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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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sister of the wife. The bride price (OLI) of Rs.25/- to the parents of
the widow or divorcee by the bridegroom. The number of widow
and divorcee re marriages is negligible.
18.    SUTHAKAM :
When there is "SIVA-LINGAM" on the body there is no
"SUDAKAM11 observed. Thus when there is birth or death
SUDAKAM will not be preacticed or observed. Even, when the
dead body is in the house there is no bar to perform ritual func-
tions. No SUDAKAM will be observed even on such occasions.
19.     DEATH :
As stated by HASSAN in his Volume-l Page 437, the dead
are burried even now in a sitting posture with the face to the north-
east corner known as ESANYAM. A new pot is brought and water
is boiled in it. The corpse is given a hot water bath, vermilion or
VIBHUTHl is applied on its forehead. The corpse is dressed in
new clothes and decorated with flowers. A frame work of bam-
boos or country wood is prepared and the central portion of the
frame work a cone shaped shed erected with the country wood as
"MANDAPAMU" The corpse is placed in a sitting posture,
"SIVALINGAM" is kept in left hand palm and right hand fingers are
put as doing "SIVA-PUJA". In side MANDAPAMU and closed with
new clothes and is carried by four members who are the corpse's
"DAYADULU" and members of the same family go to the "RUDRA-
BHUM!" known as burial ground. In this procession all caste rela-
tives blow their SANKHAMS and ringing their NANDl-GANTAS.
(Bells) and some are blowing BAKAS which are melodious music
instruments except this no other MELALU by BHAJANTRILU.
A dead body is placed in the pit in a sitting posture with face
to north east corner named Esanyam, so that the soil when poured
it may not fall directly on the corpse. And an elderly widow of the
caste rermoves the Mangala Sutram and breaks the bangles of
the widow.