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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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culture labour as a subsidiary occupation. Some are having
meanial services as village servants ie. Gramamudam/Talari Jobs
There is no hard and fast rule regarding the place of deliv-
ery of a child. The expectant mother is taken to her parents house
for the first pregnancy and no particular ceremony is observed.
Generally they do not go to hospitals for cases of delivery. They
would go to hospitals in case of serious nature and also depend-
ing upon the proximity of the hospital. The delivery is to take place
in their house itself. The woman is kept in a separate room. A
native nurse or an elderly caste woman called "MANTRASANI"
attend to the delivery and she is paid a remuneration ranging
from Rs.10 to 20. Pollution is observed for 8 days. The mother
and child are given hot water bath on the fifth day with the mix-
ture of turmeric powder and oil as a preliminary to the
purificationary bath given on the 9th day. Again 21st day bath is
given for both the mother and child. The naming ceremony takes
place on the 21st day for naming the child. The elder people are
consulted. Usually the children are named after their grand par-
ents and some times after GODs1 name. A peculiar feature among
Bedajangams is that during the naming ceremony the father of
the child officiates and names the child. Relatives and friends,
are invited to the ceremony and they are entertained with a feast.
This is usually celebrated either during the 5th month or any
odd month or odd year, during the 3rd year.This takes place either
in a local temple or at the house itself. The maternal uncle of the
child is invited to the ceremony and he offers new clothes to the