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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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Bedajangam, whose population is about 1,01,385 persons,
is declared as a scheduled caste through out all districts in Andhra
Pradesh. It is a priestly class since they officiate over the festivals
and death ceremonies of the saivite section of Malas, Madigas,
and all sudra castes. They follow the corpse in all these families,
Bedajangams will be blowing conch (SANKHAM) and ringing
nandi bell in front of the corpse to the burial ground. After crema-
tion, Beda Jangam will return along with relatives of the deceased
to the house of the deceased. Beda Jangam will be paid by some
of the relations of the deceased at the rate of "BEDA COIN0 worth
two annas equal to present twelve paise. Therefore these
Jangams are called as Beda Jangams.

The Beda Jangams tell stories and recites some legends
with TAMBURA and BUDGAS (Gummetas) about great epics,
Dakshayagnam, Bhakta Siriyala, and historic persons like Nala
Maharaju, Palanati Balachandrudu, Komara Ramudu Katha,
Kamamma katha which were written by these Jangams. These
stories are known as Jangam Kathalu. Therefore the Beda
Jangams are also called Budaga Jangams. In 1842, C.P.Brown
was invited by a samanya Jangam to their house and requested
him to hear their Jangam kathalu of Bobbilikatha, Komara ramudu
katha and kamamma katha were told with Tambura and Budagas
being the major percussion instrument provided, the basic rhythm
to the narration.

"During 1961 census, it was found on verification that" Mala
Jangam11 was a synonym (Generic or Local name) of Beda
(Budaga) Jangam in Medak, Nizamabad, Adilabad and other