make fast ; v. n. 

-atd ; riAscAim, I bind, etc. 
tlACAin, (na-hir), f., -crac, pi. 

-craca, a serpent, a viper, 

a snake ; n. nmie, a viper. 
tleAC, (nac), an indec subs., 

a person, anyone with neg., 

no one. 
tleACCAn, (nac-thur), either, 

one of (two), or else, in 

Wat erf or d neACOReACA, buAil 

e no neACOReACA btiAilpi-6 se 

cu, strike him or else he will 

strike you ; see ceACCAR. 
tleAt>, (nadh), m., ni-o, pi. nro 

and -raca, a nest ; also f., 

gen. ni-oe. 
tl«At>ui5, (nadh-ig) [-ee], v., 

nestle, lie at ease ; v. n. 

-■oii ; neAxnihn, I nestle. 

tit . 

tl^Al, (nae-ull), m., -eil, pi 
-rA, a cloud ; a fit, a swoon, 
a trance, a wink, a glimmer 
of light ; neAl cooIaca, a wink 
of sleep. 

tleAth, (na~uv), f., neinie. 

tleAtfi-, (na^iiv), neg. prefix ; 
indicates the contrary of 
word to which it is prefix- 

tleAttispteAOAC, (na-splaw-^uc), 
a., -At, independent, well- 

neAtiticos, (nWoun-thog) [nan- 
thog], f., -6ise, pi. -65A, a 

tleAnc, (narth), m., -eiRc, 
strength, power, ability. 

tleAncuij, (nar-thig) [-thee], 
v., strengthen, fortify ; v. n. 
-cu ; neAucuim, I strengthen. 

tleAscoit), (nis-ko-id), f., -e, 
pi. -eACA, a boil, a sore. 

neACA, (nae-thu), a., neat, 
nice, dainty. 

tleirii, (niv), f., -e, poison, see 

ttetrh-, (nev), neg. prefix ; 
gives opposite meaning to 
word to which it is prefixed. 

tiecnn, (nwoin), in phr. ar 
neom, indeed, of course ; 
usually ar 1T0615. 

tleoniAc, (ni~omuth), m., a 
moment, an instant ; also 
neomAnc ; ar n. nA bAise, 
in the turn of a hand. 

tit, (nee), neg. part., not, 
causing aspir. as ni buAil- 
peAt) ; suppresses is, ni peAR 
e, he is not a man. 

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tli, (nee), f., daughter, used in 
surnames and causing aspir., 

as ITlAlKe Tli rilURCAT)A. 

nf, (nee), m., id., pi. -ie and 
neice, a thing ; also nvo; 
gAC ni, everything, aoti ni, 

tlij, (nig) [ni], v., wash ; 
v. n. -e ; tiiijim, I wash. 

tlijeACAti, (nee-cawn), m., -Ain, 
a washing, washing of clothes. 

tli£ce, (ni-tS), p. a., washed. 

tli'L, (neel), is not, contr. fornf 
f'uil ; nin is spoken in Wat. 

tlim, (niv), f., -e, poison ; 
venom, bitterness. 

niriinoA6, (nin-uc) [neen-uc], 
a., -ni, venomous, peevish, 

tlton, (nee-ur), not, ni + no 
compounded ; prefix of per- 
fect tense, nion buAtt s6, 
he did not strike ; nion 
riiAic An leADA« 6, it was not 
a good book (assertive verb 

nios, (nee-us), =ni is, used 
with comparatives in pres. 
tense ; nios peAWR, better; 
nios m6, larger ; any more ; 
somet. niosA. 

no, (no), conj., or, otherwise ; 
no 50, until. 

tloccuij, (noc-thig) [-thee], v., 

uncover, strip, reveal, make 

manifest ; v. n. -cat> ; 

noctuim, I uncover, etc. ; 

also uoccAim. 
tloccuice, (noc-thi-hi), p. a., 

bare, naked ; cos n., bare- 
footed ;alsonoccA. 
tlootAts, (nu-Kwig), f., -Ias, 

tloimtnc, (n6-mint), f., -e, a 

moment, minute ; also 

tl6initi, (n5^in-een), m., id., 

pi. -i, a daisy. 
tl6s, (nos), m., -61s, pi. -a, 

habit, custom, manner. 
tl6cA, (no-tha), m., id., -1, a 

note ; n. pumc, a pound 

note ; n. ceoit, a musical 

tiuA, (noo), a., new, fresh, 

tluACAn, (noo^u-cur) , m., -Am, 

a husband or wife ; so-n. 

c\35Ac, a good wife or husband 

to you . 
tluAioeAcc, (noo-ucth), f., -a, 

news, tidings. 
tluAtn, (noo-ir), adv., when. 
tluije, (nu~ige), adv., always 

preceded by 50; 50 n. seo, 

up to this. 

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6, (0), conj., since, because, 
in as much as ; obi me, since 
I was ; 6's itiaic liom e, 
because I like it ; also 6m, 
6m ca se ce, because it is 

6, (6), prep., from ; 6 Gminn, 
from Ireland ; with 50, 
denotes place or time, 6 but! 
50 bARR, from top to bottom ; 
6 16 50 16, from day to day ; 
6 ceAtin ceAtiti tia cine (50 
suppressed somet.), from end 
to end of the land ; becomes 
ua in combination with per. 
prs., UAim, uaic, uato (m.), 

UAIce (f.) UA1T1T1, tlAlb, UACA ) 

C65 uAun e, take it from me ; 
want, as ca teAbAH tiAim, I 
want a book ; combines with 
the poss. adjs. mo, "00, as 
6m', o-o', 6m' £15, from my 
house; to, towards ; as 6 
•be as, to the south, towards 
the south. 

6 ! (6), interj., oh ! alas ! 

6, (6), m., ui, pi. tii, voc. s. 
and pi. tit, gen, pi. ua, a 
descendant ; alsotiA in nom. 
(before surnames) . 

ObAinno, (ub-uing-e), f., id., 
suddenness, hastiness ; also 

ObAin, (ub-uir), f., oibwe, pi. 
oibweACA, work, labour, act 
of working, workmanship, o. 
riiAic, good workmanship ; 
feAR oibue, a workman. 

Ob Ann, (ub-iin), a., -Ainne, 

sudden, quick, unexpected, 

hasty ; ca se An-o., he is 

very hasty, very rash. 
Oc ! (uc), interj., oh ! alas! 
6caio, (6-kaw-id), f., -e, pi. 

-eACA, occasion ; business. 
Ocah, (uk-iir), m., -air, pi. id., 

and ocra, a loan, interest. 
OclAti, (uc-llawn), m., -aih, 

pi. id., a moan, a groan, a 

cry of grief. 
Ocoti, (uc-on), interj., alas! 
066, (u-co), m., a doubt, a 

Ochac, (uk-a-ruc), a., -ai, 

hungry, in want ; as subs. ; 

a hungry person. 
Ocras, (uk-a-rus), m., -ais, 

hunger ; greed ; avarice. 
Ode, (ucth), num., eight, occ- 

•oeAS, eighteen. 
Occaii, (uc-thur), m., -air, 

eight persons. 
Occu, (ucth-oo), num. a., 

eighth ; o.-"oeA5, eighteenth. 
60', (5dh), contr. of 6 x»o, 

from thy ; see 6, prep. 
Oi6ifi6s, (6-vos), m., -61s, 

homage, see om6s. 
OpnAit, (ufr-aw-il), f., -aIa, pi. 

id., an offering, an oblation ; 

also OpRATO. 

OpnAit, (ufr-aw-il), v., offer ; 

v.n. id.; opuAilim, I offer. 
°S» (S), f-. -a, a virgin; 

65ACC, virginity. 

Digitized by 

os 115 

65, (6g), a., 615c, young, fresh, 

new ; uaccak 65, fresh cream; 

An r-Aos 65, the young 

OJAtn, (6m), m., -Aim, Ogham, 

a system of writing in 

ancient Ireland. 
os&tiAC, (-ogawn-uc), m., -A15, 

pi. id., a young man, a lad. 
OJAsrotn, (os-tho-ir), m. ( -6ra, 

pi. -1, a host, one who keeps 

a house of entertainment. 
osIac, (5g-llaw-uc), m., -A15, 

pi. id., a soldier, a hero, a 

youth, a servant, (from 65 

and Iaoc). 
OtbLioTjAto, (eb-li-gaw-id), f., 

-e, pi. -i, an obligation. 
Oibnij, (eb-rig) [-ree], v., 

work, operate ; v. n. -iu and 

obAm ; oibnim, I work. 
Oitbce, (ee-hS), f., id., pi. 

-AtirA, night, eve of a 

festival, O. tloT>tA5, Christ- 
mas Eve. 
Ovoe, (u~Id-e), m., id., pi. 

-•01, a teacher, an instructor, 

a tutor. 
Oi6e, (ee), m., id., pi. oroi, a 

traveller, a wayfarer; a host. 
Otoe, (ee-de), see foe. 
OioeACAS, (u~id-e-cus), m., 

-ais, instruction, tuition, 

Otoe acc, (ee-ucth), f., -a, 

lodging, entertainment ; a 

OioeAta, (ee) [I], m., fate, 

lot, destiny, doom ; is o. 

cnuAije e, he is an object 

of pity ; is mAic Ati o. air 6, 

he deserved it 


on&eAtin, (I-un), m., - , 6wm, 
pi. -a, an oven, a pan. 

OioeAS, (iW id-vis ) , m., --ois, 
instruction, tuition, also 


Oitain, (Ir), f., oixme, ice ; 

teAC oitme, ice. 
Oipts, (ef-ig), i-, -e, pi. -f, an 

office, a ministry, a post ; 

O. Ati OfoeACAis, Office of 

Edu cation . 
OipiseAc, (ef-ig-ac), m., -515, 

pi. id., an officer. 
01F151U1L, (ef-ig-oo-il), a., 

°>5> (0-1), f., -e, pi. 65A, a 

virgin, a maid. 
615-, (o-ig), prefix, young, 

see 65. 
Oije, (5-ige), f., id., youth ; 

mol An orge, praise the 

young ; also gen. f. of 65, 

OtjeAttn, (i-un), m., id., pi. 

-jtie, and -jtii, a pan, an 

oven ; also oroeArm. 
Oijcar, (I-ur), m., ice, snow ; 

chafing of the skin from 

exposure to cold, or from 

wetting, rubbing, etc. 
Oijne, (ir-e), m., id., pi. -hi, 

an heir ; a copy, a facsimile. 
OijneAcc, (i-rwucth), f., -a, 

pi. id., an inheritance. 
Oil, (u~il), f., -e, blemish, 

Oii, (twil), v., nurse, rear, 

educate ; v. n. -luinc ; 

oilim, I nurse, etc. 
Otloetm, (u^il-e-vaem), f., -e, 

a stumbling ; reproach, 


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OtLeAn, (tWil-awn), m., -Ain, 

pi. id., an island. 
OttttneAC, (iWil-I-hrac), m., 

-mj, pi. id., a pilgrim, a 

Oittum, (u~il-ew-in), f., -unA, 

rearing, upbringing, training, 

nurture ; also oiliumc. 
OittpiASc, (iWile-f ee-usth) , f., 

a serpent. 
otic, (ii~ilt), f., -e, horror, 

OtLce, (u~ilt-e), p. a., well 

trained, well educated, skil- 
ful, expert. 
Oilctuit, (u*ilt-ew-il), a., -uIa, 

disgusting, nauseous. 
OtneAc, (u-In-uc), m., -1115, 

mercy, generosity ; as a., 

merciful, generous, 
dmmio, (o-in-vid), f., or m., 

id. or -e, pi. -1, a simpleton, 

a fool. 
6)«3»ac, (5-in-shuc), f., -sf, 

pi. -a, a foolish woman or 

Om, (iWir), v., fit, serve, suit, 

become ; v. n. -nhn(t) ; 

oiRim, I fit, etc. 
6in, (o-ir), conj., because, for, 

OtRceASAC, (u^ir-casuc), a., 

-a1, requisite, necessary, 

OtnctU, (u»ir-cil), f., -e, a 

lying in wait, concealment, 

an ambush. 
Omce&nc, (u~ir-ir-ik) [u~ir- 

ya—urk), a., -a, noble, 

illustrious ; worthy, excel- 
lent ; also om-oemc. 

6im>«v§, (C-ird-nlg) [-nee], v., 
set in order, ordain ; v. n. 
-iu ; oiRtmim, I ordain. 

OtnoACCAS, (u~ir-oc-thus), m., 
-ais, pi. id., an assembly, 
a conference, a council. 

Oiroao, (u~rr-udh), m., an 
amount, a quantity, an equal 
quantity, an equal number ; 
Ati o. sAti, that much ; a 
■6a o., twice as much ; An 
o. eile, as much more ; o. 
t>a pRi5T)e, an atom ; ni radsa 
Ann acc An o., I was not 
there either. 

61015, (5-ir-ig)^ [-ee], v., de- 
corate or ornament with 
gold ; v. n. -iu ; 6iRim, I 
decorate with gold. 

Oiniuin, (u~ir-ewn), f., -titiA, 
suitability, accommodation, 
adaptation ; also omeAriiAinc, 

OtmutiAc, (u~ir-ewn-uc), a., 
-ai, suitable, fitting. 

OmiunAcr, (u~ir-ewn-ucth), f., 
-a, suitability, fitness. 

OtnmiAn, (u^ir-vee-un), f., 
-nA, covetousness. 

OtnnuoneAC, (u~ir-veeng-uc), 
a., venerable. 

OtnneAtcA, (iWir-nae-ulltha), 
a., ornamental, elegant. 

dtnnets, (5<~Ir-naesh), f., -e, 
pi. -1, an instrument ; furni- 
ture, chattels. 

OtnceAn, (u~ir-hur), m., -cir, 
the east ; border, region , 
the day after to-morrow, as 
An oiRceAR (u-*Ir-a-hur) ; um 
An oiRceAR, on the day after 

Digitized by 

OIS 117 

Otsne, (<WIsh-r6), m., id., pi. 
-nf, an oyster. 

Oicm, (fi-thir), I., -cReAC, pi. 
-CReACA, a bank, a pro- 

6t, (611), v., drink ; v. n. id. ; 
61 Aim, I drink. 

6t, (Oil), m., 6il, a drinking, 
intoxicating drink ; seACAin 
An c-6l, shun the drink. 

oLa, (ulla), f., id., oil, oint- 
ment ; o. "OefoeAnAc, 
Extreme Unction. 

OlAsoti, (ulla-gon), m., -6tn, 
pi. id., a wail ; also olAgAn. 

OtAtiti, (ull-un), f., olrtA, and 
oil a, wool. 

Otc, (ulk) , m., uilc, pi. id., 
evil, mischief, harm. 

Otc, (filk), a., meASA, bad, 
wicked, vile; 50 hole, badly. 

Ott, (oull) [oil], a., great, 
huge ; used as prefix, as 
0U5I6R, bombast. 

OltAtti, (filluv), m., -Aim, pi. 
-ha, a professor, a learned 
man, o. tma-oacca, doctor of 

OttAth, (filluv), a., ready, pre- 
pared, finished, see ullArh. 

OLtmuts, (filla- vu~ig) [~-ee], 
v., prepare, make ready ; 
v. n. -mii ; oUrhuim, I pre- 
pare, etc. ; also UU1W115. 

Olltiiti, (fill-oo-in), f., -<jriA, 
instruction, work of a pro- 

6Lca, (611-tha), p. a., drunk, 
ci se oIca A5Am I have 
drunk it. 


OniAtt, (fim-ur), m., -air, pi. 

id., a trough, a font, as o. 

bAiscf, baptismal font ; also 

6m6s, (Cm-Os), m., -61s, obed- 
ience, humility. 
6mRA, (5m -ra), m., id., amber. 
Oti6in, (u-nO-ir), f., -ora, pi. 

id., honour. 
Ondnuts, (u-nO-riWig) [~ee], 

v., honour, worship, rever- 
ence ; v. n. -ru ; or\6R\iim, 

I honour, etc. 
Ondnutce, (u-n5r-i-hl), p. a., 

honoured, worshipped. 
6n, (Or), m., 6ir, gold. 
OnAib, (fir-iv), prep, pr., on 

you (pi.). 
6nA»t>, (5-raw-id), f., -e, pi. 

-e*\cA, a speech, an oration ; 

a prayer. 
OnAinn, (fir-ing), prep, pr., on 

6uAisce, (5r-aw-ish-tS), f., id., 

pi. -ci, an orange. 
One, (firk), m., uirc, pi. id., 

a lap dog, a small hound. 
6nt>, (ordh), m., -um-o, pi. id., 

order, a service, clergy ; o. 

beAnnuice, Holy Orders. 
Onx>, (Ordh), m., -um-o, pi. id., 

a hammer, a sledge. 
6ntiA, (Or-ghu), a., golden. 
6m>6s, (0r-dh6g), f., -615c, pi. 

-65A, the thumb, the big toe. 
6m>u, (Or-dhoo), m., --ouice, 

pi. id., an order, a decree, 

act of ordering. 
OntJuij, (Ordh-ig) [-ee], v., 

ordain ; order, command, 

arrange ; v. n. -"ou ; dR-ouim, 

I ordain, etc. 

Digitized by 

onb 118 

6nt}uiL, (6rdh-oo-il), a., re- 
gular, orderly. 

OnlAC, (or-lluc), m., -aij, pi. 
ai, an inch; also ortdIac. 

Onm, (firm), prep, pr., on me. 

OntiAit), (ur-naw-id), f., -e, 
pi. -t, an ornament, orna- 

O ntiu 15, (urn-ig) [-ee], v., 
adorn, ornament ; v. n. -nu ; 
ORTiuim, I adorn. 

One, (urth), prep, pr., on you 
(sing.) ; orca, on them. 

OncA, (urha), 1., id. pi. -1, a 
charm, a prayer; also [orha]. 

6s, (Os) and os (os), prep., 
over, above, upon; os ciotiti, 
above ; os corhAtR, in front. 

OscAit, (usk-il), v., open ; v. 
n. -c ; osclAim, I open. 

OscAitt, (usk-il), f., -caII, pi. 
-caIIa, the armpit. 

OscAitc, (usk-ilt), f., -e, an 
opening, a split, a cleft. 


OsnA, (fis-na), f., -Af, pi. -a(, 

a sigh, a sob, a groan. 
Osmiis, (us-nu~ig) [*ee], v., 

sigh, sob, groan ; v. n. 

-uil ; osnuim, I sigh, etc. 
OspioeAl, (os-pid-ae-ull), m., 

-eil, pi. id., a hospital ; 

also spi-oeAl. 
Osca, (ostha), in phr. C15 6sca, 

an inn, a public house. 
Oscdin, (os-tho-ir), m., -6ra, 

pi. -1, a host, a publican. 
Or, (u), regret, sadness ; is oc 

liom, I regret. 
OrAin, (uth-ir), a., -cra, 

ignorant, vulgar ; filthy. 
OcAtt, (iihur), m., -Am, pi. id., 

an abscess, an ulcer ; also an 

Ochac, (uthr-uc), m., -A15, 

dung, dirt, filth. 
OcnAs, (uhr-us), m., -ais, pi. 

id., sickness ; suppuration, 


Digitized by 





PA&aiL, (paw-vaw-il), f., -aIa, 

a pavement ; also pAil. 
Pac, (pok), v., pack, parcel 

up, gather up ; v. n. -a-6 ; 

pACAim, I pack, etc. 
Pac a, (pok-a), m., id., pi. -f, 

a pack ; p. carcai, a pack of 

pA.5A.tiAc, (paw-gawn-uc), m., 

-A15, pi. id., a pagan. 
pAit>m, (po-dhir), f., --one, pi. 

-•oneACA, a prayer, the Lord's 

pAitmiti, (po-dhir-een), m., 

id., pi. -1, Rosary beads ; 

the Rosary ; also p. pAm- 

ceAc, the Rosary. 
pAije, (paw), f., id., payment, 

pAit, (paw-il), f., -e, pi. 

-eACA, a pavement. 
pAtte, (paw-ile), m., id., pi. 

-U, a pailing. 
pAittiuti, (poMll-ewn), m., 

-win, pi. id., a pavilion ; a 

pAitm, (po^H-Im), f., -e, pi. 

-eACA, palm, the palm tree; 

"OomriAC tiA pAiLme, Palm 

Sunday ; also pAilm. 
pAtnceAn, (piWin-taer), m., 

-6111, a cable, a boat's moor- 
ing cable ; a snare, a trap. 
pAipeAn, (paw-pae-ur) , m., 

-6m, pi. id., and -6mf , paper. 
pAtpin, (po~ip-een), m., id., 

pi. -I, a poppy. 

pAtnc, (paw-Irk), f., -e, pi. 

-eAtinA, a field, a meadow, a 

pAtnitts, (po~ir-il-ish) , f., -e, 

palsy, paralysis. 
pAtnttts, (po~ir-i-hish) , {., -e, 

palsy, trembling. 
pAtnc, (paw-irt), f., -e, pi. 

-eAtinA, a part, a portion ; 

friendship, affection ; £65 

me a p., I acted on his behalf. 
pAinceAC, (paw~ir-tac), a., 

-ci, partaking ; sharing ; 

fond, friendly. 
pAincT, (paw~ir-tee), m., id., 

pi. -cice, a partner, a com- 
pAincij, (paw~ir-tig) [-tee], 

v., share, divide, portion ; 

partake ; v. n. -ciu ; pAmcitn, 

I share, etc. 
Pais, (paw-ish), f.. -e, passion, 

affliction, suffering ; the 

Paisij, (paw-ish-ig) [-ee], v., 

torture ; v. n. -i-u ; pAisitn 

I torture. 
pAtsce, (po~Ish-te), m., id., 

pi. -ci, a patch, a spot ; p. 

c Aim An, a patch of land. 
pAtsce, (paw^Ish-te) , m., id., 

pi. -ci, a child. 
pAtce6s, (pcw-it-og), f., -oige, 

pi. -65A, a bit, a small 

quantity ; p. ime, a pat of 

pAtcntsc, (pith-rishk), f., -e, 

pi. -1, a partridge. 

Digitized by 

pALAs, (paw-llaws), m., -ais, 
pi. id., a palace. 

pAtlc6s, (poull-thog) [poll-], 
f., -6i5e, pi. -65A, a blow, a 

pAtiA, (paw-na), m., id., pi. 
-1, a pane. 

Paor, (piWae-ur), m., -om, 
a grudge, ill-feeling ; a joke. 

pApA, (paw-pa), m., id., pi. 
-1, a Pope ; An p., the Pope. 

pAn, (pawr), m., -air, parch- 

pAttAtsce, (pur-aw-ish-te), see 

pAtroun, (pawr-dhoon) , m., 
-uin, pi., id., pardon, for- 

pAntus, (pawr-lloos) , m., -uis, 
pi. id., a parlour. 

pAn6tsce, (pur-5-ish-te), m., 
id., pi. -ci, a parish, also 
pARAisce ; SA5&RC p., a 
parish priest. 

pAnntAS, (par-a-hus), m., -ais, 

pAncAti, (pur-thawn), m., -aiti, 
a crab ; also porcati. 

Pas, (pos), m., -ais, a little 
bit, a little time, a short 
distance ; p. crotti, a bit 
heavy ; p. triAll, a bit late ; 
also a permit, a pass. 

Pasaisco, (pus-aw-ish-te), m., 
id., pi. -c<, a passage, a 
pathway ; j?uair se a p., he 
got his passage (money), his 

pACAine, (poth-ir-5), m., id., 
pi. -r{, a soft, plump, young 
creature, p. teinb, a plump, 
young child. 



' pAcnuti, (paw-throon), m., 

-uiTi, pi. id., a patron, a 

festival in honour of a patron 

saint, a pattern. 
pe, (pae), pr., whoever, what- 
ever, pe Ate, whatever place ; 

p6 sc6aI e, at all events, 

peAc, (pae^Qk), f., -6ice, 

pi. -a, a sprout of a veget- 
able ; a long point, a snout. 
peACAc, (pae-kuc), a., neat, 

spruce, showy, proud. 
Poacac, (pi-koc) [pa-kuc], 

m., -A15, pi. id., a sinner ; 

as a., sinful. 
peACAti, (pa-ku), m. ( -a to, pi. 

-ai, a sin, p. mARli, mortal 

sin; p. Art csinsiR, original sin. 
peAcuij, (pa-ku^ig) [-ee], v., 

sin, transgress ; v. n. -cu ; 

peACtiim, I sin. 
peAtl, (pl^oull) [pall], m., 

peill, pi. id., a pall, a veil, 

a covering. 
peAtiti, (pI~ounn) [pann], m., 

pmn, pi. id., and peAtinA, a 

peAtitiAit), (pann-id), f. ( -e, 

pi. -1, affliction, penance. 
peAtisun, (pl^oun-soor) [pan- 

soor], m., -uiR, pi. id., a 

peAnlA, (pae~ur-llu), m., id., 

pi. -f, a pearl ; term of 

P*a«sa, (par-sa), f., -Art, pi. 

-aha, a person, an individual. 
peAnsAncA, (par-sun-thu), a., 

personal ; handsome. 
peACA, (path-a), m., id., -I 

a pet. 

Digitized by 


poACAn, (pae-thur), m., -air, 

peic, (pek), f., -e, pi. id., a 

peck, a measure. 
penileACAn, (pl—i-llu-kawn), 

m., a butterfly ; see p6ii- 

peiliun, (pe-lewr), m., -tim, 

pi. id., a pillow. 
peine, (pae-re), m., id., pi. 

-ri, a pair, a couple ; also 

pei-ORe in parts of M. 
pemeAtSuic, (per-I-vu^-ik), f., 

-e, pi. -{, a peruke, a periwig. 
peinse, (paer-shi), f., id., pi. 

-sf, a perch in length ; the 

fish perch ; a rank, a row. 
peisr, (pae-isht), f., -e, pi. 

id., a worm, a reptile ; see 


P«i4se6s, (pe-shog), f., -6ise, 
pi. -a, a peach. 

piAt>dm, (pee-e-dho-ir), m., 
-6ra, pi. -f, a meddlesome 
person, a mischievous per- 

piAt>6ineA6r, (pee-e-dho-ir- 
ucth), act of interfering, 

pi am, (pee-fln), f., p6ine, pi. 
-ca, a pain, torment, punish- 
ment ; piAn-pAis, torture. 

piAtirhAn, (pee-un-vur) , a., 
-a me, painful. 

pi aho a, (pee-ur-dhu), m., id., 
pi. -{, a monster, a giant ; 
also an ornament. 

pi Ano Ail, (pee-ur-dhaw-il), f., 
-aIa, ransacking, intermedd- 
ling ; piar-oaIai, an inter- 
meddling person. 



Piasc, (pee-fisth), f., peisre, 

pi. id., and -Af, a worm, a 

pTb, (peeb), f., -e, the bag- 
pipes ; the neck, the wind- 
pic, (pik), f., -e, pitch, slime. 
pTce, (pee-ke), f., id., pi. -ci, 

a pike, a spear, a pitchfork. 
P15111, (pig-een), m., id., pi. 

-i, a pitcher, a small vessel. 
pijin, (peen), f., pijtie, pi. 

id., and -ni, a penny ; see 

pile An, (pil-ae-ur), m., -6m, 

a bullet, a shot ; a pillar, 

a pier. 
pflem, (pee-lae-ir), m., -6ara, 

pi. -1, a policeman, a 

" peeler." 
pilibin, (pil-ib-een), m., id., 

pi. -\, a plover ; anything 

insignificant ; is lon^AticAC 

An p. 6, he is a wretched 

pillin, (pil-een), f., -e, pi. -\, 

a pillion ; a folded cloth on 

the head when carrying a 

ptlltun, (pil-oor), see peiUivm. 
pilseAn, (pil-shae-ur), m., 

-6m, pi. id., a pilchard. 
pincin, (pink-een), m., id., 

pi. -\, a gilly flower, a small 

fresh-water fish. 
pinSin, (ping-in), f., -e, and 

-5ne, pi. -1, a penny. 
pitiniutn, (ping-ew-ir), f., -6ra, 

pi. -\, a gable. 
pTob, (pee-ub), f., pibe, pi. 

-a?, a pipe, a bagpipes, the 

windpipe ; also piop. 

Digitized by 

plO 122 

piobAine, (pee— ub-ire), m., 

id., pi. -r!, a bagpipes player; 

also piopame. 
piobAti, (pee— ub-awn), m., 

-Am, pi. id., a spout ; the 

windpipe ; also piopAn. 
piobAn, (pi-bur), m., -air, 

pioc, (pi-uk), v., pick, cull, 

select, pluck ; v. n. -at> ; 

piocAim, I pick, etc. 
pioc, (pi— uk), m., a jot, 

negatively, nothing'; ni't pioc 

A5AIT1, I have nothing. 
ptocoro, (pi— uk-o-id), f., -e, 

pi. -1, a pick-axe. 
piocuice, (pi— uk-ihi), p. a., 

picked, culled, tied up ; also 

pioctA., (pi— ul-aw-id), f., -o, 

pi. -i, a palace ; also piolAir:, 

modern p&lAs. 
piotoin, (pi— ul-o-ir), f., -ora, 

pi. -i, a pillory ; also pioloix). 
piotoit), (pee-ull-o-tee), m., 

id., a pilot ; also piolocA. 
piotitiA, (pi— un-na), m., id., 

pi. -i, a pin, a peg, a plug, 

a wedge. 
pionos, (pi— un-6s), m., -61s, 

penance, punishment, 

anxiety ; also p tonus. 
pTop, (pee-up), piopAme, 

piopAn, see under piob, etc. 
pfopA, (pee-upa), m., id., pi. 

-1, a pipe, a smoking pipe. 
ptonA, (pi— ura), m., id., pi. 

-1, a pear. 
ptonAtt>, (pee— ur-aw-id), m., 

-e, pi. -1, a pirate. 
ptonoto, (pi— ur-5-id), i. f -e, 

pi. •{, a parrot. 


ptosA, (pee-su), m., id., pi. 
-1, a piece, a portion, a 
morsel ; a patch. 

piosrAt, (pi— usth-nll), m., 
-Ail, pi. id., a pistol. 

pis, (pish), f., -e, pi. -eAnriA, 
a pea, peas, vetch, pis 
buix>e, common yellow vetch, 
pis-ptA-OAin, wild pea. 

pisciti, (pish-keen), m., id., 
pi. -1, a kitten ; also puisin, 
and pisin. 

piseAtiAC, (pish-awn-uc), m., 
-A15, lentils, pulse, also 

piseoj, (pish-og), f., -6159, 
pi. -65 a, with craft, sorcery, 
a charm ; also pisneoj;. 

ptAbAine, (plobh-ire), m., id., 
pi. -ri, a noisy, loose talker, 
also plubAiwe and plobAmc. 

ptAic, (plo— Ik), f., -c, pi. 
-eAnriA, a mouthful, a hand- 
ful ; the flesh parts as plAic 
An rinmiil, the fleshy part of 
the neck. 

piAtt), (plo— Id), f., -e, plaid, 
a bed spread. 

ptAtj, (pllaw-ig) [-ee], f., -e, 
pi. -eAnriA, a plague, a pesti- 

piAttiem, (plaw— in-ae-id), f., 
-e, pi. -i, a planet. 

ptAtnnceAT>, (plu— In-kae-udh), 
m., -ei"o, pi. -eroi, a blanket. 

ptAttititn, (plo-neen), m., id., 
pi. -i, flannel. 

piA»t, (plo— it), i., -e, pi. 
-eACA, the crown of the head ; 
a bald head ; d p. ai«, he 
is bald. 

Digitized by 


piAiceAti, (plo~it-un), f., -ino, 

the head, also plAictn. 
ptAicin, (plaw-teen), m., id., 

pi. -i, a little plate ; the top 

of the head ; p. ti*\ 511'ime, 

the knee-cap ; p. ati cum, 

the skull. 
piAttiAS, (p law-maws), m., 

-Ais, flattery. 
ptAtiA, (plaw-na), m., id., pi. 

