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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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1.         Aum Samsamidhyuvana vrushanagne visvanyarya
2.         Elaspade samidhyanesano vasunya bhara
3.         Sangachhadhvam samvadadhvam samvo manamsi
4.         Devabhagam yadha purve samjanana upasathe
5.         Samano manthrah samithih samani
6.         Samanam manah saha chitthamesham
7.         Samana mantra mabhi mantra evah
8.         Samanana vo havisha juhomi
9.         Samani va akuthih samana hrudayani vah
10.         Samana namasthu vo mano yadha vah sunahasathi
11.         Esavasya midam sarvam yathkincha jagathyam
12.         Thena thyakthena Bhunjidha magrudhah kasya
sviddhanam, Aum Santhih, Santhih, Santhih.
O powerful Agnideva1 You are the Lord for all. You Unite all
the people. We have installed you on this vedic ritual. Therefore
you grant us all the auspicious things. All of you be united. You all
meet in conversation. As ancient devatas with their respective
powers discharge their personal duties, you also strengthen the
truth of your minds. Only one though for ail devatas. Only one
united thinking. Only one buddhi and mind." O Devatas" I am of-
fering this one sacrifice (Homam) only to all of you, by realising
the secret of unity. Let you desires be equal. Let your hearts be
united. Let your minds be united. With these things you may lead
an ideal and equal life. This entire Universe with the nature of
change is occupied by the Lord Eswara, Every small part of this
Universa is also occupied by the Lord Eswara. You may live hap-
pily while sharing your wealth with the others (needy people). Do
not aspire for the wealth of others.