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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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CHENGAPPA, 1Až (Retd.)                      Dr. MCR Human Resources Development

. Director General (Trng. Coord.)        Institute of Andhra Pradesh


I have gone through "THE ETHNOLOGY OF BEDA/
written by Sri R.C.Venkateswarlu, retired I.P.S., Officer. Sri
Venkateswarlu has put in tremendous efforts in collecting
and collating valuable data relating to the origin of
Jangams, their social, cultural heritage and social status
with reference to the provisions of the constitution of India.

The Beda and Budaga Jangams have been
rendering service to the people in rural areas in Andhra
Pradesh by sustaining folklore and enlightenment of
depressed classes through sharing of knowledge
regarding epics and social customs. It is hoped that the
controversy whether Beda/Budaga Jangam belong to
Scheduled Caste has been set at rest after the
pronouncements of courts and amendment to the
schedule. It is however undisputable that the Jangam who
belong to the depressed class of society deserve
upliftment in all fields. The work of Sri R.C.Venkateswarlu
has succeeded in focusing attention on the backwardness
of the Jangams and the need for activisation of
development of this community.

I wish the Jangams a great role in the social, cultural and
other fields in our state.