-1, a carpenter's plane. 
piAtic, (plounk) [plonk], v., 

beat severely, strike heavily ; 

v. n. -at) ; plAticAim, I beat 

plAnc, (plounk) [plonk], m., 

-Ainc, pi. -ai, a plank. 
ptAtiOA, (ploundha.) [plondha], 

m., id., pi. -1, a plant. 
plAtiouij, (ploun-dhig) [-dhee] 

v., plant ; v. 11. -x>\i ; 

plAtvouim. I plant. 
pt An mi ice, (ploun-dhi-hi) , p . a . , 

ptAtiuij, (plawn-ig) [-ee], v., 

plane ; v. n. -m'1 and -Ait ; 

plAtiviini, I plane. 
plAtiuice, (plawn-i-hi), p. a., 

plAosc, (plu~ae-usk), f., 

-oisce, pi. -a, the skull, a 

shell, a husk. 
plAosc, (plu~ae-usk), v., beat 

on the head, beat severely ; 

v. n. -at) ; plAoscAiin, I beat, 

plAS, (plaws), m., -ais, a 

place, a level place ; also 

plASATl, plAso5. 
plAScAn, (plaws-thur), m., 

-Am, plaster, a plaster ; also 


123 pte 

plAscnuis, (plaws-thru~ig) 

[~ee], v., plaster ; v. n, 

-niiL ; plAscTuiim, I plaster. 
ptASUij, (plaws-ig) [-ee], v., 

coax, soothe ; v. n. -su ,* 

pLASuim, I coax. 
plACA, (plaw-thu), m., id., 

pi. -1, a plate. 
ptoAnnc, (plwounk) [~onk], 

m., a heavy blow. 
pteAtinc, (pli~ounk) [~onk], 

v., beat, strike severely ; 

v. n. -at) ; pleAtincAim, I 

beat, etc. 
pleAnACA, (plae-rawka), m., 

id., pi. -1, uproar, con- 
fusion, play. 
pteAsc, (plae-usk), f., -eisce, 

pi. -AtitiA, a crack, a burst, 

the sound of breaking. 
pteAsc, (plae-iisk), v., crack, 

burst, break, strike, attack ; 

v. n. -at) ; pl^ASCAim, I 

crack, etc. 
pteASCAti, (plae^us-kawn), m., 

-Am, pi. id., a shell, an 

explosive, a rocket. 
pteACA, (plae-thu), m., id., 

pi. -1, a gust of wind ; pleACA 

gAoite.a breeze or gust ofwind 
pleio, (plae), v., plead ; fight, 

contest, contend ; v. n. -e ; 

pleitum, I plead, etc. 
pleioce, (pli~Ike), m., id., 

pi. -ci, a fool ; a clownish 

pteisiun, (plae-shewr), m., 

-<im, pleasure, merriment. 
pletsc, (plesht), f., -e, a life- 
less mass, a clod ; cuic se 

11 a p., he fell down as if 


Digitized by 


ptibin, (plib-een), m., id., 

pi. -i, a plover, see pilibin. 
p Li spin, (plish-peen), m., id., 

pi. -i, a shred, a rag ; also 

a foolish person. 
ptobAine, (plubh-ire), see 

ptocdm, (pluk-5-id), f., -e, 

pi. -i, a bung, a plug. 
plot* a, (pludha), m., id., 

puddle, mud ; also plux>A, 

ptuAis, (ploo-esh), f., -e, pi. 

-eACA, a crevice, a cave. 
piubAine, (plubh-ire), see 

ptuc, (pluk), f., -tnce, pi. 

-a, the cheek. 
ptu6At>, (plooca.), m., -cca, 

smothering, suffocation. 
ptucAineA6c, (pluk-ir-ucth), 

f., -a, impertinence. 
ptuOA, (pludha), m., id., 

puddle, mud. 
ptumA, (pluma), m., id., pi. 

-i, a plum. 
ptumbA, (pluma), m., id., pi. 

-i, a plummet. 
ptun, (ploor), m., -urn, flour, 

meal ; flower, choice ; p. 

tiAtnbAn, the flower of women. 
pobAl, (pub-ull), m., -Ail, pi. 

-blACA, people, congrega- 
tion, tribe. 
poc, (puk), m., pine, pi. id., 

a he-goat ; a blow, ca akx> 

poc Aise, he gives (the ball) 

a great puck (blow), in 

poc, (puk), m., puic, a fever. 
poo, (puk), v., puck, strike ; 

v. n. -ax) ; pocAim, I puck. 

124 pdn 

Poca, (po-kii), m., id., -i, a 

pocket, a pouch. 
pocAioe, (puk-id-e), m., id., 

pi. -tdi, a he-goat ; also 

pocAn . 
P°S> (P 6 g). v -. k jss ; v. n. 

-ax) ; po5Aim, I kiss. 
P65, (pog), f-, -6i5e, pi. -65A, 

a kiss. 
poitnp, (pu^imp) [-eemp], f. 

-e, vain show, pride. 
poititite, (pii^in-te) [^een-te], 

m., id., pi. -ci, meaning 

" point" ; on the moment; 

ar An bp., on the spot, at 

the moment ; p. "olijje, a 

point of law. 
pomin, (po^ir-een), m., id., 

pi. -1, a bean ; a small 

potato ; a little hut. 
p6inse, (po^ir-she), m., id., 

pi. -si, a porch, an entry, a 

passage, a lane ; poll tia 

p., hole nor passage. 
poic, (pO^it), f., -e, pi. 

-eAnnA, a drinking bout ; 

p6iceAC, a., given to drink. 
poicin, (pu-teen), m., id., 

privately made whiskey, 

pott, (poull) [pull], m., puill, 

pi. id., a hole, a pit ; p. 

pnAXAi, a pit of potatoes. 
pott, (poull) [pull], v., pierce, 

bore, perforate ; v. n. -ax> ; 

pollAim, I pierce, etc. 
pottoj, (pull-og), f., -6t5e, pi. 

-65A, the fish pollock. 
pdtiA, (po-nu), m., id., a 

pound, an enclosure. 
pdnAine, (pon-ir-e), f., id., 

pi. -ri, beans. 

Digitized by 


pontic, (pfink), m., ptnnnc, a 
jot, a tittle, a whit ; a point. 

pdn, (por), m., pom, pi., id., 
race, clan, seed. 

pone, (purth), m., ptiiRc, pi. 
id., a bank, a port, a shore, 
a harbour ; a bog ; a tune, 
an air. 

Porcac, (pur-thoc), m., -Aij, 
pi. -a, a turf bank, a bog. 

poncAti, (pur-thawn), m., -a in, 
pi. id., a crab ; also parcah. 

poncus, (piir-thoos), m., -tiis, 
pi. id., a breviary. 

pos, (pos), v., marry ; v. n. 
-A-6 ; p6sAim, I marry. 

pose, (pilsth), m., puisc, the 
post ; a position, a situation ; 
ca p. mAic Aige, he has a 
good position ; 01^15 An 
puisc, the Post Office. 

Posca, (pustha), m., id., pi. 
-1, a pillar, a post, a situa- 

pdsrcA, (pos-tha) p. a., married. 

Poca, (putha), m., id., pi. -1, 
a pot. 

pocAine, (po-thire), m., id., 
pi. -hi, a drunkard. 

pnAitntin, (praw-ing), f., -•one, 
need, want, necessity ; 
haste, trouble ; confidence. 

pnAisc, (praw-ishk), f., -e, 
mire, filth. 

pnAiscin, (praw-ishk-een), m., 
id., pi. -i, an apron. 

pnAiseAC, (pru~ish-oc), f., -sJ 
and prtAisce, porridge, pot- 
tage ; TD1AS pnAisce, a dish 
of porridge ; also, little bits. 

pnAp, (prop), a., sudden, 
active, quick; 50 p., quickly. 

125 pm 

Prab, (pros), a., quick, active. 
Pras, (praws), m.,-Ais, brass. 
Praca, (praw-tha), m., id., 

pi. -;, a potato ; also ?aca. 
pneAb, (prWob), f., -eibe, a 

jump, a start, a fright ; 

daw se pReAb ASAtn, he 

frightened me, took a start 

out of me. 
Proad, (pri~ob), v., jump, 

spring, rouse ; v. n. -ao ; 

pneAbAim, I jump. 
pReADAtRe, (prWob-ire), m., 

id., pi. -tti, a strong, active 

Pr6ac, (plr~ae-uk), f., -eice, 

pi. -a, a root ; see pwe\&tii. 
pROAcAn, (piwae-cawn) , m., 

-Am, pi. id., a crow, a raven ; 

p. nA 5ceATtc, a scald-crow. 
pne acca, (plr—ae-uc-tha), a., 

perished as from cold. 
pne Am, (plr—ae-uv), f., -ernie, 

pi. -aca, root, foundation, 

origin ; see pneArii. 
pneAmuij;, (plr~ae-vu~ig) 

[~ee], v., plant, propagate, 

originate from ; v. n. -rhu ; 

pR6Aihuim, I plant. 
pneiceAtt, (pir~ek-ull), f., 

-cille, a double chin ; beiR 

ar p. air, throttle him. 
pniACAtl, (pree-uk-il), i., 

-aIa. danger. 
pnitttoit), (priv-lae-id), f., -e, 

pi. -f, a privilege. 
pRtm-, (preev), prefix in 

comps., a., first, chief, 

prime, great. 
pRimpeAttAti, (prim-pull-awn), 

m., -Am, pi. id., a beetle ; 

also pRiompAUAn. 

Digitized by 

pni 126 

pninctseAc, (preen-teesh-uc), 

™., -S15, pi. id., an appren- 
pnfobAto, (pree-vaw-id) , f. t -e, 

secrecy, privacy. 
pntoc, (prl~uk), v., prod, 

goad, sting ; v. n. -a-6 ; 

pmocAim, I prod, etc. 
pmoCA, (prl~uka) , m., id., 

pi. -f, a sting, a goad, a 

pniorii, (pree-uv), m., -a, a 

pniorii -, (pree-uv), prefix in 

comps, first, chief, prime, 

ptttorir&A, (pree-uva), a., prin- 
cipal, chief. 
pmompAllAti, (prl~um-pull- 

awn), m., -Am, pi. id., a 

beetle ; also pmmpeAllAn . 
pntotitisA, (prI~oon-su), m., 

id., pi. -\, a prince. 
pntoslA, (prWus-llu), m., id., 

pi. -f, saliva dribbling from 

the mouth. 
pnfosun, (pree-soon), m., -uin, 

pi. id., a prison. 
pniosuriAd, (pree-soon-uc), m., 

-A15, pi. id., a prisoner. 
pnocA, (pr5-ka), m., id., pi. 

-i, a crock ; also croca. 
pnocAT>6m, (prO-ku-dhO-ir), m., 

-6«a, pi., -1, a proctor. 
pnoitin, (pruning), f., -e, a 

meal ; ceAT>-p., breakfast. 
pnoiseAS, (prO-shus), m., -sis, 

pi. -a{, a process, a summons ; 

also pnoisue. 
pnopA, (pro-pu), m., id., pi. 

-Af, a prop, a support. 


Puca, (pooka), m., id., pi. 

-\, a goblin, a fairy ; a 

clownish person ; dim. 

puicin, a little wallet or 

pouch ; a mask ; a foolish 

pucAti, (poo-kawn), m., -Am, 

pi. id., a small pack ; p. 

oItia, a small pack of wool. 
Puca petit, (pooka-pI~ill), m., 

a toadstool, fungi; also [-pel] . 
puoAn, (poo-dhur), m., -air, 

pi. id., powder. 
putbti, (piWib-lee), a., public, 

puiblij, (pu^ib-lig) [-lee], v., 

publish, proclaim, v. n. -iu ; 

puiblim, I publish. 
putlpm, (pu~il-pid), f., -e, a 

putnn, (pu^eeng), much, 

many, a quantity ; usually 

with neg., little, few ; r\\ 

pm p. e, it is not worth 

puttince, (pu~een-tS), see 

puitictti, (poo-in-teen), m., id., 

pi. -!, a pebble ; p. cloice, 

a little stone. 
putsfn, (pu~ish-een), m., id., 

pi. -1, a kitten. 
puttoj, (pull-Og), i., -6150, 

pi. -65A, pollock. 
punA, (poona), see p6tiA. 
putiAti, (pun-un), f., -Ainne, 

pi. -a, a sheaf. 
ptinc, (poonk), m., -uinc, a 

point, point of danger, a 

difficulty ; bios 1 bpunc, I 

was in a " fix." 

Digitized by 

pun 127 

ptititicAti, (punk-awn), m., 
-Ain, pi. id., an American, 
a " Yankee " ; also punn- 
c ah AC. 

punc, (poonth), m., -time, pi. 
id., a pound (money) ; a 
pound (weight) ; also puncA. 

pun5At>6iTi, (pruga-dh5-ir) , m., 
-6n&, Purgatory. 

pun3At>6tneAcc, (pruga-dho-ir- 
ucth), f., -a, Purgatory; 
pains of Purgatory. 


puns6iT>, (pru-gG-id), f., -•, 
pi. -i, aperient medicine. 

pus, (pus), m., ptns, pi. id., 
a lip ; t»i p. air, he was 

put, (pu), m. ( id., pi. -ahha, 
a puff, a whiff ; p. gAoice, 
a puff of wind. 

pMrJAtt, (pu-heel), f., -e, 
puffing (as one after exer- 

P uc6 5, (pu-thOg), £., -6ise, pi. 
65A, a pudding. 

Digitized by 





RAbA6, (raw-buc), a., bullying, 

fierce ; plentiful. 
Ra&a^, (rou), m., -avo, pi. id., 

a warning, a caution. 
RAbAtne, (raw-biWire), m., id., 

pi. -Hi, a strong active 

tiA&AncA, (rour-tha), m., id., 

pi. -i, a spring tide. 
RAbrtAt), (rou-raw), m., -ato, 

sport, frolic ; see riora. 
Raca, (rawka), m., id., pi. 

-{, a rake, a rack ; also raca. 
RACAiti, (rok-id), m., id., pi. 

-i, a frock. 
RACAine, (rok-irg), a garru- 
lous person, a romancer. 
RAcmus, (roc-mus), m., -«is, 

wealth, riches, plenty. 
Ra6c, (rocth), m., -a, pi. -ai, 

a fit, a bout, as racc gAiRe, 

a fit of laughter ; also ReACc, 

as neACCAi 5AiRe, fits of 

Racca, (rocth-a), m., id., pi. 

-i, a rafter. 
RACcAine, (rocth-ire), m., id., 

pi. -ri, a dairyman, an 

overseer ; see ReAccAme. 
Ra£, (raw), m., raio, pi., 

RAVoce, act of saying, a 

saying, a decision. 
Rat>at>, (rodha), act of giving 

or bestowing, throwing ; r. 

CAinnre, rattling off talk. 
RAOAtne, (rodh-ire), m., id., 

pi. -ai, a prattler ; a 

wanderer, a stroller. 

RA<Atnse, (rl~rr-sh2), f., id., 
plenty, abundance ; also 


Ra^ahc, (ri-urk), m., -airc, 

pi. id., sight, vision ; a 

view ; a prospect. 
RAtiriiAilL, (raw-vu~ill), f., 

pi. -<, raving, wandering in 

Rag, (rae), f., id., a field, a 

heather field ; the moon ; 

also Re. 
RAplA, (rawf-llu), m., id., pi. 

-i, a rumour. 
RASAinne, (rog-ir-n<§), m., id., 

dissipation, carousing. 
RAib, (raw-ib), f., -e, rape ; 

sfol RAibe', rape seed. 
Rait>, (raMd), v., give, fling, 

throw ; v. n. -eAt> ; RAforni, 

I give, etc.; A5 ratooao 

CAinnce, rattling off talk. 
RAioeAC, (raw~Id-uc), a., -ni, 

witty, droll, humorous. 

Ra»*s> ( ra w-ig), f., -e, fit of 
temper or passion ; tii art> 
RAi-og air, he was in a fierce 

RAfoce, (raw-ItS), p. a., said, 
told; cA s6 r., it is said ; 
pi. of rat), a saying. 

RAil, (raw-il), f., -aIac, a rail ; 
a creel, a crib ; raiI rri6TiA, 
a creel of turf. 

RAim6ts, (raw~im-aesh), f., 
-e, nonsensical talk or com- 
position, nonsense. 

Digitized by 




RAtrime, (rl-rg), f., id., fat- 
ness, fat. 
RAice, (raw-he), f., id., three 

months, a quarter (of a year) . 
RAtcneAC, (ra-hin-uc), f., -ni, 

common female fern. 
RAriiA, (raw) [raw-vaj, m., id., 

pi. id., an oar ; mAroe r., 

an oar ; also raiti. 
RAtfiAij, (raw-ig, rawv-ig) 

[-ee], v., row ; v. n. -ax> and 

RArrraioct: ; RArrmim, I row. 
RAmAiLLe, (raw-vvwile), f., id., 

raving in sickness, wandering 

in mind. 
RAtiiAn, (rourj, a., Reirhe and 

Retrime, fat, fleshy, plump, 

Rah, (rawn), f., -Ainne, pi. id., 

a spade ; a length of about 

five feet. 
ttAnj, (roung) [rong], m., -a, 

pi. id., a rank, a series, a 

RAtin-, (roung) [ronn], v., 

divide, share, distribute ; 

v. n. -at> ; ttATmAim, I divide, 

RAtin, (roung) [ronn], piefix ; 

RAtin, (roung) [rong], m., -a, 

and -Ainn, pi. -a, a verse, a 

stanza, a poem. 
Rawia, (ron-na), m., id., pi. 

-i, the welt of a boot. 
RAnnpAtnc, (roung-faw-irt), f., 

-e, a participation, a division. 
RAtinsuij, (roun-sig) [ron-see], 

v., rummage, ransack, search, 

v. n. -su ; RAnnsuvm, I 

rummage, etc. 


Ras, (raws), m., -ais, pi, 

RAiseAnriA, a race ; H>uait> 

s6 An ras, he won the race. 
nAsun, (raw-soor), m., -um, 

pi. id., a razor. 
flAr, (ro), m., -a, luck, good 

fortune, prosperity. 
■Rac, (raw), m., -a, pi. id., and 

-AnnA, a fort, a rath. 
R&tmAn, (ro-fur), a., -Aiue, 

lucky, fortunate. 
RAcunAS, (ro-hoon-us), m., 

-ais, prosperity, happiness. 
Racuij, (ro-hig) [-bee], v., 

prosper, increase ; v. n. 

-ivi ; RAcuim, I prosper. 
Re, (rl~e), prep., with, by, 

towards, le is the form now 

used ; see le. 
Re, (rl~e), alternately, in 

phrases, 5AC ne £0caI, every 

second word ; 5AC Re Ia, 

every alternate day ; 5AC 

Re seA-6, every second word. 
n& (rae), f., id., a time, a life 

time, lem' Re, in my time ; 

ROirh Re, before the time ; 

also the moon, r£ An ne n& 

sxwxie, the moon is up. 
n^Ab, (rae-ub), v., rend, tear, 

mangle, uproot ; v. n. -a-6 ; 

ReAbAim, I rend, etc. 
ne Attn a6, (rae-raw), m., fun, 

merriment, frolic ; see riora. 
RcAbcA, (rae-pu), p. a., torn 

up, torn asunder. 
neACAt>6m, (ri~aka-dho-ir), 

m., -6ra, pi. -i, a seller, an 

auctioneer ; also ReACAiRe. 
ReAcc, (rl/*acth), m., -a, pl« 

id., a law, a statute. 

Digitized by 




n»A6cAi£, (rl~acth-ig) [-ee], 

v., decree, ordain ; v. n. 

-cat> ; ReACcuim, I decree. 
fleAdcAtne, (rl-acth-ire), m., 

id., pi. -hi, a lawgiver ; a 

dairyman ; see naccAme. 
Msaccas, (rWacth-us), m., 

-ais, stewardship. 
tteAt, (rae-ul), f., -ac and -a}, 

pi. -aca, sixpence. 
n&Alc, (rae-ulth), f., Keitce, 

pi. h6aIca, a star. 
noAtcos, (rae-iill-thog), f., 

-6i5e, pi. -65A, dim. of h6aIc; 

an asterisk. 
noAtfi-, (rae~uv), prefix in 

comps., before, pre-. 
rioAtnA, (rae-mu), m., id., 

noArtiAino, (rom-ire), m., id., 

pi. -ni, any large heavy 

object; h. pis, a big strong 

neAtriAW, (rour), a., weiriie and 

Keitrme, fat, fleshy, thick ; 

See HAtTlAH. 

neAtrmA6, (rae~uv-raw), m., 
-Ait), pi. -Aix>ce ; a preface, a 
preliminary discourse. 

neAifinmj, (rou-rig) [-ree], v., 
fatten, become fat ; v. n. 
-mi ; KeAirmuiTn, I fatten. 

neAtinAine, (ronn-ire), m., id., 
pi. -ni, an astronomer ; (from 
neAtin, a star). 

n6Asun, (rae-soon), m., -tim, 
reason, sense. 

tteic, (rek), m., neACA, act of 
spending, sacrificing ; sell- 
ing cheaply ; crying out. 

neie, (raek), m., -e, a rake, an 
aimless fellow ; also netce. 

neicineAd, (rek-in-uc), a., -ni, 

Ueics, (raex) = nex, king. 
U616, (rae~Ig) [~ee], a., -e, 

ready, finished ; smooth, 

level ; prepared ; gentle ; 

C05 neiT> e, go easy; ca SeAn 

bocc we it), poor John is done 

Uettiij, (rae~Ig) [-ee], v., 

agree ; prepare, provide ; 

v. n. n6it>ceAC and nei-oeAo ; 

n6it)iTn, I agree, etc. 
nettise, (ri-she), f., id., full- 
ness, abundance, generosity. 
noiTbcij, (rae-tig) [-tee], v., 

clear, clean ; adjust ; agree ; 

solve ; v. n. -ceAC ; nerocim, 

I clear, etc. 
neitj, (rilig), f., -e, pi. -(, a 

churchyard, a burial place. 
Uoitcfn, (rael-teen), m., id., 

pi. -j, a star. 
tleim, (rae^Im), f., -e, fame, 

power, authority ; manner ; 

a list. 
ttSitfi-, (raev), prefix in comps., 

before, pre-, see weAifi-. 
rteitfiBAS, (rae-vas), f., -thse, 

time, period. 
ncnmne, (rlre), f., id., fatness, 

see weAtriAH. 
Uem, (rae~Ir), f., -e, order, 

arrangement; -oo n., accord- 
ing to ; -oo n. tnAH SAoileAS, 

as I thought. 
neice, (re-hl), m., id., pi. -cf, 

a ram. 
116105, (rae-tig) [-tee], v.; see 

tied, (rO), m., -ca, frost. 

Digitized by 


111, (ree), m., rij and Ri'05, pi. 

Rijjce and Rijjce; gen. pi. 

Ri'05, a king. 
A«, (ree) , a prefix, good, 

Aia6ac, (ree-uc) [ree-vuc], a., 

-Aice, grey, brindled, swarthy. 
AtAttos, (ree-vog), f., -6\^e, pi. 

-65a, a species of lark ; r. 

riiotiA, a titlark ; r. coitle, a 

wood lark. 
Aiaccauac, (ree~uc-thun-uc), 

a., -ai, necessary, necessi- 
tous, needy. 
WiACCAtiAS, (ree~uc-thun-us), 

m., -ais, necessity, want. 
AtAJAtL, (ree-el), f., -5IA, pi. 

-SIaca, a rule, a regulation, a 

law ; also riajjaI. 
ntAJAtCA, (ree~ull-thu), p. a., 

ruled, regulated, regular ; 

beAn r., a nun. 
ntAJAlcAs, (ree^ull-thus), m., 

-ais, government. 
ntA^Atcdtn, (ree~ull-thO-ir), 

m., -ora, pi. -f, a director, a 

AiAJLutj, (ree~ull-ig) [-ee], 

v., rule, govern, regulate ; 

v. n. -lu ; RiA5l«im, I rule, 

At Am, (ree-uv), adv., ever, 

always ; with neg., never 

(in reference to past chiefly). 
AiAti, (ree-un), m., -aui, pi. -ca, 

a mark, a sign, a trace, a 

track, a trail ; ca r. oibue 

air, the sign of work is on 

him ; peAR tuacauca seAt> e, 


he is an honest ma a and 
" signs on " he is esteemed. 

131 Alt 

RiAtt, (ree-ur), f., r6ir6, will, 

pleasure, see r6ir. 
AiAn, (ree-iir), v., serve, 

please ; divide, distribute : 

arrange, govern ; v. n. id. 

and -at> ; RiARAim and 

RiARuim, I serve, etc. 
AiAnAtsce, (ree-ur- ish-tS) , m., 

id., arrears. 
Aiasc, (ree-usk), m., -a, pi. 

id., a moor, a marsh, a 

rough uneven tract of land. 
AibTn, (ribeen), m., id., pi. 

-i, a ribbon. 
ttiome, (ridh-ire), m., id., pi. 

-Rt, a knight. 
AioineAcc, (ridh-ir-ucth), f., 

-a, knighthood. 
A15-, (ree), a prefix, royal, 

tt'S* (")• v -» reach, attain, 

arrive, come ; v. n. roccaiti 

and RiACCAm ; Rij;im, I 

reach, etc. 
Aije, (ree), m., id., a 

sovereignty, a kingdom, a 

AtjeAcc, (ree-ucth), f., -a, a 

nrjin, (reen), -jne, tough, 

stiff ; slow, dilatory. 
AtpieAs, (reen-us), m., -nis, 

delay, slowness ; toughness, 

"^•S, (reen-ig) [-ee], v., 

stiffen, toughen, delay ; v. n. 

-\u ; Riorum, I stiffen, etc. 
A»LL, (rill), v., sift, riddle, 

winnow ; v. n. -eAX» ; Rittim, 

I sift, etc. 
AtLLeAn, (rill-awn), m., -a in 

pi. id., a riddle, a sieve. 

Digitized by 




nfmeAO, (reem-aedh), m., -6ro, 

gladness, joy, pride. 
ntnn, (ring) [reeng], f., -e, a 

point, the top, a foreland, a 

mnn-, (ring) [reeng], an intens. 

prefix ; sharp. 
nirnic, (rink, reenk), v., 

dance, spin ; v. n. -e ; 

KinnciTn, I dance. 
titmice, (rinke, reenkg), m., 

id., pi. -cf, a dance ; act 

of dancing. 
niobdio, (ree-bo-id), f., -e, a 

ttiocc, (rl-^ucth), m., ReAccA, 

form, shape, likeness ; state, 

condition ; riocc oais, point 

of death ; tif'l s6 'da r. r/em, 

he is not in his usual con- 
nio£-, (ree), intens. prefix, 

good, great, excellent, 

Uiojacc, (ree-ucth), f., -a, pi. 

id., a kingdom ; also ni^eAcc. 
rtioJAti, (ree-un), f., -j;nA, pi. 

id., a queen. 
niojoA, (ree-gu), a., royal, 

kingly ; also R105U1I. 
Uiorii, (ree-uv), m., -a, count- 
ing, enumeration. 
UioriiAineACc, (ree-vu~ir-ucth), 

f., -a, Arithmetic. 
nfonA, (ree-raw), m., id., fun, 

merriment, confusion ; see 


ntoc, (ri ; rue in Wat.), v., 
run, race ; v. n., id., RiocAim, 
I run ; see ric. 

ntoc, m., seACA, pi. id., a race, 
a rush, a run ; also mc. 

nine, (ree-rg), in phr. -da nine, 
in earnest, serious, truly ; 
rA me -oa RiRe, I am serious ; 
also ririd. 

nfs, (reesh), f., -e, rice. 

nisin, (rish-een), m., id., pi. 
-1, a raisin. 

nic, (ri), v., run, rush, go 
quickly ; v. n., id. ; Rttim,- 
I run. 

no, (ru), prefix of past tense, 
now -oo except in combina- 
tions 5UR, TIIOR, T1AR, AR, etc. 

no-, (ro), intens. prefix, very, 

much, exceeding, too ; r6- 

f-uAR, too cold ; r6-art>, 

most high ; Ro-cuRAtriAC, very 

nobA, (roba), m., id., pi. -f, 

a robe. 
nobAil, (rub-aw-il), f., -aIa, pi. 

id., robbery, plunder. 
n6t>, (rodh), m., rovo, pi. id., 

a road, a way, a track. 
nosA, (rou), f., -n, choice, 

selection ; biox> ■oo r. A5AC, 

have your choice ; •o6ati 

■00 r. ru-o, do as you like. 
no^Aine, (r5g-ire), m., id., 

pi. -ri, a rogue, a knave, a 

" boyo." 
not-, (ro-I), intens. prefix, 

very, much, exceeding ; see 

noitis, (rii~il-ig), f., -e, pi. 

-1, a churchyard, a burial 

place ; also Reil.15. 
noirii, (riWiv), prep., before, 

in front of. 
nottii, (rii~iv), prep., before, 

ahead of ; combined with 

per. prs., R6triAni, roitiac, 

Digitized by 

not 133 

noime (m), noimpe (f.J, 

H6riiAtnn, RoriiAib, R6mpA, 

before me, you, him, her, us, 

you (pi.), them. 
noimts, (ru~im-ish), prep. pr. 

sometimes used for noime, 

before him ; ca pAilre norniis 

(or Roime), he is welcome. 
ndin&AOAC, (ro-in-aedh-uc), 

m., -A15, pi. -ai, haircloth. 
notnn, (ring), v., distribute, 

share, divide ; v. n., id. 

and -r ; Roinnim, I dis- 
tribute, etc. 
noinnc, (rint), a share, a por- 
tion ; r. A1R51-Q, some money. 
notsfn, (ru-sheen), f., -e, resin. 
ftotscin, (ro-ish-teen), m., id., 

pi. -1, a gridiron. 
noiciein, (ru~il-hawn), m., 

-Am, pi. id., a wheel, a roller, 

a pulley, a riddle. 
ttottA, (rulla), m., id., pi. -\, 

a roll (book), a schedule ; 

any roll, as roUa ime, a roll 

of butter. 
n6mAn, (ror), v., dig, cultivate, 

till ; v. n., id. ; RoriiARAim, 

I dig, etc. 
lion, (ron), m., -6m, pi. -ca, 

a seal ; hair, horse-hair. 
nonjA, (rflng-a), m., id., pi. 

-!, a rung, as r. ■OReimme, 

rung of ladder ; a rib, as 

r. bAix>, rib of a boat. 
nop, (nip), v., thrust ; stab ; 

v. n. -&v ; RopAim, I thrust. 
n6pA, (r5pa), m., id., pi. -1, 

a rope. 
nopAtne, (rup-ire), m., id., 

pi. -r!, a thief, a villain, a 

violent person. 


nos, (rus), m., miis, flax-seed ; 

mm ruis, linseed meal ; also 

a promontory. 
Mos, (r5s), m., rois, a rose. 
nose, (ruse), m., ruisc, pi. 

-a, a song, a poem ; r. caea, 

battle-song ; the eye. 
nose, (rosth), v., roast, grill ; 

parch ; v. n. -at> ; r6scaitti, 

I roast, etc. 
not, (ru), m., -otce, and -a, 

pi. -a, a wheel. 
not*n, (ru-hur), m., -air, pi. 

id., a bicycle. 
nuACAti, (roo~u-kawn), m., 

-Am, pi. id., a cockle. 
nuA&, (roo^-u), a., -A\x>e, red, 

reddish, red-haired. 
nuA*-, (roo~u), intens. prefix, 

strong, great. 
nuAoboc, (roo~ii-vfik), m., 

-buic, pi. id., a stag, a 

nuAftcAiLc, (roo~u-co~Ilk), f., 

-e, ochre. 
n«At>os, (roo~ug), f., -0150, 

pi. -05 a, a waxed thread. 
nuAS, (roo~ug), m., -A15, 

pursuit, flight, persecution, 

expulsion ; also RUA5AIR1:. 
nuA5Aine, (roo~ug-ire), m., 

id., pi. -ri, a chaser, a 

pursuer, a wanderer. 
nuASCA, (roo~ug-hu), p. a., 

banished, driven out, ex- 
nuAioe, (roo~e) [~ee], f., id., 

erysipelas ; 5&Iak RUAroe, id. 
nuAi5,(roo-ig),v., expel, banish, 

disperse, put to flight ; v. n, 

RUA5A-6 ; RUASAim, I expel, 


Digitized by 




nuAts, (roo-ig), f., -e, a pur- 
suit, a flight, a rout. 

flu Aim, (roo-im), f., -e, pi. 
-eACA, a fishing line ; the 
alder tree. 

fluAitine, (roo~eng-e), f., id., 
a bit, a small share, a grain, 
a pinch ; n. saIauiti, a pinch 
of salt ; also a single hair. 

rtuAitineAc, (roo~eng-uc), a., 
-ni, hairy, bristly. 

tiuACAn, (roo~u-hur) , m., -Ain, 
pi. id., an onset, a rush, an 
attack, a skirmish, depreda- 

nuo, (rudh), m., -a, pi. -Af, 
a thing, something, a matter ; 
rut> 615111, something ; nm> 
An bic, anything at all ; 
iha's hu"o e, if it is so, if it 
is the case. 

flus, (rug), v., 3rd sing, per- 
fect of bem ; ttu5 se teis, 
he took away ; nus si aih, 
she overtook him. 

nuibo, (rCi~ib5), m., id., pi. 
-bt, a hair, a rib. 

ftuibfn, (riWibeen), m., id., 

pi. -1, a ribbon, a tassel, a 

tape ; also mbin. 
nwtt)6ts, (ru^id-aesh), f., -e, 

playful mood, frisking. 
nwttictetneAc, (roo-in-clae-Ir- 

uc), m., -H15, a private 

nuititMAtiiAin, (roo-in-dee~e- 

viWir), f., -thuA, a mystery ; 

a secret. 
ntttctti, (roo-teen), m., id., 

pi. -1, ankle-bone, knuckle, 

a fetlock. 
nun, (roon), m., -uin, pi. id., 

a secret, a purpose, inten- 
tion ; esteem ; term of 

endearment, darling. 
UutiAi, (roon-ee), m., id., pi. 

-Aice, a secretary ; also 

Uusc, (roosk), v., strike, smite, 

rend ; v. n. -ax> ; wiiscAim, I 

strike, etc. 
nucA, (rooth-a), m., id., pi. -1, 

a root. 

Digitized by 




'Sa, (su), contr. of ins An ; 

'sa cacaiti, in the city ; 'sa 

bAile, or 'sATTibAile, at home ; 

often written sa. 
-sa, (su), emph. affix, after 

prs. of 1st and 2nd per. sing. 

which end in broad conson., 

as ASAm-sA, liom-sA, leAr-sA, 

also used with poss. adjs. mo, 

•oo, as mo leADAR-sA, my 

(own) book, -co coca-sa, 

your (own) coat. 
SAtJAit, (saw-vaw-il) , v., save, 

protect, rescue ; v. n., id., 

sAMlAim, I save, etc. ; 50 

SAbAlAix> X)ia sinn, may God 

protect us. 
SAtJAtt, (soull), m., -AlU, pi. 

id., a barn. 
Sa&aIca, (saw-vawll-thu), p. 

a., safe, saved. 
SAboit>, (s6-b5-id), f., --oe, pi. 

