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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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Main"Jangam caste and its sub-sects ie. 1. Beda (Budaga)
Jangam; Jangam whose traditional occupation is begging and
Mala Jangam traced their origin and identify from "PANCHA
PEETAS" as shown here.
1. Balehonnur               Padividi                         Veera
2.  Ujjaini                       Mali                              Nandi
3.  Kedareswaram        Lambana                      Bhrungi
4.  Srisailam                  Muktagucha                 Vrushabha
5.  Kasi                          Panchavarna                Skanda.
There are twelve (12) sub-divisions in each SUTRAM. The
above said five sutrams and five "GOTRAMULU" are exogomous
groups. The names of Beda Jangams generally ending with "AYYA/
IAH11 or SWAMY or MURTHY and Surnames of their lineage com-
monly adapted. In olden days elder son gets more share in the
parental property than others and this provision is known as
JYESTA BHAGAM. Now-a-days this provision of "JYESTA BHA-
GAM" is not adopted. The sons are divided among themselves
the "MIRASI-GRAMAMULU" {Mirasi Villages) for attending to the
ritual rites including funeral rites and also collect food grains in
their mirasi villages and perform the obsequies of deceased elders.
Now-a-days most of Beda Jangams of coastal districts have for-
gotten their GOTRAMULU.
4. FOOD:
Their staple food is cereal, rice, JONNALU, wheat are taken
with pulses like redgram, blackgram and greengram only occa-
sionally do they consume roots and tubes. They use all kinds of
vegetables and fruits without any restriction provided they are 99
percent non-vegetarians. In due course of time, some of them have