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*                             ACTIVE REBELLION                          187
occupation, law and order is being restored rapidly. Complete calm prevails in the Kaliub province and the same result is in process of attainment in the more remote provinces. •A great deal of stolen property has been recovered by the Police. The rural police and the ghaffirs have performed their duties, under circumstances of considerable provocation a/nd risk, with great firmness and discretion. ..."
March 23 : " Further progress has been made in the restoration of order. Main-line trains are now running on a regular timing. ... In the outlying districts in the north of Sharkieh, Dakhlieh and Gharbieh and in the west of Behera the situation is still unsatisfactory. ..."
March 24 : "In the northern provinces disorders are becoming more and more sporadic. . . . Zifta, Mt-Ghamr and Mit el Ghourashi still constitute centres of disaffection. . . . The disaffected Beduin of the western Behera have made overtures to the coast Beduin between Alexandria and Sollum. The latter, however, have remained loyal and are themselves protecting the coast railway. Punishment was inflicted yesterday on the Beduin and villagers of the western Behera, when bombs were dropped at Hosh-Isa and Abu-Matamir upon rebels attacking the railway-line. . . . The Mamur of Sennoures has organised a force of 1,000 villagers to protect the railway-line. . . . Much looting and incendiarism has occurred in the town of Assiut. ..."
March 26 : " Reports from the districts show that during the recent attacks upon communications, country roads and oanals were also seriously damaged. Damage to roads has been most severe in southern Dakhlieh and the Behera. In some instances the rioters also attacked irrigation canals and cuts, removing the baulks which are used to regulate the water-supply. A canal bridge between Mansura and Simbellawein was destroyed, blocking the canal and causing the flooding of a large tract of country. ..."
March 27 : "In certain localities the notables are assisting the authorities by forming Committees of Public Security."
March 29 : " No further disturbances have been reported. Brigadier-General Huddlestone's punitive expedition is remaining at Assiut to restore order in that neighbourhood. . . . Major-General Sir John Shea is moving south from Wasta with a strong column of all arms, restoring order as he goes. . . ."
March 31 t " The work of repairing the Upper Egypt railways is now being taken in hand. A report received from the engineer in charge states that the damage to the line is very serious. . . . Owing to the destruction of the railwaye, Local Commissions, which had the same powers as the'                       period of the Occupation, or the success with,   which