-1, the Sabbath day. 
Saosa, (sou-sa), m., id., sauce, 

gravy ; also saDas (sous) . 
Sac, (sok), m., saic, pi. id., 

a sack, a bag. 
Sac, (sok), v., press, as into 

a bag ; sack, destroy ; v. n. 

-ax) ; SACAim, I press, etc. 
SAcrtAiminc, (saw-kru-mint) , 

f., -e, pi. id., a sacrament. 
Sacsaiii, (Sok-su~in), f., -An, 

England ; usually SASAnA 

(sos-un-a) . 
Sacsauac, (sok-sun-uc), m., 

-Aij, pi. id., an Englishman, 

a Saxon ; as adj., English ; 

usually SASAnAC (sos-un-uc). 
SACsbeAttlA, (soks-vaer-llu), 

m., id., the English language. 
SAt>Ain, (sin), f., sArone, pi. 

sATOni, a fishing net, a seine. 
SAesuti, (sae-soon), m., -urn, 

pi. id., a season ; also 

sAesvm (sae-soor). 
SA^Anc, (sog-urth), m., -Amr, 

pi. id., a priest. 
Sajas, (sis), m., -is, sort ; 

cax» e An s. leAbAin 6, what 

kind of book is it ? 
Saicoatjac, (sak-ae-dhuc), m., 

-A15, sackcloth. 
SAit»bm, (se'-vir), a., -bite, 

rich, wealthy, luxuriant. 
SAixbbneAs, (sev^ir-as), m., 

-Ris, riches, wealth. 
SAitme, (sin-I), f., id., pi. 

-ni, a fishing net, see SAT>Ain. 
SAit>ce, (saw^ite), p. a., stuck, 

stabbed, pushed into ; also 

SAijoium, (sl-dew-ir), m., 

-ura, pi. -i, a soldier. 
SAij;eAT>, (swadh), f., -jne, 

pi. id., an arrow, a dart. 
SArjneAti, (sin-awn), m., -Am, 

pi. id., a hurricane, a blast 

of wind ; lightning. 
SaiI, (sa~Il), f., saIac, pi. 

-eACA and saIcaca, a beam, 

a joist ; the willow, osier. 
SAitciocr, (sllu-^i-hucth), f., 

-a, dirtiness, foulness de- 

Digitized by 




Sai16ua6, (sa~il-coo-uc), f., 

-Aice, pi. -a, a pansy, a 

SAtle, (saw-US), m. and f., the 

sea, sea-water, pickle. 
SaiIoac, (su~Il-oc), f., -li, 

pi. -a, an osier, common 

willow ; also sa lleos. 
SAtL6At>, (su~Il-ae~udh), m., 

-6vo, pi. id., salad. 
SAiL&An, (su~il-ae~ur), m., 

-6m, pi. -a, a cellar, salt- 
SAiLtn, (saw-^Il-een), m., id., 

pi. -{, a little share, a 

remnant, a little heel. 
SAtti, (sa/»il), v., salt, pickle, 

cure (as bacon) ; v. n. -eA-6 ; 

SAillitn, I salt, etc. 
SaiLL, (sa~il), f., -e, fat, 

grease, pickle ; a dainty. 
SAtllce, (sa~ilte), p. a., 

salted, pickled, cured, 

SAtlm, (sa-lim), f., -e, pi. 

-eACA, a psalm. 
SAirii-, (saw-iv), prefix in 

comps., pleasant, gentle, 

soothing, mild. 
SAttfie, (saw-iv-6), f., id., 

pleasure ; ease, quietness, 

luxury ; also sAimeAcc. 
SAirnic, (sint), f., -e, covetous- 

ness, avarice, desire, greed. 
SAtn-, (saw-ir), an intens. 

prefix, exceeding, excessive, 

SAine, (saw-ir-6), f., id., 

8a t see, (saw-ish-te), f., id., 

garden sage. 

SAtc, (saw-ig) [saw-ee], v., 

push, thrust, stab ; v. n. 

sacax) ; sACAun, I push, etc. 
Sait, (saw-i), f., -e, enough, 

sufficiency ; a gaic Altera, 

his sufficiency of money. 
SAtr, (sa), f., -e, a bitch. 
SAire, (sa-hi), f., id., pi. id, 

and -ci, a swarm, s. beAC, 

swarm of bees ; a multitude. 
Saicoac, (sa-huc), m., -A15, 

pi. SAtti, a vessel, a sacred 

vessel ; see soiceAC. 
SAireAti, (saw-I-tawn), m., 

-aid, pi. id., the binding 

scollop used in thatching ; a 

Saici£, (saw-hig) [-hee], v., 

fill, satiate, satisfy ; v. n. 

-civi ; sAtcim, I fill, etc. 
SAtcfn, (sa-teer), m., id., a 

SAtcce, (saw-it-6), p. a., stuck ; 

see sAi-oce. 
SaI, (sail), m., -Ail, dirt, dross, 


saL, (sawll), f., -Aile, pi. -a, 
a heel. 

SaI ac, (sul-oc') [sal'-uc], a., 
-ai, and sAilce, dirty, foul, 
sordid, vile, despicable ; li 
saIac, a wet murky day, a 
dirty day. 

SaIacau, (sul-oc '-ur) [sol'-a- 
cur), m., -air, dirt, impurity. 

SAtAtj, (sol-ig) [-ee], v., defile, 
pollute, contaminate, be- 
smear; v.n. saIu; SAltiim, I 
defile, etc. 

SAtAtin, (soll-un), m., -Ainn, 

Digitized by 




SaIcuij, (slloc'-ig) [-ee], v., 
defile, besmear ; v. n. -cat> ; 
saIcaitti, I defile, etc. 

SaLmi, (sol-iim), m., -Ailrn, 
pi. id., a psalm ; see sAilm. 

SaIxaim, (sol-thiWir), f., -ctiac, 
pi. -cwaca, a psalter, a 

SAltnj, (sol-ig) [-ee], v., see 

SArii, (sawv), a., sAinie, pleas- 
ant, gentle, happy, quiet, 

SArhAD, (sou), m., -ait>, sorrel. 

SAtfiAit, (sou-il), a., like, 
equal, alike. 

S ATM All, (SOU-H), f., -TTllA, pi. 

-ttiIaca, a copy, a likeness, an 

image, a ghost ; also sattiaiIc. 
Samiaim, (sou-in), f., -ititia, 

November ; All Hallowtide ; 

Oi-oce §AiimA, Hallow Eve ; 

Ia Satiwa, 1st of November. 
SAtfiAs, (saw-vus), m., -ais, 

delight, pleasure. 
SamiLaoto, (soull-eed), f., -e, 

pi. -1, an image, a copy, a 

sample, a comparison. 
SamiUmj, (sou-llu~ig) [-ee], 

v., compare, liken, represent, 

imagine ; v. n. -l\i ; satti- 

luim, I compare, etc. 
SAtfinA'6, (sou-ru), m., -ait>, 

pi. -ai, summer. 
Satmsa, (sou-sa), m., id., pi. 

-1, sauce. 
Samicac, (sawf-huc), m., -A15, 

pi. id., a handle, as saiticac 

HAitine, the handle of a spade. 
SAn, (sun), demon, adj., that ; 

An peAH sati, that man. 

Sam, (sun), an emphatic affi* 
= -selves, as ia"o-sati, they, 

Sam, (son), a saint; Sah 
11iocIas, St. Nicholas, Santa 

'Sam, (sun), contraction of ins 
ati, in the. 

Sam as, (son-as), m., -ais, 
knowledge ; a secret, a 
farewell ; a glossary. 

SAMcxotn, (song-th5-ir) , m., 
-6ra, pi. id., a sanctuary. 

SAtmcAc, (soun-thud) [son-], a., 
-ai, covetous, greedy, avar- 

Sammcacc, (soun-thucth) [son-], 
f., -a, covetousness. 

Sammcuij, (soun-thig) [son- 
thee], v., covet, desire ; v. n. 
-ru ; SAnncuim, I covet. 

SAotS, (sae-^uv), a., -oibe. 
foolish, silly, erroneous, 

SA06-, (sae^uv), prefix in 
comps., foolish, wrong, false. 

SaojaI, (sae-ull), m., -Atl, pi. 
-ca, the world, life, life- 
time, generation, living ; 
saojaI fat>a CU5AC, long life 
to you ; ati s. so, this world ; 
An s. eile, the other world, 
imceACc An C-SA05A1I, the 
way of the world. 

Saoj;aLca, (sae-ull-thu), a., 

worldly; sAnbbweAS saojaIca, 

worldly riches. 
Saoi, (siWee), m., id., pi. -ce, 

a sage, a clever man, a 

scholar, a nobleman. 

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SaoiI, (su—eel) [sheel], v., 

think, imagine, suppose ; 

V. n. -eA-6 ; SAOiVim, I think, 

etc. ; also silim. 
SAOtn-, (su~eer), prefix, free, 

as sAom-peAR, a freeman. 
SAome, (siweere), f., id., a 

festival, a holiday, Sabbath ; 

Ia SAome, a holiday. 
SAOine, (su-^eere), compar. of 

saor, cheap. 
SAOtnse, (su~eer-she), f., id., 

freedom, liberty, deliver- 
ance, a release ; also cheap- 
SAomseAcc, (siWeer-shucth), 

f., -a, exemption, freedom ; 

cheapness ; a trade (as of a 

carpenter or mason). 
SAoinseAtiAC, (sfweer-shawn- 

uc), m., -Aij, pi. id., a 

voluntary worker or helper, 

a volunteer. 
SAomstj, (su~eer-shig) [-shee] , 

v., cheapen, free, deliver ; 

v. n. -iu ; SAomsim, I 

cheapen, etc. 
SaoiscoaL, (su~eesh-kae-ull), 

m., -61I, the Gospel ; also 

SAOtciuit, (siWee-hoo-il), a., 

-uIa, hospitable, generous, 

noble ; skilful. 
Saoa, (sae~ur), a., -ome, free ; 

voluntary ; cheap. 
Saoh, (sae^ur), v., deliver, 

set free, save, rescue ; v. n. 

-a-6; SAORAim, I deliver, etc. 
SAon, (sae^ur), m., -on, pi. 

id., a tradesman, an artisan, 

a carpenter, a builder, a 


SAon-, (sae~ur), prefix in 
comps., free, noble.>, (sae^ur-aw-id) , f.. 
-x»e, ease, absence of diffi- 
culty, relief. 

SAonAit>eAc, (sae^ur-aw-id- 
uc), a., -T)i, easy, without 

SAotVDAtL, (sae~ur-ghaw-il), 
f., -aIa, a privilege, freedom. 

SAonc6tn, (sae~ur-ho-ir), m., 
-6n&, pi. -i, a deliverer. 

Saocah, (sae-hur), m., -air, 
pi. id., labour, toil, work, 
fruit of work, laboured 
breathing from exertion ; ca 
me Ans., I am out of breath, 
ni motcAR mo s., my work 
is not praised. 

SAotnAc, (sae-hur-uc) , a., -ai, 
servile, laborious, diligent. 

SAocnuij, (sae-hur-ig) [-ee], v., 
till, cultivate, labour, toil ; 
v. n. -nu ; sAotRUim, I till, 

SAocmnce, (sae-hur-i-hi), p. a., 
tilled, cultivated. 

SAn-, (sawr), an intens. prefix, 
very, exceeding, great, as 
SAtt-riiAic, very good. 

Sahu, (sawr-oo), m., -Rutce, 
transgression, oppression, 
conquering, falsifying. 

SAtuus, (sawr-ig) [-ee], v., 
surpass, transgress, con- 
tradict, falsify, oppress, 
injure ; v. n. -uu ; sAuuim, 1 
surpass, etc. 

SAnuice, (sawr-i-hi), p. a., 
surpassed, contradicted. 

Sas, (saws), m., -ais, pi. id., 
one capable of doing a thing ; 

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is wait An sas sc6aI T>'wnsmc 

6, he is a good person at 

telling a story ; an instru- 
ment, a means. 
Sasais, (saws-ig) [-ee], v., 

satisfy, compensate, please ; 

v. n. sasaw and sas at* ; 

SASuitn, I satisfy. 
SASAtii, (saws-uv), m., -Aim, 

satisfaction ; bero s. A5<j,m, I 

will have satisfaction. 
Sasca, (saws-thii), p. a., 

satisfied, contented, peaceful. 
Sasca, (saws-thii), a., dexter- 
Sac ac, (saw-hue), a., -ai, 

satisfied ; filled ; sufficient. 
SACAr>, (saw-hu), m., sAite, a 

stab, a push ; act of piercing 

SACAit, (soth'-il), v., walk on, 

crush ; v.n. -c ; SACAtuitn, I 

walk on. 
Sac An, (saw'-thun), m., -aw, 

Sac Ann, (so'-hurn), m., -Amn, 

Saturday; X>1 a Sacairti (adv.), 

on Saturday. 
ScAbAtt, (skob'-ull), m., -aiU, 

pi. id., armour, a hood, a 

guard for the shoulder ; a 

ScAbAC, (skouth), m., -aic, pi. 

id., a narrow passage, a 

lane way. 
ScADAti, (sku-dhawn), m., 

-aw, pi. id., a herring. 
ScApAine, (skof-ir-e), m., id., 

pi. -hi, an athletic man, a 

hearty fellow. 

SCApAt, (Skof-Ull), m., -All, 

pi. id., a scaffold. 

ScAfAtiCA, (sku-fawn-thu), a., 

spirited, daring, hearty. 
SCA5, (skog), v., strain, filter, 

cleanse ; v. n. -a-6 ; scAgAim, 

I strain, etc. 
SCA^Aine, (skog-ir-e), m., id., 

pi. -«i, a strainer ; also 


Sca^ca, (skok-hu), p. a., 

strained, filtered. 
SCAtt, (skaw-il), f., -e, pi. -i, 

a shadow, a cloud, a shade, 

a curtain ; also scAiLe. 
Sc a tie An, (skaw-il-awn), m., 

-Ain, pi. id., a shade, a sun- 
shade, an umbrella. 
Sca itp, (sko-'Ilp), f., -e, pi. 

-eACA, a sod of grass, a slice ; 

a cave, a shed. 
ScAttptn, (sko^Ilp-een), m., 

id,, pi. -i, a kind of fish ; 

dogfish, dim. of scAilp. 
ScAirii, (sko^fv), f. -e, a grin, a 

snari ; bi scaitti war wa'ora 

aih, he snarled like a dog. 
ScAtnne, (skaw^ing-e), f., id., 

pi. -ni, a skein of thread ; 

a flaw, a crack. 
ScAtnce, (skaw^In-te) , a., 

ScAtp, (sko^Ip), v., scatter, 

spread, waste, squander ; v. 

n. -eAt) ; scAipim, I scatter, 

ScAipice, (sko~Ip-i-hi) , p. a., 

scattered, spread about. 
SCAinb, (sko^ir-iv), f., -e, pi. 

-oaca, shallow water with 

stony or pebbly bottom. 
ScAino, (skaw-ird), v., squirt, 

splash ; v. n. -eAt) ; sca>ht)>w, 

I squirt. 

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SoAim>, (skaw-ird), i., -e, 

terror, fright, frightened ex- 
pression . 
SCAinc, (sko~Irt), v., shout, 

cry aloud, shriek, roar ; 

v. n. -eAT> ; scaircitti, I 

shout, etc. 
ScAinc, (sko~Irt), f., -re, pi. 

-eACA, a clump of bushes, a 

hedge ; the midriff, the 

lungs ; caul of a beast ; an 

outburst, as scairc gAme, 

an outburst of laughter. 
Scaic, (sko), v., prune, cut 

off ; v. n. -eAt) ; scAicim, I 

prune ; see scot. 
scaIa, (skaw-llu), m., id., 

pi. -i, a balance, a scales ; 

a bowl, a cup. 
ScAlpAinc, (skoll-hiWirt) [-fu~ 

irt], f., -arca, a burst of 

laughter, a loud shouting. 
ScaLI, (skoull) [skoll], v., 

scald, burn ; v. n. -at> ; 

scAllAim, I scald. 
ScAllACAti, (skoll-u-cawn), m., 

-Am, pi. id., an unfledged 

bird ; also scaIcah. 
ScaUxa, (skoull-thS.) [skoll-] , 

p. a., scalded, burnt. 
ScAttiAt, (skom-ull), m., -Ail, 

pi. id., a cloud, shadow ; 

sadness ; phlegm. 
ScAtmjAlAn, (skov-gholl-ur) , 

m., -air, pi. id., phthisis. 
ScAttios, (sku-v5g), f., -otse, 

pi. -65A, a lung, the lungs. 
Sc Ann Ait, (skon-ill), f., -nlA, 

pl.-nlACA, blasphemy, scandal, 

slander, calumny, disgrace. 
ScAtitiAtAc, (skon-ull-uc), a., 

-4,1, scandalous, disgraceful. 

SCAtitiAtAis, (skon-ull-ig) [-ee], 
v., blaspheme, scandalize, 
calumniate ; v. n. -at> ; 
scAnnAlAim, I scandalize, 

SCAtitiAn, (skun-awn), m., -Am, 
pi. id., a thin membrane, 
the pleura. 

SCAtinnAb, (skou-ru) [skon-], 
m., -Aix) and -nuijjre, pi. 
-tungce, a fright, a surprise ; 
confusion, greed. 

SCAtinmuj, (skou-rig) [skon- 
ree], v., frighten, scare, 
disperse, confound ; v. n. 
-ru ; scAnnRuim, I frighten, 

ScAtinntaite, (s k o u - r i - h i) 
[skon-], p. a., frightened. 

ScaoiI, (sku~eel),v., loose, un- 
tie, disperse, spread, let go, 
free ; v. n. -eA'o ; scAOilim, 
I loose, etc. 

ScAoitce, (skvweel-te), p. a., 
loosed, dispersed, freed. 

ScAomse, (skiWeen-she), m., 
id., pi. -si, a despicable 
person, a worthless person ; 
a low crowd. 

Scaoc, (skiWae), f., -oice, pi. 
-a, a swarm, a flock, a 
multitude ; also scaoic. 

Scaoc An, (sku-^ae-hawn), m., 
-Am, pi. id., a looking- 
glass ; see scAtAn. 

Scah, (skor), v., separate, 
part, put asunder, depart 
from ; v. n. -at> and -um(c) ; 
scARAim, I separate, etc. ; 
is mAic a scaras, I escaped 
(an accident, a misfortune) 

Digitized by 

scA 141 

ScAnt), (skawrd), m., -air-o, 

fright, terror, a terrified 

look ; see scairt). 
scAncA, (skor-hu), p. a., 

separated, parted. 
ScAncJAit, (skorth-eel), f., -e, 

laughing boisterously, shout- 
ScAi, (skaw), m., -a, pi. -aiwa, 

shade, shadow, protection, 

shelter ; bashfulness. 
Scaca, (skoth-a), m., id., pi. 

-i, a crowd, a multitude, a 

Scaca6, (skaw-huc), a., shy, 

bashful ; shady. 
ScAiAn, (skaw-bawn), m., -a in, 

pi. id., a looking-glass, a 

mirror ; also scAOCAn. 
ScACAti, (sku-hawn), m., -Ain, 

pi. id., a bush, s. Aicmn, 

a bush of furze. 
ScAcriiAn, (skaw-fur), a., -Ame, 

timid, bashful, shady. 
SceA&, (skac), f., -eice, pi. 

-a, a briar, a bramble, a 

thorn bush ; s. j;eAl, white- 
thorn . 
SceAcoiT), (skac-5-id), i., -e, 

pi. -f, a haw ; also sceAc65. 
SceAL, (skae-ull), m., -eil, pi. 

-ca, a story, a tale, a legend ; 

news, tidings. 
SceAlp, (ska~ulp), f., -eilpe, 

a slice, a piece, a splinter ; 

a blow ; also see tip. 
Sc6aLui, (skae-lu^ee), m., id., 

pi. -uice, a story-teller, a 

messenger, a news-bearer. 
0ceAtii, (ska^uv), m., -eirn, a 

bark, a yelp. 


j SceAtfi, (ska~uv), v., bark, 
yelp, reproach ; -5A1I ; 
sceAiiiAim, I bark. 

SceAffiA, (skI~ou), m., id., 
a sudden rush ; a quick 
attack ; out of line, out of 
plumb, leaning ; CU5 se s. 
pum, he made a sudden rush 
at me ; ca ati paIIa ar s., 
the wall is out of plumb. 

Sc^Ati, (skae— -un), f., -erne, 
terror, fright, a terrified 
appearance ; also sce6n. 

SceAtiAC, (skan-oc), m., -A15, 
scales of a fish, a scaly or 
tough excrescence on the 

Scoarc, (skarth), v., laugh, 
cry out ; v. n. -ao ; sceAn- 
cAim, I burst out laughing, 
I cry out. 

Sc6A«cAn, (skarth-awn), m., 
-Am, pi. id., a flesh worm, 
an insect that clings to the 
skin; see sciorcati. 

SceAt, (s)<a), f., sceice, pi. 
-a, a bramble, a briar, a bush. 

SceAcnuij, (ska-hur-ig) [-ee], 
v., vomit, puke, spew ; v. n. 
-ru ; sceACRufm, I vomit. 

sceiLp, (skelp), f., -e, pi. 
-eAnriA, a piece, a fragment ; 
a blow ; see sceAlp. 

Sce»m, (skaern), f., -e, a plan, 
a scheme. 

Sceim, (skae-iv), f., -e, beauty, 
comeliness, loveliness ; also 


ScetriiLe, (skl~ile) [skee-le], f., 
id., pi. -aca, a bickering, a 
skirmish, torment, fright, 

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Scettfittj, (skwil-ig) [-ee], v., 
terrorise, frighten, bicker, 
skirmish ; v. n. -tti ; sceirii- 
lim, I terrorise, etc. 

Scetnn, (skWIng), v., start, 
flee, rush ; spring, bud ; v. n. 
-eAx> ; sceintiim, I start, etc. 

Sceinoiuil, (skae^Ir-dew-il), 
a., -uIa, bare, bleak. 

Sceii, (skae), v., vomit, spew, 
throw up ; bud spawn, put 
forth ; v. n. id. and -eA-6 ; 
scetciin, I vomit, etc. 

Sceiceos, (ski-h5g), f., -6ij;e, 
pi. -a, a haw ; also sceAcora. 

SceotbAd, (skWol-ooc), m., 
-A15, pi. -a, the gills of a 
fish, the windpipe. 

Sceon, (skl^On), f., -ome, 
fright, terror, bi sceon ai-r, 
he was thoroughly frightened. 

Set Am, (skee-uv), f., sceiriie, 
beauty, comeliness ; see 

SciAttiAC, (skee-uv-uc), -ai, 
beautiful, graceful ; also 

SciAtfiAtj, (skee-uv-ig) [-ee], 
v., beautify, adorn, orna- 
ment ; v. n. -thAX) ; sciAriiAim 
and -uim, I beautify, etc. 

Set An, (skee-un), f., seme and 
sceine, pi. sceAnA, a knife. 

Sciac, (skee-e), f., sceite, 
pl. -a, a shield, a buckler, 
a protection. 

Set ac An, (skee-hawn), m., 
-Ain, pl. id., a wing. 

SctAcdg, (skee^e-h6g), f., 
nSige, pl. -65A, a wicker- 
work scoop, a shield-shaped 

Sctb, (skib), f. -e, pl. -f, an 

insulting woman, a mean 

ScibeAt, (skib-ae~ul), m., 

-eil, pl. -a, the eaveof a roof. 
Sets, (skig), v., mock, deride, 

taunt, shame ; v. n. -eA-6 ; 

SC151TT1, I mock, etc. 
Seise, (skig-e), f., id., 

mockery, derision, ridicule. 
Serine, (skig-ire), m., id., 

pl. -id, a buffoon, a mocker, 

a wag, a jeer. 
Scttttns, (skill^ing), f., -e, 

pl. -i, a shilling. 
ScttteAD, (skill-ae^ud), m., 

-6ro, pl. id., a small pot, a 

Scttn, (skeem), f., -e, anxiety, 

eagerness for work, atten- 
tion, heed ; a scum. 
Sctnn, (sking), v., see scemn. 
Sctob, (skl~ub), v., snatch, 

seize quickly ; v. n. -a6 ; 

sciobAim, I snatch, etc. 
Sctobol, (skWub-51), m., -61I, 

pl. id., a barn. 
SctobcA, (skl^-up-ha) , p. a., 

snatched off. 
ScioOAn, (ski-dhur), m., -air, 

sour inferior milk ; any 

worthless drink. 
Sctoll, (skl~ull), v., shell 

grain, separate grain from 

the husk ; v, n. -a6 ; 

sciollAim, I shell grain. 
sci oil An, (skWull-awn), m., 

-Am, pl. id., a kernel, a 

slice ; a potato " set." 
Sciorm, (skWur), v., slip, 

stumble ; v. n. -ax> ; scton- 

RAitn, I slip. 

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ScionrA, (skWur-tha) , m., id., 
pi. -i, a skirt, a skirting, a 

SciontAtt, (skl~ur-thawn), m., 
-Am, pi. id., an insect that 
clings to the skin ; see 


Sctos, (skee-us), f ., -ise, weari- 
ness, tiredness, fatigue. 

ScioCAtne, (ski-hir-e), m., id., 
pi. -ki, a giggling fellow, one 
who laughs foolishly. 

SctocsAit, (ski—uth-eel), f., -e, 
laughing foolishly, skitting. 

Scic, (skee), f., -e, weariness, 
fatigue; a rest; leis -oo scii, 
take a rest ; &$ obAm 5An 
scic, working without a stop. 

Sctutnse, (skI~oo-ir-she), f., 
id., pi. -si, a scourge, an 
affliction, a whip. 

SciutriA, (skl~uma), m., id., 
a peeling, a skinning, a 
skimming ; act of peeling. 

Sciun, (skWoor), v., scour, 
purge ; v. n. -At) ; sciuRAim, 
I scour. 

Sctuno, (ski~oordh), v., rush, 
flee ; v. n., id., sciuR-OAim, 
I rush. 

Sctuns, (sk floors), v., scourge, 
whip, persecute ; v. n. -ax>, 
sciURSAim, I scourge, etc.; 
also sciuirs ; v. n. -eATj ; 

SctunsAij;, (skl^oor-su^ig) 

[~ee], v., see scums 

SciunsAtt, (ski~oor-saw-il), f., 
-aIa, a flogging, a scourging. 

SclAtttiT, (sklaw-vvwee), m., 
id., pi. -nice, a labourer, 
a slave. 

ScIais, (sklo~ig), f., -e, a rut, 

a mire, a slough. 

SciAtiiAC, (sklo-vuc), a., -a{, 
greedy, covetous ; abusive. 

Scteip, (sklae~ip), I., -e, 
jollity, revelry, ostentation. 

ScteipeAC, (sklae~ip-uc), a., 
-pi, jolly, sportive ; devil- 

Scott, (sku~Il), I., -e, pi. 
-eAtiriA, a school ; a shoal. 

Scenic, (sku~]lt), f., -e, pi. 
-eACA, a crack, a slit, a split. 

Scoilc, (skiWIlt), v., split, 
crack, divide, burst ; v. n. 
id., and -uax>, and scoIca ; 
scoilcim, I split, etc. 

Scoip, (sk5-ip), f., -e, scope, 

ScotcbeAlAc, (sku-vae-luc), a., 
-ai, loose- tongued, com- 
municative, unable to keep 
a secret. 

Scot, (skull), m., -oil, pi. id., 
loud laughter, the voice 
raised in song ; s. AtViuAin, 
a ringing song ; scol gAme, 
a loud burst of laughter. 

Scot, (skoull) [skoll], v., scald, 
rinse ; v. n. -at> ; scotAim, 
I scald ; see scaII. 

ScotAtne, (skull-aw'-ri), m., 
id., pi. -ni, a scholar, a 

Scotb, (skull-ub), m., scuilb, 
pi. sctulb, a splinter, a 
scollop (used in thatching) ; 
also f., gen. scvnlbe ; ni he 
IA riA 5Aoite Ia tia scolb, 
the windy day is not the day 
to thatch. 

Digitized by 

SCO 144 

ScoUSs, (sktill-og), f., -6ise, pi. 

-65 a, a rustic. 
ScotcAt), (skull-tha), m., -ato, 

act of splitting, bursting ; 

see scoilc, v. 
SconAine, (skun-ire), m., id., 

pi. -ni, a trifler, an aimless 

person, a prattler. 
Scon, (skur), v., lance, scar, 

notch, cut ; v. n. -at> ; 

scoRAim, I lance, etc. 
Scon, (sk5r), m., -6m, pi. id., 

an account, a reckoning ; 

twenty, a score. 
ScomiAC, (skor-nuc), f., -aI, 

pi. -a, the throat. 
Sconuiocc, (skur-ee-ucth), f., 

-a, a pleasure gathering, a 

musical entertainment. 
Scoc, (sku), f., -oice, pi. -a, 

a flower, a young shoot ; 

brambles used as a fence ; 

the choice, the pick ; s. tia 

opeAK, the choice of men. 
Scoc, (sku), v., scutch, shed; 

uproot, pull (as flax), 

v. n. -ax> ; scocAim, I 

scutch, etc. 
Schao, (skrawb), v., scratch, 

scrape ; v. n. -ax> ; scradauii, 

I scratch. 
ScnAbAC, (skraw-buc), a., -Af, 

unkempt, rough, ragged, 

dirty ;Us., a murky day. 
ScnAib, (scraw-ib), f., -e, pi. 

-eACA, a quick movement, a 

gust ; s. peARCAntiA, a gust 

of rain. 
ScnAis, (skro~ig), f., -e, pi. 

-1, a thin wasted animal ; a 

miserable person. 


ScnAisce, (skro-'Ish-te), m., 

id., pi. -ci, a lazy fellow, a 

Schaic, (skro~I), f., -e, pi. 

-acaca, a grass sod, a 

" scraw," a lump, a piece. 
ScneAOA, (sklr-ou), m., id., 

a sudden onset, a grab ; 

CU5 s6 s. j>6, he made a grab 

at him. 
ScneAC, (sklr~ae-uc), v., 

screech, scream, shriek ; v. 

n. -ax) ; scueACAim, I screech, 

ScneAC, (sklr/^ae-uc), f., -eice, 

a screech, a shriek. 
ScneAt?, (skradh), v., shriek, 

scream, shout ; v. n. -ao 

and -ac ; scKeA-OAim, I 

shriek, etc. 
ScneAtj, (skradh), m., -a-6, a 

shriek, a scream. 
ScneAtn, (skra~uv), f., -eitiie, 

dislike, abhorrence ; a scum, 

a crust, a film. 
Scnibirm, (skree-ving), f., -e, 

a manuscript, a writing. 
scntbneoin, (skree-neo-ir), m., 

-6ra, pi. -1, a writer. 
Scniti, (skreen), f., -e, pi. -ce, 

a shrine. 
Scniob, (skree-^iib) , v., scrape, 

scratch ; v.n. -ax> ; scniob- 

Aim, I scrape, etc. 
Scniob, (skree~ub), f., -ibe, 

pi. -a, a scrape, a scratch, 

a mark. 
Scniob, (skree~uv), v., write ; 

v.n. -av>; scnioOAmi, I write. 
ScniobAit, (skree^ub-aw-il), 

f., -aIa, scraping, scratching, 


Digitized by 


ScnfobcA, (skree-fu), p. a., 

written, recorded. 
Scniopcum, (skrwiip-thoo-ir) , 

f., -ura, pi. -i, Scripture. 
Scntos, (skri~us), v., destroy, 

sweep away, rout, annihi- 
late ; v. n., id. and -ao ; 

scmosAim, I destroy, etc. 
Scmos, (skri~us), m., -ca, 

pi. id., ruin, destruction, 

rout, a clearing away. 
ScutosA'oom, (skrl~us-a-dh5- 

ir), m., -6ra, pi.-!, a spoiler, 

a destroyer ; also scmoscont. 
ScntosAine, (skrwiis-ire) , m., 

id., pi. -ri, a spoiler ; also 

applied to a strong limbed 

athletic person, as s. pm, 
ScnobA, (skrou), m., id., a 

vice, a screw. 
ScnojAU,, (skrug-ull), m., -aiU, 

pi. id., the throat, the neck 

of a jar or bottle. 
Scnoit>, (skriWid), f., -e, a 

lunch, a dainty ; a scrap. 
ScnottA, (skriilla), m., id., 

pi. -i, a scroll. 
ScnuoAij, (skroodh-ig) [-ee], 

v., examine, scrutinize, 

search ; v. n. --ou ; scRtrouim, 

I examine, etc. 
Scmmuice, (skroodh-i-hi) , p. 

a., examined, searched. 
ScnupAt, (skrup-ull), m., -Ail, 

scruple, caution ; feeling ; 

loss, calamity. 
ScnuplAc, (skrupa-lluc), a., 

-ai, scrupulous. 
ScuAb, (skoo-ub), v., sweep, 

brush ; v. n. -a-6 ; scuAbAitvt, 

I sweep. 

