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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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Caste is lost in two ways : (1) By sin and (2) By accident. A
full Jangam who breaks his vow by tasting wine or betel-nut is
excluded from society. But on expressing due repentence his
friends can agree to eat with him, and this completes his restora-
tion: Which however, is not granted unless there is the strongest
reason to believe, he will hereafter be cautious. Instances of such
loss of caste are extremely rare.

Even if caste be lost the IMAGE is not taken away. For it is
always looked upon as a part of the body, and they can no more
remove the IMAGE than they can cut off the man's hand.

No case is known of the IMAGE having been voluntarily
laid aside. Accordingly the Jangams declare that no one of their
brotherhood has ever embraced the Christian or the Mohomedan

If caste is accidentally lost, prayer and solitude, they say,
will restore it.

Jangam custom obliges them to commiserate the sufferer,
to fast and pray with him, until the last IMAGE re-appears in his
hand "Descending through the air like a bee11.
Note: Jangams are divided into two classes since 1840.

1.      VISESHAJANGAMS OR Matadhipatis who are Gu
rus and pure Vegetarians and bound to vow.

2.      SAMANYA JANGAMS: Who are non-vegetarians and
is bound no vow and drink wine and use betelnuts.

II.      Late Narahari Gopalakrishnama Chetty, Deputy col-
lector, PYAPALI, KURNOOL, in the manual of the Kurnool District
in the Presidency of MADRAS Page 178 wrote. The Sudra class
has numerous sub divisions:-
1.    JANGAMS: These are called MAHESHWARAS and are