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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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L1NGAYATISM were catagorised as belonging to SUDRA-
VARNAS. The main traditional occupation of Jangarn community
is begging for money, food grains and cooked ready made food for
their livelihood. Even though they were propogating the tenets of
VEERA - SA1VISM to the followers and also these down-trodden.
In this context, the census of India 1901 report describes Jangam
community as one amongst "Inferior Religious Mendicants", The
custom forced this community since several centuries. However,
this community is entirely depended upon the begging for their
livelihood. In view of this begging act and constant association
with down-trodden who believed in the tenents of VEERASAIVISM
faith, this community was looked down by the superior three
VARNAS of Hindu Religion. Three superior VARNAS kept away
the UBEDA JANGAM" who come under SUDRA VARNA from their
ritual rites and funeral functions and other social functions. By vir-
tue of this discrimination and inferiority, the Beda Jangam suffered
from social disability with reference to co-existence with the upper
and superior VARNAS. This makes their social status inferior in
Hindu Society, As per Hindu Law, these occupational sub-groups
by virtue of following VEERASAIVISM were included in sudra a
lowest among Hindu Religion. Again supreme court of India has
declared that Law applicable to SUDRAS is Law that is applicable
to VEERASAIVISM in 1881.

(9) The findings of the Indian franchise committee quoted in Dr.
B.R.Ambedkar's note reveals that all depressed classes were not
untouchables although all untouchables were depressed (Note By
Dr.B.R.Ambedkar on the depressed classes Indian Franchise.
Committee Report-l page 209) The aforesaid parameters have
been clearly speltout by the renowned Author MARK GALANTER