145 seA 

ScuAb, (skoo-ub), f., -Aibe, 
pi. -a, a broom, a brush. 

ScuAbcA, (skoo-up-ha) , p. a., 
swept, brushed. 

ScuAibTn, (skoo~ib-een), m., 
id., a game at cards ; also 
a little broom, a brush. 

ScuAtne, (skoo-ene), m., id., 
pi. -ni, a crowd, a multitude, 
a litter of young. 

Scum, (sku*-ir), v., cease, 
desist, stop, unbind, unhar- 
ness ; v. n. scur ; scuiRim, I 
cease, etc. 

Su-, see sc-. 

Se, (shae), per. pr. he, it ; 
pi. sia*o ; accus., e, ia-o. 
The disjunctive prs. e, iax> 
are used with the verb is ; 
is peAR e, he is a man ; bA 
niAit iAT), they were good. 

Se, (shae), num., six. 

'Se, (shae), contr. for is e, it 
is he, it is it. 

-Se, (shi), emp. suffix to me, 
as tmse, myself ; also to 
prep, prs., 1st and 2nd sing, 
(ending in si. con.), aa 
uAimse, uAtcse ; 3rd sing, f., 
as Aicisi (becomes si) ; 2nd 
pi. as ASAibse ; also to verbs 
of 1st and 2nd per. sing, 
with slender termin., as 
molAim-se, motAiR-se ; see 


SeAbAO, (shouk), m., -aic, pi. 

id., a hawk ; figuratively, a 

SeAboit), (sha-vo-id), f., -"oe, 

pi. -•oeACA, error, folly, 

wandering ; also seAporo. 

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SeAc, (shac), m., id., pi. -a, 
a bout, a turn ; seAC ■oe'n 
piopA, a turn at the pipe, a 

SeAc, (shac), prep., beside, 
beyond, moreover, other- 

Sbaca'da'd, (shac-6dh-a), m., 

SeACAin, (shac-in), v., avoid, 
abstain, beware; s. ati t-otc, 
avoid evil, s. cu petn, be- 
ware, look out for yourself ; 
v. n. -c ; seAcnAim, I avoid, 

SeACAti, (sha-kawn), m., -Atn, 
pi. id., the winter bird, field- 
fare ; also siocah. 

SeAC as, (shac-us), prep., 

rather than, beyond, beside, 
in comparison with; ni piu 


eile, he is not worth talking 
of compared with the other 
man ; see seAC. 

SeActiAtb, (shac-na), m., 
-cahca, act of shunning, 
avoiding ; also seACAinc. 

SeAcnAti, (shac-rawn), m., 
-Am, pi. id., straying, 
wandering, error, delusion. 

SeAcnAtun, (shacr-awn-ee), m., 
id., pi. -uice, a wanderer, a 

Soacc, (shacth), num., seven ; 
seAcc-T>eA5, seventeen. 

SeAccAn, (shacthur), seven 
persons ; usually tn6n- 

SeAccu, (shacthoo), num. a., 
seventh ; s.-d6as, seven- 

SeAccriiAin, (shacth-in), f., -e 

pi. id. and -i, a week. 
SeAccriii, (shacth-vee), f. 

-TTiiosA, September ; also 

ITleATion f'ojrriAm. 
SeACuit, (sha^uk-oo-il), a., 

-uIa, frosty. 
SeAo, (shae~udh), m., -eiT>, pi. 

-a, a jewel, a precious stone ; 

also seox). 
'SeAt>, (sha), contr. of is e&o, 

SeADAti, (shaedh-awn), m.,-Ain, 

pi. id., a blowing, a buzzing, 

wheezing as from a cough 

laboured breathing. 
SeApAttD, (sha-fiwid) , f., -e 

pi. -i, a heifer. 
SeApott), (sha-fo~Id,) f., -e, 

pi. -eACA, error, wandering ; 

also seAboix). 
SeAjAt), (sha~uga), m., -ait>, 

pi. -a, a shag, a cormorant, 
SeAjjAt, (sha-gull), m., -Ait, 

SeAt, (sha~ull), m., -a, pi. id., 

a while, a time, a period. 
SeAt a, (shae-lla), m., id., pi. 

-i, a seal, an impression, a 

SeAt At), (sha-llud), m., -avo, 

a while, a period of time ; 

also scaIait). 
SeAlAt>Ac, (sha-llud-uc), a., 

-ai, transitory, for a while. 
SeAttS, (sha-liiv), f., seitbe, 

pi. -a, possession, inheri- 
tance ; usually seiib. 
SeAtbcoin, (sha-lluf-ho-ir), m., 

-6nA, pi. -\, a possessor, an 

owner, an occupant. 

Digitized by 

SeA 147 

0*Alfrui5, (sha - llu - vft ~ ig), 

[~ee], v., possess, own, in- 
herit ; v. n. -Tw ; seAlouim, 

I possess. 
SeAts, (sha-llug), f., seilse, pi. 

-&, a hunt ; also seil.5. 
SeAljAine, (sha~llug-ire), m., 

id., pi. -ui, a huntsman. 
SoAtmj;, (shae-lu~ig) [~ee], 

v., seal ; v. n. -tu ; seAttnm, 

I seal. 
SeAttiAn, (shamfir), f., seimne, 

pi. -tdra, clover, trefoil. 
SeAtnnos, (shamur-og) , f., 

-otge, pi. -65A, shamrock. 
SeAti-, (shan), prefix in comps., 

SeAti, (shan), a., sine, old, 

ancient ; as subs., an 

SeAti, (shae~un), m., s6tn, 

happiness, prosperity. 
SeAti, (shae~iin), v., deny, 

avoid, conceal ; v. n. -atj ; 

s^AriAim, I deny. 
SeAti Ait>, (shan-id), f., -e, a 

senate, a synod ; also 


SeAticAS, (shana-cus), m., 
-cais, pi. id., history ; a 
story, news, gossip, con- 
versation, story-telling. 

SeAticnTotitiA, (shana-cree-nu), 
a., precocious, sharp-witted, 

SeAticui, (shana-cii~ee), m., 
id., pi. -nice, a historian, a 

SeAtiOA, (shoun-dha) [shan-], 
a., old, ancient, antique. 

SeAti on aoi, (shoun-dhru~ee), 
(shan-], m., id.* a. df-uid. 


SoAtipocAt, (shan-uk-ull), m., 

-Ail, pi. id., a proverb. 
SeAti£, (shoung), a., slender, 

lean, attenuated. 
SeAtijAti, (shung-awn), m., 

-Am, pi. id., an ant. 
SoAtismj, (shoun-gu~ig) [shan- 

giWee], v., make slender, 

become slender ; v. n. 

BeArigAT) ; seAflsAim, I make 

slender, grow slender. 
SeAtiriiAn, (shae— Gn-vur), a., 

-Ame, prosperous, happy. 
SeAtimom, (shana-mo-ir), f., 

-6nA, pi. -1, a sermon ; also 

SeAtimom, (shana-m5-ir), v., 

preach, proclaim ; v. n., 

id., seAiimomim, I preach ; 

also seArmi6mi5. 
SeAtimoncuT, (shana-mon-thu-*' 

ee), m., id., pi. -tuce, a 

preacher ; also soAnmomi. 
SeAtioin, (shan-o-ir), m., -6ha, 

pi. -1, an elder, an old person. 
SeAti s, (shans), m., id., pi. 

-AntiA, an opportunity, a 

SeAnb, (shar-uv), a., -emoe, 

bitter, sour, disagreeable. 
SeAnoAS, (shar-oos), m., -ais, 

bitterness, sourness. 
SoAntipo^Aticui, (shara-von-thu 

~ee), m., id., pi. -tnce, a 

SeAnbuij, (shara-vu^ig) [*ee], 

v., embitter, grow bitter ; 

v. n. -M ; seA«6\!iin, I 

SeAnc, (sha~urk), m., seme, 

pi. -a, love, affection ; also 

f., gen. semce. 

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■«At«s, (■hft-rtg), •., «©ms©. 

■withered, shrivelled ; de- 
S»At»s, (sha-rug), v., wither, 

pine, grow thin ; v. n. -at> ; 

seAR5Aim, I wither, etc. 
■•AnjcA, (sharfik-hu), p. a., 

withered, shrivelled, dried 

SeAnnAi, (sha-roc), m., -ai§, 

pi. id., a foal. 
S©An«At», (shar-ra), m., -ai« 

and -rca, a yawn, a deep 

breath, a stretching ; act of 

yawning, distending. 
S©Attnui$, (shar-riwig) , [~ee], 

v., yawn, stretch the limbs ; 

distend ; v. n. -nu and -ka-6 ; 

seAwvuim and seARRAim, I 

yawn, stretch, etc. 
6*as, (shas), v., stand, endure, 

bear ; v. n. -aiti ; seASufm, I 

stand, etc. ; also seASAim. 
Sbasc, (sha^fisk), a., seisce, 

dry, barren ; da scasca, dry 

S«ASCAin, (sha~usk-ir) , a., -e, 

comfortable, sheltered, cosy, 

SeAsriiAC, (shasa-vuc), a., -a<, 

steadfast, durable, persever- 
ing, firm. 
SftASun, (sae-soor), m., -tim, 

pi. id., a season ; also 

Setctn, (shek-in), f., -cne, pi. 

-cnf, the peritoneum ; a 

film, a membrane ; ttiA-om 

seicne, a rupture. 
Seto, (shae~Id), v., blow, 

breathe, puff, sound ; v. n. 

-©ao ; seix»m, I blow, etc. 

148 sei 

£6ro*An, (sha©» Id-awn) , m,, 
-Ain, pi. id., a blowing, a 
storm, a child's whistle or 
bugle ; a drift, as s. sneACCA, 
a snow-drift. 

S6tx>£e, (shae-tS), p. a., blown, 
puffed ; worn out, exhausted. 

Sftipc, (sheft), {., -©, pi. -i, a 
plan, an attempt ; -oeAnpA-o 
seifc, I shall try. 

Setlti, (shel-iv), f., -© and 
seAltiA, possession. 

Sett©, (shil-§), f., id., pi. -U, 
a spit, spittle. 

Seil.5, (shel-ig), f., -©, pi. 
seAlgA, a chase, a hunt ; 
also seAl.5. 

SeitmiT>e, (shel-mid-e), f., id., 
pi. -x>\, a snail ; also 
seilcTOe, slititje. 

Settp, (shelp), f., -e, pi. 
-eATitiA, a shelf. 

S6\m, (shae~iv), a., -e, plea- 
sant, gentle, civil, modest. 

S*itf)«, (shae-vd), f. f id., 
gentleness, mildness, calm- 
ness ; also se^rheAcc. 

Soithij, (shae-vig) [-vee], v., 
soothe, calm, quiet, become 
gentle, become calm, aspirate 
in gram. ; v. n. -iu ; seiriiirn, 
I soothe, etc. 

Sotrnn, (shenlm), f., -e, singing, 
warbling, playing music. 

S©inn, (shlng), v., sing, play 
(music) ; v. n. seirnit and 
seinm ; seitinim, I sing. 

S6tp»At, (shae-pae-ull), m. t 
-eil, pi. id., a chapel. 

Setn6«, (sher-I-vi), f., id., 
bitterness, sourness, morose- 

Digitized by 

set 149 

SemtSts, (sher-i-veesh), i., -e, 

service, work, advantage. 
Sem6tseA6, (sher-I-veesb-uc), 

in.. -S15, pi. id., a servant ; 

as adj., helpful, advantageous. 
SemtieeAn, (sher-I-hun) , m., 

-cm, bitterness, irritation, 

£011*50, (sher-I-ge), f., id., 

a withering, decaying, 

Seise, (shesk), f., -e, sedge, 

bog-rushes . 
Seise An, (shesh-ur), m., -sin, 

six persons. 
Seisiun, (shesh-ewn), m., -urn, 

pi. id., session. 
SeisneAO, (shesh-rl~uc), f., 

-Rt, pi. -a, a team of horses 

for ploughing. 
Setce, (she-hl), f., id., pi. -c(, 

a hide, a skin. 
SoicnoAc, (she-thrWuc), f., -n\, 

a braying, a neighing. 
Soirmj, (she-thrig) [-three], v., 

neigh, bray, v. n. -ReAc ; 

seicwim, I neigh. 
Seo, (shu), dem. a., this, 

these ; &r\ Aic seo, this place ; 

ha -OAome seo, these people. 
Seo, (sh<3), m., id. and -15, a 

wonder, a large number, 

large quantity ; ca sed 

At«5fo A15C he has a big 

share of money ; 'se An se6 

6, it is a wonder. 
Seot>, (shodh), m., -oitj, pi. -a, 

a jewel, a precious stone. 
Seomiti, (sho^In-een), m., id., 

pi. -i, a ahoneen, a 



S»6t, (sholl), m., -61I, pi. id., 

and -ca, a sail ; a loom. 
Se6t, (sholl), v., sail, steer, 

direct, send, instruct ; v. n. 

-a^o ; sedX. Aim, I sail, etc. 
Se6lAt>6m, (sholla-d6~Ir), m., 

-6ra, pi. -1, a sailor, a 

director, a conductor. 
SedtEA, (shOll-thu), p. a., 

directed, sent ; trim, well 

got up, precise. 
SeomnA, (shoum-ru), m., id., 

pi. -f, a room, a chamber. 
Se6nOAti, (sh6r-dhawn), m., 

-Am, pi. id., a squeaking or 

piping noise, a wheezing. 
S5-, see sc-. 
St, (shee), per. pr., she, it ; 

emph. sise (shish-6). 
Sia, (shee-e), (compar. and 

super, of £at)a), longer, 

farther, further, longest, 

farthest, furthest. 
StAtinA, (shee~av-ru), m., id., 

pi. -?, a fairy ; also sia^ha, 


SiAt>, (shee-udh), per. pr., 

they, them. 
StAmsA, (shi<~um-sa), m., id., 

pi. -f, pastime, amusement, 

SiAti, (shee-wur), adv. and a., 

westward, backward, west. 

back ; sia« (ci*r), behind,. 

in the west. 
Sib, (shiv), per. pr., you (pi.) ; 

emph. sibse. 
SibiAtcA, (shee-vee-ull-tha)„ 

a., civil, affable, obliging, 

Sic in, (shik-een), m., id., pi. 

-I, a chicken. 

Digitized by 

Slt> 156 

Six>, (shee), f., -si-oe, pi. id., 
and siotja, a fairy ; beAn- 
sroe, a fairy woman, the 
" banshee." 

Sixie, (shee), f., id., a whirl- 
wind ; sni>e 5&oice, a whirl- 
wind, popularly a fairy host. 

Sit>e, (shee), f., id., a rush, a 
run ; s. neACA, a sharp run. 

Sme, (shi-dae), m., contr. of 
is e seo, this is, here is. 

Sit>e6s, (shee-og), f.,-6i5e, pi. 
-a, a sprite, a fairy. 

Sit>i, (shi-dee), f., contr. of 
is i seo, this is, here is. 

Sijin, (sheen), f., -sne, pi. id., 
a mark, a sign. 

Sijnis, (sheen-ig) [-ee], v., 
sign, mark ; v. n. -neA-6 ; 
signim, I sign. 

Sit, (shil), v., drop, drip, let 
fall, shed ; v. n. -eA-6 ; 
siliin, I drop, etc. 

Sit, (sheel), v., think, imagine, 
suppose ; v. n. -e<vo ; silim, 
I think. 

Sitin, (shil-een), m., id., pi. 
-1, a cherry. 

SitceAC, (shil-tac), a., -ci, 
dropping, oozing, leaking. 

Simne, (shim-mae), m., id., 
pi. -eice, a chimney. 

StmptT, (shim-plee), [sheem-], 
a., silly, simple, plain. 

Sin, (shin), dem. adj., that, 
those ; ati caiIiti sin, that 
girl, riA CAilini sin, those 

Sin, (sheen), v., stretch, 
lengthen, prolong, extend, 
reach, lie down ; v. n. -eA-6 ; 
ainim, I stretch, etc. 


Sin©, (shin-e), f., id., pi. -nf, 
a teat, pap, nipple. 

Sine, (shin-ae), contr. of is e 
sin, that is, sine e, that is 

Sin^it, (shing-il), a., single, 
singular ; unmarried; peAR s., 
an unmarried man ; SA15- 
■oiutR s., a private soldier. 

Sin^itTn, (shing-il-een), m., 
id., product of first dis- 
tillation of whiskey, " sing- 

Sm^intin, (shing-ir-leen), m., 
id., pi. -1, a pendant, an 
ornament ; fuchsia flower. 

SmT, (shin-ee), contr. of is i 
sm, that is ; sini An obAm, 
that is the work ; smi An 
f>AX)b, that is the problem. 

Sinn, (shing), per. pr., we, 
emph. smne. 

SinnseAn, (sheen-shar), m., 
-sm, pi. id., an ancestor, an 
elder, ancestry ; peACA An 
csinnsm, original sin. 

Since, (sheen-te), p. a., 
lengthened, stretched out. 

Sincus, (sheen-thoos), m., -uis, 
pi. id., a subscription, a 
gift, what is given by hand ; 
also sinceACAs. 

Sioc, (shuk), m., seACA, frost. 

SiocAn, (shu-kawn), m., -im, 
pi. id., the field-fare ; also 
called siocAn sneACCA. 

Sioo a, (shee-dhu), m., id., 
pi. -i, silk. 

Sios, (shee-ug), f., si'se, pL 
-a, a streak, S105 ceine, a 
streak of fire. 

Digitized by 




STot, (shee-ull), m., sil, pi. 
-■ca, seed, corn ; a race, 
tribe, descendants, off- 

SiotATDoin, (shee-llu-dh5-ir), 
m., -6nA, pi. -{, a sower, a 

SioLLa, (shulla), m., id., pi. 
-f, a syllable. 

SiotnATJ, (shee-ull-ru), m., 
-A1-6, posterity, offspring ; 
also sioLhac. 

SioLnuij, (shee-ull-rig) [-ree], 
v., breed, generate, propa- 
gate, v. n. -mi ; siolmifm, I 
breed, etc. 

SioLcati, (shi~ull-thawn), m., 
-Am, pi. id., a strainer, a 

SioLcuij, (shi~ull-thig) [-thee], 
v., filter, strain ; v. n. -cu ; 
sioloiim, I filter. 

Ston, (shee~un), f., sine, 
weather, storm, rain, bad 

Si on An, (shee»un-awn), m., 
-Am, pi. id., a storm, a gust 
of wind, a whirlwind. 

StontiAc, (shi»un-oc), m., -A15, 
pi. id., a fox. 

Slop a, (shupa), m., id., pi. -i, 
a shop. 

STor, (shee-ur), a., sine, last- 
ing, continual, perpetual. 

Ston-, (shee-ur), prefix, con- 
tinual, perpetual. 

Etonnui, (shee-iir-ee), a., ever- 
lasting, eternal. 

Sfonnuiocc, (shee-ur-ee-ucth), 
i., -A, eteraity. 

Sios, (shee-us), adv., down, 

downward (motion from 

speaker) ; sios, cios, below 

SiosAineAcc, (shi~iis-ir-acth), 

f., -a, neighing ; hissing, 

whispering ; also soisahtiac, 

EiosmA, (shwus-mu), m., id., 

pi. -i, schism, division, 

whispering, argument. 
Siosun, (swus-oor) , m., -urn, 

pi. id., a scissors. 
Sioca, (shi-thfi), m., id., pi. 

-i, a petted or spoiled child, 

an ill-bred child. 
Siocarac, (shi-thur-uc), m., 

-<\it, the neighing of a horse. 
sTorcAin, (shee-caw-in), f., 

-inA, peace. 
Sioccauca, (shee-cawn-thii), a., 

peaceable, quiet. 
SipSm, (shee-pae-ir), m., -eAH&, 

pi. -1, a sheep-dog. 
Sin-, (sheer), prefix, con- 
tinual, perpetual ; see sion. 
SmniAm, (shir-ee-um), m., 

-Aim, pi. id., a sheriff, also 

Sis©, (shish-e), see si. 
SisbaL, (shish-ae-ull), m., -61I, 

pi. id., and -a, a chisel. 
Sisc©aL, (shis-thl~ull), m., 

-cil, pi. id., a flax comb, a 

Sic, (shee), f., -e, constancy, 

Sic-, (shee), prefix, constant, 

SiudaiL, (shew-il), v., walk, 

travel, depart, go ; v. n. 

-At ; siublAitn, I walk, etc 

Digitized by 




Siu$At, (shewll), m., -Ail, act 

of walking, travelling, bi me 

A5 8., I was walking ; ca An 

clog ar a., the clock is going 

(keeping time) ; cat> ca ar 

s. A5AC ? what are you at? 

ye&n siuDAtl, a tramp. 
SiutJl6»o, (shew-lo-id), f., -e, 

walking, journeying. 
SiucAine, (shew-kiWirg), m., 

id., pi. -Rt, sugar ; also 

siuicfle (shew-kre). 
Siuo, (shewdh), dem. a., that, 

yonder ; cia h6 sitro ? who 

is that ? siut> AtriAC 6, there 

he goes out. 
Stuinem, (shew-in-ae-ir), m., 

-6ara, pi. -f, a carpenter. 
SiunAilce, (shewr-aw-il-te), a., 

certain, sure ; also siuraIca. 
SturroAti, (shewr-dhawn), m., 

-aw, pi. id., a rattling, 

gurgling, wheezing, also 

se6RTDAn . 
StAftnA, (sllou-ru), m., id., 

pi. -i, a chain. 
StAtJnuts, (sllou-rig) [-ree], v., 

chain, tie up ; v. n. -ru ; 

slA&Ruim, I chain. 
SLacc, (sllocth), m., -aicc, 

appearance, finish, neatness. 
SlAcctftAn, (sllocth-vur), a., 

-Ame, of good appearance. 
StAt>, (slodh), v., rob, plunder ; 

v. n. -ax» ; slAX»Aitn, I plunder. 
StATHif, (sllodh-ee), m., id., 

pi. -utte, a plunderer, a 

SLa£t>ati, (slll-dhawn), m., 

-Am, pi. id., a cough, a 

cold ; see sIao-oati. 

StAtnce, (sllaw-int£), f., id., 

health ; a toast, as s. itiaic, 

good health. 
SI Aic in, (slo~it-een), m., id., 

pi. -i, a little rod ; s. 

■oflAOvoeActA, a magic wand. 
St An, (sllawn), a., -Ame, 

healthy, sound, uninjured ; 

healed, well. 
StAti, (sllawn), m., -a in, pro- 
tection, safety ; defiance ; 

farewell, sIau asac, good 

SlAtiUis, (sllawn-lus) , m., -\us, 

ribwort, ribgrass ; children 

call it " soldiers." 
StAtiutj, (sllawn-ig) [-ee], 

v., save, heal, cure, make 

whole ; v. n. -nu ; slAtiuim, 

I save, etc. 
StAnuijceom, (sllawn-i-hO-ir), 

m., -ora, pi. -i, a saviour, 

the Saviour. 
SLaoo, (sllu~ae-udh) , v., 

slaughter, slay ; draw, drag ; 

slide ; v. n. -a-6 ; slACOAim, 

I slaughter. 
StAOOAti, (sllu^ae-dhawn), m., 

-Am, pi. id., a cough, a cold ; 

also slAJ-OAn (sllu~-I-dhawn). 
SLapac, (sllop-uc), a., -ai, 

sloppy, dirty, slovenly. 
SLac, (slloth), f., -Aire, pi. 

-a, a rod, a cane ; a spar ; 

a yard measure ; si At 

eAT>Ai5, a yard of cloth. 
SteAttACAti, (shlou-kawn), m. f 

-Am, a kind of edible sea- 
weed ; also sleADAC, gen. 


St ©A3, (shla), f., slei^e, pi. -a, 
a spear, a lance. 

Digitized by 

ste 15S 

SteAJAn, (shlawn), m., -Am, pi. 

id., a turf spade. 
SleAtiiAin, (shlou-in), a., -mne, 

smooth, polished, slippery ; 

perfidious, plausible. 
SleAtrwAnuT, (shlou-nawn-ee), 

m., id., pi. -uice, a sneaking 

fellow, a cunning rascal. 
SLoAiiitiuij, (shloun-ig) [-ee], 

v., slip, slide, stumble, make 

slippery ; v. n. -nu ; sleAiti- 

nuim, I slip, etc. 
SteAticdjj, (shloun-thOg), 

[shlan-], f., -6i5e, a slaty 

SLdt6ceA6, (shlae-tac), a., 

hilly, mountainous. 
SliAtt, (shlee-uv), m., steitie, 

pi. sl6i6ce, a mountain. 
StiASAV, (shlee~us-udh), f., 

sleisce and sIusca, the 

StTttm, (shlee-veen), m., id., 

pi. -S, a sly fellow, a schemer. 
Slije, (shlee), f., id., pi. 

-5te and -£ce, a way, a path ; 

method, manner ; space ; 

slige-B^os, means of living, 

Stfm, (shleem), a., -e, slender, 

graceful ; thin, lean, lank. 
Slimpfn, (shleem-peen), m., 

id., pi. -i, a defect in the 

eyes, a cataract. 
Slmtt, (shleeng) [shling], f., 

-e, pi. -f and -ckoaca, a slate ; 

a weaver's reed or slay. 
Slittn«An, (shling-awn), m., 

-Am, pi. id., the shoulder, 

the shoulder-blade. 
SUocc, (shlucth), m., sle&ccA, 

lineage, race, offspring. 


SU03, (shlee^ilg), v., caress, 

smooth, polish, lubricate ; 

v. n. -ax> ', slfosAim, I caress, 

Slios^n, (shlu-gawn), m., -im, 

pi. id., a shell ; a bomb, a 

hull ; a scale (of a balance) ; 

a shell-fish, a mussel. 
Sliom, (shlee~um, v., flatter ; 

smooth, file, rub down ; 

v. n. -At> ; slfomAim, I 

flatter, etc. 
SltomAine, (shlee-mii^irfi), m., 

id., pi. -hi, a flatterer ; a 

thief ; also sliomA-oom. 
fltios, (shlWfis), m., sleASA, 

pi. id., side, district, flank. 
Slis, (shlish), f., -e, pi. -eAnriA, 

a board used in washing 

clothes ; a " beetle " or 

"bittle " ; a slice, a chip. 
StiseAn, (shlish-awn), m., -Am, 

pi. id., a slice, a shaving, a 

lath ; also sliseog. 
SUsneAC, (shlish-nac), m., 

-^15, pi. id., chips, shavings, 

SliucAmAOin, (shlew-kii-mae-ir) 

m., -oua, pi. -i, a sly person, 

a deceiver, a malingerer. 
Sloe, (slluk), m., sluic, pi. id., 

a hole, a hollow, a pit. 
SI05, (sllug), m., sl«i5, pi. id., 

a gulp, a swallow; slog 

bAinne, a gulp of milk, 
Slo^Aine, (sllug-ire), m., id., 

pi. -ni, a quagmire ; a gulper, 

a swallower. 
Slotjj, (slliWig), v., swallow, 

quaff, gulp ; v. n. -a-6 ; 

slo5Aim, I swallow ; alse 


Digitized by 

sto 154 

Sloinne, (sllu^ing-6), m. ( id., 

pi. -nee, a surname, family- 
Stott, (sllu~it), v., beat, 

batter, rob ; v. n. sloe ; 

sloirim, I beat, etc. 
SIuaj, (slkxwu), m., -A15, pi. 

-Aijce, a multitude, a host, 

a crowd. 
SluAsriiAn, (sloo~u-vur) , a., 

-Ame, populous. 
glUASAt», (slloo~u-sudh), f., 

BluAisre, pi. id., a shovel, 

a paddle. 
SniAcc, (smocth), m., -a, 

control, discipline, subjec- 
StnAccuij, (smocth-ig) [-ee], 

v., chasten, control, tame, 

bring to subjection ; v. n. 

-cy ; smAcruim, I chasten, 

SmAicciti, (smoc-teen), m., id., 

pi. -1, a short stick, the short 

club used to kill large fish 

when caught. 
StitAtlc, (smo~ilk), f., -e, pi. 

-eACA, a blow, a stroke ; a 

share, a piece. 
SitiAt, (smawll), m., -Ail, pi. 

id., a blemish, a blot, a 

cloud, a stain, ; obscurity. 
SrriAitc, (smo^ilk), v., strike, 

smite ; devour, gobble ; v. 

n. -a"6 ; smAlcAim, I strike, 

etc.; also smAitcim. 
StriAom, (smiWeen), v., think, 

ponder ; v, n. -eAt> ; 

smAomim, I ponder ; see 

stmiAin . 


SmeAd, (smac), f., -6a, pi. id., 

a fillip, a jerk, a blow. 
SmeACAti, (sma-cawn), m., 

-Am, a little share, a small 

quantity ; also stmocAn. 
Sm6An, (smae-ur), f., -6me, pi. 

-a, a berry ; smeAR ■oub, a 

blackberry, sm^ARA -ouda, 

SmeAR, (smar), v., grease, 

smear, daub ; v. n. -ax> ; 

smeAKAim, I grease, etc. ; 

also smeAKAig. 
SmeAiiA, (smara), m., id., 

grease ; cum s. ar ati roc, 

put grease on the wheel. 
Sm6An6ix>, (smaer-O-id), f., 

-■ne, pi. -i, a hot ember, a 

live coal. 
SmeAttCA, (smar-ha), p. a., 

greased, oiled ; daubed. 
Stneto, (smae^id), v., nod, 

wink, beckon ; v. n. -eA-6 ; 

sm6iTDim, I nod, etc. 
Smei5, (smeg, smig), f., -e, 

pi. -i, the chin ; also 

smeigin and smi5. 
Sm6inle, (smae^ir-le), m., id., 

pi. -11, a wretch, a vile person. 
SmitnnTn, (smi-dhir-een), m., 

id., pi. -1, a small bit, a 

Smio5, (smWug), m., id., a 

syllable, a tittle, a sound ; 

ni RAib s. A8, he made not 

the slightest sound. 
Simon, (smWflr), m., smeARA, 

marrow, pith ; pluck, 

StntocA, (smWutha), m., id., 

a bit, a small share ; s. 

AR&m, a little bit of bread. 

Digitized by 



an A 

SmiotAti, (smi-iiawn), m., -Am, 

pi. -a in, m small share, a 

SmTsco, (smeesh-te), m., id., 

pi. -tf, a strong burly 

person ; a heavy club ; s. 

daca, a strong stick. 
Sm6l, (smoll), m. f -61I, pi. -a, 

a stain, a blemish, a spot ; 

see smAl. 
Sm6tA6, (smoll-uc), m., -A15, 

pi. -a, a thrush ; also f., 

gen. -ai. 
SmuAtn, (smoo^in), v., think, 

ponder, reflect ; v. n. -e&T> ; 

smuAinim, I think ; see 


SmuAtnceAc, (smoo~in-tac), 

a., -tl, pensive, thoughtful. 
Struts, (smug), m., id., pi. -ai, 

mucus from the nose, spittle, 

saliva ; also sttj«5a and 

Smu5A6An, (smuga-cawn), m., 

-Am, pi. id., a person whose 

nose drops ; a dirty fellow. 
Smutt>, (smoo-id), f., -e, a fog, 

a cloud, a shadow ; sorrow. 
Sm«tt), (smoo-id), v., smoke, 

exhale, fume, grow sad ; 

v. n. -eAX> ; smuroim, I 

smoke, etc. 
Strut lc, (smulk), m., -uilc, pi. 

id., a snout, an up-turned 

nose, a surly appearance ; 

also smuiVc. 
SrmtlcACAti, (smulk-a-cawn), 

m., -Am, pi. id., an arrogant 

or surly looking person ; 

also smulcAme. 
Sm(isA6, (smoos-uc), m., -A15, 

marrow ; dust, fragments 

' smoke ; &AineAs s. as, 1 
knocked dust, fragments, out 
of it. 
Smuc, (smuth), m., -uic, pi. 
id., a snout, a prominent 
nose and mouth ; a piece, a 
bit ; s. s&iKe, a bit of a 
laugh ; s. "oe'n pminne, a bit 
of the truth, partly right ; 
also srmocA. 
SmucJAtt, (smu-theel), f., -e, 
laughing, smiling ; making 
fragments of. 
StiAb, (snob), v., snatch, snap ; 
v. n. -a"6 ; snAbAim, I snatch ; 
also STIAp. 
StiAb, (snob), m., -Aib, pi. 
-AnriA, a bit, a remnant, as s. 
coirmie, a bit of candle ; a 
snap, a sudden attack ; £115 
An mA-oriA s. aiti, the dog 
snapped at him ; see snAp. 
StiA^muis, (sno-mu^ig) (-~ee), 
v., knot, tie ; v. n. -m&x) ; 
snAT)muim, I knot, etc. 
StiAs, (snog), m., -At5, pi. id., 
a hiccough, a grunt, a 
stutter ; s. bueAC, a magpie. 
SriATjAine, (snog- ire), m., id., 
pi. -Tii, a sneak ; a stutterer. 
StiAit>m, (snu^Im ; snu^eem), 
f., -e, pi. -eACA and stiax)- 
mAnnA, a knot, a tie, a 
Sn Atom, (snu^Im, snQ^eem), 
v., knot, fasten, bind ; v. n. 
BTiAtmiA-o ', snAiTimiTn, I knot, 
etc. ; also stiATbtnuij;. 
StiAice, (snaw-he), m., -e, a 
thread, thread ; also nom. 
sniice, gen. id. 

