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give them an opportunity to practise it, and it n, a sufficiently wide one to put them on tbir ^ *» develop their sense of political responsibility.    \\ believe that it.wiil lead—at first at least—f\ v. r. worse government and to the revival of ni^v abuses.   But that is no reason for breaking ti i  ; A to  which  we   are  committed.    Xor  doe*   tL r« to be any reason why the Egyptians should : * * for themselves what form of representativt ii>-> is best suited to th$ir social and political d*v I *» and how far Egyptian Ministers should be mn*l» r> s to them in the whole domain of govemmv:/ yninlstration left  outside the limited  rai-se control—a domain which we should moreov* r to enlarge as rapidly as possible in the licht of » and results.   As a natural corollary, the   rr the head of the State should be confined to strictly constitutional ruler.
One of the most delicate matters of adjustment would be the relations between the High Commissioner and the Egyptian Legislature, and a new department would probably have to be created at the Residency for keeping not only the Legislature but also Egyptian public opinion fully acquainted—as has never yet been done—with the objects of British policy in general and with the reasons for the particular exercise of the discretion reserved to the controlling power whenever special circumstances arose to call for it. The initial difficulty—and no slight
one__-will be to define the limits of the legislative powers
of an Egyptian Assembly. They must, on the one hand, correspond with the stages through which the evolution of Egyptian self-government will pass, but they must, on the other hand, be so circumscribed as to avoid conflicts between them and the powers vested in the Mixed Tribunals, which neither we nor any other foreign Power can be reasonably asked to renounce until modern conceptions of justice have taken much deeper root in the country. A premature attempt to get rid of the /                                  x ior self-government.    But we are pledged to                                    *andfor the protection of their