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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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their own language in western taluks of Nellore district only. The
percentage of literacy among men is quite negligible and it is very
very low in respect of women. The importance of women educa-
tion is not yet recognised.
These people give "DEEKSHA11 at the age of 5 and 8 years
and declared, as Beda Jangam only after the acceptance of
"DEEKSHA" from "GURUJANGAM" who comes from
"Bedajangam caste. At the time of "DEEKSHA" a small piece of
saffron coloured cloth is tied around his wrist and with a JOLE,
stick, Nandi Ganta and "Sankham" in his hands, he
circumambulates the sacred fire, five times and the "GURU" who
comes from Beda Jangam community, chants some
"MANTRAMULU". Now the GURU gives the boy RUDRAKSHA
with "SIVALINGAM" tied with coloured thread which is certain
colour thread according to his GOTRAM, The boy wears on the
neck and GURU asking the boy to collect donations from five
members or families of "PANCHA GOTRIKUUT.The boy is thus
acknowledged then. From then onwards he has to lead his life by
attending the ritual functions and funeral rites in the houses of
sudra castes, Girijans and scheduled castes. After this
lingadharana Deeksha, Beda Jangam will have right to partici-
pate as guru in ritual function and death ceremonies etc. As this is
very costly affairs in recent days, this "LINGADHARANA -
DEEKSHA11 function is held a day before the marriage or along
with marriage in the presence of the "GURU".
9.        ECONOMIC LIFE :
Bedajangams whose inferior religious hereditary traditiona
occupation is to officiate as priests to perform the funeral rites ir