Digitized by 

SnAttt, (snawv), v., swim ; v. 

n., id. ; stiattiaiiyi, I swim. 
SnArii, (snawv), m., -Aim, a 

swim, the art of swimming. 
SnAttiAtne, (snaw-ire) [snawv-], 

m., id., pi. -ni, a mean, 

crawling person ; also 


SnAtrmt, (snaw-viWee), m., id., 
pi. -uite, a swimmer ; a 
mean person, an indolent 

Sr»Aoit>, (snfi/^ee), act of re- 
ducing, decaying, wasting ; 
ca se ■o'i. snAOfo, he is 
wasting away ; also snoige. 

SnAois, (snfWeesh), f., -e, 
snuff ; usually etiaoisiti. 

SttAp, (snop), v., snatch, snap ; 
v. n. -at) ; snApAim, I snatch ; 
also SHAD. 

StiAp, (snop), m., -Aip, a snap, 
a sudden attack ; 015 ati 
rriA'OTiA snAp Am, the dog 
made a snap at him ; also 


StiAs, (snos), m., -a, neatness, 

finish, ornament. 
StiASAij, (snos-ig) [-ee], v., 

ornament, make neat ; gloss ; 

v. n. -at) and -su ; stiAEAim, I 

ornament, etc. 
SnAscA, (snos-thu), p. a., 

polished, trimmed, neat. 
StiAt, (snaw), m., -a, thread. 
StiAcAO, (snaw-hudh), f., -AiTte, 

pi. -ai-oI, a needle, hand of a 

StieAccA, (shnactha), m., id., 

StieAO, (shna), f., -a, pi. id., 

a nit; also sneA&, snio, sntg. 



Sniotti, (shnee^uv), v., spin, 
twist, twine ; v. n., id. and 
-ACAti ; sniorriAim, I spin, etc. 

Sniotti, (shnee^uv), m., -a, 
act of spinning ; strain, 
affliction, wearing away ; ca 
se 5A sniorri Am ac, he is 
pining away. 

SntomcA, (shnee-fu), p. a., 
spun ; also snitrice and 

Sntotmtf, (shnee^uv-viWee), 
m., id., pi. -uice, a spinner ; 
an indolent fellow, a cunning 

Sni«5, (shnug), v., milk, milk 
dry ; v. n. -&i> ; sniugAitn, 
I milk, etc. 

«noij, (snu~ig) [~ee], v., hew, 
carve, chip, file ; waste, 
wear ; v. n. -e&i> ; snoijitn, 
I hew, etc. 

Snotgce, (snu~ite), p. a., hewn, 
carved, filed ; decayed. 

SnuAtb, (snoo^u), m., -avo, 
appearance, complexion. 

So, (su), demon, a., seo (sha), 
after word of slender ter- 
mination, this, these ; Ati 
peAtt so, this man ; tiA put 
seo, these men ; e seo, this 
person or thing ; iat> so, 
these persons or things. 

So-, (su), prefix, before p. a. 
signifies ease, facility, as 
so--6eAticA, easily done ; 
before subs., apt, good. 

Sob At, (sub-ull), m., -Ait, soap 
suds ; also seobAl (shu-bull). 

Soc, (suk), m., suic, pi. id., a 
ploughshare ; a beak, a 
snout, a surly expression. 

Digitized by 

806 157 

So£a»t>, (suc-id), f., -e, pi. -f, 
a gathering, a multitude. 

SoCAin, (suk-ir), a., -cra, easy, 
tranquil, smooth, settled, 

SocamiaiV, (so-koo-il), a., -tti\.a, 
see sdctiil. 

SocAttiAt, (s6-kooll), m., -All, 
comfort, ease. 

So6ah, (suc-ur), m., -air, pi. 
id., wealth, gain, emolu- 
ment, interest, benefit. 

Socahacc, (suk-ur-ucth), f., -a, 
ease, comfort ; ca s6 ak a 
socaracc, he is at his ease, 

SocntA, (suc-mu), a., meek, 
agreeable, kindly, gentle. 

SdcritAHW, (sBk-viWing), f., -e, 
pi. -{, means, property that 
can be converted into 
money ; a resource, some- 
thing in reserve (from so- 

8o6rait>, (suc-rid), f., -T>e, pi. 
-f and -eACA, a funeral, an 
array, an assemblage. 

Socmti£, (suk-ru-'ig) [~ee], v., 
settle, establish, quieten, 
rest ; v. n. -ru ; socruItti, I 
settle, etc. 

Socnutto, (suk-riwi-hi) , p. a., 
settled, established; founded. 

Sdcuit, (so-koo-il), a., -uIa, 
easy, gentle, kindly. 

SooAin, (sud-ir), v., trot ; v. n. 
-ar ; so-ORAitn, I trot. 

S66luisc, (so-liU-isht), m., id., 
pi. -1, dainty food, a delicacy. 

Sotisun, (sO-sur), m., -6m, 
lusciousness, richness ; adj., 
-ac, rich, fat. 


SdpAicstotiAc, (su-ak-shin-uc), 

a., -Af, clearly seen, con- 
spicuous ; also s6fAicsionA ; 

see oOif'e'csioriAC. 
S65, (s6), m., -615, pleasure, 

joy, luxury, prosperity. 
S65A6, (soc), a., -a{, joyful, 

prosperous, happy ; also 

S65U1I, s6j;riiAR. 
SojtttAS, (so-llus), m., -ais, 

pi. -Atsci, a delicacy, a 

dainty ; see 86t>Iuisc. 
S01-, (su), facility, ease ; good, 

kind ; see so-. 
SoiceAtt, (su-hull), m., -ill, 

mirth, cheerfulness. 
Soi6neir>ce, (su-cret-e), p. a., 

easily believed, credible. 
SoijeAt>, (si~udh), f., -j-oe, 

see sAiseAT). 
SoijceAd, (su-huc), m., -cig, a 

pot, a vessel ; see soiieAC. 
Soittiin, (siWiHv-ir), a., -6r6, 

happy, merry, cheerful ; also 

SoiVtineAcc, (su-'illv-ructh), f., 

-a, cheerfulness, good 

humour ; also soilORe, gen. 

SoileAd, (siWil-ac) , i., -U ; 

see sAiteAC. 
Soilem, (su~il-ae-ir) , a., -•, 

clear, plain, evident, lucid. 
SoiLJoas, (su*-il-ee-as), m., 

-51s, comfort, pleasure. 
Soitij, (sii~il-ig) [-i], a., -tge, 

happy, cheerful, comfort- 
Soiil&An, (su/wil-ae-^flr), m., 

-em, pi. id., a cellar. 
Soittse, (sill-she), f., id., pi. 

id. and -si, brightness, light ; 

Digitized by 




a kingly title, as -A Soillse, 
His Majesty ; also plural of 

SotttseAc, (sill-shuc), a., -si, 
bright, luminous, shining, 

SoittseAti, (sill-shawn), m., 
-Ain, pi. id., a torch, a taper. 

Soittsij, (slll-shig), v., shine, 
brighten, enlighten, show 
forth ; v. n. -siti ; sotllstm, 
I shine, etc. 

Soittsice, (sill-shi-hi), p. a., 
brightened, enlightened, 

made clear. 

Som, (su^in), demon, a., that, 
those, used instead of sin in 
M. when last vowel of pre- 
ceding word is broad, An 
peAK som (or SAin or sah), 
that man ; tia mnA som 
(sAm, sao), those women ; 
see sin. 

SoineAiw, (su~in-un), f., 
-rnnne, fair weather, sun- 
shine ; gaiety ; opposite of 

SoineAtitiT>A, (su^in-un-dhu) , 
a., peaceable, pleasant, 
calm ; also someAnncA. 

BoinseAit, (so~In-shaw-il) , f., 
-aLa, change ; s. scillmse, 
change of a shilling ; u s. 
'sAn Aimsm, there is a change 
in the weather. 

s6itis©Ail, (s5~In-shaw-il), v., 
change ; s. An sail 1115, 
change the shilling ; s. xio 
CAS65, change your coat ; 
v. n., id.; s6inseAlAun, I 

Som, (siWir), a. and adv., 

east, eastward, easterly • 

cAim A5 x>v\. som, I am going 

Soinb, (siWir-iv), a., -e, 

affable, calm, easy, gentle. 
Sotnbe, (su^ir-ive), f., id., 

affability, cheerfulness, 

gentleness ; also soinbeAco 

and somoeAS. 
8010615, (siWIr-i-vig) [-vee], v., 

prosper, thrive, succeed ; 

v. n. -m ; soiRbim, I prosper ; 

50 sombi "Oiat>uic, God pros- 
per you. 
Soinde, (sfWir-ih-6), a., bright, 

clear, manifest ; as subs. 

brightness, clearness. 
-6oisc6aI, (su^ee-skae-ull), m., 

-eil, pi. id. and -cai, the 

Gospel ; a sermon. 
SoisceAl, (siWee-skae-ull), v., 

preach, preach the Gospel ; 

v. n. -u ", soisc6Attnm, I 

preach, preach the Gospel. 
Sotsc6Atui, (siwee-skae-lii-ee], 

m., id., pi. -uite, a preacher, 

one who preaches the Gospel. 
B6iseAn, (so-ish-ar), m., -sir, 

a junior, a younger person. 
SoiteAc, (sa-huc, so-huc), m., 

-C15, pi. -ci, a vessel, a 

pitcher, a pot, a cask. 
SoIas, (sull-us), m., -Ais, pi. 

soiUse, light, a light, 

SotAs, (s6ll-aws), m., -its, 

comfort, consolation . 
SoIasa6, (sull-us-uc), a., -Af, 

bright ; also soIasitiah. 
s6tASAC, (soll-aws-uc), a., -Af, 

comfortable, happj'. joyous. 

Digitized by 



SoIasaij, (sOll-aws-ig) [-ee] , 
v., comfort, console ; v. n. 
-su ; s6lAsuim, I comfort. 

SotAcAin, (sull~aw-hir), v., 
gather, provide, procure, 
prepare ; v. n v -car ; soIa- 
cRuitn, I gather, etc. 

Sot Ac An, (sull~aw-hur), m., 
-air, provision, what is pro- 
vided, earning. 

SotAcnAc, (sull~aw-hur-uc), a., 
-&\, provident. 

SollAmAin, (sull-oo-in), f., 
-rim a, a festival, a feast, 
solemnity; also solium. 

SoLLAriiAticA, (sull-oon-tha), a., 

SollAtfinuis, (sull-oo-nu~ig), 
[^ee], v., solemnize, cele- 
brate ; v. n. -tiu ; sollArii- 
nuim, I solemnize. 

SottiACAti, (sum-a-cawn), m., 
-Ain, pi. id., a witless person, 
a soft innocent person. 

SomplA, (soum-plu) [som-], m. f 
id., pi. -i, a sample, an 

Son, (sun), m., sake, account, 
cause, behalf ; ah a son, for 
her sake ; cat) aw a son ! 
on what account, why ? ar a 
son sAn, for all that ; ar 
son TJe, for God's sake. 

SotiA, (suna), a., prosperous, 
happy, fortunate. 

SotiAS, (sunas), m., -ais, 
happiness, luck, prosperity. 

Bonn-, (soun, son), an intens. 
prefix, very, great, strong. 

SonnnAt>A6, (sun-rue), a., 
specific, particular, exact, 

SontiACAn, (sun-oo~u-cur) , m., 
-air, pi. id., a spouse, a 
companion ; sotiuacar cuj;ac, 
a good companion (in mar- 
riage) to you. 

Sop, (sup), m., suip, pi. id., 
a wisp, a bundle (as of hay, 
straw, grass, etc.) 

Son, (sur), m., sum, pi. id., 
a louse (of animals), sor 
muice, a pig louse. 

Sonc, (sorth), m., some, pi. 
id., sort, kind, species. 

Sos, (sus), m., -a, stoppage, 
cessation, relief, rest, ease ; 
bionn sos asaiwu i meA-oon 
lAe, we get a rest at mid- 
day ; sop corimAic, cessation 
of fighting. 

SosAn, (so-sur), m., -air, a 
junior ; see soiseAR. 

SocaI, (su-thull), m.,-Ail, pride, 
arrogance, flattery. 

SocAtutjj, (sii-thull-ig) [-ee] , 
v., flatter, boast, grow arro- 
gant ; v. n. -lu ; socAluim, I 
natter, etc. 

SpAO, (spodh), m., -ait), a clod, 
a lump (as of clay or earth) ; 
also spAio, f., -e. 

SpAt>, (spawdh), m., -Aro, a 

SpAt>, (spodh), prefix, awkward, 
ungainly, as s. cosac, fiat- 
footed ; s. sRonAC, flat- 
nosed ; s. cIuasac, large- 
eared, hard of hearing. 

SpAt>AttCA, (spu-dhawn-tha),a., 
niggardly.miserly; dull, lazy. 

SpAs, (spawg), f., -A15C pi. 
-A5A, a paw, a flat-foot, an 
ungainly foot. 

Digitized by 

SpA 160 

SpAio, (spo~Id), sec spxvo. 

SpAiOiuit, (spo~id-ew-il), a., 
-uIa, cold, chilly ; ca ati 
ovoce s., the night is chilly ; 
also sluggish, lazy. 

SpAilp, (spo~Ilp), f., -e, self- 
conceit, pride ; a sudden 
movement, an outburst, a 
bout, a turn. 

SpAilpfn, (spo«-Ilp-een), m., 
id., pi. -i, a labourer, one who 
travels about for work ; a 
v^nrthless fellow. 

SpAinn, (spaw-ing), f., -e, Ax\ 
SpAin, Spam ; spAineAc, a 
Spaniard ; as a., Spanish. 

SpAinms, (spaw-ing-ish), f., -e, 
the Spanish tongue. 

SpAirm&An, (spo«-ing-ae-ur),m., 
-em, pi. id., a spaniel. 

SpAtnti, (spo^Irn), f., -arjia, 
pi. id., a struggle, contest, 

SpAinc, (spo^Jrt), f., -ce, pi. 
-eACA, a clod, a turf. 

SpAisceom, (spo~isht-5-ir) , m., 
-6ra, pi. -i, one who strolls 
or parades about ; an annoy- 
ing person, a peevish person. 

SpAisreoineAcc, (spo-isht-o-ir- 
ucth), f., -a, sauntering 
about, parading ; teasing, 

spAllA, (spolla), m., id., pi. 
-f, a wedge, a small stone, 
in pi. the small stones used 
in filling up the interior of 
a wall in building. 

SpAllAij, (spoll-ig) [-ee], v., 
wedge, fill with small stones 
in building ; v. n. -tu ; 
spAlluitri, I wedge, etc. 


SpAtp, (spolp), v., strike, beat ; 
utter, spurt forth ; v. n. -at!> ; 
spAlpAim, I strike, etc. ; Ag 
spAlpA-6 61C15, recklessly 
telling lies ; Ag spAlpA-6 
leADAR, swearing wildly ; ca 
An jreAHCAirm A5 spAtpA-6 
Arm as OKAinn, the rain is 
coming down mercilessly on 
us ; also spAlpAig ; spAilp . 

SpAlpAine, (spolp-ire), m., id., 
-ri, a strong well-built man, 
an active fellow. 

SpAnAil, (spawr-aw-il), v., 
spare, save, economize ; v. 
n.,id.; spAKAlAitu, I spare, etc 

SpAnAti, (spur-awn), m., -Ain, 
pi. id., a purse, a pouch, the 

SpAnn, (sporn), m., -Ainti, a 
quarrel ; see spAnm. 

SpAnn^Ail, (sporn-eel), f., -e, 
wrestling, quarrelling, 

SpAnttA, (spora), m., id., pi. 
-i, a wedge, a nail, a spar. 

SpAs, (spaws), m., -ais, 
space, an interval, puAin se 
s. mAic cun a euro jmaca 
■do -oiot, he got a good while 
to pay his debts ; 5Ati s., 

SpoAbnAom, (spl~ou-reed), 
raving, delirium ; ca se a$ 
s., he is raving, delirious. 

speAtinAoitn , (spI~ou-reed-ee) , 
pi., the ravings of delirium. 

Sp©Ac, (spa-wuk), m., -eic, pi. 
id., a bar, a spoke. 

Spe ac, (spa^uc), f., -eice, pi. 
-a, a jerk, a kick, a spas- 
modic movement. 

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Sp«A6, (spa^uc), v., kick, 

jerk, fling ; v. n. -at) ; 

speACAirn, I kick, etc. 
SpeApLotn, (spae~uk-llo-ir), f.' 

-e, pi. -i, a spectacle glass ; 

in pi. spectacles ; also 


SpeAi, (spa^ull), f., -e, pi. -a, 

a scythe. 
SpeAi, (spa~ull), v., shed, 

waste away, decline ; v. n. 

-at) ; speAlAim, I shed, etc. ; 

speAl se 50 moR le •061'oeATiAi, 

he has wasted away very 

much of late ; ca ati comce 

A5 speAlAT), the oats is 

shedding its seed (over-ripe). 
SpeAiAT>6tn, (spa~ull-a-dho-ir), 

m., -ora, pi. -1, a mower. 
SpeAiAti, (spa-llawn), m., -Am, 

pi. id., a shaving, a chip. 
Spetn, (spae-ir), f., -e, pi. 

-6arca, the sky, firmament, 

the heavens. 
Spetn-, (spae-ir), prefix, bright, 

noble, brilliant ; spem-beAr, 

a noble lady, a goddess. 
Spetn, (spe~!r), f., -e, pi. 

-eACA, a hough, a ham. 
SpetneAc, (spae~ir-uth), m., 

-ic, pi. -ai, a spade at cards. 
SpetntutL, (spae~Ir-ew-il), a., 

-uIa, sprightly, lively, gay, 

Spots, (spaeMsh), f., -e., 

esteem, respect, liking, heed, 

SpetstAicA, (spe-shee-ull-tha), 

a., special, particular. 
SptAt, (spee~ull), v., pluck, 

pinch, tug, rend, lacerate, v. n . 

-A-6 ; spiAtAim, I pluck, etc. 

161 Spi 

Spfc«, (speek-«), I., id., pi. 

-ci, a nail, a spike. 
Spin, (speed), f., -e, malice, 

spite, contempt. 

Spine, (spid-e), f., id., a pick, 
a jot ; ni'l sproe Am, there 
is not a pick (of flesh) on him. 

SptoeAi, (spid-ae~ull), m., 
-eil, pi. id., a hospital ; also 

SptT>eos, (spid-eog), f., -6150, 
pi. -65A, a robin. 

SptT>eotn, (speed-o-ir), m., -6nA, 
pi. -1, a spy, a scout. 

SpiocAn, (spi-cawn), m., -Ani, 
a wheezing, hoarseness ; 

SpTon, (spee~un), v., pick, 
comb, search, lay bare ; v. 
n. -at) ; sptonAim, I pick ; 
also spiun ; ca se A5 spninAT) 
pRACAi, he is digging (comb- 
ing out) potatoes. 

SpfonAn, (spee~Qn-awn), m., 
-Ain, pi. id., a gooseberry ; 
also spi'onos ar) d spiuunAn. 

SptonAT), (sprid) [spir-adh], 
m., -ait), pi. -a and -atitia, a 
ghost, a spirit ; also spionAix>, 
f. -e, pi. -1 and -eAnriA ; also 
spniT), f. -e, pi. -i, and -eAnnA. 

SpionAT)AicA, (sprid-awll-tha), 
a., spiritual ; also spion- 


SptonAtr>tutt, (sprid-ew-il), a., 
-•uIa, spirited, lively, cour- 

SptosnA, (spee^us-ru), m., id., 
pi. -i, a spice. 

Sptocoj, (spi-hog), f., -6ise, pi. 
-65A, a small stone, a 
pebble ; cAiceAS s. leis, I 
threw a pebble at him. 

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SpiOrt, (spewn), v., see spfoti. 
Spiun, (spewn), f. -a, pi. id., 

a spoon ; also spiun65. 
SplAnnc, (splounk) [splonk], 

f ., -Ainnce, pi. -kaca and -aca, 

lightning, a flash, ablaze. 
SplAnnc, (splounk) [splonk], 

v., blaze forth, flash ; v, n. 

-A*; splAnncAim,I blaze, flash. 
SpLeAO, (splaa), m., -a, pi. 

id., flattery, vain-glory, 

SpleAOAC, (splaac), a., -ai, 

flattering ; dependent; 

neitTi-spleA-QAC, independent. 
SpleAOACAS, (splaa-cas), m., 

-ais, dependence ; 5AT1 s. 

leAC, independent of you. 
Sple6t>An, (spli~o-dhurj, m., 

-aik, merriment, joyful, 

activity ; also sploxiAK. 
SpLeoonAc, (splI~o-dhur-uc), 

a., -ai, merry, joyful. 
Sptinnc, (splink), f. -e, pi. -f, 

a spur, a point, a projection 

(as of rock). 
SpUucnAc, (splWuthr-uc), m., 

-A15, sour inferior drink, 

refuse, swipes. 
SpldoAn, (splo-dhur), see 

Spoc, (spue), v., plunder, 

spoil, sterilize ; v. n. -ax> ; 

spocAim, I plunder, etc. 
Spdtnciuil, (sp5~Irt-ew-il), a., 

-uIa, sportive, funny. 
Sp6t, (spoil), m., -61I, pi. id., 

a shuttle. 
Sp6lA, (spOlla), m., id., pi. -f, 

a piece, a junk, a joint of 

meat ; sp6lA IA015, a loin 

of veal ; also spoolA. 

162 Spn 

Sponnc, (spounk) [sponk], m., 
spuimic, pi. id., a sponge, 
tinder ; the herb: colt 'a 

Spon, (spur), m., spurn, pi. 
id., a spur. 

Spon, (spur), v., spur, goad, 
incite ; v. n. -a"6 ; sponAitn, 
I spur, etc. 

Sponc, (sporth), m., -oirc, pi. 
id., sport, pleasure, pastime. 

Spot, (spu), v., see spoc. 

Spot a, (sputha), m., id., pi. 
-1, a spot ; a stain. 

SpocAOotn, (spu-ha-dho-ir), m., 
-ora, pi. -6mi, a gelder. 

Spocmfce, (sputh-i-hi), p. a., 
spotted, stained. 

Spne, (sprae), f., id., pi. 
-AnnA, a dowry, a fortune ; a 
spark of fire ; 5«,n s. ceine, 
without a spark of fire. 

SpneAc, (sprae-^uc), f., -eice, 
pi. -a, a spark ; a kick, a 
sudden movement ; pluck, 

SpneAc, (sprae^iic), v., kick, 
move suddenly, scatter ; v. n. 
-At> ; spneACAim, I kick, etc, 

Spn© as, (spra~ug), v., incite, 
urge, stir up ; reprove ; 
play up (music) ; v. n. -ax> ; 
spneASAim, I incite, I play 
(music), I speak fluently, 
etc. ; sp«eA5 suas pone, 
play up a tune ; ca s6 as 
spneASA-o tiA ^Ae-oilse, he 
is speaking Irish fluently. 

SpneAllAin«, (spra-^ull-irS), 
m., id., pi. -nf, a miserable 
fellow, a mean person, a 

Digitized by 

Sptt 163 

Spn©AsA«, (spri-sawn) , m., 
-a in, pi. id., a diminutive 
creature, a useless fellow ; 
a little twig ; refuse, as s. 

fern", rubbishy grass ; also 
pmosAn . 
Spneto, (sprae-ig) [-ee], v., 

spread, scatter, separate, dis- 
miss ; v. n., id. ; spuevoiin, 

I spread, etc. 
Spneio, (sprae), see spue. 
Spnettfrce, (sprae-te), p. a., 

spread, scattered, dismissed. 
Spntt>, (sprid), f., -e, pi. -i, 

a ghost ; see spionA-o. 
Spntoc, (sprwuk), v., urge, 

incite, spur on ; v. n. -at> 

spniocAim, I urge, etc. 
Spmonnlos, (sproun-llog), f., 

-6i5e, pi. -a, a miserly per- 
son; also spRiunlos- 
Spmotwluice, (sproun-llu^i- 

hi), a., miserly, niggardly ; 

also spRiunlAice. 
Spmuc, (sprewc), v., kick, 

scatter, fling ; v. n. -at> ; 

spmucAim, I kick, etc. 
SpntutiAti, (sprew-nawn), m., 

-Am, pi. id., a gooseberry ; 

see spionAn. 
Spnonn, (sproung) [sprong], f., 
• -o trine, pi. -caca ; a fork 

with three or more prongs ; a 

Sp mil lie, (sproo~Ile), m., id., 

pi. -aca, a scrap, a fragment, 

a bit. 
Spnutsiutl, (sproo~ish-ew-il), 

a., -uIa, tidy, spruce. 
SpMAtc, (spoo-ik), f., -e, pi. 

-catitia, a tumour, a weal ; 

pettishness ; a pinnacle. 


Spun6s, (spoon-Og), f., -oige. 

pi. -6s&, a spoon ; see spitin- 
SttAC, (srok), v., tear, pull» 

drag; v. n. -at> ', SRACAim . 

I tear, etc. ; see sckac. 
SnAit), (srawMd), f., -e, pi. 

-eAnriA, -eACA, and -e, a 

SnAineos, (sraw~Id-5g), f., 

-6i5e, pi. -65A, a mat, a 

SnAtc, (sra), f., -e, pi. -1, a 

tax, a fine. 
SnAtc, (sra), f., -e, pi. -eAnriA, 

a swath (hay, corn, etc.), a 

layer ; a marsh. 
SnAtn, (srom), f., -Aime, pi. 

-ai, matter from the eyes ; 

also sneAm. 
SnAtn ACAti, (srom-a-cawn), m., 

-aid, pi. id., a blear-eyed 

fellow, an untidy, uncleanly 

SnAtis, (sroung) [srang], f., 

-Ainge, pi. -a, a cord, a string 

(of a musical instrument), 

the cord or band of a spin- 
ning wheel ; also sneAns- 
SnAtin, (sroun) [sron], f., -Airme, 

pi. -a, a snore, a hum, a 

SnAtw, (sroun) [sron], v., 

snore, snort, drone ; v. n. 

-a-6 ; sKAnriAim, I snore, etc. 
SnAtitiAti, (sroun-awn) [sron-], 

m., -aid, pi. id., a heavy 

SttAWipAtnc, (sroun-hu^irt) 

(sron-] , act of snoring ; also 

SRAnn^AKcJAil (sroun-hurth- 

eel) [sron-], skathipakcac 

(sroun-hur-thuc) [sron-]. 

Digitized by 




SttAOttte, (sriWeele), m., id., 
pi. -U, a slovenly per- 

StiA.oitt*A6, (sriWeel-uc), a., 
-If, dirty, unkempt ; murky, 
foggy; IA sRAoilleAC, a damp, 
foggy day. 

SflAon, (sriWae-un), v., defeat, 
disperse, overthrow ; bend, 
twist ; v. n. -ax) ; SRAOtiAim, 
I defeat, etc. 

SrtAOC, (sriWae), f., -a, pi. 
id., a sneeze, sneezing. 

SnA^Ait, (sro-hur), f., -crac, pi. 
-craca, a straddle. 

SnAcmn£, (sro-hur-ig) [-ee] , 
v., straddle ; v. n. -ru ; 
SRAcnnfm, I straddle. 

6n«AO, (sra~uv), f., -eioe, pi. 
-a, a stream, a rill, the milk 
drawn at each pressure (in 
milking) ; sniugAS An c-SReAb 
■oemeAnnAC, I milked the 
last drop. 

SneAtti, (sra~um), see sRAtn. 

SneAtis, (sroung) [srang], f., 
-emse, pi. -a, a string, 
a twine, a cord ; see 
SRA115 . 

SneAtis am , (srung-awn) , m . , 
-Am, pi. id., a cord, a string, 
a binding ; a tassel. 

SneAtvjAine, (srang- ir-S), m., 
id., pi. -ki, a sneaking, 
sickly fellow. 

SniAti, (sree~un), m., -aiti, 
pi. -ca, a bridle ; restraint ; 
cum s. le-o' ceATi5Ain, put a 
restraint on your tongue. 

SniAti, (sree-'un), v., bridle, 
curb, restrain ; v. n. -&x> ; 
sRiAflAim. I bridle, etc. 

Snoi6, (sru), v., reach, arriv 

at, attain ; v. n. -mc 

scRoicim, I reach ; also 

SROisim, Rotcim, Rijpm. 
Snot, (sroll), m., -61I, pi. id., 

satin, gauze, crape. 
Snon, (sr5n), f., -a and -ac, pi. 

-a, the nose ; a promontory. 
Sn6tiA&, (sronuc), a., -ai, nasal. 
Smntnite, (sru~im-ile), m., id., 

pi. -If, an untidy, dirty 

Smic, (sru), m., sroca, pi. 

-atitia, a stream, a current ; 

dim. BRucATi, a streamlet. 
ScAbtA, (sthaw-bull-a), m., id., 

pi. -1, a stable. 
Scac, (sthawk), v., stack, pile 

up ; v. n. -at) and -Ail ; 

scACAim, I stack. 
Scac a, (sthawk-a), m., id., 

pi. -f, a stack ; s. aroair, a 

stack of corn. 
ScACAti, (sthu-kawn), m., -Am, 

pi. id., a stake, a stump, a 

thorn . 
Seat>, (sthodh), v., stop, stand, 

stay, cease ; v. n., id. ; 

scATJAim, I stop, etc. 
Scat), (stodh), m., -ait>, pi. 

id., a stop, a pause, a rest ; 

a stopping place ; tA ati 

clog 'ha scat), the clock is 

Scaic, (sthak), f., -e, pi. -eAtitiA 

a stake, a plug. 
ScaiT), (sthaw-id), f., -e, pi. 

id., state, position, manner, 

condition ; a furlong. 
ScaiT)-, (sthaw-id), prefix, 

stately, as scAi-o-De<xn, a 

stately woman. 

Digitized by 




SrAijfn, (stha-geen), m., id., 
pi. -i, a worthless horse ; 
applied in same sense to 

ScAijne, (sthl-re), m., id., pi. 
-ri, a stairs, staircase, a 

ScaiL, (stha^Il), f., -e, pi. 
-aIcaca, a stallion. 

ScaiLc, (stha^Ilk), f., -e, pi. 
-eAtiriA, stubbornness ; a stop, 
a strike ; bi s. air, he was 
sulking ; ca tiA ( pin ar s., 
the men are on strike. 

ScaiLcoac, (sthiWil-kac), a., 
stubborn, headstrong ; also 


ScAinnc, (sthiWInk) [sthank], 
f., -e, provocation, incivility. 

ScAin, (stria-* Ir) , f., -e, pi. 
-arca, history, story, a reading. 

ScAin, (sthaw-ir), f., -e, a 
start, an attempt, a bout ; 
hurry-worry; CAIT115 m6 -o'aoti 
scair AtTiAin, I came in one 
start, one run ; 01 art) scaiii 
air, he was very fussy. 

SrAinpiACAit, (stha~rr-ee-uk- 
il), f., -cle, pi. -cIa, a tusk, 
a prominent tooth. 

ScAir, (stho, stha), v., pull, 
pull up by the roots, drag, 
wrench ; v. n. -eAT> ; 
scAictin ( I pull, etc. 

ScaLc, (stholk), m., -a, any- 
thing stiff and rigid; ca An 
c*6 'tiA scaIc 6'n sioc, the 
clay is a solid mass from the 
frost ; also scaIca. 

ScAtCAine, (stholk- ir e), m., id., 
pi. -1, a rough, unmannerly 
person ; a fowler, a stalker. 

Sr Atrip a, (sthoumpa) [sthompa] , 

m., id., pi. -1, a stamp, an 

SciLn, (sthawn), m., -ami, tin. 
ScAon, (sthu^ae-un) , v., yield, 

submit, flinch ; v. n. -at> ; 

scAOTiAitn, I yield. 
Scaoti, (sthiWae-un) , a., awry, 

oblique ; as subs., a wince, 

a yielding. 
ScAnui, (sthor-ee), m., id., a 

historian ; also scarcoir. 
Scac, (sthawth), m., -aic, pi. 

id., a state, a country ; saor 

S., Free State. 
Scac, (stho), v., pull, pull up 

by the roots, drag ; v. n. 

-at) ; scACAim, I pull, etc. ; 

see scAic. 
SceAll, (stWoull) [sta~ull), f., 

-a, pi. id., a splash of liquid, 

a share of liquid ; -o'6l se s., 

he drank a share. 
SceAll, (stI~oull) [sta~ull), 

v,, squirt, splash ; v. n. -at> ; 

sceAllAim, I squirt ; Ag 

sceAllAt) 6ici5, rattling off 

SceitetieACA, (ste-le-vaha), 

real, alive, the very person, 

sm 6 e 'tia s., there he is, 

true to life, the very person. 
SciaII, (stee-ull), m., sc6iU, 

pi. -aca, a stripe, a strip, a 

junk ; a blow. 
SciaII, (stee-ull), v., rend. 

tear, pull asunder ; v. n, 

-at) ; sciaIIaitti, I rend, etc. 
Sctoc-Aine, (stl^uk-ire), m., 

id., pi. -ri, a miser, a 

niggardly person ; also 


Digitized by 




Scfondip, (stee—fir-5-ip), f., -©, 

pi. -i, a stirrup. 
Sciuin, (stew-ir), f., -e, pi. 

