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importation  of  polities  into   tht*  hi-hools  was hound to
di'inuraHst* th<* iisintr gnu-ration as wvll as to interfere «.lis'i>trou>!y with thrir imnn*«li:tt<* ruursi* of studies • arui In their anxiety to Mihvert British authority' th»*y ran th»* ri*k <«f subverting the \\lmle principle of authority. U'^inmijfj with Ilia! <»f p.irenu m their own r-timli '.v. Hut thi- perfiirtrf* »ry zviwts they sometimes rxp?vr~M'd fur sii-t'h fritliiiif I»l»'ijii4i«as on u splt»ntlid <Jt'iJi'in>tniti*»n ft^" natiun;il ^^li'J.'ii'ify ;-hnur<l that with all flii-ir rap.-irity ff»r oixp.'ua-4t i*»n- fhrir <ii;ilrrtic*;.il r<>-^Mur<'rfuln«*>^ an*! th«'ir t<'iia«'it v *»f purptr--!*, thi'v were likt.' rhiltln-u in flplr t'Minj»S»-t«* iirihiiitv to xft» thincr^ ,'r- t h» y ar*'.   «i*(nii<i» ti.itiitrt   u,i     in   j« t*'h   it ^  t'liniax  in  the ffl«*hra?i« ?i nn Nn\i'nj}.*r  I'^L * f   f L«   lit i   "anniversary
f   K;!\|lini   httlt pi ij»i»-i « * ,'    ,      if   j« ;ji'hi«'\*'<i  and pJ-M-i i|   fr.r.i1!   *un*   1»* \ « \i if  fn .sii   K»"iiMl«l  \\tn,'i**   • n  NM,
uh»'H,   IWM   il,t\      ;»{f»r    llir     \MI»I   fJ»'      > hi-  ^ii« i «l •  h i.i  t,r  !   put  f..r, .' I fl tif    Ih'i« pi nd* n« «*      l'h*j   P'r    fti in   -n   <!IMM t  n .f*   «u«   .i?,fi • jjih ,\
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im\l   i»   j • n I*   t«»  t h»    i \' -\\hi- h h .«!    in |      « «l i* » !l
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flri'i'f    dt III *li •! f . ! i* •!*' ,    .'let rr;»anl»t| by ' mall "0'iij    tfi' iff   /ih'Hrllufj   ,   »iii«t    f i\i'i with f h»* I i»li»     in ',«»i.nii»f'  * t It* ir \ Mi if* juu < p it ii  1 1 ii« ii 4
* f ?hi fi-ifivf Press. » iel» t \ » m ; in i tine up M' 1 l«,fiff.". Jn view • • HI \!»'\.jn*hia, the
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¥His«     if    u,r-<   nnly   dis-
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f^.t'i    i l»..i.l  and  vied
j     ir* I >, i\m;r   ' 11! t<»
]   ,  » id'    "and Jjisu-h
iilliiu, J« !\ ti.ii,d«fl in M! i- i'i ^ i «rf n{ the <itvajid hud to !««• *- » *, it iii h- ii<* f fi.' i . »' *vi v. • pint*, hv the |M»iit»*. I'ht 4f nl f. i fh- "i -, v, p«ih.ip^ le-H flis-laf Infill t^ them th«n !•»« th«i4 {• » »i* \- they IKH| ahofMTcti th«m «l\f - with »»4* I* *\< , ?!i*- < love Courts administering the Sacred Law, was founded in Lord Cromer's time independently of El Azhar, but there is now a movement for reincorporation with it, and the lawyers who practise in those Courts as well as the whole staff of employes connected with them and with the Ministry of Wakf (Mahomedan Pious Foundations) are all drawn from El Azhar. Jt is El Azhar that provides throughout Egypt