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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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commission headed by Mr.Gowrishankar Pal, who represented
the united province of Hindu Backward classes league. Mr.
Gourishankar Pal had submitted a list of 115 castes for inclusion
as "Depressed classes adopting "Three Tests" to find out whether
a particular caste or community is backward to include in the
Depressed classes. Viz.,


Means a particular caste or class or community is deprived,
(i)       By virtue of untouchability
(ii)     By virtue of their "Traditional occupation being con
sidered as lowest status in the society.


Means a particular caste must be poor without having sufficient
source for their livelihood.


Means the majority of the people of the caste or community should
be illiterate of below the average of literacy.

From the time immemorial in the Hindu Religion, the people
belonging to 1. Kshatriyas 2. Brahmins 3. Vysyas are superior
and upper VARNAS, all along treated the people belonging to the
SUDRA-VARNAS, as socially deprived since they belonged to
the lowest strata in the Hindu Religion/Society. History reveals
that the people belonging to SUDRA VARNA were never allowed
or entertained either to co-exist or to participate in the ritual func-
tions of the aforesaid three superior vamas. According to Hindu
Law the people following VEERASAIVA faith fall underthe SUDRA
category for the reasons that their ritual or customs are similar
amongst the SUDRA-VARNAS. In this background the Jangam
community which follows the tenets of VEERASAIVISM/