-eACA, a helm, a rudder ; 

appearance, expression ; bi s. 

a' -oiaoaiI air, he had the 

appearance of the devil. 
Sciuin, (stew-ir), v., steer, 

guide, direct ; v. n. -ax> *, 

sciURAitn, I steer, etc. ; also 

Sctuncoin, (stewMr-hO-Ir), m., 

-6ra, pi. -i, a helmsman, a 

guide, a pilot. 
SctusAt, (stew-su~ee), f., id., 

a brazen-faced woman ; also 


Scoc, (sthuk), m., scuic, pi. 

id., a trumpet, a stock ; 

goods, cattle, stock in 

Scoca, (sthuka), m„ id., pi. 

-i, a stocking. 
Scoc ac, (sthO-kuc), m., -A15, 

id., an overgrown young 

fellow, a lazy lad. 
ScoCAine, (sthuk-ir-e), m., id., 

pi. -r^ ( a trumpeter; a boast; 

a lazy fellow. 
Scoitisij, (stho — In-shig) 

[-shee], v., make sound, 

make firm ; v. n. -iu ; 

scomsim, I make sound. 
Scditisice, (sthxWin-shi-hi), a., 

firm, sound, well. 
Scomm, (sthiWir-im), {., -e, 

pi. -eACA, a storm. 
Sc6t, (sthOll), m.. -61I, pi. id., 

a stool. 
Scott, (sthull), v., rend, tear ; 

v. n. -ax) ; scollAim, I rend, 

Scop, (sthup), m.,-A, a stop, a 

pause ; cum scop leis, put 

a stop to him. 
Scop, (sthup), v., stop, cease ; 

v. n. -At) ; scopAitn, I stop, 

Scon, (sthor), m., -6ir, pi. id., 

treasure, a store, goods ; 

term of endearment. 
Scoc, (sthu), v., see scaic and 


Sen ac, (sthrok), v., rend, tear, 
drag, pull asunder ; v. n. 
-at; ; scRACAim, I rend, 

ScnACAine, (sthrok-ire), m., 
id., pi. -«i, a strong, rough 
person ; a snatcher, an ex- 
tortioner ; s. pemnie6RA, a 
greedy struggling farmer. 

ScnAe, (sthrae), m., id., 
wandering ; ca se ar scRAe, 
he is wandering, astray. 

ScnAic, (sthraw-ik), f., -e, 
pride, conceit, arrogance. 

ScnAtc, (sthraw-ik), f., -e, pi. 
-1, a stripe, a streak, a strip ; 
cum An x>ionAX>6iR scraic, 
the thatcher put on a strip 
of thatch. 

ScnAitbti, (sthru^ln), f., -e, 
a tendency toward mental 

ScnAott, (sthriWeel), v., drag, 
trail ; tear ; v. n. -gax>; 
scRAoituu, I drag, etc. 

ScnAott, (sthriWeel), f., -e, pi. 
-1, a slovenly person ; also 
scRAOiteAn, BCRAOiteos. 

ScnApA, (sthropa), m., id., pi. 
-i, a strap ; steps over a 

Digitized by 


Stue Armc am , (strWoun-kawn), 
m., -Ain, pi. id., a lilt of a 
song ; a share, a quantity. 

Scneo, (sthrS) [str-eo], m., id., 
an obstacle, impediment, 

Srn»ApA6, (stree-a-puc), i., -ai, 
pi. -a, a harlot. 

Scnioc, (sthree-uk) [stree-uk], 
v., yield, submit, surrender ; 
v. n. -a"6 ; stnfocAim, I 
yield, etc. 

SrniocAit, (sthree-kaw-il) , 

tacking, as a sailing boat 
going against the wind. 

Send, (sthr5), m., id., extra- 
vagance ; riches ; conceit. 

ScndOAtne, (sthr5-ire), m., id., 
pi. -ni, an extravagant fellow, 
a rambler, a haughty fel- 

Scnoic, (sthro-ik), v., tear, 
rend ; v. n. -ocat> ; stti6icim, 
I tear, etc. 

Scnoinso, (sthro-in-shS), m., 
id., pi. -sf, an untidy good- 
for-nothing person. 

Senoitisom, (sthro-in-shae-ir), 
m., id., pi. -i, a stranger. 

ScnottisAC, (sthr5-lloos-uc),a., 
-ai, impudent, cheeky. 

Scnus, (sthruss), m., -tns, 
means, wealth, substance ; 
ca se 5AT1 scnus, 5AT1 Aiwo, 
he is without means and 
without happiness ; also 
strain, bi art) scnus aw ah 
5CApAll, there was great 
strain on the horse (as from 
a heavy load). 

Scuaca&, (sthoo^uk-uc), a., 
-a!, stubborn, rough. 

167 SUA 

ScuAtc, (sthoo-ik), i., -e, pL 
-eAnriA, a hillock, a pinnacle, 
a rebuff ; t)Ann nA Scuaico 
(place-name), means the top 
of the little hill. 

Sen Aim, (sthoo-im), f., -e, 
dignity, modesty, self-posses- 
sion; ingenuity; is ^a-da 
6'n scuAim An scocAme, boast- 
ing and dignity are far apart. 

ScuAine, (sthoo-irS), f., id., 
pi. -ni, a comely maiden. 

SctiAtriA, (sthoo^ii-mu), a., mod- 
est, discreet, dignified, steady, 
clever; also stuAtrroA. 

Scuca, (sthooka), m., id., pi. 
-f, a stook, a few sheaves of 
corn stacked together on 
end ; also scucati. 

ScmoeAn, (stlnwi-dae^ur), m., 
-6m, study, steadiness, good 

ScumeAticA, (sthiwi-dae~ur- 
hu), a., steady. 

Scuip, (sthiWif), m., id., pi 
-eAnriA, stuff, material, such 
as food, drink, cloth ; cA 
scuip itiaic ins tia bw55A, 
there is good material in the 
boots ; ca awo s. sa bpeAK 
sAti, there is great grit in 
that man. 

Stuinstce, (sthoo-in-shi-hi), a.. 
obstinate, stubborn. 

Stump a, (sthoompa), m., id., 
pi. -1, a stump. 

ScucAtne, (sthu-hir-I) , m., id., 
pi. -ni, a shaggy, unkempt 
man or beast. 

SUAitfitieAC, (soo~in-uc), a., 
-ni, peaceful, tranquil, calm, 

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SuAinitieAS, (soo~in-us), m., 
-nis, ease, peace, quietness. 

SuAtriitiijj, (soo~in-ig) [-ee], v., 
pacify, soothe, put to rest, 
take ease ; v. n. -iu ; 
suAiTTini'm, I pacify, etc. 

SuAinc, (soo^-irk), a., -e, 
pleasant, agreeable, mirth- 

Sua trice as, (soo-ir-kas), m., 
-cis, joy, mirth, happiness. 

Suaic, (soo-eg) [soo-e], v., 
mix, knead, shake, shuffle ; 
v. n. -acat) ; suAicnn, I mix, 

SuAicce, (soo-i-te), p. a., 
mixed, kneaded, shaken, 
shuffled ; tired out. 

SuAti, (soo^-un), m., -Ain, rest, 

SuAtitriAn, (soo^-un-vur), a., 
-Ame, sleepy, drowsy ; rest- 

StiAticnAi, (soo^un-thru^ee), 
f., id., a lullaby, a croon to 
produce sleep. 

SuAtiAc, (soo^-ur-uc), a., -Af, 
insignificant, trivial ; mean, 
servile ; weak. 

Suas, (soo^us), adv., up, up- 
wards, above (with a verb of 
motion, ; cuait) me suas, I 
went up ; cAini5me suASleis, 
I overtook him ; is -oeACAin 
a oeic suas leis, it is hard 
to be up to him, to match 
him ; cum suas "oe, put up of 
it, stop doing it ; cumeAX) 
suas 6 cun crot>a, he was 
urged to fight ; ca cadaikc 
suas air, he is educated ; 
suas, cuajb. above (at rest). 

Suti, (suv), m., suib, jam. 
Su6a, (soo), m., id., mirth, 

pleasure, enjoyment. 
SuUacas, (soo-cus), m., -ais, 

.jollity, happiness. 
SubAitce, (soo-o<~il-k8), f., id., 

pi. -ci, virtue, excellence. 
SubscAinc, (sub-sttWint), f., 

-e, substance, means, wealth. 
Sim, (soodh), demon, a., those, 

yonder ; iat> sut>, those 

people ; Ann sut>, in yonder 

Suj, (soo), m., -a, juice, sap. 
Suj, (soo), v., suck, attract ; 

v. n. -ax) ; s\)5Aim, I suck, 

S«JA, (soo), m., id., soot. 
StSjjAc, (sooc), a., -ai, juicy, 

Sujac, (soog-uc), a., -a1, 

merry, joyous, jolly. 
Su^An, (soo-gawn), m., -Am, 

pi. id., a hay or straw rope. 
Su£An, (soo-awn), m., -Am, pi. 

id., a sucker. 
SujLac, (soo-lluc), m., -A15, 

juice ; s. peolA, meat juice. 
StijmAme, (soo-mu^-ire), m., 

id., pi. -ni, a sneaking 

fellow ; a a parasite ; a 

Suj;RATb, (soog-ru), m., -gAncA, 

play, diversion, sport ; also 

su5rtAx> (sug-rii). 
Su5«aij, (soog-ru^ ig) [-ee], 

v., play ; v. n. -kat> ; 

su5RAim, I play ; also SU5- 

Suit), (su^-ig) [su^-i], v., sit, 

settle down, seat, fix ; v. n. 

-ft ; suroim, I sit, etc. 

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Suit>e, (siWee), m., id., act of 
sitting, seated, in session, a 
seat ; ca siat> as sui-oe cun 
T>itvn6m, they are just sitting 
down to dinner ; ca siat> 'tia 
suroe, they are sitting 
(seated) ; bios im' suroe ar 
a s6acc ar mAroin, I was up 
at seven this morning ; 
pReAb s6 tia s«i"6e, he 
jumped up (from a sitting 
or lying position to a standing 
position); ca ati r6 tia suit>e, 
the moon is up. 

suioeACAn, (su»ee-4awn), m., 
-Am, pi. id., a seat, a place, 
a position ; sui-oeACAn ati 
AiRm, army position or 

Suit>0Atti, (siWee-uv), m., --oirh, 
position, situation ; fixing, 

Sui6©Atfinui5, (su»ee-uv-nu» 
ig) [-ee], v., persuade, argue, 
impress upon ; v. n. -nu ; 
sui-oeAiTinuim, I persuade, 
etc. ; also suroim. 

Suitnste, (siWeesri-te), f., id., 
pi. -ci, a straw seat ; also 

Suibiu, (su^ee-oo), m., -ice, 
situation, position, placing. 

Suioce, (su—it-e), p. a., placed, 
fixed, settled down, arranged. 

Suijc©, (soo~It-6), p. a., 
soaked, sucked up ; pAip6AR 
s., blotting paper. 

Suit, (soo~il), f., -e, pi. id., 
the eye, an eye; ca mo suit 
A5AIT1 orc, I am watching 
you; suil-peACAinc, a glance; 
suit snACAroe, eye of a 

needle, su il oroicit), arch of a 
bridge ; -oroc-suiI, an evil 
look ; leAc-sutl, one eye. 

Suit, (soo~il), f., -e, ex- 
pectation,- hope, act of 
hoping ; biomAiR A5 suit 
leAc, we were expecting 
you ; ca suit ajaiti 50 mbei-6 
cu Annso, I hope you will 
be here. 

Suim, (su—im), f., -e, a sum, 
an amount ; regard, respect, 
heed, consideration. 

Suimiuit, (su~im-ew-il), a., 
-uIa, respectful, regardful, 

Suimij, (su~im-ig) [-ee], v., 
add, sum up ; think, ponder ; 
v. n. -iu ; suimim, I add, 

SuipeAn, (su-'ip-ae-ir), m., 
-eiR, pi. id., supper. 

Sumij, (siWir-ig) [-ee], v., 
woo, court ; v. n. suin^e ; 
suiRJjim, I woo, etc. 

Suism, (soo^Ish-een), m., id., 
-1, a little rug, a little bed, a 
" shake down." 

Suisce, (soo^ish-tS), m., id., 
pi. -ci, a flail. 

Sut, (sull), conj., ere, lest, 
before ; bios Aim sut ar 
CA11115 se, I was there before 
he came ; bi "oeicneAS air 
sul a mbeAO s6 ■o6atiac, he 
was in a hurry lest he should 
be late. 

Sutc, (sullth), m., suite, 
merriment, pleasure, de- 
light, mirth. 

SutcniAn, (sullth-vur), a., 
-Aine, jolly, pleasant, mirthful 

Digitized by 

Sum 170 

SuniAine, (soom-ir-e), see 

Sunnc, (soonk), v., sink, 
thrust, push ; v. n. -&o and 
-ill; sunncAim, I sink, etc. 


Susa, (soosa), m., Id., pi. -f, 
a rug, a coverlet ; see sursin. 

Sue, (soo), see suja. 

sucaL, (suth-ull), m., -Ail, 
pride, arrogance ; see socaI 

Digitized by 




n', for the poss. a., no, thy, 
before a vowel ; c' asaI 
(thos-ull), your ass ; c'acair 
(tha-hir), your father. 

C, after the article, is pre- 
fixed to mas. nouns beginning 
with a vowel in nom. and 
accus. sing. ; loic An c-6l 
(n.) Ati C-65A11AC (accus.), the 
drink destroyed the youth ; 
to nouns, nom. and accus. f. 
sing., and gen. m. sing, 
beginning with s followed by 
I, n, r, or by a vowel ; ati 
c-sutl, the eye ; atti ati 
c-sosa, recreation time ; to 
the numerals, aoti, Aom'i, 
occu ; ah c-occu Ia, the 
eighth day. Aon, one, pre- 
fixes c to nouns beginning 
with s ; aoti c-slinn AtiiAin, 
one slate. 

CA, (thaw), irreg. v., at: a 
originally ; ca s6, he is, 
cAim, ca m6, I am. In 
Decies pronounced ca (haw). 

CaGacc, (thou~ucth), f., -A, 
benefit, importance, sub- 

CAbAdcAC, (thou~ucth-uc), a., 
-Af, beneficial, substantial. 

CAbAit, (thou-il), a., -bU, 
proud, haughty, »ttff. 

CAttAin, (thou-ir), v., give, 
offer, bring ; v. n. -c ; 
CArJRAim, CU5AHT1, I give, etc.; 
also fieiRim ; dependent 

CAttAtnne, (thawMr-ng), I., 

id., pi. -n5, a tavern, a rubli : 

CAbAncA, (thour-hu), p. a., 

given, brought, taken ; worn 

out, ca s6 cadarca, he is 

CAtiAncAc, (thour-huc), a., 

liberal, generous, giving ; 

ati cas catjarcac, dat. case in 

CaSarcas, (thour-thus), m., 

-ais, pi. id., a gift, a present, 

an offering. 
Caca, (thoka), m., id., pi. -f, 

a prop, a support ; a surety ; 

point of time; bliATJAin ati 

cit'A so, this time twelve 

months (past) ; um ati t>caca 

so, at this time. 
CACAn, (thok-ur), m., -air, pi. 

id., a provision, a substitute. 
Cacc, (thocth), v., choke, 

strangle ; v. n. -a-6 ; 

CAccAitn, I choke. 
Caccuico, (thocth-i-hi), p. a., 

choked, strangled. 
CacuiI, (thok-oo-il), a., -uIa, 

stable, firm. 
Catja, (thodha), m., a trifle, a 

jot ; negatively nothing. 
CatjaL, (thi-ull), m., -Ail, pi. 

id., a fork, a flesh hook ; 

sensation, feeling. 
CApAti, (thofan), v., bark, 

growl, yelp ; v. n., id. ; 

CApnAim, I bark, e(c. 

Digitized by 


Cap An, (thof&n), barking, urg- 
ing, forcing, expelling, 
banishing ; also cacau, 
CAtAnc, cAFAinr. 

Cajaih, (thog-ir), v., plead, 
debate, dispute ; refer to ; 
v. n. -c ; cASHAim, I plead, 
etc. ; A5 cA5Amc x>o'n sc6aI, 
referring to the matter. 

CAible, (thaw-^fv-lS), f., id., 
pi. -i, a table, a tablet, a 
calculation, a score. 

CAibteAt>, (thaw~Iv-lae~udh), 
m., -ero, pi. id., a tablet. 

cAittteis, (thaw~rv-lish), f., 
-se, backgammon, a back- 
gammon table ; c. oeA5, 
game of draughts ; also 

CAit>6neAtti, (thi-rl~uv), m., 
-Rim, pi. id., a dream, a 
vision ; also CAiT>bReAT>. 

CA»t>bms, (thi-rig) [-ree], v., 
dream ; v. n. -ReAtri, -ReAt> ; 
CAi"6bRim, I dream. 

CAi66se, (thlv-shS), f., id., 
pi. -si, a ghost, an appari- 
tion, a vision. 

CAibbseAC, (thi-shuc), a., -si, 
showy, proud, vain ; bulky. 

CAit>6s»j, (thi-shig) [], 
v., show, reveal, seem ; v. n. 
-sui ; CAVobsmi, I show, etc. 

cAitte, (thawMle), f., id., 
pi. -i, a score, reckoning, 
wages ; also tAibte. 

CAiiiiuin, (thaw~Il-ew-ir), m., 
-ura, pi. -i, a tailor. 

CAittiumeAcc, (thaw~Il-ew- 
ir-acht), f., -a, tailoring. 

cAith, (thawMv), f., -me, 
mortality, death ; a trance. 

172 CA1 

CAitnleA6c, (thaw~Iv-lact), 
m., -a, a gravestone, a cairn 
over a grave. 

C&itiileAsc v (, 
m., -eisc, sloth, laziness ; 
as a., slothfal, lazy. 

CA.thntAlt, (thawMv-nae-*' 
uL), m., -6iU, pi. id., a 
trance, a swoon. 

C&iti, (thaw-in), i., caua, pi. 
cAtnce, a flock, cattle ; 
spoil, plunder. 

CAipleis, (thaw~Ip-lish), f., 
-e, backgammon, a back- 
gammon table ; also CAibleis 
and CAtplis. 

CAin-, (thaw^Ir), prefix, base, 
wicked, vile. 

CAitt, (thaw^tr), f., -e, base- 
ness, vileness. 

CAin&e, (thar-iv-S), m., id., 
pi. -bi, profit, gain, advant- 
age, benefit. 

CAintteA6, (thar-iv-uc), a., -bi, 
advantageous, profitable. 

CAintiij, (thar-iv-ig) [-ee], v., 
benefit, gain by ; v. n. -iu ; 

.. CAmblm, I benefit. 

CAine, (thaw~ire), f., id., 
baseness, contempt. 

ca»«5, (thar-Ig), v., offer, bid ; 
v. n. -sin and -sine ; cairsuti, 
I offer ; caws s6 SCU.U115 
ar An VeAbAR, he offered a 
shilling for the book. 

CAints, (thar-ish), prep, pr., 
past, by, beyond him or 
it ; usually tAiRis ; scaoiI se 
cairis 6, he let him pass 
him ; ca An cmneAS cairis 
Aise, he has put the sickness 
over him, has recovered. 

Digitized by 




CAintse, (thar-ish-e), f., id., 

security, protection, fealty, 

friendship ; also CAiRiseAcc. 
CAimuit, (thaw~Ir-ew-il), a., 

-uIa, vile, contemptible. 
CAintiije, (thar-ing-S), f., id., 

pi. -51, a nail. 
CAinn^in, (tharln-gir), v., 

prophesy, foretell ; v. n. 

-eA - ©; cAiRTisiRim, I prophesy. 
CAinnpne, (tharln-gir-g), f., 

id., a foretelling, a prophecy, 


CAimijce, (thar-ing-hS), p. a., 
drawn, elongated, slender. 

Cahisoac, (thaw~rr-shuc), f., 
-si, pi. -a, a threshold ; aIso 

CAinsjiti, (thar-ish-gin), f., 
-1011A, pi. id., an offer, act 
of offering ; also cAiRsginc. 

CAinsce, (harsh-te), prep. pr. 
past, over, beyond her ; also 
CAiRse, and t6msce ; see car. 

Cais, (thash), a., -e, damp, 
soft, moist ; listless, 


CAisbOAti, (thash-baan), v., 
show, reveal, exhibit ; v. n. 
-At) ; • CAisbeAiiAim, I show, 

Caisco, (thask-e), f., id., a 
treasure, a saving ; a stake, 
ft pledge ; a term of endear- 

CAiscie, (thash-ki-M) , p. a., 
stored, laid up ; also 


CAise, (thash-e), f., id., pi. 
-si, dampness, softness, 
mildness ; gentleness ; list- 

CAtseAtjAc, (thash-ae-dhuc), 

m., -A15, a shroud, a winding 

Cais»s, (thash- ig) [-ee], v. 4 

moisten, damp, soften ; 

grow moist, perspire ; v. n. 

-iu ; cAisim, I moisten, etc. ; 

also caisIi§. 
CaisiuiL, (thash-ew-il), a., 

-uIa, moist, damp, soft. 
Caisc©, (thash-t€), f., id., 

pi. -cf, information, tidings, 

CAisceAl, (thash-tWull), m., 

-cil, pi. id., a journey, a 

voyage ; A5 cAisceAl, riA ciRe, 

travelling round tbe country. 
CAisceAtAC, (thash twull-uc), 

a., roaming, tra\ elling ; as 

subs., a traveller. 
CaisciL, (thash-til), v., travel, 

journey ; v. n. -teal; cais- 

ceAlAim, I travel. 
Caic-, (thaw-*-!), prefix, firm, 

firmly, closely, as caic- 

ceAnsAilce, firmly united. 
CAicp<McteAtiti, (thaw-hae- 

lan), m., -Imn, woodbine, 

CaicT, (tha-hee), f., id., habit, 

custom, practice. 
Caicij, (tha-hig) [-hee], v., 

accustom, resort to, practise; 

v. n. -iu ; CAicim, I accustom, 

etc. ; also cacuij;. 
CAictieAtfi, (thang-huv) [than- 

uv], m., -tilth, affection, love, 

delight, shining ; r. tiA 

gReme, sunshine. 
CAttneAttiAc, (thang-huv-uc) 

[than-uv-uc] , a., -a{, plea- 
sant, loving, affectionate. 

Digitized by 




CAictiij, (thang-hig) [-hee], 
v., please, delight ; shine ; 
v. n. -neATTi ; cAicnim and 
CAicnim, I please, etc., 
CAiineann si liom Agus 
CAicnim 161, I like her and 
she likes me. 

CAicce, (thaw-te), p. a., joined 
together, united, welded. 

CAt, (thawll), m., caiI, pi. id., 
a cooper's adze. 

CaLami, (tholuv), f., -VlTIATl, pi. 
-ItiiAince, land, earth, 

ground ; also m., -Aim. 

CaIca, (tholl-ka), m., id., 
vigour, force, strength. 

CAtcAtirA, (tholl-kun-tha), a., 
strong, vigorous. 

tAtt, (houll) [hawll], adv., 
over, yonder, on the other 
side (with verbs of rest) ; 
tAll 1 'Lvm-OAin, over in 
London ; ca se An An t>cao6 
caII -oe'n A&Ainn, he is on 
the other side of the river. 

CAtL, (thoull) [thawll], v., cut, 
chop off ; v. n. -a-6 ; CAllAim, 
I cut. 

CAttmiiocc, (tholl-uv-viwee- 
ucth), f., -a, cultivating, 

CAtpA, (tholl-pu), m., id., pi. 
-i, a mole. 

CAtfi, (thawv), f., cAime, death, 
mortality, a trance ; a 
plague ; see caiiti. 

CAtriAC, (thawv-uc), a., -ai, 
dull, sleepy, sluggish. 

C Am Aitce, (thaw-maw-il-te), 
ft., slothful, degrading. 

CaihaLI, (thom-ull), m., -aiU, 
a while, a space; CAiteAi 
CAmAll 1 5CORCA15, I spent a 
while in Cork ; ca An cacaih 
CAmAll mAic as so, the city 
is a good distance from here, 

tAriiAti, (thoun), m., -Am, pL, 
-ca, a block ; bulk, portion ; 


CAicce Aige, he has spent a 
good portion of his life. 

CAriitAcc, (thawv-llocth), m., a 
burying place. 

CAthtAS, (thawv-llog), a., 
weak, feeble. 

CAmsuAti, (thawv -hoo-fin), m., 
-Am, a trance, a heavy sleep. 

Cam, (thon),m., time, period; 
An cAn SAn, that time. 

Caiiai, (thon-ee), a., thin, 
slender, meagre ; also caha. 

CAtiAisce, (thawn-ish-te), m., 
id., pi. -ci, the second in 
rank or succession, a tanist, 
an heir ; the next ; ca s6 1 
•ocAnAisce pice bliAt>Ain, he 
is almost twenty years. 

CAtiAisceAC, (thawn-ish-tac), 
a., -ci, acting as second in 
command, as a tanist. 

CAtiAisceACC, (thawn-ish- 

tacth), f., -a, tanistry, the 
law under which the eldest 
of a family succeeded to the 
lordship or sovereignty. 

CAtimj, (thon-ig) [-ee], v., 
make thin, make slender, 
?_t J «.enuate, rarifying ; v. n. 

- CAtiu ; CAtiuim, I make thin, 
become thin, rarify, etc. ; 
ca s6 A5 caiiu ha meACAn, h» 
is thinning the parsnips. 

Digitized by 




Cao6, (thvwae-uv), m. and f., 
-AOib and -AOibe, pi. -a, 
dat., CAob or caoid, a side, a 
flank, a direction ; near, 
with regard to, concerning ; 
depending on ; CAob Amu 15, 
outside ; 1 T)CAob ati sceil, 
concerning the story ; 1 
■ocAob le, depending on ; 
CAob le, near to, beside ; 
cat) 'tia CAob ? why ? what 
reason ? 

GAobAc, (thu~ae~vuc), a., -a{, 
partial ; lateral ; having 

Cao&ayi, (thii^ae-vawn), m., 
-Aim, pi. id., a wattle, a 
beam, a rafter, a beam laid 
on the rafters in roofing. 

CAobuis, (thu~ae-vu~ig) [~ee] 
v., side with, favour, trust ; 
v. n. -hu ; cAobufm, I side 
with, etc. 

Caoo, (thu~ae-udh), f., -a, a 
spasm, a fit, a start. 

tAoibfn, (thee-veen), m., id., 
pi. -i, a patch on a boot. 

tAotoe, (thu~eed-e), f., id., 
pi. -aca, the tide. 

CAoinne, (thu~eeng-e), m., 
id., pi. -1, a thread, a 
thread made up of twisted 

Caoisoac, (thiweesh-uc), m., 
-S15, pi. id., a chieftain, a 
leader, a captain. 

CAom, (tlnWae-um), m., -a, 
pi. id., and -atitia, a fit, a 
start, a freak, a sudden weak- 
ness or illness ; a leakage, an 
overflow ; a bit, a jot ; 
negatively, nothing. 

Caoiti, (thu~ae-um), v., empty, 
throw out, pour out, shed ; 
v. n. -at>, cAoniAnn, I empty, 

CAotrmAc, (thu^ae-um-un uc) 
a., fitful, subject to fits or 
weaknesses, also caottiac. 

Caos, (thu~ae-us), m., -01s, 

Caosc, (thiWae-usk), v., pour, 
empty, bail out, drain ; v. 
n. -at) ; cAOKCAim, I pour, 

Caoscaii, (thu~ae-us-gawn), 
m., -Ain, pi. id., a share, a 
quantity ; caoscau bAinne, 
a goodly share of milk ; 
CAOSCAn Aicinn, a fair load 
of furze. 

Capa, (thop-a), m., -i, alert- 
ness, activity, haste ; also 
cApATO (thop-ig), f., -e. 

CAp Ait), (thop-ig) [-ee], a., 
-e, quick, nimble, active. 

CApuij, (thop-ig) [-ee], v., 
hasten, quicken ; v. n. -pu ; 
cApuim, I hasten. 

Car, (thor), prep. (usually 
car), over, above, beyond, 
across, rather than ; back ; 
teim se car ati nseACA, he 
jumped over the gate ; ni 
nAib car piinc AingiT) A^e, 
he had not more than a 
pound ; car a bpeACA cu 
RiATh, beyond all you ever 
saw ; car pAiRRge, across 
the sea ; car eis, afterwards, 
after ; car ais, or car ti-ais, 
back, backwards ; in com- 
binations with per. prs., 
cARin, carc cairis (m.). 

Digitized by 

CAfl 176 

CAixsce, and plurals cARAinn, 
caraiD, carsca ; also coRtn, 
corc, comsce, tORAinn, 
CORA1D, c6rsca. 
Ca«, (thor), v., come ; v. n. 
ceAcc ; C1511T1, I come ; also 


Cah, (thawr), a., -Aine, mean, 

contemptible ; also cair. 
Cah, (thawr), m., -air ; see 


C ah ac ah, (thar-oc-ur), m., 
-air, pi. id., an auger ; also 

CARACA1R, f., -CRA. 

t ah Aiti, (hor-iv), prep, pr., 
beyond, past or over you 
(plu.) ; see car. 

CA«Attin, (hor-ing), prep, pr., 
beyond, past or over us ; 
see car. 

Cah6 ( (thor-uv), m., -airG, 
pi. id., a bull. 

CAncutstie, (thor-kn-'ish-ne), 
{., id., disgrace, insult, 
abuse, scorn. 

CAncutstitj, (thor-kiWish-nig) 
[-nee], v., insult, abuse, pro- 
fane, revile ; v. n. -iu ; 
CARcuisnim, I insult, etc. 

CAti 61s, (thar^aesh) , prep., 
after, afterwards (governs 
the gen. case) ; car eis ati 
lAe, after the day. 

Caha, (thora), num. a., for 
■oara, second ; ati cara ceAtin, 
the second one. 

CAnU, (hawr-llii), defective 
v., it happened, befell ; 
carIa m6 Ann, I happened to 
be there ; 6 carIa 50 raoas, 
since it happened that I 


CarUio, (thor-lu~ig) f-eej, 

v., draw together (as corn 

to the haggard) ; v. n. -16-6, 

CARluim, I draw, collect 

CARtti, (hor-um), prep, pr., 

over, past, or beyond me ; 

also coRtn ; see car. 
Cahma, (thor-na), num. a., 

(for -oara), second ; An 

carma ceAnn, the second one ; 

also cara. 
CAntijAtReAcc, (tharn-giWir- 

acth), f., -a, a prophecy, 

CAnn, (thawr), m., -airr, 

lower part of body, abdomen ; 

ar a carr AnAiRt>e, lying 

face upward. 
CAnnAC, (thor-uk), m., -Aice, 

-Ate, a drawing, act of 

drawing, enticing, dragging, 

pulling ; also carraips. 
CAnnAitis, (thor-ing), v., draw, 

pull, drag ; extract, entice ; 

v. n., id. and -c and carrac ; 

CARRAinsim, I draw, etc. 
CAnnAinjce, (thor-ing-he), p. 

a., drawn, pulled, expanded, 

CAnntiocc, (thawr-nucth), a., 

naked, bare naked. 
CAnncAtt, (thawr-haw-il), f., 

-aIa, deliverance, peace 

CAnncuij,(thawr-hu»ig) [~ee], 

v., help, deliver, save, 

remedy ; v. n. -caiL ; 

CARRcuhn, I help, etc. 
CAnstiA, (tras-na), prep., 

across ; usually cras«a 01 


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Cahc, (tborth), m., -a and 
-airc, thirst. 

tAnc, (horth), prep, pr., be- 
yond, past or over you 
(sing.) ; see car ; as adv., 
beyond, over, past ; A5 
5ADA1I carc, passing by ; 
carc ttmceAtt, about, round 

CAnctfiAn, (thorth-vur), a., 
-Ame, thirsty. 

tAnsrA, (hors-thu), prep, pr., 
beyond, past or over them ; 
also c6rsca, corsa ; see caw. 

Casc, (thawsk), m., -a, fame ; 
report, character, rumour, 
an account ; ni'l casc tia 
cuAiRisc Ain, there is no 
account at all of him. 

CAscAit, (thaws-thaw-Il), f., 
-aIa, pi. id., a test, a trial, 
an examination. 

CascaiI, (thaws-thaw-Il), v., 
test, try, examine ; v. n. 
id. ; cAscAlAim, I test, etc. 

Cac, (tho), m., -a, pi. -AnnA, 
a fit, a start ; cACAntiA 
casaccai, fits of coughing ; 
properly cAom, which see. 

Cac, (thaw), m., -a, pi. -Ann a, 
a joining, a soldering, a 
welding, a cementing; a tuft. 

CacaT, (tha-hee), f., id., 
habit, custom ; see cAtci. 

CACAtne, (thaw-lnwir-e), m., 
id., pi. -ri, a trifling fellow ; 
a welder, a joiner. 

Cacamc, (tho-hanth), see ca^aii. 

Cacah, (thaw-hur), autono- 
mous v., is, are ; cacar 35A 
ImAtA^, (someone) is beating 

CAxti, (thaw-hoo), m., -tuce, 

pi. id., a joining together. 
CAcuij, (thaw-hu~ig) [^ee] 

v., join, weld, unite ; v. n. 

