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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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MINISTER FOR ENDOWMENTS                                                                               Dt 9-9-1999
I have seen the booklet about the ethnology of
"BEDA (BUDAGA) JANGAM11 community written by Sri
R.C.Venkateswarlu, I.P.S., D.I.G. of Police (Retired). The
booklet contains useful information regarding the
Traditional occupations, habits and customs of Beda
(Budaga) Jangam People of our State of Andhra Pradesh.
The booklet contains all the instructions of Government of
Andhra Pradesh in the form of Memos Government
Orders (GOs) and the copies of Judgements of the High
Court of Andhra Pradesh on the subject, regarding Beda
(Budaga) Jangams.
Sri Rachamallu Venkateswarlu, Retired Post Master,
Ongole, Head Office and the President of Andhra
Pradesh Beda (Budaga) Jangam Sangham, Regd.
No.512/1982, Ongole - 523 001, explained to me the
details regarding the customs, habits, traditions and
practices of their Community. There are about (9) Nine
Thousand Beda (Budga) Jangams in Prakasam District.
Beda (Budga) Jangams are also called as Jangams or
Jangalu generally. They officiate as Priests in all death
ceremonies of all Sudra Castes including Scheduled
Castes and Scheduled Tribes. Hence this booklet ever be
very useful to all the officials of the Revenue, and Social
Welfare Departments in their enquiries to determine and
issue of the Caste Certificates of Beda (Budga) Jangams.
I personally know three families of Beda (Budga)
Jangams in my native place Thurpu Naidupalem and also
know the Beda (Budga) Jangams in our District as well as
in all Districts of Our A.P.State.