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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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child. All the nearest relatives are also invited for the function and
they are served with food. In the sixth month the child is ritually fed
with cereals (ANNAPRASANA) for female child the ears and nose
are pierced before three years of age.
12.    PUBERTY:
Usually the girls attain puberty at the age of 12th to 14th
years. The girl when she attains puberty is made to sit-in an en-
closure separately for the purpose. Pollution is observed for a
period of 11 days. The girl is forbidden to come out of the enclo-
sure and is not allowed to participate in domestic activities during
the period of pollution. Special bath is given to the girl on 5th, 7th,
9th and 11th day. On the final day the girl is given special sweets,
new clothes and bangles. Segregation and pollution are not ob-
served during subsequent menstrual period.
13.    MARRIAGE:
The marriage for female is 14 to 16 years and for male is 18
to 21 years. Generally alliances are favoured with near relatives
like maternal uncle's daughter (MENARIKAM) or father's sister's
daughter (MENAKODALU). Marriage by negotiation is the usual
mode of acquiring a spouse. Marriage is governed by the rule of
monogamy while cases of polygamy are reported in case of bar-
renness. In the MANDAPAM, the bride and bridegroom are given
a bath applying oil by five married women (MUTTAIDUVULU) sing
songs while "NALUGU11 time. After the couple wearing new clothes,
one BASHIKAM is tied by the married gentleman to the forehead
of bride groom and another BHASHIKAM is tied by the married
gentlewoman to the forehead of bride. Learned BEDAJANGAM
will officiate as priest in the marriage ceremony by chanting and
reciting MANTRAS for which he is not paid any thing. After