-ru ; CACuiin, I join, etc. 
Cacuij, (tho-hu^ig) [~ee], 

see caicij. 
Ce, (te), a., ce6, hot. 
Ce, (tae), m., id., tea. 
Ce, (tae), m., id., An ce, the 

person, the individual. 
Coa6, (tae), m., cije, pi. 

ci£ce, a house ; also 05, C15. 
CeAcs, (tae~uks), m., a text, 

also ceics. 
CeAcc, (tacth), m., -a, pi. id., 

arrival coming (v. n. of 

CeActA, (tac-tha), m., id., pi. 

-f, a messenger, a delegate ; 

also ceACCAme. 
CeAccAtneAcr, (tac-thu—ir- 

ueth), f., -a, a message, an 

errand, news, intelligence. 
CeAccmAn, (tacth-vur), a., 

-Ame, legal, lawful. 
Coat>, (tae~udh), f., cei-oe, pi. 

-a, and -neACA, a rope, a cord, 

string of a musical instru- 
CeA^Ain, (tae-giwir), v., 

shelter, protect, cover, lay 

up ; v. n. -ar and -c ; 

ceA^Aittitn, I shelter, etc. 4 

also c6A5«Aim. 
CeA^Aisc, (ta~ug-ishk), v., 

teach, instruct; v.n., -asc ; 

ceAjAiscim, I teach. 
Cbajah, (tae-gur), m., -air, a 

quantity, size, substance ; 

c. mAic pRACAf, a good share 

of potatoes. 

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Coat; Ant a, (tae-gur-hu), a., 

stout, strong, thick. 
Coa^asc, (ta~iig-usk), m., 

-Aisc, pi. id., instruction. 
CeA^lAC, (tf-iluc), m., -Aij, pi. 

-ai, a household, a family ; 

a fire-place. 
CeAJlAdAs, (tl-lluc-us), m., 

-Aia, what pertains to a 

house ; flattery. 
CftAsriiAij, (tag-u-vu~ig) 

[-*-ee], v., meet, chance on, 

happen, occur ; v. n. -rnAit ; 

ceA5riiAlAim, I meet with, 

etc. ; also ceAnsrhAij;. 
coAsriiAtui, (tag-u-vawll-ee) , 

m., id., one met by chance ; 

duaiI onoc c. putn, I met a 

bad " omen " ; also skaus- 

CoAjriiAS, (tag-u-vus), m., 

-uis, accident, chance, a 

venture, a contingency. 
CeAmpull, (ti~oum-pull) [tam- 

pullj, m., -uitl, pi. id., a 

c6AtiAtti, (tae-num), v., come ; 

c6AtiAm one, come along. 
CeAtigA, (ta~ung-a) , f., -n, 

pi. -5CACA, a tongue ; a 

language . 
CeAtisriiAij, (ta~ung-a-vu~ig) 

[-ee], v., meet, happen, 

chance on, occur ; v. n. 

-riiAil, ceAngmviim and -riiAim, 

I meet, etc. 
CeAtisttiAlui', (ta~ung-a-vawll- 

ee), m., id., one met 

casually ; see ceAgmiluf. 
CeAtm, (tl^oun) [tean], a., 

ceitine, firm, tight, tense, 

vigorous, bold, strong. 

CeAtin, (ti~oun) [tean], v, 
tighten, brace, strain, bind, 
fill up ; cleave to, embrace ; 
v. n. -ax) ; cOAntiAim, I 
tighten, etc. 

CeAwiAS, (tan-us), m., -ais, 
independence, force, firm- 

CeAtiticA, (tI~oun-tha) [tl~ 
an-], m., id., pi. -1, a prop, 
a support ; IM oaca Aije 'na 
c., he had a stick for support ; 
with, accompanying, as of 
se im' ceAnncA, he was with 
me ; a difficulty, as ca tne 
1 -oceATiriCA A5AC, you have 
me in a difficulty. 

CeAtwcutj, (tWoun-thig) [tan- 
thee], v., press, tighten, 
force, prop ; v. n. -cu ; 
ceAiincumi, I press, etc. 

Ce&nitiA, (tae~ur-mii), m., id., 
pi. -f, a term, a period (of 
time), a term (of speech), 
a word, an expression. 

CeAmriATin, (ta~ur-mun), m., 
-Ainn, pi. id., shelter, pro- 
tection ; defence, a place of 
security, a sanctuary. 

Tie Ann, (tae~riin), v., pass 
away, evade, elude, escape ; 
approach ; recover from ; 
v. n. -at» and -aui ; ceAwnAim, 
I pais away, etc. ; also 

ceAnnA, (tar-ra), m., id,, 
pitch, tar. 

CeAs, (tas), m., -a, heat, 

Coas, (has), adv., in the 
south ; o{ me ceAS 1 
bpoRclAiRse, I was in Water- 

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ford in the south ; also a., as 
ati CAob teAs, the south side. 

CeAsbAc, (tas-boc), m., -A15, 
ardour, exuberance, high 
spirits; alsoceASDAC (tas-vuc) 

Cgasc, (ta~usk), m., id., pi* 
-Ann a, a task, a job. 

CeAscAiL, (tas-thaw-Tl), f., 
-aIa, want, deficiency ; ca 

CApAtt A5 CeASCAlt UAim, I 

am in want of a horse ; also 


CeAscAs, (tas-thus), m., -ais, 

a testimony, an attestation, 

a certificate. 
CeAsctJAit, (tas-tha-vaw-il) , 

see ceASCAtt, 
CeAscuij, (tas-thiWig) [^ee], 

v., prove, try ; fail, want ; v. 

n. -caiI and -tu ; ceAScuim, 

I prove, try ; I am needed; 

am wanting, am required ; 

teAscuis mo consnArii 6 

tAT>5, Ca-65 wanted my 

Ceic, (te), v., flee, run off, 

escape ; v. n. -eATi ; ceicim, 

I flee, etc. 
C616, (ti, tae), v., go ; v. n. 

•out ; cdroim, I go ; cua"6as, 

I went ; also ceij. 
Citti, (taeMg) [tae-ee], v., 

heat, warm, grow hot ; grow 

fond of (with te) ; v. n. -e<vo 

and -eAin ; ceroim, I heat, 

CeioeAt, (te-dl^ull),m.,--oit, pi. 

id., reputation, name, title. 
Colts, (te-lig) [til-ig], v., cast, 

fling, shed, overthrow ; v. n. 

-eAn ; teil5im (tl~lig-im), I 

past, etc. 

CeirheAt, (ti-fill, tee-ull), m., 
-mil, gloom, shadow ; a 
blemish, a stain ; a sign, a 
trace ; ni -peACA me ceimeAt 
■oe, I did not see a trace of 

Ceitie, (tin-e), f., id., and -at>, 
pi. -nee, a fire ; c. cnAm, a 
bonfire ; c. ckcasa, sparks 
as from flint, steel, etc. ; 
c. j;eAtAin, phosphorescent 
light ; c. aoiI, a lime-kiln ; 
c. "61A1-6, erysipelas, also 
ceme T)e. 

Ceinn, (ting), a., -e, sick, 
sore ; ca s6 cemn, he is sick; 
ca a it)6ak cemn, his finger is 
sore ; see cititi. 

CetwieAs, (ting-us) [tin-us], 
m., -ms, sickness, soreness, 
pain, ache ; c. cmn, head- 
ache ; to. Tp iacaI, tooth-ache ; 
c. ctoinne, pains of mater- 
nity; c. cnonje, heart-ache ; 
c. moR, epilepsy ; c. nfoj, 

CemceAn, (tln-ti^awn) [tin-], 
m., -Am, pi. id., a fire place, 
a hearth ; also cinceAn. 

CemcneAC, (tm-thrl~uc), f., 
-ni, pi. -a, lightning, fire, a 

Ceip, (tep), v., fail, disappoint ; 
v. n., id. and -eA-6 ; ceipmi, 
I fail, disappoint ; nion teip 
«iATTi one, you never failed ; 
teip ORtn, I failed. 

Ceipice, (tep-i-hi), p. a.. 
failed ; ca ceipite aik, h< 
has failed. 

Ceince, (ter-ke), f., id, 
scarcity, fewness, want. 

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C6im£, (tae-rig) [-ree], ▼., go ; 
v. n. -oul ; cdioim, I go. 

Ceisc, (tesht), f., -e, pi. 
-eAtiriA, testimony, proof, 

CeiscimemeACC, (tesht-im-ae~' 
Ir-ucth), f., -a, testimony, 

CeotAi, (tl~6ll-ee), a., com- 
fortable, well-to-do ; fragile, 
fond of ease ; is c. An oeAn i, 
she is a fragile woman. 

CeortA, (ti~or-a), f., -nn, pi, 
-ncA, dat. -mn, a boundary, 
a border, limit ; ni'l Aon 
ceoTiA Icac, there are no 
bounds to you, nothing to 
surpass you. 

CeonAticA, (ti~5r-un-tha), a., 
limited, definite. 

Ci, (tee), in phr. ar ci, about 
to, on the point of, after 
(with hostile intent) ; ah ci 
■out a&,\iIc, on the point of 
going home ; bio-OAR ak a 
ci, they were on his track 
(to do him harm) ; in phr. 
50 tdci, until, to ; 50 ■oci sco, 
until this (time) ; pAn 50 
■ocf 'numeAC, wait until 
to-morrow ; caitti A5 -out 50 
•oci An mARSATJ, I am going 
to the market. 

Ciac, (tee~uc), f., ceice, pi. 
-a, a wallet, a bag, a re- 
ceptacle, a repository ; also 

CiAn, (hee~ur), adv., back, 
behind, in the west ; c. 1 
ngAillirii, in the west in 
Galway ; bi m6 caod c. T>e, 
I was behind him ; ci, ciar 



air, he is left behind, dis> 

Ciahcais, (tee^fir-ku-^Ish). 

interj. A C, for a tiseARnA (to 
avoid the word). Compare 

■OAK piAO (piATJ for "Oia). 

CiAnpA, (tee~ur-pu), m., id., 

pi. -i, the back part, a 

hump, a back pack ; also 

Cis, (tig), cij, (ti), m., rise, 

pi. ctjjce, a house ; see ceAc. 
Cij»AnnA, (tee~ur-na), m., id., 

pi. -1, a lord, a landlord. 
CijeAntiAS, (tee~ur-nus), m., 

-ais, lordship, supremacy, 

CijeAS, (tee^us), m., -51s, 

housekeeping ; household. 
Ctjim, (tigim), 1st sing, of the 

irrcg. v. car, which see. 
Cil», (thil-e), m., id., a ship's 

poop ; the step or treadle of 

a spade. 
CimpeAll, (teem-pull), prep. 

and adv., about, around, 

concerning ; as prep, is 

followed by gen., cimpeAll 

nA h-Aice, about the place ; 

bi se A5 siubAl cahc cimpeAll, 

he was walking round about ; 

also cimceAll. 
CimpeAll, (teem-pull), m., 

-pill, pi. id., a round, a 

circuit, a long way round ; 

cumeAO An-cimpeAll ORtn, I 

had to go a long, round about 

CimpeAlt, (teem-pull), v., 

surround, encompass ; v. n. 

-ij ; cimpeAllAim, I surround. 

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CimpeAttAd, (teem-pull-uc), 

a., -ai, circuitous, circular. 
Cmirrne, (tim-ir-S), m., id., 

pi. -ni, a minister, an agent; 

also cimpine. 
Cimrmfocc, (tim-ir-ee^ucth), 

f., -a, service, ministration ; 

also cimcmeACc. 
Cirni, (ting) [ting], a., -e, 

sick, sore ; cA s6 cirm, he 

is sick, ca a iti6ar tinn, his 

finger is sore ; see cetnn. 
CinneAS, (ting-us) [tin-], m., 

-ms, sickness ; see cemneAS. 
OnceAti, (tin-tl~awn), m., 

-Am, pi. id., a fire-place, a 

hearth ; also cemceAn. 
CiobnAit), (tl~ub-rii~id), f., 

-e, pi. id., a fountain, a 

Cio6Laca, (tee-lluk-a), m., 

-lAicce, pi. id., a gift, a 

Cio61aic, (tee-llu^ik), v., 

grant, bestow, present ; v. 

n. -Iaca'o ; cto"6lACAim, I 

grant, etc. 
Cioi&LAicceAc, (tee-llu~ik-uc), 

a., -z'\, bountiful, giving. 
Ciotp, (tJU-ullp), v., snatch, 

seize, rip, cut away ; v. n. 

-&6 ; ciotpAim, I seize, etc. 
OomAin, (tl^ um- in), v., 

bestow, bequeath, consign ; 

curse ; v. n. -c ; ciomanAin'- 

I bestow, I curse, et<* 
CtomAtn, (tl^um-aw-in), v., 

drive, thrust, go, send ; v. 

n. -c ; ciomAtiAim, I drive, 

OomAncA, (ti~ um -tin - tha), 

bestowed ; cursed. 

CiomAnuT, (fl-* um-awn- ee), 
m., id., pi. -mce, a driver. 

CiomtiA, (ti~um-na), m., id., 
pi. -i, a testament, a will, 
a bequest ; ad SeAti c, 
the Old Testament, ad C 
IIua, the New Testament. 

Ciomnuij, (ti~um-nig) [-nee], 
v., dedicate, bequeath ; v. 
n. -nu ; ciomnuim, I dedicate. 

CiompAn, (tl~um-pawn), m., 
-Am, pi. id., a timbrel, a 
cymbal, a drum ; c. tia 
cluAise, the drum of the ear. 

Ctomsui^, (ti~um-sig) [-see], 
v., gather, collect, bring 
together ; v. n. -su ; ciom- 
suim, I gather, etc. 

CionnlACAti, (ti»un-luk-un), 
m., -Ain, accompanying, 
conveying, escorting. 

CionnlAic, (ti^un-lu^ik), v., 
conduct, guide, accompany ; 
v. n. -atj ; cionntACAim, I 
conduct, etc. 

CtoimscAtDAt, (ti^un-skudh- 
ull), m., -Ail, a plan, pur- 
pose, design, project, 

CtonnscAin, (tl^un-skiwin), 
v., begin, devise, plan ; 
v. n. -cnArh ; ciormscnAim, I 
begin, etc. 

CtotitiscAt, (twun-skull), m., 
-Ail, purpose, arrangement, 

CtonnscAtAC, (ti-un-skull-uc), 
a., -ai, busy, ingenious 

r;iono«sc, (twun-o-ishk), f., 
-e, pi. -osca, an accident, a 

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Cioti6it, (tI~un-5-fl) , v., 
gather, assemble, congregate, 
convene ; v. n. -61 ; 
cionolAim, I gather, etc. 

Ctotiol, (ti~un-oll), m., -6il, 
pi. id., a gathering, an 

Ci on An ac, (tee~iir-awn-uc), 
m., -At£, pi. id., a tyrant. 

CionjnAxb, (tee~ur-ghraw) , m., 
patriotism, love of country. 

CionniAcc, (twQra-mucth) , f., 
-a, dryness, drought. 

dontmivj, (ti~ura-mu~ig), 

[-ee], v., dry, wipe dry, 
drain ; v. n. -mu ; cionmuim, 
I dry, etc. 

tiomitj, (tee-ur-ig) [-ee], v., 
colonize ; v. n. -ma ; 
ciott-uim, I colonize. 

Cionutt, (tee-ur-oo-il), a., 
-uIa, belonging to the 
country, national. 

tTos, (hee-us), adv., below, 
down ; ca se cios An 
scAijne, he is downstairs ; 
ca m6 cios ieis, I am down 
for it, i.e. charged with it 
or accused of it ; ca ati 
cohcati cios, the pot is on 
the fire ; ca ah sceAl cios 
AgAm, I have written down 
the story. 

Cin, (teer), f., -e, pi. ciouca, 
land, country ; cm-eolAS, 

Cmitn, (tir-im), a., -cionrriA, 
dry ; bo cmim, a dry cow, 
one that does not give milk ; 
peAK crnim, hay. 

Ctscttiti, (tish-tewn), m., -um, 
four p«nc«u 

Ci«s, (tl~uv) [tl~u], a., -a, 

thick, close, dense, numer- 
ous, quick. 
CmJAOAs, (tew-a-dhus), m., 

-ais, thickness, denseness. 
Ciu£ai£, (tew-ig) [-ee], v., 

thicken, grow thick ; v. n. 

-at), - ciuj;Aim, I thicken. 
CLacc, (thllocth), m., -a, the 

earth, ground ; clAcc-eolAS, 

geography ; see cir. 
cLacc, (thllocth), m., -a, 

comfort, satisfaction ; 

appearance, finish ; a garb, a 

CtAccniAn, (thllocth-vur), a., 

-Ame, delightful, handsome 

CLaccuij, (thllocth-ig) [-ee], 

v., polish, gloss ; bury ; v. 

n. -cu; tlAccuim, I polish, etc. 
CLAic, (thllaw), a., -e, languid, 

faint, weak ; also cIac. 
CtAt«»5, (thllaw-hig) [-hee], 

v., weaken, enfeeble ; v. n. 

-cu ; cl&ctn'rn, I weaken, etc. 
Ctu, (thlloo), m. and f., id. 

a tongs. 
Cniiic, (thnaw), v., exhaust, 

tire, wear out ; v. n. 'Aiax) ; 

rnACAim, I exhaust, etc. 
CtiAicce, (thnaw-te), p. a., 

exhausted, tired out. 
Ctiuc, (thnoo), m., -a, envy, 

expectation, hope, looking 

forward to ; oiotnAtR A5 

cnvit leAc, we were expecting 

you ; also cnucAn ; crucah 

in Wat. 
CnucAij, (thnoo-hig) [-hee], v., 

envy, covet, expect ; v. n. 

cnwc ; cnu&Aim, I eavy, etc. 

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Cob, (thuv), v., wrest, compel, 

induce ; v. n. -ac ; cobAini, 

I wrest, etc. 
Cob ac, (thu-bok), m., id., 

CobAn, (thu-bawn), m., -Am, 

pi. id., a tub. 
CobAn, (thub-ur), m., -air, a 

well, a spring, a fountain. 
toe, (thoc), v., root, delve, 

poke up ; v. n., id ; cocAim, 

I root, etc. 
CocAn, (thoc-ur), m., -air, pi. 

id., a passage, a causeway. 
Cocas, (thuc-us), v., scratch ; 

v. n., id. ; cocasaitti, I 

Cocas, (thuc-us), m., -ais, 

itch, an itching ; scratching. 
CocriAis, (thuc-ur-ish), v., 

wind, reel up ; v. n. -was ; 

cocRAisirn, I wind ; tocrais 

ati clog, wind the clock. 
Cocc, (thucth), m., id., silence, 

Cocc, (thucth), m., id., a bed 

mattress, a bed tick. 
CoccAti, (thoc-thawn), m., 

-Am, pi. id., a hoarseness, a 

wheezing as from a cold. 
Cocuil, (thuc-il), v., delve, 

root ; v. n. -c ; coctAim, I 

Cos, (thog), v., lift, take, 

carry, raise, rear, build ; 

arrest ; v. n. -Ait, -aiIc and 

-Ainc ; r:65Aim, I lift, etc. ; 

£65 s6 C15, he built a house ; 

mA C05AS bRAOn nA C05 oRm 

6, if I took a drop don't 

blame me ; co^ao 50 mAi£ 6, 

he was well reared. 



C05A, (thou), f., id., and -5c a, 
choice, the pick or best ol 
anything; selection, election. 

Cojaio, (thou-ig) [-ee], choose, 
cjII, select, elect ; v. n. 
-At> ; co^Aitn, I choose, etc. 

CojaiI, (thcu-il), a., -e, 
haughty, bold, proud ; is 
c. &n peAn 6, he is a haughty 

G05ALAC, (th5g-aw-lluc), a., 
-At, sensitive, touchy, in- 
tolerant ; is c. An -otnne 6, 
he is very sensitive (easily 
offended) person. 

Coibeim, (thu-vae-im), f., -e, 
pi. id., and -eArniA, a blemish, 
a stain, calumny. 

Coice, (thtWik-I), f., id., a 
haughty girl, a hussy ; 
wealth, substance. 

Coil, (thiWl), f., -e, will, 
wish, desire, pleasure, in- 
clination ; coil "Oe, the will 
of God ; m&'s 6 -oo toil 6, 
if you please ; cA a coil p6in 
A15C there is no check on 
him. he does as he likes. 

Coitij, (thu~Il-ig) [-ee], v., 
consent, agree, assent to ; 
v.n.-iu ; coilfm, I consent, etc. 

Coitiuit,(thu^il-ew-il),a., -uIa, 
willing ; wilful, obstinate. 

CoitceAtinAc, (thiWil-tan-uc), 
a., willing, agreeable. 

c6m, (th5~Ir), f., cora, pur- 
suit, chase ; persecution. 

Com, (hir), adv. and a., in the 
east, east, eastern ; d. < 
Sasajia, in England in th< 
east ; ah "OoriiAn Com, th« 
Eastern World. 

Digitized by 




ComtieAitc, (thiWIr-varth) , m., 

offering, a present. 

GotnoeAncAc, (thu^-ir-varth- 
ue), a., -&1, liberal, generous. 

Coirtoin, (thfWirl-vir), v., 
offer, deliver, give, bestow ; 
v. n. -c ; coiRDmim, I offer, 

GomceAS, (thu~ir-I-hus), m., 
-cis, conception, pregnancy, 

Comcij, (thu-»ir-i-hig) [-cec], 
impregnate, fructify ; v. n. 
-iu ; coirccim, I impregnate. 

Gotncim, (thu—ir-him), f., -e, 
numbness, drowsiness ; also 

ComT, (tho~ir-ee), m., id., 
pi. -nice, a pursuer. 

Coin«osc, (thfwzr-wusk), m., 
-isc, pi. id., a saw. 

CommeASC, (thvWir-ma-'Usk), 
m., -misc, hindrance, impedi- 
ment, interference, quarrel- 

Commisc, (thu~ir-mishk), v., 
hinder, obstruct, forbid ; v. 
n. -mease ; cotRtniscim, I 
hinder, etc. 

ComtieAC, (tho~ir-nWuc), f., 
-ni, pi. -a, thunder. 

Comse, (th5~Ir-she), f., id., 
pi.* -si, a torch. v 

Come, (thu~Irt), f., -e, pi. 
-eAtiriA, size, volume, quan- 
tity ; ni'l aoh come ins tia 
Pracai, the potatoes are 
small ; conic 5*11 CAinBe, 
useless bulk. 

Comciuit, (thtWIrt-ew-il), a. 
-uIa, bulky. 

TZoisc, (thii-tshk), f., -e, a 
cause, reason, circumstance; 
co isc 5Ati AiK5eAX) A5Atn, 
because I have not money. 

Cote, (thfWIt), f., -e, smoke, 
vapour ; biox> coir ajac, 
have a whiff (of the pipe). 

CoiceAn, (tho^it-awn), m., 
-Ain, pi. id., a conflagration, 
a burning. 

Coictn, (thu-teen), m., id., pi. 
-1, a cigarette. 

Cote, (thullk), . m., -a, pi. 
-ai, a height, a wave, a 
flood ; also coIca, cuIca. 

Cott, (thoull) [thGH], m., 
tuilt, pi. id., a hole, a 
hollow, a crevice ; compare 

Cott, (thoull) [thullj, v., 
pierce, perforate, bore ; v. 
n. -at) ; cotlAim, I pierce. 

Com, (thoum) [thum], m., 
ctum, pi. id., a tuft, a bush, 
a thicket ; a knoll. 

Com, (thoum) [thum], v., dip 
immerse, steep ; v. n. -a-6 ; 
comAim, I dip. 

ComAis,(thou-ish), v., measure, 
survey, estimate ; guess * 
v. n. -as ; coriiAisim, I 
measure, etc. 

ComAisce, (thou-ish-tS), p. a., 
measured, surveyed, solved. 

Com as, (thous), m., -ais, pi. 
id., a measure, measure- 
ment ; a riddle ; cottias 
p-RACAi, a stone and a hall 
of potatoes ; luce cottiais. 

Digitized by 

Cdtl 18S 


C«n, (thOn), f., -a, pi. id., 

bottom, end, foundation, 
the seat ; i •oc6in ptnll, at 
the bottom of the water, 
literally, of the hole ; c. 
a' ctje, the end of the house ; 
nt'l con tia ce^nn air, there 
is neither head nor tail to it. 
Conn, (thoun) [thun], f., 
cuinne, pi. -ca and -craca, 
a wave. 

Conn, (thoun) [thun], v., 
vomit, belch ; v. n. -&£> ; 
conriAim, I vomit, belch. 

Conn a, (thuna), m., id., pi. 
-l, a ton. 

ConnAC, (thun-oc), v., wash, 
cleanse, prepare a corpse 
for waking ; v. n. -&6 ; 
connACAiTTi, I wash, etc. 

Conn ac a*, (thun-oc-a), m., 
-cca, cleansing, washing, 
cleansing of a corpse for 

Con, (tlmr), m., cuir, pi. id., 
a bush, a shrub ; c. Aicinn, 
a furze bush ; c. gAbAiace, a 
head of cabbage. 

ConAtt, (thura), m., -avo, pi. 
-ncA, fruit, produce, benefit ; 
heed, regard, respect ; ca 
c. a saocair Atse, he has the 
fruit of his work ; ni'l Aon 
c. air, no one heeds him. 

Con Am, (th5r-uv), m., -Aim, a 

Con An, (thur-un), m., -Am, 
sound, loud noise. 

Cone, (thurk), m., cuirc, pi. 
id., a hog, a boar. 

Concutj, (thur-cQ-'ig) [»ee], 

v., fructify ; v. n. -cu ; 

concufm, I fructify ; se« 

ConmAc, (th5r-muc}, m., -A15, 

pregnancy, with young. 
ConmAn, (thur-um-awn), m., 

-Atn, pi. id., great noise, 

din, uproar. 
ConmAS, (thur-om-us) , m., 

-Ais, sulking, grumbling. 
ConpAn, (thur-pawn), m., -Ain, 

pi. id., a lump, a clod. 
CdttscA, (hors-tha), prep, pr., 

over, past or beyond them; 

also c6rsa ; see carsca and 


Cone, (hurth), prep, pr., over, 
past or beyond you ; sea 


Concuti, (thur-hoo-il), a., 
-uIa, fruitful, plentiful, pro- 

Conuij, (thOr-ig) [-ee], v., 
pursue, follow ; v. n. -ru 
and -nuiocc ; c6ruiit», I pur- 

Conuiocc, (thor-ee-ucth), f., 
-a, pursuit, chase. 

Cos ac, (thus-oc), m., -a 15, 
beginning, foundation, 
origin, front, first ; 1 -ocosac 
ha seACcrriAine, in the be- 
ginning of the week ; ar 
cosac, in front, first ; ca 
cosac Ai5e oRtn, he has the 
start of me, is before me. 

Cosnui£, (thus-niWig) [~ee], 
v., begin ; v. n. -nu ; 
cosnuim, I begin. 

Cosnuice, (thus-nu~i-hi), p. a,, 

Digitized by 




Cost;, (thusth), m., id., 
silence ; bi ro' cose, bi 'x>o 
cosr, be silent. 

CoscaIac, (thos-thul-uc), a., 
-41, proud, boastful. 

— osvnj, (thus-ig) [-ee], v., 
begin ; see cosnvnj;. 

Cha, (thro), adv., albeit, 
indeed, to wit, however ; 
Cv\r.5A-ocvu cra, they came 

nnActiAil, (thraw-dhaw-il) 

[thrawc-], f., -AIa, trade, 
negotiation ; also craccaiI. 

CiiAcc, (thrawcth), v., men- 
tion, speak about, discuss ; 
v. n., id. ; cRACCAim, I 
mention, etc. 

Cracc, (thrawcth), m., id., 
and -a, talk, conversation, 
discourse ; ca An-cRAcc air, 
there is much talk about 

CnAccAit, (thrawc-thaw-il), f., 
-aIa, trade; also cracoaiI. 

CnAiotn, (thra-deen), m., id., 
pi. -1, a parcel. 

CnAij, (thraw-ig) [-ee], v., 
drain, dry, ebb ; v. n. 
-aj;ao and -AgcAnc ; cR^JAim, 
I drain, etc. ; ca An cAoroe 


the tide is ebbing. 

CnAi5, (thraw-ig) [-ee], f., 
-aja, pi. id., a strand, shore ; 
cRAt^ rhARA, low water ; 
CRA15 ra^arca, low water at 
spring-tide ; craij; rhALl- 
rhum, low water at neap- 

CnAicnin, (thraw-m-heen), m., 
id., pi. -1, a blade of grass. 

CnAtistAm, (throng-ull-um), 
m., -Aim, confusion. 

Chaoc, (thrae~uc), v., ex- 
haust ; wear out, weaken ; 
v. n. -ax) ; cRAOCAim, I ex- 

CnAocrA, (thrae~u<Hha), p. a., 
exhausted, worn out. 

CnAscAin, (thras-kiWir), v., 
oppress, overwhelm, des- 
troy ; v. n. -c ; cRASCRAim, 
I oppress, etc. 

CnAstiA, (thras-nu), prep, and 
adv., across, as prep, 
followed by gen.; c. nA 
pAiRce, across the field ; 
i'ju,\it me c. cvti5e, I strolled 
across to him ; also 

Cbac, (thraw), m., -a, pi. 
-AnnA, time, season, some 
time ; 1 n-Am \s 1 x>crac, in 
due time, in good time ; 
r«Ac etjtn, some time. 

CnActionA, (thraw-n5n-a), m., 
id., pi. -ncA, evening. 

CnAcuil, (thraw-hoo-il), a., 
-uIa, timely, early, season- 

Cne, (three), prep., through, 
now usually cri, crix> ; 
bios cri sioc 's CRI STIGACCA 
's CRi CRUAx>CAn, I was 
through frost and snow and 
hardship ; crvo ati scacair, 
through the city ; combines 
with per. prs. CRiom, cnioc, 
crix) (m.), cRice (f.), 
through me, you, him, her ; 
plurals, cRinn, crio, crioca ; 

CA ATI ObA1R A5 "Otll CRIX), 

the work is going through 

Digitized by 

dtfe 187 

him, wearing him down ; 

chi n-A ceile, in confusion, 

CneAti, (thra~uv), f., -eibe, pi. 

-a, a tribe, a clan, a family. 
CneAb, (thra^uv), cneAbAi-6, 

(thrf~ou-ig) [-ee], v., plough; 

v. n., cweAbA-6 ; rneAbAini, I 

plough . 
CneAO, (thrae~udh), m., -a, 

pi. id., a flock, a drove ; is 

ItlltllC CAOttA "OUb SAtl tn^AT) 

is site, there is often a black 

sheep in the whitest flock, 

often a spy in the camp. 
EneATiAti, (thrae-an), m., -aui, 

ember days ; a fast. 
CneAt>AtiAS, (thrae^un-us) , m., 

-ais, fast, abstinence. 
CneAoui, (thrae-du-ee), m., 

id., a herdsman. 
CneAti, (thrae^un), a., -6ine, 

strong, robust, powerful ; 

also tneAtvmAH. 
CneAti-, (thrae^un), prefix in 

comps., strong, mighty. 
CneAs, (thras), ord. a., third. 
CneASCAtn, (thras-kiwir), v., 


CneAstiA, (thras-nu), see 


Cne»3, (thraeMg) [-ee], aban- 
don, desert, fail ; v. n. 
-mc, -5m and -seAn ; 
cn6i5im, I abandon, etc. 

Cne«3«T>, (ihrwld), f., -jroe, pi. 
-eATiriA, pain, gripe, colic. 

Cneijee, (thrae-kfi), p. a., 
deserted, forsaken ; faded. 

Cnetmse, (thrae^Iv-she), I., 
id., a time, a period, an 


Cneitie, (thrae-ne), f., Id* 

might, power, strength ; 

also c«6ineAs. 
Cnetse, (thre-she), f., id., 

strength, power, vigour .' 

compar. of urcas, strong. 
Cnett, (thrae), a., -e, weak, 

Cnette, (thrae-he), in pi. only, 

qualities, characteristics. 
Cneo, (thri~6), m,, id., way, 

condition, direction ; JAb 

se ati cneo so, he went this 

way ; ca ati C15 1 -ocneo, 

the house is in order. 
Cneotn, (thrw5-ir) , f., -e, 

conduct, direction, strength 
Cnednut, (thri~dr-ee), m., id., 

pi. -uice, a guide, a director. 
Cne6nui5, (thrl~5r-ig) [-ee], 

v., guide, lead, direct ; v. n., 

-nu ; cne6Ruim, I guide, etc. 
CnT, (three), num., three. 
Cni, (three), prep., see cne. 
CntAit, (three-a~Il), f., -e, pi. 

-aIca, a trial, a test ; bAin 

cniAil as, test it. 
CniAtt, (three-a~Il), v., try. 

test, investigate ; v. n., 

id. ; cniAitnn, I try, etc. 
CniAtt, (three-ull), m., -a, 

a journey, a march ; is 

Paoa An chiaU. e, it is a 

long march. 
CniAtt, (three-ull), v., walk, 

march, journey, go ; v. n. 

id. ; criaUaitji, I walk, etc. 
Cm Ati, (three-un), m., -a, a 

third part. 
Cnitj, (threev), prep, pr., 

through you (pi.) ; see c«e. 

Digitized by 

cnf 188 

CnTo, (threed), prep. pr., 

through him ; often used for 

cnf ; see cue. 
CnitsoAti, (thril-shaan), m., 

-aim, pi. id., a torch, a lamp. 
Gnfnse, (threen-she), m., id., 

pi. -sf, a trench. 
CnTnsis, (threen-shig) [-shee], 

v., trench, earth up (as 

potatoes), entrench ; v. n. 

