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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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Madigas in Andhra Districts. Beda Jangam is to officiate as a
priest in sudra castes as well as scheduled castes. Beda
Jangams do not take food in Maia and Madiga households .
Sri. Biruduraju Rama Raju, Professor, department of
Telugu, Osmania University in his book "Telugu Janapada Geya
Sahityarn" has written that Jangams are known as Budajangams
in Telangana area. Budaga is described as a musical instrument
used by them while singing songs or narrating stories vide 2nd
edn. page 805.
In the book "Vignana Sarvaswam" published by Telugu
Basha Samithi, Madras, it is written in Volume-4 dealing with
Telugu culture that Jangams are known as Budaga Jangams. It
is also said that they seek alms from saivites of all castes and
Panchadayo castes also.
In the book "Andhra Nataka Rangacharitra" by Dr.
Mikkilineni Radhakrishnamurthy it is written that "Budaga
Jangams derived their name from the percussion instrument
associated with narration of Jangam kathalu. The instrument is
also known as Budaga, Budiga, Dikki and Gummeta in Telugu.
As the Budaga Jangams, the traditional narraters of these sto-
ries, used to perform the obsequies to the saivites and accept-
ing gifts of Beda coin from them. They are otherwise known as
The book Teluguvari Janapada Kalarupalu" by Sri
Mikkilineni Radhakrishnamurthy published by Telugu
Viswavidyalayam, Hyderabad, first edition * 1992. In this book,
in pages 321 to 326, the writer has clearly described the habits,
traditional occupations and customs of Beda (budaga) Jangams.
This material is also to be taken into consideration while giving