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those who are more or less of their own way of thinking give them no practical or public support, is it not largely their own fault ? Their country is in the throes of a dangerous political agitation of which they cannot but foresee and dread the consequences. Yet they have never braced themselves up even to point out its perils to their                          rf| |
fellow-countrymen.    They have never raised a warning                          $ |
voice or sought to give a wiser lead to public opinion.                          j| |
They have never enunciated any programme of their                          jP I
own ii> opposition te the programme of the Party of                          || I
Independence.   They have  never   challenged   the   pro-                          Jn *
paganda carried on all around them for the   subversion                          'fy |
not only of British authority but of   every principle of                          *| f
authority for  which  they  doubtless  themselves  stand.                          *']
They have never reprobated even the campaign of violence                          V
and intimidation which is demoralising the schools and                          ll t
colleges that their own children attend.    Denounced day                          u ,
in and day out by the extremists as traitors to Egyptian                         if \
Nationalism, they bear themselves with dignity when                          ;-j *
they are from time to time bombed by frenzied students,                          *,
but they are roused to no effort of their own to wrestle                          | *
with the whole spirit of criminal lawlessness that lies                          ',  ;
behind these crimes and is doing far graver mischief to                         ?/! £
the nation than to them.   For more significant than the                         ! *
crimes themselves are the indifference with which the Egyptian public has learnt to treat them and the absence of any emphatic sign of disapproval from the leaders of the Party of Independence, whose humble followers the would-be murderers profess to be.                                                              ^
Egyptian Ministers might doubtless reply that it has never been the custom for them to appear on public platforms or to address themselves direct to their people, and that ever since 1914 martial law has closed the doors of the Legislative Assembly, where it would have been their business to meet hostile criticism and define their own position. But it is not by masterly inactivity that Saad Pasha Zaghlul and his friends have acquired their hold upon the country. The Party of Independence haso add,  wouldt is El Azhar that provides throughout Egypt