-iu and -seAil ; cninsim, I 

trench, etc. 
Cmobtfiio, (thrl~ub-ll6-id), f., 

-e, pi. -f, trouble, anxiety, 

GntobtotoeAC, (thrI~ub-llo-id- 

uc), a., -■of, troublesome, 

GntocA, (three~uca), m., id., 

a district, crioca ce\AO, a 

CnTotn, (three-um), prep, pr., 

through me ; see cn6. 
CnToriiA, (three-oo), ord. num., 

third; also cniti. 
CnTon6it>, (three-un-O-id), f., 

-e, the Trinity. 
CntopAll, (thrl~up-ull), m., 

-Aill, pi. id., a cluster, a 

CmopAllAC, (thrl~up-ull-uc), 

a., -ai, clustering, in bunches. 
Cntosc, (thrl^usk), m., id., 

grains, brewers and dis- 
tillers' refuse. 
CntoscAti, (thrl^usk-awn) , m., 

-Aim, pi. id., furniture. 
CniosoAn, (thrJ^usk-ur), in., 

-air, sea-weed. 


CniceAnt) (thri-hav), m., -cini, 

pi. -6i, a fit of laughing, 

coughing, etc. ; biom&m ins 

ma cnicf, we were in fits ol 

Cmuc, (thrl~uc), m., id., 

whooping cough. 
Cm tin, (thrL»<oor) , m., -um, 

three persons. 
Cntus, (thrf~oos), m., -uis, 

pi. id., and -a, trousers. 
Cntuc, (thrl~u), m., id., a 

club (at cards) ; also tmuc, 
CndcAine, (thrC-ku~ir-6), f., 

id., mercy. 
Cnoctuij, (thruc-llu~ig) [~ee], 

v., profane, taint ; v. n. 

-Vu and -caiIc ; tRocluim, I 

Cno t> ac, (thrfidh-uc), a., -ai, 

riotous, quarrelsome. 
Cnoit), (thrfWld), f., -o-oa, pi. 

id., a fight, a quarrel. 
Cnoit), (thriWId), v., fight, 

wrangle, contend with ; v. 

n., id. ; tnoraim, I fight, etc. 
Cnoij, (thriw ig) [~i], f., -ce, 

pi. id., a foot ; a foot long. 
CnotmeAcc, (thriWim-acth) , f., 

-a, heaviness, weight ; also 

cnom, (throum) [throm], a., 

-oime, heavy, weighty ; 

serious, grave ; sad ; preg- 
cnoMi-, (throum) [throm], pre- 
fix in comps., heavy, grave. 
CnomAt£, (thrum-ig) [-ee}, v., 

make heavy, load, weight ; 

v. n. -mu ; CKOmAim, I mak« 

heavy, also CRomufm. 

Digitized by 


Cnom£ti , (thrum-awn) , m . , 
-Am, pi. id., a weight ; a 
backhand in plough tack- 
ling ; the band groove in a 
spindle ; a pendulum. 

e«omtuije, (throum-lliWee) 
[thrum-], m., id., a night- 

two trip a, (throum-pa) [thrum-], 
m., id., pi. -i, a Jew's harp, 
a trumpet. 

CNomui^, (thrum-ig) [-ee], v., 
se« cnoniAis. 

Cnoac, (thruak), m., cruisc, 
pi. id., a codfish. 

CnoscAxb, (thrus-ka), m., -ato, 
a fast, fasting, abstinence. 

Cnost6s, (thrus-llOg) , f., -6ise, 
pi. -65A, a jump, a hop, a 

CmiAJ, (throo~u), f., -Aise, 
and -a, pity, compassion, 
object of pity, misery ; is 
mOR An c. 6, he is to be much 

CmiAtje, (throo-e) [-ee], i., 
id., compassion ; misery, 

CnuAijtfiStL, (throo-i-vae-vll), 
f., -e, compassion, pity. 

CnuAi5th«tt»Ac, (throo-i-vae~ 
Il-uc), a., -U, compassionate ; 
miserable, pitiable. 

CnUAtLL, (throo-il), f., -©, a 
scabbard, a sheathe ; a car- 
case ; corruption. 

CmiAiLUj, (throo-I-lig) [-lee], 
v., corrupt, defile, profane ; 
v. n. -iu ; c««AiUim t I 
corrupt, etc. 

189 C«A 

cmiAipLis, (throo-i-plish) , i. t 
-e, a mistake ; ca cauca sa 
mbueis ASAtn, ca cutiAiplis 
•oeAticA A5AC, I have a card 
too many, you have made a 
ciuiAiplis, a mistake ; also 


CnucAtt, (thruk-il), f. f -e, pi. 
-1, a cart. 

Cnutpt, (throo-ip-ee), pi., 

Cu, (thoo, thu), per. pr., 

Cuaj, (thoo^u), f., -Aige and 
-a, pi. -AntiA, a hatchet, an 

CuAit), (hoo-eg) [-ee], adv. and 
a., north, northern, in the 
north ; cuavo 1 mt)eAl 
£emsce, in Belfast in the 
north ; A5 -out 6 cuait>, go 
northwards ; A5 ceACc 1 
•ocuai-6, coming from the 
north ; Ati caod ctiAro, the 
north side. 

CuAtpLis, (thoo-ip-lish), f., -e, 
an error ; see cntiAiplis. 

CuAinsfn, (thoo-ir-geen), m., 
id., pi. •{, a mallet. 

CuAimm, (thoo-ir-im), f., -tune, 
a guess, an opinion, an idea ; 
cAbAm c, make a guess ; 
^s 6 mo c., it is my 

Cuaihik, (thoo^Ir-ishk), f., -e, 
news, tidings, account, de- 
scription ; nfl aoh c. A5A111 
Am, I have no news about 
him ; 5A11 casc nic, without 
tale or tidings. 

CuAtscoAnc, (thoo-ish-karth), 
m„ cue, th« north. 

Digitized by 




Cuaic, (thoo~u) [~ee], f., -e, 
and -aca, pi. -aca, the 
country (as distinct from the 
town), Ag "oul aitiac sa c. 
or pe'n -oc, going out into 
the country ; also cuac. 

CuAiceAt, (thoo~e-ha.ll), m., 
-cil, the left, the north ; 
awkwardness, a bad mistake ; 
also cuacaI. 

OiAniA, (thoo-uma), m., id., 
pi. -i, a tomb, a sepulchre. 

CUAn, (thoo-ur), m., -Am, pi. 
id., an omen, a sign, a fore- 
runner ; a cattle field. 

CUAn, (thoo-ur), v., presage, 
portend, show signs of ; v. 
n., id. ; cviA«Aim, I presage, 

CUAtiAsctiAil, (thoo-uriis-gu- 
vaw-il), f., -aIa, pi. id., re- 
port, news, description. 

CuAtiASCAt, (thoo-urus-thull), 
m., -Atl, pi. id., wages. 

CtiAnsAin, (thoo-ur-gii~in), f., 
-ama, slaughter, destruction. 

ttiAS, (hoo~us), adv., up, 
above ; c. An scAigne, up- 
stairs ; ni't se ctos nA t., 
he is neither above nor be- 
low, he cannot be found. 

Cuac, (thoo^fi), f., -Aite, the 
country ; see cuaic. 

Cuaca, (thoo~utha), m. t id., 
pi. -\, a countryman, a lay- 
man ; also cuacai in nom. 
sing., pi. -Aite. 

CuacaIIuT, (thoo~u-hull-ee), 
m., id., pi. -uite, an awkward 
person ; also cuacaUao. 

CubAtsc, (thub-isht), f., -e, 
mischief, misfortune, dis- 
aster ; ca An c. Aiit, he has 
met with dire misfortune. 

CubAtsceAc, (thub-isht-uc), a., 
-cf, unfortunate, disastrous. 

CubAti, (thub-awn), m., -Am, 
pi. id., a tub ; see cobAn 

Cup65, (thuf-Qg), f., -6ise, pi. 
-65A, a foist, a stench. 

Cujca, (thuka), p. a., inclined 
to, given to, devoted to. 

CU15, (thiWig), v., understand, 
know, discern ; v. n. -sm 
and -sine ; ctnsrni, I under- 
stand, etc. 

Cuije, (thu~ee), f., id., straw. 

Cutjjsinc, (thu^ish-gint) [thiW 
ig-shint), f., -ionA, under- 
standing, intellect, prudence. 

Cui^sionAC, (thu~ish-gin-uc) 
[thu~ig-shin-uc], a., -ai, in- 
telligent, prudent, skilful. 

Cui5ce, (thiWike), p. a., 
understood, known. 

Cutle, (thiWil-e), f., id., pi, 
-Ice, a flood, a deluge, • 
torrent, high tide. 

Ctiitij, (thu~il-ig) [-ee], v., 
flood, inundate ; v. n. -iu ; 
ctnlim, I flood. 

Cuttl, (thii~ill) [~eel], v., earn, 
merit, deserve ; v. n. -e&m ; 
ctnVLim, I earn. 

Cut tie, (thu^ill-e) m., id., an 
addition, an increase; nA 
h-AbAm a cuille, say no more ; 
n\ «.Aib a cuille thaii jjeAU, 
Am, there was nothing 
further about him. 

Digitized by 




CuiLLeArii, (thiWill-uv), f., 

-Urn, wages. 
CuinleACAii, (thu^ir-li-cawn), 

m., -Am, pi. id., a roller. 
Cuintitij;, (thiWir-ling), v., 

descend, alight ; v. n., id., 

ci!iRlin5iin, I descend. 
Cutnse, (thu^ir-she), f., id., 

weariness, fatigue, sadness. 
CuinseAc, (thu^ir-shac), a., 

-si, tired, fatigued, sad. 
Cutn'sij, (thu~ir-shig) [-slice], 

v., weary, tire, become tired; 

v. n. -iu ; cumsim, I weary, 

Cuts, (thoo-ish), beginning, 

origin ; 6 tvhs, from the 

beginning ; ar -octns, in the 

beginning ; also cus. 
Cut see, (thoo-ish-ke), an irreg. 

compar. and super, of Iuac, 

sooner, soonest ; is c. bios 

Ann nA cusa, I was there 

sooner than you. 
Cutso, (thu~ish-e), f., id., pi. 

-si, a measurement, measure; 

tog An cAillnnK mo c., the 

tailor measured me (for 

clothes) . 
Cuisle, (thQ~ish-le), m., id., 

pi. -li, a stumble, a slip, a 

fall ; also cuiseAl. 
Cutslis, (thu~ish-lig) [-lee], 

v., stumble, slip ; v. n. 

-leA-6 ; cuislrm, I stumble. 
Cutsmts, (thu~ish-mig) [-mee], 

v., bear, bring forth ; v. n. 

-tneATl ; cutsmtm, I bear. 

Cuisnu^ceotn, (thu~ish-mfc 

ho-ir), m., -6ra, a parent. 

Cute, (thit), v., fall, befall, 
happen ; v. n. -im ; cuicim, 
I fall ; cuic s6 attiac, it 

Cuicitn, (thitim), f., -cme, a 
fall ; bAineA-6 c. as, some- 
body or something knocked 
him down, lit., took a fall 
out of him. 

CuLac, (thul-oc), f., -Ica, pi. 
id., a mound, a hi'.lock. 

CutcA, (thul-ka), m., id., pi. 
-1, a wave, a flood. 

nun, (thur), a., dry ; harsh, 
rude ; &n&r\ cur, dry bread, 
that is without butter ; 
Iadair s6 liom 50 cur, he 
spoke to me sharply, or 

Gun, (thoor), m., -urn, pi. id., 
a tower. 

Gun as, (thur-us), m., -ais, pi. 
id., a journey, a pilgrimage. 

CuntiA, (thoor-na), m., id., 
pi. -i, a spinning wheel ; 
also cuRn, gen. cuRAinn. 

CumiAtL, (thoor-naw-il), f., 
-AIa, spinning, using a 
spinning wheel. 

Cuncds, (thur-thog), f., -6156, 
pi. -65A, a lump, a clod ol 
earth with grass, heather, 
etc., on it. 

Cits, (thoos), see cuts. 

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p*, (0), m., t!'. pi. uf, dat. 

Ua, voc. sing, and pi., Ui ; 

gen. pi. ui ; used before 

surnames of males, a de- 
UAfeAti, (oo~u-vur), m., -air, 

pride, haughtiness. 
UACtAn, (oo^iic-thur), m., 

-ami, pi. id., the top, upper 

part, cream ; the upper 

leather of a boot. 
Uaccauac, (oo~uc-thur-uc), a., 

-At, uppermost, upper. 
UActAtiAti, (oo~uc-thur-awn), 

m. -Ain, pi. id., a superior, a 

tlAt>Acc, (oo~ucth), f., -a, pi. 

-aiuia, a will, a testament. 
UAXbAcctns, (oo~ucth-ig) [-ee], 

v., bequeath, leave by will ; 

v. n. -cu ; UAt>ACCuim, I 

UAtb, (oo~ev) [-iv], prep, pr., 

from you (pi.) ; cat> ca 

UAtb ? what do you want ? 

An opuil tiA pAip6in uAib ? 

do you want or require the 

papers ? 
UAibneAc, (oo~ev-ir-ac), a., 

-hi, proud, haughty ; vain, 

showy, freakish. 
UAitJneAcc, (oo~ev-Ir-ucth), f., 

-a, pride, vanity ; also 

UAlDReAS, -is. 

Mai*, (oo~eg) [-ee], prep, pr., 
from him ; ca ahaa uavo, he 
wants or requires bread. 

Uai£, (oo~e, oo~eg) foo-eej 

f., -e, pi. -e«ntiA ; a grave, 

the grave. 
UAisneAc, (oo~eg-In-uc), a., 

-ni, lonely, desolate. 
UAipieAS, (oo~eg-In-us), m., 

-nis, loneliness. 
UaiII, (oo~ell) [oo~il], f., -e, 

conceit, pride, vanity. 
UaiII, (oo~ell) [oo~il], a., 

-o, proud, haughty, vain. 
UaiU, (oo~ell) [oo~il], f., 

-e, a howl, a wail, crying. 
UAillpeAtttAC, (oo~ell-hur- 

thac) [oo— ill-] , a., -At, yelling, 

howling; renowned, famous. 
UaiIIij, (oo~ell-ig) [oo~ill-ec] 

v., wail, howl, yell ; v. n. 

-leAtj and -IpeARc ; u&iUmi, 

I wail, etc. 
UAillmiAti, (oo~ell-vee~un), 

f., -rii6me, ambition. 
UAim, (oo-em) [-im], prep. 

pr. from me ; ca AiRseA-o 

UAim, I want money ; -oeineAS 

■UAim p6in 6, I did it unaided. 
UaiA, (oo~ev) Oiv], f., -e, 

pi. -Arii a, a cave, a cavern, a 

UAirimeAc, (oo*ev-nl*uc), a., 

-ni, horrible, dreadful. 
UAin, (ocwen) [oo~in], f., -e, 

time, leisure, opportunity ; 

« t'l «Ain A5Am, I have not 

time (or leisure). 
UAine, (oo~en-e), a., green ; 

see UAicne. 

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ttAttt«« (ocwen-6), I., Id., pi. 
-nl, a wooden peg, a post, a 

tiAttw, (oo^eng) [~ing], prep, 
pr., from us ; ca Ai«5eA-o 
u*iun, we want money. 

ttAtn, (oo~er) [~ir], f., -e, pi. 
id. and -sauca, an hour ; 
time, occasion ; Aon hair 
Aniim, one time ; uair a' 
clutg, an hour ; t)ios Ann cri 
h-uAiwe, I was there three 
times ; bios Ann ar peATJ cni 
h-UAiRe, or bios Ann cri 
h-uAiRe An clurg, I was there 
three hours. To distinguish 
UAiR, a time, from u&m, an 
hour, & clutg, ar pedo, te, 
etc., are usually added to 
the latter ; bim Ann uair- 
eAnxA, I am there at times. 

ilAineAodirt, (oo^er-e-dho-ir), 
m., -6ra, pi. -f, a watch, a 
timepiece ; u. 5R6me, a sun- 

UAtmtitl, (oo~er-ew-il), a., 

tlAtsle, (oo^esh-le), f., id., 
nobility (as of character, 
manner), the nobility. 

UAtsLeAoc, (oo^esh-lacth), f., 
-a, nobility, gentility. 

t)Atsli$, (oo~esh-lig) [-lee], 
v., ennoble, exalt ; v. n. 
-iti ; tiAislim, I ennoble. 

Uaic, (oo~et) [<»it], prep, pr., 
from you (sing.) ; cat> va 
uaic ? what do you want ? 

Ua*£», UAtci, (oo~e-hi), prep. 
pr., from her ; ca teAbAR 
VAiit, she wants a book 

tlAiine, (oo~en-hg), a., green ; 

Ribin UAicne, a green ribbon ; 

but i?6ar sIas, green grass. 
UaIao, (oo/*ull-uc), m., -A15, 

pi. -ai, a load, a burden, a 

heavy obligation. 
UaLLac, (oo~ull-uc), a., -A1, 

proud, haughty, vain, con- 
ilAtlACAtt, (oo~ull-a-cawn), 

m., -Am, pi. id., a coxcomb, 

a vain person. 
UAttpAtnc, (oo~ull-hu~irt), f., 

-arca, a howl, a yell. 
UaIuij, (oo~ull-ig) [-ee], v., 

load, pile up, burthen ; v. 

n. -lw ; UAluim, I load. 
tlAtuice, (oo~ull-i-hI), p. a., 

loaded, piled up. 
UAth; (oo~uv), m., a cave, a 

cavern, a grave ; also uattia. 
UAttiAti, (oo»uv-un), m., -Am, 

dread, terror, dismay, amaze- 
UAtmiAC, (oo~u v-nac) , a., -aI, 

dreadful, amazing. 
UAtnnuij, (00 — uv-nQ^ig) 

O'ee], v., terrify, frighten, 

shock ; v. n. -mi ; UAriinumi, 

I terrify, etc. 
Mam, (oo~fln), m. f -aiti, pi. 

id., a lamb ; peoil »ai», 

lamb (flesh). 
UaiiuTocc, (oo~un-ee-ueth) 1 

f., -a, taking turn about, 

doing a thing by turns, 

alternately ; leisure. 
ilASAt, (oo~us-uII), m., -Alt i 

pi. uAiste, a noble, a gentle- 
man. Sir. 

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tlAb 194 

UasaI, (oo^us-uH), a., UAisle, 

noble, high-born, precious ; 

se6T> uasaI, a precious jewel ; 

■ouine uasaI, a gentleman. 
Uac, (oo~u), fear, dread ; as 

prefix in comps., fearful, 

Uaca, (oo~u-hu), prep, pr., 

from them ; cat) ca uaca ? 

what do they want ? 
tl ac a, (oo~u-hu), a., singular ; 

An uimm uaca, the singular 

number ; also An uniim 


UacSas, (oo~u-faws), m., -ais, 

astonishment ; dread, terror. 
tlActiASAC, (oo~u-fa\vs-uc), a., 

-a!, terrible, horrible, awful ; 

is «. ad sceAl e, it is a 

terrible thing, a terrible 

happening, terrible news. 
Ut>, (uv), m. and f., uib, uibe, 

pi. tube and uibeACA, an egg. 
UtJAtt, (ooll), m., -Alll, pi. 

ublA, an apple. 
UttAttsonc, (ool-ort) [-ghurth], 

m., -omc, pi. id., an orchard. 
l»6 ! (uc), interj., oh ! alas ! 
ticAine, (oo-ku~ir-e), m., id., 

pi. -ni, a fuller. 
UcAineAcc, (oo-ku~ir-acth), f., 

-a, fulling ; the work of a 

U6c, (ucth), m., -a, pi. id., 

the breast, bosom, the lap ; 

as net X>6, for God's sake. 
U6cac, (ucth-uc), m., -A15, pi. 

-a», a breastplate ; deep, 

full delivery in speech or 

tl6criiAC, (ucth-vok), m., -nuc, 

pi. id., an adopted son. 


Uccuil, (ucth-oo-il), a., -uIa, 
broad-chested : courageous. 

Ut>, (oodh), demon, a., that, 
yon, yonder ; An pe^R ux> 
caII, yonder man ; ah 
cuirnin leAC ah U ut) jwoo ? 
do you remember that day 
long ago ? 

tlJAim, (oo~im), f., -Am*, pi. 
-ArtiAt, the hames in horse 
tackling (also ahia, gen. id. 
plu., ahiai) ; the " tack- 
lings " of a loom. 

UsAmmj, (oo-mfwig) [~ce], 
v., harness, yoke, equip ; 
v. n. -mAT) ; uJAmunn and 
-uim, I harness ; also 

u-jdar, (oo-dhur), m. r -Ain, 
pi. id., an author, an 

Uj'DAnAS, (oo-dhur-aws), m., 
-Ais, pi. id., authority, 
power, self-assurance. 

Ujoauasac, (oo-dhur-aw-suc), 
a., -ai, authoritative ; . pre- 

ujjmuij, (oo-mu~ig) [~ee], v., 
harness, yoke ; v. n. -ttiat) ; 
ujmAim, I harness. 

ujmuice, (oo-miwi-hi), p. a., 

Utl», (u~il-i), a., every, all, 
the whole ; ati uile -ouine, 
every person, everyone ; T>ia 
An uile c6riiACC linn, God of 
all power be with us ; An 
■ooriiAn uile, the whole world ; 
50 huile, adv., wholly, 

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Utile, (u~il~e), t., *eAn, pi. 

-atitia, dat. sing, \jittnw, 

the elbow ; a nook, a corner ; 

uittmri sometimes used in 

nom. sing. 
tlittoAtin, (u~ill-un), f., -linne, 

UilleAfitiAC, (u~ill-un-uc), a., 

-ai, having angles or corners ; 

also uilleAc. 
UittpiASc, (u~ill-e-fee-usth), 

f., -peisre, pi. -i, a reptile. 
Utme, (u~im-c), prep, pr., 

about him, at, around, or 

concerning him or it ; cum 

se uitne, he dressed ; oua\1 

•outne vnrne, a person met 

him ; bioniAR A5 cracc uime, 

we were talking about him 

or it ; uime sin, for that 

Uiriim, (u~iv-Ir), f., -time and 

-rrmeAC, pi. uimneACA, » 

Uimpe, tiimpi, (u^im-pi), prep. 

pr., about, around or con- 
cerning her. 
tUtiineAC, (u~iv-ir-ac), a., -ui, 

Uimnfocc, (u~iv-ir-ee-ucth), 

f., -a, arithmetic. 
Uirrje, (u^ing-e), {., id., pi. 

-aca, an ingot, an ounce. 
ttinmun, (u~ing-ewn), m., 

-urn, pi. id., an onion. 
UinseAC, (oo-in-shuc), f., -si, 

pi. -a, a foolish woman ; also 

Uin-, (u~ir), an intens. prefix, 

very, great, as ms-eAslA, 

great fear. 

196 titti 

Gin, (oo-ir), i., -ume, earth, 
ground, clay, soil ; also vm. 

time, (oo-ir-e), f., id., damp- 
ness ; freshness. 

UineASbA, (u~ir-us-a) [-baj, f., 
id., want, need, necessity, 

tiinttS, (oo^ir-lish), f., -e, pi. 
-1, an implement, a tool. 

ttince, timci, (u^er-hi), prep, 
pr., on or upon her, or it ; 
t« An T)onAS uirt;i, the mis- 
chief is on her, she or it is 
very bad. 

ttisce, (u~ish-ke), m., id., pi. 
-ci, water ; v. beAtA, 
whiskey ; piouwisce, spring 
water; u. pe cAtArh, decep- 

U1S05, (u^ish-kig) [-kee], v., 
water, irrigate ; v. n. -16 ; 
inscim, I water. 

tiisciuit, (u~ish-kew-il), a., 
•uIa, watery, swampy. 

UlcA, (ull-cu), f., a beard, a 
thin or scraggy beard. 

UttAtfi, (ull-uv), a., -Airrie, 
ready, prepared, done, 

ULtriwij, (fill-u-vu~ig) [<*-ee], 
v., prepare, get ready, put in 
order ; v. n. -niu ; tjllrrmim, 
I prepare, etc. 

Uttriiuice, (ull-u-vu~i-hi), p. 
a., prepared, ready. 

Km, (um), prep., about, around, 
on, at, concerning, along 
with, at the time ; urn crac- 
notiA, in the evening ; um An 
■ocaca sAn, at that time ; 
combines with per. prs., 
(imAm, umAC, uime (l a, )< 

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urnipe or uimpi (f.), on or 
about me, you, him, her ; 
plurals, umAinn, umAib, 
utnpA ; cumeAS umAtn, I 
dressed ; duaiI se umAtn, I 
met him ; An Spxnt umAc ? 
are you dressed ? 

UriiA, (oo), m., id., brass. 

UmAitt, (u-mo~iv), prep, pr., 
on or about you (pi.) ; see 

UriiAil, (oo~Il), attention, 
heed, understanding ; c«m- 
eAs i n-inriAil -oo, I made him 
understand, I reminded him. 

UmAinn, (u-mu~ing), prep, pr., 
on or about us ; see ura. 

UtfiAl, (ooll), a., -tiiAite, 
humble, submissive, obedi- 

UmAtn, (u-mum), prep, pr., 
on or about me ; see um. 

UmAR, (um-ar), m., -Am, pi. 
id., a trough, a vat ; a 
narrow channel ; the hollow 
between two waves. 

UmAC, (u-muth), prep, pr., on 
or about you (sing.) ; see 

UmlA, (oolla), f., submission, 

umlAbnA, (um-llou-ra) , m., cir- 

Umt6it>, (oo-llo-id), f., -•, obe- 
dience, humility, yielding. 

Umluij, (oo-llu~ig) [~ee], v., 
bow, stoop, make submission, 
worship ; v. n. -lu ; utriluim, 
I bow, etc. 

UmpA, (umpu), prep, pr., on 
or about them ; see um. 

UtipAinc, (oon-hiwirt), v., 
tumble, toss, roll, wallow ; 
v. n., id. ; unpARCAim, I 
tumble, etc. 

U«3, (ung), v., anoint, daub, 
besmear ; v. n. -At> ; wi5AJm, 
I anoint. 

UniA, (oon-sa), m., id., pi. -f, 
an ounce. 

Uw, (oor), a., -time, fresh ; 
damp ; raw. 

U«, (oor), m., am, earth, clay ; 
see urn. 

Un-, (ur), an intens. prefix, 
very, great. 

U«At», (ur-a), m., -Arc, pi. -Af, 
a surety, a security. 

Uhai$, (oor-ig) [-ee], v., 
moisten, refresh, become 
fresh ; v. n. xmu ; \muitri, I 
moisten, I refresh. 

UttAim, (ur-im), f., -aiha, 
regard, esteem, respect. 

Uras, (ur-us), a., usa, and 
tiSAix>e, easy. 

UncAn, (ru-cur) [ur-cur], m., 
-Am, pi. id., a shot, a bullet. 

Unc6it>, (ur-c6-id), f., -e, pi, 

- -eACA, harm, damage, mis. 

UnlAtSnA, (ur-llour-a) [somet. 
ur-lloo-ra], m., id., speech, 
language, utterance ; 5AT1 
Aicne, gAn *rIa&ra, un- 
conscious and without speech . 

tinlAts, (oor-lu~ish), f., -e, 
pi. -f, a tool ; also umlis. 

UnlAn, (ur-llawr), m., -Am, 
pi. id., a floor. 

Urtmon, (ru-vor) [ura-v6r], m., 
-6m, the greater part, chief 
part, greater number ; uam6a 

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tia pAitice, the greater part 

of the field ; u. An airsi-o, 

the greater part of the 

money ; also ptmm6R. 
UnrtAt, (ur-mi~ee), f., id., pi. 

-Aite, a prayer. 
Untiuij, (ur-nfi~ig) [—ee], ▼., 

pray ; v. n. -u! ; tmnufm, I 

tinnA, (ur-ra), m., id., pi. -f, 

a security, bail, a guarantor. 
URHAim, (ur-ru~im), f., -e, 

respect, honour, homage, 

URttAiriAd, (ur-rii-muc), a., -Af, 

respectful, honourable. 
URnAmuij, (ur-ru-mu~ig) 

[*ee], v., respect, honour, 

tlnnOs, (ur-roos), m., -6ts, 

security, guarantee ; cuavo 

se 1 n-tJK««s onm, he went 

security for me. 
Uiisa, (ur-sa), f., -n, pi. -n«A, 

the jamb of * door, a prop. 

Onut£, (oo-riWig) [^•e], v., 

see uuAij. 
Unus, (ur-us), a., see u«as. 
«sa, (usa), comp. and super, of 

uras, easy.>, (oo-saw-id), v., use ; 

▼ . n., id. ; usa 1*0 tm, I use.>, (oo-saw-id), f., -e, use , 

T>6in usato ■oe'u leAt)AR, 

make use of the book. 
UsAtoe, (us-id-e), a compar. 

and super, of uuas, easy ; 

also pusA. 
0sait>»a6, (oo-saw-Id-uc), a., 

-■of, useful. 
Oc, (00), m., -a, pi. -AtitiA, an 

udder ; abo tic. 
OcAtnAit, (ooth-u-maw-il) , f., 

-aIa, searching, fumbling, 

turning things topsy-turvy 

under pretence of working. 

m., id., pi. -mco. a ransacker, 

a fumbler, as awkward 


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mn. SeATi muncA'DA, Mr. John Murphy. 

(tllR. contracted from rnAijisctR). 
PA-ORA15 UasaI 1T»ac Suione, Patrick MacSweeney, Esq, 
An Carrcac, Mr. McCarthy. 
ITIac Ut Oriaiti, Mr. O'Brien. 
DeAn Se&tn Ui rhuwcAX)A, Mrs. John Murphy. 
TIora, t)eAT> Ut t)RtAtn, Mrs. Nora O'Brien. 
iTijjeATi Ut tluAUAtTi, Miss Nolan. 
InijeAti An Carrcai5, Miss McCarthy. 
mAnte UasaI ni "OonncA-OA, Miss Mary O'Donohue. 
Am cAcair Sbati 6 Cutnn, Father John Quinn. 
An lilACAiu OmmroneAC, The Reverend Mother. 
T)o rhumem t)RtAtn A5US a sCuniAnn, Messrs. O'Brien and Co. 
^K> Cotrilucc OfoeACAts n* ViGme&nn, CeoRAncA, The Educational 
Company of Ireland, Limited. 


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To begin a letter say : — 

A Cara, Friend. 

A i')a-ouai5, a Cara, Dear Padraig. 

A fteAtnuis, a cara ■oil, My dear Se'amus. 

A tAictin, a ctnsle, or a scorn, or a triumnin, My darling Caitlln 

A ttlAcAm lonrhuiti. My dear Mother. 

A tomAis, a true thIis, My dear son, Thomas- 

A mine tiASAit, Sir. 

A t)AOine UAiste, Sirs, Gentlemen. 

A tthc Ui "OaIais, a cara, Dear Mr. O'Dalaigh. 

A In^eAn tli fTAotAiri, a cara, Dear Miss Whelan. 

A V)e&n Ui rhimcA-OA, a cara, Dear Mrs. Murphy. 

A rflACAm UrsuIa, a cara, Dear Mother Ursula, (in religict ; 

A Siur rrlAme, a cara, Dear Sister Mary, (in religion). 

A Acair Ukraitiai5, Rev. Father. 

A tigeAnriA eAsbuis, My Lord Bishop. 

To end a letter say : — 

Is nuse, I am, 

•00 cara, your friend, 

•00 cara 50 btiAn, your sincere friend, 

•00 cara th'Iis, 5'our fond friend, 

te tneAs, respectfully, 

te moR-meAS, very respectfully, 

50 h-urnAl, obediently, 

•00 sembiseAC urViAt, your humble servant, 

■oo ■oeARbRACAiR T)itis, your fond brother, 

■oo ■oembsiijR, your sister, 

1s sinne, we are, 

■oo CAiR-oe, your friends, 
uuk 5CAiRT)e, your friends, 

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Printed by The Educational Comfany of Ireland, Ltd. 

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Irish History 

S56AL 11A tl(5ine.Ann 1 scompAisci Ssoile. 

A Child's Story of Irkland (in Irish). 
By ptiomsiAS O SiiilleADAiti. 
This is on the same lines as " Old Irish 
Stories" ; is written in very simple Irish, 
and is suitable for 3rd and 4th Standards. 
96 pages. 

geAnn-fCAin - 1 - 

Irish Historical Biographies. 

5eAim-AicKis Aft "OAOine caiIiiiIa 1 SeAn- 
cas nAhemeAtttt. S6ait>us O -pAllAtiiAtn x»o 


Sgeul An "oCine. 

Our Country's Story. Done into Irish by 
tiAm 6 fttnn. 

This is not a mere word for word transla- 
tion, but runs on the same lines as Miss 
Ferguson's popular book. 
172 pages. 

Digitized by 

teAt)RA "oo $Ae"OtAiO 

By T. O'Nbiix Lanb 

O'Neill I/Ank's Larger English-Irish 

New edition. Thoroughly revised and 
greatly extended. In one volume. Demy 
8vo. Strongly bound in cloth boards 
42/- net. 

The Map ok Ireland in Irish. 

Size 64 inches x 52 inches. Beautifully 
coloured, mounted on cloth rollers, and 
varnished. Price 21/- net. 

Sp ecial Feature — 

Places of historical importance printed 
in red throughout the map. 

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