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Full text of "The Egyptian Problem"

thr  iu}
j    1. ii .
1 m uhi«'h n rw/WiW, nr n-lipnus festival, !*•• !>-.-!< u«us nf liirht*, l»uy it fr\v s\v«*ffs,
{»• t* ii!* ti.t thr milling of rrlijL'inus pnrms IYi*!:iy*H day *>f rv*t I ii**vnt<4 to visiting
.nu hf \\riit hnmr to his family, vuth >v»* la> \uf<« a- hr rnuM itnt nt!f»nl to N»«t all >tu»lnit> art* as au-t«*n\ hut fi'i ;-.iii!»-- ii»» i!it»n* <-i)lrr intn th«-ir ill f> 'Mn.^ «»f n-tT^at inn. •-. • jlirary y«-ar^ nf study jirnlit fhi» i.i;?i 1 - All flit* r,i,iii»!i*- nf Mahninrftan !«-^!i l;ii»l dfiwii hy th«* ^n-at «!nffi»rs ['»nr »isiiVl'rlit H«*h'*n!K nf f!p*ul»*i5y • *'!,Iv Hi lli^-ir prni-t'^si'H of rmlif»rati»»n
I$U! wh'.Jil
\i  * 1  \  f
Ji1i<l    ?«*'!    ll\   fh«      '].sn?    «•{    tli»'    rnrji-.s    i'* t|Iil!i»iH   l»t    atJ       Hi!'
l*^u-liii!^ r »•• »n".;.J!:v fi'i'ina-l aii«l f»'ii*l^ to *i«'V»'I»»j> lh»- »a« in«»r\ j,»th»r 'itaii tli«- n-.^nnin^ jm\\«-r^ nf th««
i-t!iti«'!jt. I-! Uff ,-ji-«-., fhf 'iinly uf ih»- Tnt'iitiniK t.f tljr- IV-j'h'' f-.rij--. iiMinU tijH»fi ,ut a«*«'ura?<' kni iw Ifil^r ».f t!i*" ?:i;^ ' * ' ••!»-- ,-^/. h- *n!i**H f*,,r th«* imTura«*v <»f ra«-h 1 r.-^it^J- • ••*"! l^*' '' lu.-i. ='' HI lip" '-h-uu «*f \\ itn»- <••'«"•' f IiiMii^h ttii^in it r> u.«''--i '?i.^ iv IM lilt- iivniitli «»{ t)i*' Pmphi-t hint-
H'lf,     I*',     th«-      '  •   llip.ilil' -lln     nf      fll»'      Pmjilji'1 ,     th".-:.-     ujj'l
r-*'«»-i\.«i  th'iu  ff-!!i   }tr-  i.«;?ii|M,hi^!.i-,  J4i|tj  •-»,  ,,|t  fj«»«ii !•** III**   tl»i»-   ^Ji«!i   !h«'\    •««•!*-   lili-ilh ,   a!»*|   f»U1   all   tltlP',   *'Ili l*-««il«-4  ill   lli*'-   f^rin   Hi   whi»Ji   tiit-i,   « ;iiii*-   !*s   In*  ui'tj»t*i! li!i*|   rtf«-   J'l'ill    ;•*<<« J»U-'»J    H.H    |M-V»*TI'|   uliV    fimir*    p< 4---thill? V
r»! ii«..ti}it  fl,:,n t)*-   lv'i..-iU h-^-H     nr  t.il*- th«-  -ti^!>   ..f
Aral*!*- ^niiiiiiij-a, %»Jii«-hif m v »*•",% «tf fhr t«-\tnai ^tiirii'.y »»f iii«* K*>i.»n, v?» i«-|P».*r.i«-"i iv* fl««' »-«-rri»-r '-i*«tif *•} all KUiiti*' tfirnni^. If !«uli»» vi-ry L!u^»* in t)i«- In^f « i^hf \«-,:ir.^
nf   til.*'  Mu«!«-f*tV   tMfflf'llIlllIi,       It   f«'.ii-h»'^   llllil  th»*   lU«\,i!UIii:
ali'l i-xi'l.uJir-  *"  hnn  th'-  f».»rin  nf *'Vrty   \SMj.l  ijf-.rii in fh»«
fnrlrrl   }...*-!,,   ;»,I^-!   ! hi-r«-f« >f»'   I'Hjiill'!«'   « »f   J.rUU.'   U^.r»|   Hi   iUiV
'•   fl!                       thought it was their duty to do so, and not at all because